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Mother Sees Satanic Messages on Children's TV

Sun, 04/26/2015 - 02:15

(Left, Cartoon Network's Adventure Time )

A Texas mother's shocking discovery: Children's
cartoons are being used to degrade her children
and indoctrinate them on issues like gender.

by LS

Hello Henry. I've been following your site for quite some time now and I've learned a lot from your writings. One of the best things I've learned from you is that mainstream entertainment is satanic and made to corrupt the masses.

 Well, I've been noticing that many of the children's television programs are getting worse and worse as time goes on. These shows are just getting nasty, and they are blatant with the filth they are putting out. I watch these shows with my kids and the filth that I see is shocking. Here are a few examples of the trash that these shows put out for the masses. Remember that these shows are geared towards CHILDREN!

 First there is the Nickelodeon television show Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn. One of the episodes is titled "Poo Dunnit", a wordplay on the phrase "Who Dunnit". That entire episode is about the kids and their parents trying to find out which one of them took a sh!t in one of the house toilets and didn't flush. Yes, the entire episode revolved around a clump of sh!t in a toilet. The foul-mouthed potty humor and the talks about sh!t in this episode were so disgusting.

 The word "poop" was even used three times in one sentence by one of the child characters. At one point in the episode, the children were actually examining the piece of sh!t in the toilet and one of them stated it looked like a flamingo. In your past writings you stated that the illuminati entertainment has an obsession with feces and bodily functions like sh!tting. Well, this entire episode was one big tribute to that sick obsession.

Then there is the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. This show is already full of questionable material, but here I'll only focus on two bits that I've noticed.

The first is a quote from one of characters. In one of the more recent episodes titled "Friends Forever", a character stated that, "Well, one isn't purely defined by their sex or gender. I've yet to find out who I really am..."

 This is exactly the same propaganda that is spouted by illuminati feminist and homosexual groups to encourage gender confusion and the destruction of male and female. Then there is yet another quote from a character in a different episode titled "All the Little People".

The character, who is a crafty magician, says "Do what thou swill be the whole piece of law".

This is a blatant reference to the notable quote of Satanist Aleister Crowley: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law". I'm sure I don't need to explain any further why this is horribly wrong.

These are just the things that I've picked up on while watching these children's shows with my kids, I'm sure there's a lot more out there. Mainstream entertainment is sick and corrupt. I'm glad I've found your site so that I can see what is really happening to the world. Thanks.

First Comment by Anonymous:

I just watched 5 minutes of the show in question, R.N.D.D., for the first time ever.  Here's what I saw: The kids are in school, building a white volcano for science class.  The volcano inadvertently erupts gobs and gobs of white foam all over the kids, who make a game of it, throwing and smearing it on one another.  In the background throughout the scene, there are 'butterflies'  hanging on the wall.   Their teacher, while reprimanding the kids, makes a veiled 'sign of Baphomet' with one hand, and the girl (Dawn), is wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a 'cat' that's got some
kind of device over the top of its head that's covered in a two-tone masonic print.  If you're unfamiliar with these motifs, explanations can be found online easily enough.  More jarring than anything was the way these kids act like the "adults" I remember from sitcoms.  Their manner is utterly unnatural.

On a side note, I can only guess that the reference in the "Poo" episode to it looking like a flamingo is a reference to the John Waters film 'Pink Flamingoes' - a barage of filth that culminates with a character named "Divine" actually consuming fecal matter in the process of filming.

Big ups to the mother who has the good sense to be aware of what's happening in her child's life.  Here's my point: It doesn't matter what you watch; you will find PROGRAMING, in almost, EVERY SHOT.  For what its worth, I recommend listening to what Alan Watt, (not alan Watt[s]), has to say on the matter.  His broadcasts are on youtube.  In one, he mentions how a friend, who'd worked for one of those 3-letter organizations, once advised him: NEVER WATCH THE TELEVISION.

Where's the crux of the problem?  It's in the fact that the parents are so programmed themselves, they just don't want to hear about it.  Most prefer to remain comfortable watching their own favored propaganda, while telling themselves that people like yours truly are just grasping at straws.   Meanwhile their children are being indoctrinated to service pedophiles.

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<img alt="Rahul Manchanda and President

Sat, 04/25/2015 - 06:55
(Left. Rahul D. Manchanda in happier days.)

New York Attorney Harassed by Fellow Freemasons

This complaint was addressed to the FBI and Dept. of Justice


The Freemasons used to be a fraternity stressing brotherhood, charity, loyalty, honor and friendship, but it has been infiltrated over the past few generations by various neo-conservative, Nazi groups, and ruthless militant globalists who have hijacked its power and direction, and use their global influence to manipulate world events and select its leaders, judges, politicians, from the top on down.

I know this because I am a Freemason in New York.

I believe that I am being targeted by the Freemasons and their agents in the form of certain rabidly Zionist Jews and Feminazi groups to destroy me simply because I disagreed with some of their policies, especially militant adventurism in the Middle East and Iran in my field intelligence reports, wherein I advocate peaceful negotiation and non-violent resolution of conflict, one of which is attached to this email.

You can see my plight wherein I am still being aggressively and viciously prosecuted for no reason, with my story immortalized in US SDNY Federal Civil Rights Cases 15-CV-2313 and in 14-CV-9658, wherein I have already been proven innocent with documentary evidence in a trumped up "domestic violence" criminal case, by an ex-girlfriend Kate Bose who in fact comes from a family of long-time Nazi Freemasons on both sides of her family, and whose mother Mary Bose owns a Feminazi "domestic violence social services" entity called Haven House of Nebraska.

There was no violence just a verbal argument, but I am still being ruthlessly prosecuted by ADA Gilbert Rein, where the District Attorneys Office and the Judges involved are using dishonest, illegal, unfair, unlawful, unethical and immoral tactics to "game the system" under the color of law and authority in order to convict me of a crime that I did not commit, denying me Due Process and fair treatment under the law.

This is the Freemason method of punishing, torturing, and murdering dissenters, all in broad daylight, for simply disagreeing with them and their policies, and this is how they keep their people in line.

Please investigate this horrific corruption of justice, and rescue me from their jaws of death.

-- Rahul D. Manchanda, Esq. Manchanda Law Office PLLC 17 State Street Suite 4000 New York, New York 10004 Tel: (212) 968-8600 Mob: (646) 645-0993 Fax: (212) 968-8601 Toll Free 24 Hour Hotline: (800) 750-1828

e-mail: rdm@manchanda-law.com web: www.manchanda-law.com/MT_Rahul.html

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Is the US Becoming a Police State?

Fri, 04/24/2015 - 23:54
P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }

I don't associate a police state with the kind of freedom and affluence a majority of Americans still

enjoy. Yet the mainstream and alternate media are turning up the heat by focusing

on police abuses which in proportion to the number of interactions are still pretty rare.

This article by John Whitehead is notable for its total lack of analysis of what is behind the trend he is describing. He seems to have no inkling of the Federal Reserve's agenda to create, in Caroll Quigley's words, "a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole." (Tragedy and Hope, p.324)

Nor is there any suggestion of what can be done about it. It is a lot easier to control people who think they are free than to control people who have been aroused and angered by martial law measures. Yet the purpose of this propaganda seems to be to provoke either resistance or a feeling of helplessness. I invite readers to provide insight into what is happening.

"The malls may be open for business, the baseball stadiums may be packed, and the news anchors may be twittering nonsense about the latest celebrity foofa, but those are just distractions from what is really taking place: the transformation of America into a war zone."

Battlefield America: The War on the American People

By John W. Whitehead

(Abridged by henrymakow.com)

As I document in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, "we the people" have now come full circle, from being a British colony to being held captive by the American police state.

To our dismay, we now find ourselves scrambling for a foothold as our once rock-solid constitutional foundation crumbles beneath us. And no longer can we rely on the president, Congress, the courts, or the police to protect us from wrongdoing.

Indeed, they have come to embody all that is wrong with America....

There is no end to the government's unmitigated gall in riding roughshod over the rights of the citizenry, whether in matters of excessive police powers, militarized police, domestic training drills, SWAT team raids, surveillance, property rights, overcriminalization, roadside strip searches, profit-driven fines and prison sentences, etc.

The president can now direct the military to detain, arrest and secretly execute American citizens. These are the powers of an imperial dictator, not an elected official bound by the rule of law. For the time being, Barack Obama wears the executioner's robe, but you can rest assured that this mantle will be worn by whomever occupies the Oval Office in the future.

A representative government means nothing when the average citizen has little to no access to their elected officials, while corporate lobbyists enjoy a revolving door relationship with everyone from the President on down.

Indeed, while members of Congress hardly work for the taxpayer, they work hard at being wooed by corporations, which spend more to lobby our elected representatives than we spend on their collective salaries. For that matter, getting elected is no longer the high point it used to be. As one congressman noted, for many elected officials, "Congress is no longer a destination but a journey... [to a] more lucrative job as a K Street lobbyist... It's become routine to see members of Congress drop their seat in Congress like a hot rock when a particularly lush vacancy opens up."

As for the courts, they have long since ceased being courts of justice. Instead, they have become courts of order, largely marching in lockstep with the government's dictates, all the while helping to increase the largesse of government coffers...

As for the rest--the schools, the churches, private businesses, service providers, nonprofits and your fellow citizens--many are also marching in lockstep with the police state. This is what is commonly referred to as community policing.

After all, the police can't be everywhere. So how do you police a nation when your population outnumbers your army of soldiers? How do you carry out surveillance on a nation when there aren't enough cameras, let alone viewers, to monitor every square inch of the country 24/7? ...You persuade the citizenry to be your eyes and ears.

(John Whitehead, left)

It's a brilliant ploy, with the added bonus that while the citizenry remains focused on and distrustful of each other, they're incapable of focusing on more definable threats that fall closer to home--namely, the government and its militarized police.

In this way, we're seeing a rise in the incidence of Americans being reported for growing vegetables in their front yard, keeping chickens in their back yard, letting their kids walk to the playground alone, and voicing anti-government sentiments.

Now it may be that we have nothing to worry about. Perhaps the government really does have our best interests at heart. Perhaps covert domestic military training drills such as Jade Helm really are just benign exercises to make sure our military is prepared for any contingency. As the Washington Post describes the operation:

The mission is vast both geographically and strategically: Elite service members from all four branches of the U.S. military will launch an operation this summer in which they will operate covertly among the U.S. public and travel from state to state in military aircraft. Texas, Utah and a section of southern California are labeled as hostile territory, and New Mexico isn't much friendlier.

Whether or not the government plans to impose some form of martial law in the future remains to be seen, but there can be no denying that we're being accustomed to life in a military state. The malls may be open for business, the baseball stadiums may be packed, and the news anchors may be twittering nonsense about the latest celebrity foofa, but those are just distractions from what is really taking place: the transformation of America into a war zone.

Trust me, if it looks like a battlefield (armored tanks on the streets, militarized police in metro stations, surveillance cameras everywhere), sounds like a battlefield (SWAT team raids nightly, sound cannons to break up large assemblies of citizens), and acts like a battlefield (police shooting first and asking questions later, intimidation tactics, and involuntary detentions), it's a battlefield.

Indeed, what happened in Ocala, Florida, is a good metaphor for what's happening across the country: Sheriff's deputies, dressed in special ops uniforms and riding in an armored tank on a public road, pulled a 23-year-old man over and issued a warning violation to him after he gave them the finger. The man, Lucas Jewell, defended his actions as a free speech expression of his distaste for militarized police.

Translation: "We the people" are being hijacked on the highway by government agents with little knowledge of or regard for the Constitution, who are hyped up on the power of their badge, outfitted for war, eager for combat, and taking a joy ride--on taxpayer time and money--in a military tank that has no business being on American soil.

Rest assured, unless we slam on the brakes, this runaway tank will soon be charting a new course through terrain that bears no resemblance to land of our forefathers, where freedom meant more than just the freedom to exist and consume what the corporate powers dish out.

If you haven't managed to read the writing on the wall yet, the war has begun.

Thanks to DM for the tip!



Michael Snyder- What Would happen if Martial Law Was Declared in Amerika?

Oregon Teacher Sues School for Trauma Caused by Active Shooter Drill

HUGE CONVOY OF MILITARY VEHICLES: CABoy Removed from Parental Custody for Correcting Teacher About Medical Marijuana
Freddie Gray Protests Turn Violent
Walmart Stores as FEMA Camps?
Jade Helm Logo Reveal real Purpose?

First Comment by George:

About the Jade Helm issue, I have my own thoughts. First, there is nothing malevolent about WalMart offering support for disaster relief. Even using their facilities for housing refugees from disaster is not sinister. What concerns me is the persistent howling by Alex Jones and his crowd that the global police state is inevitable and irresistible. There is a name for this propaganda line. It is called FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.  Even if there are some malevolent links between WalMart, FEMA, and what is left of the USG, they must be viewed as pathetic. The only power the USG has comes from us, the people. We don't have to attack them. All we have to do is refuse to support them. They have generated more than enough external enemies to bring them down.

Dan writes:

I remember when London "bobbies" (police) didn't even carry guns. As a boy growing up in Florida, I rarely saw a police car, because there was no crime in my neighborhood.  We left cars unlocked with windows open unattended in store parking lots while shopping.
Police were trained to "serve and protect" law abiding citizens. That policy changed many years ago without announcement from Media and government.  A retiring cop told me ten years ago that the policy has changed from "serve and protect" to enforce and keep the peace. Everybody's a suspect.

But America's changed drastically too.  US population has increased 50 million since 1995.   The Arizona Border Patrol said there were between 15 and 20 million illegal aliens in America, and Washington has no plans to change that.  Fifty years ago all the people the police would encounter were documented.  Not only that, but people didn't move around so much.  The majority of people got married and raised families in same town or State they'd been born in.   That meant the police were dealing with a lot of familiar faces.  Anything out of the ordinary stuck out like a sore thumb.  Such a society tends to be self-enforcing to a greater extent than a world of strangers. Add to that extreme cultural differences, including hostility toward both white and black Americans.

One of the policies of Globalism that goes with discouraging nuclear families is to keep individuals on the move, so they don't get a chance to form the kind of relations people do when they expect to remain in a place or job for many years.  The result is a new society in which nobody trusts anyone else, because a lot the people in it can't be trusted.   It's natural that police don't feel as safe as they did a few decades ago.  As older cops from 'the old days' have been retiring they've been replaced by veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations.  Urban warfare is what they know. So ironically, the wars Americans rooted for ten years ago are coming home to roost.

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The Relentless Jewish Campaign Against Islam

Thu, 04/23/2015 - 22:52

These inflammatory ads on NYC buses are sponsored by a pro-Israel group.
In the run-up to World War Two, the Illuminati Jews vilified the Nazis. Now they pit the West against Islam in a third world war to kill more goyim and usher in the New World Order.

Below, Andrew counters this campaign by offering insight into the founder of Islam, Mohammed.

by Andrew

For the last few months, I've reviewed accurate narratives about the life of Mohammed. The last great prophet died at the age of 63. On his deathbed, he attributed his premature death to his poisoning at the hands of an Arabian Jewess who successfully poisoned not only him but also other lieutenants who actually died immediately.

Mohammed died years later in 632 AD. The Jews of Arabia during Mohammed's day were the primary merchants of spirits and wines which Mohammed forbade his followers, so they naturally worked indefatigably to nip their Islamic problem "in the bud" so to speak. This poisoning of the Islamic leadership was only one of numerous attempts to eliminate the Muslims from Arabia while the movement was still in its infancy.

(Left, "American Freedom Defense Initiative" President, Pamela Geller.)

Today, the attack is fiercer than ever except now it takes the form of THE BIG LIE in a relentless campaign of defamation against Islam. As Abdullah Ganji, the managing-director of an influential Iranian newspaper recently explained, the Jewish media continuously presents an ugly, violent, homicidal and false face of Islam to the world in order to prepare everyone for the gruesome Islamic genocide of World War III in a few years.

In order to counter the phony ISIS message of DEATH TO ALL INFIDELS, I thought it was time to tell the truth. What follows is a synopsis written in the 1930s of Essad Bey's biography, Mohammed.

THE LAST GREAT PROPHET, Reviewed by Thomas Sugrue

"Mohammed was a prophet, but he never performed a miracle. He was not a mystic; he had no formal schooling; he did not begin his mission until he was forty. When he announced that he was the Messenger of God, bringing word of the true religion, he was ridiculed and labeled a lunatic. Children tripped him and women threw filth upon him. He was banished from his native city, Mecca, and his followers were stripped of their worldly goods and sent into the desert after him. When he had been preaching ten years he had nothing to show for it but banishment, poverty and ridicule. Yet before another ten years had passed, he was dictator of all Arabia, ruler of Mecca, and the head of a New World religion which was to sweep to the Danube and the Pyrenees before exhausting the impetus he gave it. That impetus was three-fold: the power of words, the efficacy of prayer and man's kinship with God.

"His career never made sense. Mohammed was born to impoverished members of a leading family of Mecca. Because Mecca, the crossroads of the world, home of the magic stone called the Caaba, great city of trade and the center of trade routes, was unsanitary, its children were sent to be raised in the desert by Bedouins. Mohammed was thus nurtured, drawing strength and health from the milk of nomad, vicarious mothers. He tended sheep and soon hired out to a rich widow as leader of her caravans. He traveled to all parts of the Eastern World, talked with many men of diverse beliefs and observed the decline of Christianity into warring sects. When he was twenty-eight, Khadija, the widow, looked upon him with favor, and married him. Her father would have objected to such a marriage, so she got him drunk and held him up while he gave the paternal blessing. For the next twelve years Mohammed lived as a rich and respected and very shrewd trader. Then he took to wandering in the desert, and one day he returned with the first verse of the Koran and told Khadija that the archangel Gabriel had appeared to him and said that he was to be the Messenger of God.

"The Koran, the revealed word of God, was the closest thing to a miracle in Mohammed's life. He had not been a poet; he had no gift of words. Yet the verses of the Koran, as he received them and recited them to the faithful, were better than any verses which the professional poets of the tribes could produce. This, to the Arabs, was a miracle. To them the gift of words was the greatest gift, the poet was all-powerful. In addition the Koran said that all men were equal before God, that the world should be a democratic state Islam. It was this political heresy, plus Mohammed's desire to destroy all the 360 idols in the courtyard of the Caaba, which brought about his banishment. The idols brought the desert tribes to Mecca, and that meant trade. So the business men of Mecca, the capitalists, of which he had been one, set upon Mohammed. Then he retreated to the desert and demanded sovereignty over the world.

"The rise of Islam began. Out of the desert came a flame which would not be extinguished--a democratic army fighting as a unit and prepared to die without wincing. Mohammed had invited the Jews and Christians to join him; for he was not building a new religion. He was calling all who believed in one God to join in a single faith. If the Jews and Christians had accepted his invitation Islam would have conquered the world. They didn't. They would not even accept Mohammed's innovation of humane warfare. When the armies of the prophet entered Jerusalem not a single person was killed because of his faith. When the crusaders entered the city, centuries later, not a Moslem man, woman, or child was spared. But the Christians did accept one Moslem idea--the place of learning, the university."

Another interesting aspect of Essad Bey's Mohammed is Bey himself, a Jew, Lev Nussimbaum (1905-1942.)  Lev was the son of a wealthy Jewish oil baron in Baku who at 14 fled Azerbaijan and the Bolshevik Jews' 1920s Russian Revolution. Apparently after completing his Islamic studies, Bey changed his name, renounced his tribe and joined the human race.

Background on Geller and Court Ruling
Joe Sobran-Judaism Hates Christianity
Jewish Hate Group Wins Court Battle to Post Hate Messages
What famous non Muslims have said about Prophet Muhammad


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My Life With Jews

Wed, 04/22/2015 - 23:16
(Left, More Jews need to disavow Zionism and ZOG, Zionist Occupational Government.)

Angelo gives the lie to the notion
that you're an anti Semite if
you oppose the Illuminati Jewish agenda.

"I am not a born Jew-hater. It is just that their agenda is clear to me and that is to dominate and control the world by any means possible while the Talmud talks about enslaving or killing non-Jews. I want no part of that." 
by Angelo

I have been studying Illuminati Jewish world domination for years. I have watched them destroy my country with their death grip on our money and media and government and military and just about everything else. 

I was born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island. In my neighborhood, I was the ONLY gentile growing up...so I do not hate all Jews like some people. I hate Zionism and government psychopaths like Bibi Netanyahu and Wolfowitz and Perle and other scumbags like Larry Silverstein and Mike Chertoff.  All one needs to do is understand exactly what they did on 9/11. The average Jew is OK by me. I know many. My first wife was Jewish. I worked for a Jew for 25 years. We are best friends to this day....so not all are bad. I am not a born Jew-hater. It is just that their agenda is clear to me and that is to dominate and control the world by any means possible while the Talmud talks about enslaving or killing non-Jews. I want no part of that. I also feel they are over represented in too many key aspects of our society (money, media, entertainment, most industries, major corporations, Hollywood and even Disney). They seem to control everything but are less than 2% of our population....no good.  We will be paying a huge price for allowing this to happen. AN ITALIAN AMONG JEWS

Both of my parents were born in Italy and immigrated to the U.S. when they were young children.  I identify as an American citizen. I never include my Italian Heritage.  I was very much accepted by the Jews growing up in NYC area. My childhood friends were mostly Jewish kids on the block...the Grossmans, the Rosenfelds, the Kronfelds. There were some religious and cultural differences  but this did not really matter because they were my friends and we did things together. My parents would socialize with the parents of my friends.

The Jewish kids were impressive....great students and serious about becoming successful. Maybe that is why I am so successful today. Living and growing up with Jews made me conscious as a child of the importance of education and hard work. Good training growing up with Jews.  I went to college and not into the military because that's what all my Jewish friends did.  I worked at a Jews-only country club in Glen Head New York parking cars as a Valet for 3 years.

My Dad was the sole owner of a factory that employed 300 people and made hand bag frames for the pocketbook (Hand bag) industry. He was very successful.  I have Jewish friends today. I have some great respect for Jews not hatred.They are one step ahead of most people and they are smart and will do whatever is necessary to be successful. They are a super strong form of a human being....very tough and very driven.  My family always found the Jews to be delightful people with great vision and senses of humor....very festive and funny folks. 

My first wife was Jewish. Jewish women are demanding and fussy.  Not good partners for me. I dated many....the girl I took to the Junior Prom and the Senior Prom was a Jewish girl named Susan. I married a Jewish girl but we divorced after three years of marriage. I was too immature to be married at 28.  Was not her fault. We divorced because I was more interested in my motorcycle, sports and partying....a bad husband. My sister is married to a Jew.  
I worked for a Jew for 25 years. We are best friends to this day.  He was a tough demanding boss....played no games....and I became the top producer in the company so we got along fine. We both made millions of dollars in our successful partnership.  He was the best boss I have ever had....compassionate, fair, attentive and willing to do whatever needed to be done to ensure my success.  I would say that Lenny was the best all around man I have ever met....we are like brothers.  So when I talk to him about the Jewish takedown/takeover of America. I need to be careful in what I say for fear not to insult him. Sometimes I just opt to say nothing. 9-11

I have 1000 hours of research into the  9/11 false flag mass murder atrocity.  I read Chris Bollyn's book called 9/11 The Deception that changed the world.  I am 100% sure that the whole idea of 9/11 was spawned by Israel and carried out by Israel with the help and assistance of UK, Saudi Arabia and the US. It proves the US is a puppet state to Israel.

The Illuminati Jews needed a new Pearl Harbor event to catalyze the masses into fear and submission. How stupid people are to believe this nonsense? But the Jews also control the media so they were able to pull off the hoax. Other countries see 9/11 for what is really was....a Jewish false flag op.  The dual purpose of 9/11 in a nutshell was to terrify the populace here in the Western World and put fear into the hearts of the people so that they would gladly sacrifice their freedoms for safety measures.

The second purpose of 9-11 was to gain support for the NWO War on Terror which is a total farce in the Middle East ....(destroying all of ISRAELS enemies) and creating a police state here in the US. It was the biggest fraud (besides the FED which was 13 Jewish families)  ever perpetrated on the American lemmings. 

I have terminated my friendships will those that do not understand the truth...and for me 9/11 is the litmus test. If you don't understand 9/11, you cannot be my friend...PERIOD!   No exceptions except for my family. My brother in law is Jewish and he gets a free pass from me because he is "family" But most Jews don't even want to discuss any aspect of what really happened on 9/11 because they ALL KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED AND Jews don't need to be hated more than they already are in this world.

It makes me sad and angry. I feel like leaving the country....tired of the nonsense from the Jewish and non-Jewish Zionists.  These Jews are bad Jews for sure. 


My research is solid and on the money.  Many alternative websites out there try to deceive the reader with false info....so that they never really learn the truth about what really happened...sites like Rense and Veterans Today are loaded with shills that are paid to lie and mislead folks.  The purpose of these shills is to put confusion into the minds of  those researching 9/11.  These disinfo sites are everywhere...THEY OUTRIGHT LIE....many put up by the government to confuse everybody. A good safe site to look at and get the truth on 9/11 is Rediscover911.com or Bollyn.com....or google Jim Stone or John Kaminski (he may be a Jew) .....or Victor Thorn on Jootube is excellent.  Avoid Eric Huffschmid ....Just ask Chris Bollyn about him,....the worst. 
One of the ways I determine if there is any truth there is if I don't hear the J word. No J word means no truth. How can anybody discuss the events of today without talking about the group that controls almost everything? 
Their agenda is clear to me and that is to dominate and control the world by any means possible.  Henry Ford said many years ago that if he could "corral the worlds 50 richest Jews there would be no more wars." I agree with him.  The central banks are the perpetrators of all the wars the world has seen and the central banks are controlled by Jews. 

There mindset is that there is no money in Peace....but big money is in War, destruction, sadness and heart break. The central banks lend the money to the countries fighting in the war hence make huge profits and they don't always even care which side wins.  It is all about the Jews' control of the worlds money supply that has made them so dangerous. Money truly is the root of all evil. --

 Makow Comment (encore):  Anti Semitism is a red herring and a ruse used to disarm opposition to an Orwellian political agenda. The mainspring of this agenda is the Illuminati central banker who wishes to expand his monopoly over credit to a monopoly over every aspect of life. The Establishment - both Jews and non-Jews (Freemasons) - are witting and unwitting collaborators in this pernicious plan. 

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Leo Zagami: Vatican Plagued by Homosexuality, Satanism & Islamism

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 22:53

Leo Zagami says a powerful gay network
in the Vatican engages in pedophilia and Satanism
and threatens to bring down the church.
Pope Benedict XVI resigned because of the power
of this gay underground. 

"The hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, infiltrated by greedy Freemasons, Zionists, Satanists,
Muslims in bed with the Vatican Gay Lobby, needs to end, or Pope Francis will be indeed,
the last Pope."

The Vicar of Anatolia, who died under mysterious circumstances in 2010, claimed that as many as 40 Vatican cardinals had secretly converted to Islam. ISIS, a creation of the transnational lodge known as Hathor Penthalpa, is preparing for 'The Conquest of Rome' and the possible destruction of it.

by Leo Zagami

Scandal involving a vast network of homosexual priests continue to rock the Italian Catholic Church. The most recent scandal erupted in the city of Taranto where the archbishop removed a priest after videos of gay orgies came to light.

These scandals involve a powerful Vatican Gay Lobby, which is guided by two eminent figures described in my book, Pope Francis: The Last Pope?

(left, the Pink Pope)

One is powerful Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, left, known also as "The Pink Pope," the ex-Secretary of State of the Vatican, and the other is Francesco Camaldo, who appears in Assange's Wikileaks, with the nickname "Jessica," a key asset of the Central Intelligence Agency in the Vatican homosexual circles since the early 80's.

This brings us to the heart of the present decline of the Catholic Church, made of internal power struggles, and a variety of scandals that are not only the fruit of sexual perversion, but also of a strong belief in Satanism amongst many of the clergy involved in homosexual activities, which often seem linked with the plague of pedophilia.

The media censorship in the West keeps these scandals out of the public eye. For the first time, a well documented book made by an insider, full of documents and credible sources cited in a meticulous way, will provide a full prospective of this dramatic problem, without the impression that this is a so-called, "Conspiracy Theory," but factual reality.

In my book, you will discover that Cardinal Bertone, who is linked to the Academy of the Illuminati of Grand Master Giulian Di Bernardo, is now residing in a 700-square meter luxurious penthouse bigger then Pope Francis' present residence. This infuriated the Pope, who can do nothing about it because Tarcisio Bertone, as Secretary of State, conducted a special in depth investigation to gather compromising info on all those who reside inside the small Vatican State, including the use of drugs, mainly cocaine, and male prostitution.

He can now use this information to protect his new position of secret leader of the Vatican Gay Lobby, a sort of Pink Pope. My investigation was conducted in parallel to a more official one, which later brought the resignation of Pope Ratzinger; as stated in The Guardian:

(left. Ratzinger and "Jessica" Francesco Camaldo)

A potentially explosive report has linked the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI to the discovery of a network of gay prelates in the Vatican, some of whom - the report said - were being blackmailed by outsiders.

The veil was originally lifted by the Vatileaks scandal, which erupted after Pope Benedict XVI's butler, Paolo Gabriele, was arrested for aggravated theft of secret Church documents.

This included letters to the Pope and the then Vatican Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone, sent from the Holy See's ambassador in Washington, Carlo Maria Vigano, who was deputy governor of the Vatican City.

The letters contained allegations of corruption in the management of the Vatican City centered in the Banking institute called IOR, one of the two main key problems area examined in my book.


Another growing problem seems to be the secret expansion of the Islamic faith amongst the clergy, (especially the Jesuit one). ISIS, a creation of the transnational lodge known as Hathor Penthalpa, is preparing for "The Conquest of Rome" and the possible destruction of it, in line with the prophecies I present in Pope Francis: The Last Pope?

The Vicar of Anatolia, who died under mysterious circumstances in 2010, claimed that as many as 40 Vatican cardinals had secretly converted to Islam and were secretly reciting the Qur'an in the Vatican. They all seem to like a particular text linked to Islamic belief. The book in question, popular with both Sunni and Shi'a Muslims, is the Jawshan Al Kabir, which means "the strong cuirass" (or breastplate). It is a supplication originally ascribed in a narration from Zayn Al-'Abidin, the son of Husayn, to his great-grandfather, the Prophet of Islam, Mohammed.

The New World Order is pushing, thanks to the Gülen movement on the moderate side, and ISIS on the fundamentalist side, (both part of the Sunni tradition), the concept of an Islamic Caliphate preparing with a planned Muslim expansion, the arrival of Jeb Bush in the White House.

In the meantime, let's not forget who the alleged lover of Hilary Clinton is, Huma Abedin, apparently a relative of Osama Bin Laden, whose family was also in business with the Bush's former Oil Company.

All these criminals are part of powerful para-masonic bodies and influential Illuminati and Masonic lodges, some known as Ur-Lodges. This is a subject I am sure will shock most Americans, which I will further expose in my upcoming book Confessions of an Illuminati vol.1, available in January 2016. Where for the first time I will reveal, a fully documented, insider perspective of this complex subject known as the New World Order and the Illuminati.

Within the Vatican, and inside the White House, we indeed find the enemy. The farce of the powerful Military Industrial Complex, as Dwight D. Eisenhower called it, will go on forever and prosper, if we don't wake up and take action in realizing who is really pulling the strings of world domination. The hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, infiltrated by greedy Freemasons, Zionists, Satanists, Muslims in bed with the Vatican Gay Lobby, needs to end, or Pope Francis will be indeed, the last Pope.


Sources for the article:
http://www.brindisiseventh.it/orge-tra-preti-scandalo-in-puglia-4791.html http://www.secoloditalia.it/2015/04/orge-on-line-sacerdoti-gay-rimosso-parroco-taranto/ http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/feb/21/pope-retired-amid-gay-bishop-blackmail-inquiry
Leo Lyon Zagami, Pope Francis: The Last Pope ( San Francisco: CCC Publishing, 2015).
Gioele Magaldi, Massoni, Società a responsabilità illimitata La scoperta delle Ur - Lodges (Milan, Italy: Chiarelettere, Masons, unlimited responsibility company, The discovery of the Ur-Lodges, 2014).

Leo Lyon Zagami BIO

Leo Lyon Zagami first became popular on the internet as the result of his blog on his direct involvement with the NWO and the Illuminati. He has a written a series of books in Europe and in Japan based on subjects ranging from history of the secret societies and the Vatican to the New World Order. He is the president of the Cultural Association called Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis which helps spread knowledge and work, based in Florence, Italy.

First Comment from AG:  Zagami is suspect for pointing the finger at Islam instead of Judaism

Although it is well-documented that since Vatican Two, a powerful satanic force has infiltrated the Vatican -through communism, Freemasonry, Satanism, and by allowing homosexuality and sexually degenerate men to infect seminaries... it is Judaism, not Islam that is the driving force of the evil that has infiltrated the Vatican.

The network of homosexual "priests," who are a part of the communist/Zionist infiltration of the modern so-called "catholic" church, are only a part of a much larger plan to bring the anti-Christ into power, through the Vatican. Bella Dodd, member of the Communist Party, disclosed this in her book, School of Darkness.

After-all, it is in the Talmud that states "if a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl, it is nothing, for having intercourse with a girl less than three years old is like putting a finger in the eye."

I believe that every pope since Pope Pius VII is an anti-pope, and I will only attend a Tridentine Mass (Traditional Latin). There have been dozens of anti-popes throughout the history of the Roman Catholic Church. The authors of Tumultuous Times: The Twenty General Councils of the Catholic Church have well documented this fact. So I do not know why people think there cannot be anti-popes in the present day.

Rome is full of wolves in sheep's clothing. If any Catholic questions this, let them be reminded of the words of Jesus, who told us, 'by their fruits you will know them.' A German theologist, who attended the Vatican Two council, remarked, "the devil too was at the council. Sometimes, you could almost pinch him."

Rome will fall. But not because of Islam, but because of Zionism, which has a main objective -to bring the anti-Christ into power, through the Zionist infiltration of the Vatican.

Ratzinger openly spoke about "upholding the Jew's right to wait for their Messiah."

I have been to seminary libraries, controlled by Vatican Two. They are loaded with books on Judaism, not Islam.

I have listened to the condemnation of Islam, and the push for war with Islam by Vatican Two Bishops, who promote Judaism and Zionism, not Islam.

I am not saying it isn't true, but I don't know why any Vatican Two Cardinals would secretly convert to Islam when Vatican Two is in bed with Zionists and Judaism.

I do not believe Pope Francis is the last Pope. He might, however, be the last anti-pope, and possibly, the current state of sede-vacante will end.

The "decline" of the modern "Catholic" church is the result of many things. Yes, among them Satanism and child sexual abuse (to call it "pedophilia" is an error, because most of the victims of priest abuse were post-pubescent males. Pedophiles are predominately attracted to, and abuse, pre-pubescent children).
As the third secret of Fatima predicted, Satan will walk the halls of the Vatican, and there will be great changes, where the church will be darkened. As Pope Pious VI said, 'when Vatican two went to open the windows, the smoke of Satan came in.'

Make no mistake; the anti-Christ will be a Jew, or a Zionist, not a Muslim. This is well-documented in the book, The Era of the Antichrist: How to Survive It, by Dame Ysatis De Saint-Simone, who used the same system of numbers that Saint John used to write The Book of Revelations. Dame Ysatis De Saint-Simone won the Silver Medal of the University of Alcala in Spain, for her work about this. Her book is a must-read.


Talmudic law. Ketubot 11b

The Era of the Antichrist: How to Survive It, Dame Ysatis De Saint-Simone



The Council and the Future, Mario Von Galli, page 94

Tumultuous Times: The Twenty General Councils of the Catholic Church by Francisco and Dominic Radecki

What has Happened to the Catholic Church by Francisco and Dominic Radecki

Dan comments:

I noticed what AG wrote.  He's misunderstood what Leo's saying about Islam in the Vatican.   He got the impression that Leo's saying the rot of Church was a Muslim plot, instead of a Jewish one.  But that's not what Leo's saying.   

I think this 9 minute talk will help clarify the Zionist lobby's role in fostering war between Christians and Muslims. 

Leo Zagami Speaks About Islam 

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Mental Health Agencies Prey on the Vulnerable

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 23:57

Similar to the military industrial complex, Dale Evans
says there is a social services complex that has a voracious
need for clients to maintain their budgets. They need to "help"
us whether we need it or not.

Evans advises you not to answer any questions or fill out any questionnaires from mental health practitioner. They are looking for any excuse to commit you.

by Dale Evans(henrymakow.com) 

The Ontario sex education curriculum will give "community stakeholders" access to children's records for purposes of "co-parenting".  Who are these community stakeholders?

Let's say: "All roads lead to Rome". Rome is the psychiatric ward.  In the report of the Select Committee on Mental Health, the stakeholders are listed in the back pages - all 200 of them. Seventy five are designated psychiatric facilities in Ontario. Just one of those gets $1,223,119,376 a year. The Hamilton health Service Corporation administers seven mental facilities. 
In addition, there are children's mental health facilities,  gambling and alcohol addiction centres, community network services, public health services, psychological testing services, ADHD clinics, intellectual disability centres, resource centres, government ministries, suicide prevention centres, secure child lockups, Children's Aid, on and on.  There is BIG MONEY in disability.

Many of these agencies are private corporations funded by levels of government according to quotas. The salaries of the employees can be staggering - many over $100,000, $200,000 with benefits and retirement packages.

If your child ever says - "I want to end it all" or "I had a dream I killed myself",  the child will be involuntarily committed. No community worker will risk having a suicide on their hands. Parents lose their children at that point. It would be medical neglect to oppose psychiatric treatment which includes dangerous drugs, shock and brain tampering.

What will be the unintended consequences of this? I have put this in the context of my own experience.

As a doctor's wife in Toronto, I have been called upon to handle many tragic situations. Two years ago, an elderly lady came to our clinic. She was very frail in body but robust in spirit and hopping mad. A "community care worker" told her to go to the hospital for a check up. When she arrived at the hospital, she was involuntarily committed to the psychiatric ward for a month. She had not even brought her toothbrush.

Because she had no family, she was grist for the mill. In order to certify her and remove her rights, psychiatrists prodded her to admit that she'd like to be dead. However cognitive tests failed to yield any evidence that she was incompetent. Rather, she had a fighting spirit to live.  They had to release her.
While she was in the hospital, her Power of Attorney, a supposed trusted church minister took over her affairs. This adviser sold her house for $850,000, threw all her possessions in a dumpster and gave away her dog. The money was supposedly used to buy a house for unwed mothers. 
The elderly lady asked for our help. Over the next months, I worked with the Member of Provincial Parliament, the Guardian's Office, a centre for Elderly Rights and the hospital president's office. I got all her medical files and found that due to the fact she had NOT been certified incompetent, the Guardian's Office simply had her write a letter changing her Power of Attorney.

The simple action of writing a letter transfering responsibilities from this minister to a reliable friend solved the problem. She got her money back and moved into a Retirement Home of her choice.

The public naively believes that a benevolent government runs these "community partners". Many are private corporations funded by up to three levels of government. Their funding is based on quotas. In other words, they need clients. They can be a vicious and litigious lot that collect information on people to threaten and silence them.

In my experience, intake workers often misrepresent people's situations on assessment forms to make them dependents of the "community partner."  Don't be fooled by the misuse of the word "community". They are profit-driven entities with tremendous power to make you their "partner". These are usually elaborate marketing schemes for psychiatric drugs.

A good example of this is the "Motherisk" program at Sick Children's Hospital run by Gideon Koren. Motherisk is partially funded by the drug company Duchesnay and has been involved in experiments on pregnant women with the drug "Diclectin". The Toronto Star only recently revealed this to the public ("Motherisk problems shrouded in mystery", Toronto Star, April 15, 2015). 
This program also administered a "hair test" that is mired in controversy. Christine Rupert had her two toddlers taken into foster care in 2009 because of findings that she was a cocaine user. She is adamant that she had not touched the drug since 2006. 

The public must take legal precautions such as using Exemption Forms. We  should remain skeptical of any "community partners" marching in with their Jackboots to "help" us or our children.

The public should be warned that ANY mental health question, no matter how stupid or inane, if answered, opens the door to administrative actions to take away your rights. A legal document is automatically made.

Do not do ANY questions or questionnaires, mental health assessments; never say you have thought of suicide, dreamed of suicide, even if you were under the effect of drugs. Never tell any doctor you are depressed or anxious - keep it for your dog.

I tell parents to tell their children that their teacher is NOT their friend and that what happens at home, stays at home. Make a pact in blood with your kids. Only talk honestly to your most trusted friends. Psychiatrists are the most dangerous people on the planet.

Also by Dale Evans:

Sex Ed Part of Long Term Social Engineering

First Comment by KL: "Sick is the new normal."

As someone who's held the position of intake worker, I can state that the concerns expressed in this article are both legit, and relevant AT PRESENT, while it can still be stopped via a little transparency and a mass consciousness of common sense on the matter.  There is a general consensus among those in the field, that EVERYONE, is mentally ill.  If a person remains functional in spite of this; everything is fine.  If a person's ability to function in society, ie. procure their own housing, hold down a job etc., is lacking, for any reason, one earns, the   'designation'   of, "Mentally Ill", and MUST be treated.  In my personal experience, this does not always include mandatory drugging of the client, but generally, most of the time, it amounts to just that. 

During my time in this field, I've met many big hearted people who genuinely care for the well being of others and I can tell you that most, despite their good intentions, remain dupes, (not-so-blissfully) unaware of the "real life subtext", in which they participate.   While a minority in the lower echelons and probably a lot more, in administrative positions are well aware, to one degree or another, what they're a part of.  And they're either for it, or simply willing to let it happen in return for that juicy six-figure income.  Personally, I'm on board with the notion that virtually everyone in our society suffers from one form or another of mental illness.  If you've grown up here, and you've watched the television or listened to music, or consumed media in any way shape or form; consider yourself mentally ill. 

Never-the-less, in the process of performing a client-intake, one will necessarily, meet clients who are, for all intents and purposes, relatively competent, happy, and mentally sound; and just happen to be down on their luck, lost a job, got divorced etc.
It may not always make a huge difference, but there is a general 'need' on the part of the intake worker, to point out ANY, potential barriers to housing or sound mental health on the part of the client and so, "Joe-average-decent- fellow" ends up victimized and oppressed by the would-be-champions-of-the-oppressed, turned dupes.  As I've said, most people in the field are well-meaning and naive.   But some, usually in the admin. positions are more      profoundly disturbed than even the worst-off client.  We used to joke, that the office in which we performed intakes, was the staff housing...

P.s. I haven't looked into it much, but I was once told, a decade gone now, by a close friend and fellow worker in the field, that there is now a designation in the DSM, designating a lack of any other provable mental illness, as an illness itself.  In other words: Normality, is now a sickness while sickness is the new Normal.

Makow Comment-
Society is becoming a satanic cult. The goal of a satanic cult is control its members by making them sick, and then selling them a "cure." 

Related- Medical Cartel -Too Big to Fail

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<img alt="301233.jpg" src="http:/

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 11:21

Gerontophilia and Pedophilia by Aspen 
All of a sudden, two years after the initial release of the film "Gerontophilia", a trailer for "Gerontophilia" has been added to the theatrical trailer page at IMDB.com, right next to trailers for children's films and all the rest.
The timing is clear and meaningful, but let's get to definitions first.
What is "gerontophilia"? It's a sexual fetish for the elderly.
Let me restate that: It's an OBSESSION, by persons already past puberty, with sexual contact with the physically soon moribund. It is one step removed from necrophilia.
"Gerontophilia" is a film about a young GAY man who is obsessed with sexual contact with a dying GAY elderly man. The trailer for the film features the line, spoken by said gay elder, "I was actually married once, if you can believe that".
What is the purpose of this film? Is it to promote happy sexual relationships between young and healthy gay men and old gay men who are on their deathbeds? Is this obsession a common thing?
According to Wikipedia: "The prevalence of gerontophilia is unknown. A study of pornographic search terms on a peer-to-peer network reported that 0.15% had gerontophilic themes."
.15% is a pretty small percentage, and even then we're going on those who are pornographically obsessed. So how did this small percentage of perverse obsession merit a feature film with a production budget of $2 million?
Let's look to the producer, "Bruce LaBruce". Here's what he has to say of himself (again, via Wikipedia):
"His filmmaking style is marked by a blend of explicitly pornographic depictions of sex with more conventional narrative and filmmaking techniques, as well as an interest in extreme topics which mainstream audiences might dismiss as shocking or disturbing taboos. For instance, his films have depicted scenes of sexual fetish and paraphilia, BDSM, gang rape, racially-motivated violence, amputee fetishism, male and female prostitution, and zombie and vampire sexuality."
This man, Bruce LaBruce, wrote and directed a film released in 2008 called "Up With Dead People". It's all a sham and a dressing, making sex the all, towards the ultimate goal of breaking down the barriers of sex between children and adults. If sex with the elderly is okay, why not sex with youth?
"Gerontophilia" might as well be called "Pedophilia". And it will be. It's just a matter of time.

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Joe Sobran: Judaism Hates Christianity

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 01:07
(left, Joe Sobran, 1946-2010) 
For essays like "The Jewish Faction," Joe Sobran was fired as an editor
at the National Review, which only proves the West has been colonized by "the Jews" (i.e. the world central banking cartel using Freemasonry & organized Jewry as its instruments.)  He says "Jews" deceive themselves and others to think they're persecuted when in fact their leaders are the predators. This has become increasingly evident as Westerners see their cultural values, freedom and security decline after 9-11.

"At any rate, Christians knew from the start how the Tribe felt about them, and nothing has changed since then except that today's Christians have become remarkably naive about it. Christ tells us to forgive our enemies, but he doesn't ask us to pretend that they are our friends... "

by Joe SobranThe Jewish Faction Reprinted from SOBRAN'S, May 2004(Abridged by henrymakow.com) 

As Samuel Johnson says, a community must be judged "non numero sed pondere" -- not by numbers, but by weight. 

And the preponderance of Jewish sentiment is clear: it loathes Christianity and Christian influence in public life. It resents Christian proselytizing, one of the first Christian duties (virtually banned in Israel). It considers the Gospels the very source of what it calls anti-Semitism. In fact, the very word "anti-Semitism" is basically a Tribal synonym for Christianity.
This was all spelled out for even the most naive observer by the fierce Tribal reaction to Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of Christ" (2004).  The barely concealed hatred of Christianity came roaring forth long before the movie was even finished.  The columnist, Charles Krauthammer spoke for many Jews when he wrote that the story of Christ's Passion had "resulted in countless Christian massacres of Jews, and prepared Europe for the ultimate massacre -- six million Jews systematically murdered within six years -- in the heart, alas, of a Christian continent." Alas indeed!
That Christianity caused the Holocaust, along with "countless" other Christian persecutions of Jews "for almost two millennia," was a given for Jews commenting on the film....
When I joined the Church in 1961, the only Jews I knew personally were some quite amiable neighbours. If anyone had told me that the Halman family down the street bore special responsibility for the Crucifixion, I would have been utterly mystified...
The Tribe, however, embraces the mythical charge of "Christ-killing" in order to reverse it: Christians are Jew-killers. 
By a fine irony, the Talmud claims "credit" for Christ's death beyond what the Church has actually taught: It says that "our sages" justly condemned him to death as a sorcerer, not even mentioning a Roman role in the event. The Gospel of John merely says that "his own received him not" and the creeds say that he "suffered under Pontius Pilate," passing up golden opportunities to affix Tribal guilt at the outset.
At any rate, Christians knew from the start how the Tribe felt about them, and nothing has changed since then except that today's Christians have become remarkably naive about it. Christ tells us to forgive our enemies, but he doesn't ask us to pretend that they are our friends... 
What is the source of this deep enduring hatred of Christianity? No doubt there are several; an obvious one is the Church's claim to be the New Israel, a spiritual one, supplanting the old ethnic one. Even many secular Jews resent "supersessionist" Christian theology; it's apparently an affront to be replaced as God's Chosen People even if you no longer believe in God. This offence is avenged by blaming Christians, especially popes, for the Holocaust, any doubt of which the Tribe treats as heresy. In many Western countries the Tribe has succeeded in criminalizing the expression of such doubts. 

Moreover, Christianity's universality has given it a worldwide appeal that Judaism by its nature can never enjoy. This consigns the Tribe to a permanent minority status, confounding its proud expectation that with the coming of the Messiah it would rule all nations. 
Worse, Christians take it for granted that their ethic is immeasurably superior to that of the Jews; this isn't even debatable, for the Tribe can find no ground for persuading Christians that the Jewish ethos is better. 
Just as the dwarf is obsessed with height in a way people of normal size can hardly imagine, the Tribe is obsessed with its marginal minority status, which it experiences as victimization, imagining slights and insults -- "anti-Semitism" -- even when none are intended. Its inverted pride expresses itself in claims of persecution. The Jews are still "chosen," if only for a singular Christian hatred. The emergence and military power of the Zionist state have partly assuaged this "resentment," while Arab hatred and Western disapproval have also reinforced the feeling of persecution.
A subtle twist on this theme is offered by John Murray Cuddihy in his book The Ordeal of Civility. For the Jews, argues Cuddihy, adapting to the modern West has indeed been an "ordeal," as they have found themselves regarded as backward and "crude" against the "refined" standards of Western Christian man.
Such Jewish ideologies as Marxism and Freudianism are disguised apologias for the Jews, denying the superiority of Western standards. For Marx, capitalism boils down to mere greed; while for Freud, romantic love boils down to mere lust. Both view Western manners as mere hypocrisy, self-deluding airs put on by the goyim. Marxist and Freudian reductionism have had tremendous attraction for Jewish intellectuals, and not a few gentiles who feel alienated from the Christian world.
The exaltation of alienation has been the distinctive achievement of the Tribal intellectual. To be alienated is to be superior, "chosen." There is something richly symbolic in the creation of the state of Israel, where an alien population has claimed the right to dispossess the native one. Here is the psychic Tribal drama played out in the real world, with the usurpers of Palestine brazenly calling their regime a "democracy," while feeling victimized by the angry population they've robbed and murdered.
President Bush sometimes says that minority children suffer from "the soft bigotry of low expectations." They get the message that nobody expects them to achieve anything, so they don't even try. The very term "minority" now signifies a group not only recognized as having what Cuddihy nicely calls "accredited victim status," but felt to be incapable of meeting normal standards of conduct. Polish-Americans, for example, are a numerical minority, but not a "minority" in this subtly condescending sense.
One might also speak of a "soft" anti-Semitism of low *moral* expectations. Most gentiles respect Jews for their intelligence and ability, but they have also come to take certain kinds of Jewish misbehavior for granted. Israeli racial supremacism is assumed as inseparable from "Israel's right to exist"; loose Jewish charges of anti-Semitism, especially against Christians, are likewise so predictable as to cause little surprise or outrage. In public life, at least, the Tribe has embraced this baneful form of "minority" status and the implicit contempt that goes with giving up hope of normal civility.
As with other "minorities," the Christian habit with the Tribe is simply to pretend not to notice obvious and distressing things. This, we assume, is just their nature; they aren't going to change; maybe they can't help being this way.
This is what "interfaith dialogue" has come to: Christian despair and surrender.
Makow Comment:  Anti Semitism is a red herring and a ruse used to disarm opposition to an Orwellian political agenda. The mainspring of this agenda is the Illuminati central banker who wishes to expand his monopoly over credit to a monopoly over every aspect of life. The establishment - both Jews and non-Jews (Freemasons) - are witting and unwitting collaborators in this pernicious plan.  

First Comment from Annette:

Your article today by Joe Sobran made me think of this recent development. http://www.redicecreations.com/article.php?id=33108

Looks like the whole world is to become post WWII Germany with it's Holocaust denial laws. A case of, to see who rules over you  see who you are not allowed to criticize ?


I keep hearing you saying that the NWO is Jewish leadership and their Goy Masonic lackies. For the most part I think that it is true as far as the planning and execution. But the fact is,  this tyranny is  still founded on Jewish Cabbalah and according to this former Yeshiva student, Cabbala is  all that exists of any Judaism for the last 1800 years. http://pauleisen.blogspot.com/2015/04/when-israel-is-mighty.html

And as Paul Eisen says, "But the big puzzle for me in all this is the way these archaic, primitive precepts find their way into the minds, hearts and behaviour of the modern, secular and seemingly civilized Jew."


That's my problem too. Sadly, with the exception of a small handful of people like yourself and Mr. Eisen, it seems that most Jewish people are perfectly fine with all the tenants of this Supremacist " religion" and even if they are not in on the nastiest machinations of it i.e., Illuminati,  they are still supporting it from the sidelines. I don't think that in Joel Stein's well publicized remark about Jews controlling the media he is part of any conspiracy, and yet by his own admission he says he only hopes that they keep controlling it. The same I think can probably be said with people like Barbara Spectre and every other Jew who is orchestrating the demise of European peoples whether it be in Europe , South Africa , or here. They seem to be motivated by an arrogance and atavistic hatred of anyone who is outside their tribe and who poses a threat  to their supremacy.



I'm just sad and sickened.

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"Battle of Lexington" (1775) -- America's First False Flag?

Sun, 04/19/2015 - 00:42
(1775 depictions show Americans being slaughtered. No one is even firing back.)

April 19 was the 240th Anniversary of The "Battle of Lexington."

The "Battle of Lexington," 1775, was portrayed as an unprovoked slaughter of colonists by the British. James Perloff believes that, like the sinking of the USS Maine and 9-11, the event was engineered to start a war, the American Revolution.

Freemasons have manipulated Americans into fighting wars from the get-go.  America was founded as a Masonic nation, what Francis Bacon called "the new Atlantis" when he supported the original Jamestown colony.

(from Oct. 26 ,2013)

By James Perloff

I grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts, where on April 19, 1775, a force of British redcoats, on their way to Concord to confiscate rebel munitions, encountered a small force of militiamen.  Suddenly, "the shot heard round the world" was fired.  In the ensuing skirmish, eight colonists were killed, and nine wounded.  The British suffered one wounded.  This was a causus bellum for the American Revolution. 

But, was "the shot heard round the world" a false flag like 9-11, a pretext for war? 

As explained in detail my online article The Secrets Buried at Lexington Green,  Americans were deceived. It was proclaimed everywhere that the British had committed an unprovoked massacre in Lexington.  The truth is individuals in concealed locations fired on the British first.
Though most Americans today recognize him only as a face on beer bottles, the revolution's mastermind in Massachusetts was Sam Adams, whom biographer John Miller called the "pioneer in propaganda."

Adams, left,  Temporary Secretary of the 1774 Philadelphia Congress, had secured a pledge from delegates that, should warfare erupt between Massachusetts and British troops, the other colonies would aid Massachusetts.  But this carried a stipulation:  They would only help IF THE BRITISH FIRED FIRST. 

By mid-April 1775 the SECOND Continental Congress was 3 weeks away.  Sam Adams desperately needed a "British fired first" incident to bring to the Congress, lest passions for revolution and war wane.

Here is a HIGHLY condensed summary of my article.

 • Artists' depictions of the battle gradually evolved--from showing all colonists retreating, to all defiantly resisting.

• The original 1775 depiction [above] represented how Massachusetts rebels wanted the event then portrayed: unprovoked slaughter.  The newspaper MASSACHUSETTS SPY denied the militia fired ANY shots, even retaliatory.  In their depositions, no Lexington militiaman expressly admitted firing shots.

• As 50th anniversary celebrations approached, the truth began emerging. Residents of neighboring Concord boasted their town should be credited with firing "the shot heard round the world."  The outraged Lexington's denizens insisted the honor was theirs.  They obtained new depositions from the Lexington battle's aged veterans. In a turnaround, deponents now insisted, they fired at the British, though claiming the redcoats BEGAN hostilities.

• British reports that the Americans fired first are credible.   Since the British admitted shooting first at the subsequent Concord battle, why lie about Lexington?  Redcoats said the Americans fired first in diaries not intended for publication.  And the militiamen amending their depositions weakens their credibility.

• The night before the battle, Joseph Warren dispatched Paul Revere on his famous ride from Boston.  Warren sent another rider, William Dawes, and both arrived at the Lexington house where John Hancock (left)  and Samuel Adams--leaders of the revolution in Massachusetts---were staying. Adams had recruited smuggler John Hancock, wealthiest man in Massachusetts, to be the revolution's financial angel.

What history books omit: Warren was Grand Master of St. Andrew's Freemasonic Lodge in Boston; Revere, Dawes and Hancock belonged to that Lodge.  After the war, Revere became Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.

• During the French and Indian War, colonists and redcoats fought on the same side.  Britain's national debt nearly doubled by the war's end (1763), and Parliament felt British taxpayers should not bear it alone. It felt colonists should contribute since they were the war's main beneficiaries.  Britain's willingness to repeal each revenue measure (Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Townsend Acts) shows more amenability toward colonial protests than commonly believed.

• Adams was instrumental in changing Americans' perception of redcoats to "the bad guys."  Adams became Boston's virtual dictator, controlling it through organized mobs.  "Tories" (British loyalists) had their homes looted and even destroyed, and their bodies tarred and feathered.  These mobs could not be brought to justice.  Massachusetts governor Thomas Hutchinson said he doubted if there was "a man of greater malignity of heart, or who less scruples [in using] any measure ever so criminal to accomplish his purposes" than Sam Adams.

 • Contrary to what Americans were told, British troops came to Boston in 1768 to restore order.   Captain Evelyn wrote his clergyman father in England: "Our arrival has in a great degree restored that liberty they have been so long deprived of, even liberty of speech and security to their persons and property, which has for years past been at the mercy of a most villainous mob."

• Adams's antipathy to these troops led to the orchestrated "Boston Massacre" (1770), in which a mob of several hundred attacked nine British soldiers until they fired in self-defense.  Collected depositions, and Paul Revere's infamously misrepresentative print, portrayed it as unprovoked slaughter of innocents.

• At the soldiers' trial, Sam Adams's cousin (and future President) John led the defense. Thirty eight witnesses testified there had been a plot to attack the redcoats. On his deathbed, mortally wounded Patrick Carr forgave the soldier who shot him, as he had done so in self-defense. Enraged, Sam Adams declared the confession should be disregarded because Carr was a "Papist."

• By 1773, England eliminated all taxes on America save a nominal duty on tea of 3 pennies per pound.  This tea was so cheap, it undersold the tea John Hancock was smuggling in.  The Boston Tea Party conveniently destroyed the merchandise of Hancock's competition.

• Parliament ordered Boston harbor closed until the damage was paid for.  Sam Adams blocked  all efforts to pay for the tea while warning other colonies: "This attack, though made immediately upon us, is doubtless designed for every other colony."


• What a coincidence:  The night before the Lexington battle, Adams, Hancock and Revere--apparent mastermind and chief propagandists of the "Boston Massacre"--met in a house a few hundred feet behind Lexington Green.  Early that morning, Adams and Hancock walked to the green and spoke to the militiamen at Buckman's tavern.

(Post war 1886 depiction; what a contrast to 1775's!)

• Contrary to common sense--and behavior of other militias (who fired behind trees and walls) --the grossly outnumbered Lexington militia stood openly in parade formation. The British, marching into the trap, had no choice but to confront them.

• Based on British reports, more than ten shots were probably fired at them before they began disorderly return fire.

• The opening shots came mostly from men in concealed locations, which set up the militia on the green to absorb the British reaction.

• Testimony exists that the shots were NOT fired by local militiamen, but separate gunmen whose identity remains unknown.

• Paul Revere himself was at the green when the British arrived.  Revere said he went with John Lowell (fellow St. Andrew's Freemason) to fetch Hancock's trunk at Buckman's Tavern. British reports said the first shots came from the corner of the tavern, where Revere had been only MOMENTS before.

• Parallels between the Boston and Lexington "massacres" were uncanny: similar artistic depictions, questionable depositions, dishonest newspaper accounts.

• Despite the Minutemen's famed marksmanship, the shots fired on the British at Lexington failed to score one significant hit.  My article suggests this may have been intentional--dead redcoats would have spoiled the "massacre" story that helped drive the continent to arms.

Before commenting, I encourage interested readers to see the full article 

James Perloff has authored several books, including Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, published this year in both Kindle and paperbound editions.  It discusses many other suppressed stories of American and world history.***
Related - Makow - Illuminati Created the US to Advance NWO 
----------  Harrell Rhome -
The Occult Origins of the American Nation

Thanks to Jim, we see that our image of the Revolutionary War is one-sided. Like all other wars, it was contrived as part of the long-term Judeo-Masonic plan for world government tyranny.


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Is Justin Trudeau a Product of Illuminati Mind Control?

Sat, 04/18/2015 - 00:27
(Justin Trudeau with his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau at a Montreal Expos baseball game in 1987.
Trudeau was Canadian Prime Minister from 1968-1984)

Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal party of Canada,
could become Prime Minister after the next general election in October.
Our political leaders all belong to the Illuminati satanic cultthat sexually exploit and trauma brainwash their children. 

At his father's funeral, Justin Trudeau seems to allude to MK-Ultra pedophilia and mind control in his eulogy. 

COMMON GROUND by Justin Trudeau
Reviewed by Ann Diamond

Justin Trudeau's autobiography "Common Ground" was not easy to review. Its unspoken subtext involves abuse due to the Illuminati/Luciferian background of both sides of his family.

In her book TRANCE-FORMATION OF AMERICA MK-ULTRA survivor Cathy O'Brien stated that many world leaders, including Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulroney, are pedophiles. She met them in the course of her life as a sex slave trained (with her young daughter) to service high-profile politicians. Other sources support Cathy O'Brien's allegations.

Over the years, insiders have told me that Pierre's 1968 marriage to Margaret was "arranged" by the military. The couple programmed with LSD at a remote farm in British Columbia.

According to Trudeau's Jesuit mentor, Trudeau ordered the kidnap and murder of his enemy Pierre Laporte in October 1970, because Laporte was threatening him with blackmail and exposure as a pedophile.

After Margaret ran off with the Rolling Stones in 1977, the marriage was over. Soon after, as a single father, Pierre turned to a York University sociologist, John Seeley, for parental advice
John Seeley, a self-proclaimed 'sadist and pedophile' would fly up to Ottawa on weekends to "advise" Pierre on how he should be raising his three sons. Justin was six. (See also this article.) 

Quite a childhood. First the trauma of being separated from the mother he adored, then frequent exposure to his father's unsavory friends.

Children often idealize their abusive parents. During his eulogy at Pierre's funeral, a smiling 28-year-old Justin seemed dissociated, almost giddy. He began the eulogy with a weird story about a trip he took at age six, with his father and grandfather "to the North Pole," to a "military installation" at Alert NWT.
There the awe-struck boy discovered Santa Claus and "that's when I understood just how powerful and wonderful my father was." 

Carolyn Hamlett, a victim of Illuminati mind control and pedophilia, said these abuses took place at  military installations. 
Is Justin referring to MK-Ultra brainwashing? In general, the eulogy rings insincere and hollow.  There is no trace of love or grief. His father had little time for his children.

A few years ago, I was shown a 1984 letter signed by Pierre Elliot Trudeau expressing enthusiastic interest in meeting a ten-year-old boy. The letter may have been used in a blackmail attempt by the boy's father.

If Pierre Trudeau was abusing their children, Margaret's history of bipolar illness takes on a whole different cast.


Common Ground
is all about the heir to the Trudeau throne.

The book is persuasive and well put together, probably with help from a seasoned journalist. It flows like slick PR, but has much unhealed trauma in the margins. Posing as saviours, Trudeaus and Sinclairs may be well-paid agents of national decline, but their story is emblematic and unavoidable.

Here and there, a reader encounters tragedy almost worthy of a Russian novel. Certain passages actually moved me to tears: his parents' divorce and the loss of his brother. His love for his mother, who skidded into depression while partying with rock stars and royals.

As for the politics - you're not really interested in Liberal rhetoric, are you? Young Trudeau manfully appeals to Liberal platitudes: tolerance, openness to cultural differences, gender equality, all of which sound good after the Harper decade.
There are odd references suggesting the author has rubbed shoulders with elite perverts. Prince Andrew and the Starlight Foundation. Jacques Hebert and Katimavik. West Point Grey Academy and his mate Christopher Ingvaldson, convicted of possessing child porn.

All in all, Justin's very likeable, although Post Traumatic Stress glimmers from his eyes. In Common Ground, he reminds us that everyone has a story to tell.  Justin could have flown away like Le Petit Prince, but instead is doing his utmost to move back to the scene of his childhood trauma: the cold, drafty mausoleum called "24 Sussex Drive."

Related- Pedophilia-The Fish Rots from the Head. This satanic cult controls society. 
Justin Trudeau & Kathleen Wynne's friend, pedophile monster Ben Levin
Margaret Trudeau says she dreads 'bullying' attack ads against son Justin (Is Justin a Manchurian Candidate?)

First Comment from Anon:

Your information about Pierre Trudeau

"According to Trudeau's Jesuit mentor, Trudeau ordered the kidnap and murder of his enemy Pierre Laporte in October 1970, because Laporte was threatening him with blackmail and exposure as a pedophile."

is exceedingly important and makes huge sense according to Jack English see http://cuabcimc.blogspot.com who has advised me, today, as follows:

Trudeau was a pedophile and Paul Hellyer was informed of this by Patrick Walsh who was Trudeau's RCMP bodyguard as I recall..

and English says ...

Hellyer and Walsh were so shocked by the discovery that Trudeau was a Satanic Pedophile that they convened a meeting at Hellyer's Resort to discuss removing Trudeau from office, but for reasons unknown it did not proceed.. It would be good to be able to discuss this with Paul and set the historical record straight..

My friends in the Canadian military have previously corroborated the reports from Mr. English and the information you have posted on your web site.
We have published important information about Mr. Trudeau at the Water War Crimes web site including

1.  That he sent his wife Margaret to the MK Ultra Brainwashing Hospital The Allen Memorial Hospital in Montreal when she had her nervous breakdown.

2.  That Margaret was treated by Dr. Pivnicki the father of Brian Mulroney's wife Mila.  this was no coincidence.

3.  That his son Michel was in a near fatal accident, probably a targeted hit, in Brandon Manitoba six months before he killed on Friday the 13th in a suspicious avalanche in November 1998 a month when avalanches are very rare.

4. That Trudeau was part of the plan to loot Canada's water export revenues.


Thank you for your tireless efforts in bringing these matters to light.

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Kabbalah Destroyed My Marriage

Thu, 04/16/2015 - 21:55

(left, Tony and Natalie in 2010.)

The kabbalah is the satanic creed
of the Illuminati.
Apart from from spreading evil in the
guise of "social change,"
it destroyed Tony's marriage.

"Kaballah ruined a perfectly good marriage.  It took over my wife's mind to the point where we could not live together anymore. "

by Tony

In 2005, I married a young Russian woman here in Florida USA.  Natalie was 24; I was 51, a successful sales rep.  Three years into the marriage, everything was perfect. We were a happy couple in love with life and each other. 

Then one day, while surfing the Internet, she stumbled upon Kabbalah and became totally captivated with this "Jewish Science."   She pushed me to share her interest but I always refused. 

This refusal caused a lot of friction.  She said the teachings and principles were more for men than women: For "it" to work, her man had to be involved.  She said that the highest-level people are Kabbalists...and that all others are just farm animals.

She didn't mention Satan or Satanic Worship but they may have disguised that in the teachings. 
I am a free thinker and do not want to be subjected to mind control. While she was reading Kaballah, I was studying Illuminati Jewish World Domination and 9/11 and many other false flag ops. I was watching them destroy my country with their death grip on our money and media and government and military and just about everything else.  I tried to get her to join me but she did not listen, even though she is not Jewish. However, it didn't affect our sex life since Kabbalah is all about the woman serving the man and making him happy.


 Natalie would be online 10-hours a day reading and listening to her Kaballah Guru Michael Laitman, left.   I would occasionally listen in but found the lessons very abstract. It was psycho babble nonsense about our creator, our purpose on the Earth, how man's ego is destroying the planet and on and on.

Natalie would attend many conventions sponsored by Kaballah. She was continually begging me to take her to visit the Tel Aviv HQ.  I was not at all interested.

The cult is a tightly bonded brotherhood ... for lost puppies. She had no friends and no family so  Kaballah fit the bill perfectly. They become a pseudo family.  Is there a financial commitment?  None that I could see....except that the members are pushed to attend the meetings and buy the Guru's books, CD's and DVD's.

Kabbalah turned my wife from a terrific, loving woman into a programmed lemming. Her whole life was consumed by this cult. She would only communicate with people that were part of the cult. 
She looked down at anybody not participating in the cult. Eventually I was left alone and we finally divorced in 2013. After the divorce was finalized, she went directly to Tel Aviv. 

She is now completely immersed in Kaballah. Nothing else matters....just Kaballah... her meetings and conventions and friends and round table discussions etc.  She wants to come back to me now but I am just not interested.  It was a tragic end to our relationship.

In summary, I just want to increase awareness of this strange cult that took over Natalie's mind to the point where we could not live together anymore.

Kaballah is bigger and more popular in Eastern Europe/Russia but I fear that it may grow worldwide and be a problem here someday. 

My advice to anybody whose partner falls victim is to put an end to any association or your relationship will be in jeopardy.

First Comment from Dan:

I was never was involved with the Berg brother's Kabbalah Center, or Bnei Baruch.  The Berg's were obviously sleazy con men like everything in Hollywood, by Bnei Baruch's Michael Laitman gives a much more palatable impression on his websites and hundreds of video presentations on the web.   I watched and read his presentations for a few years to come to an understanding of Kabbalah and it's practitioners.

I'll just post these links from former members, and 'nuff said'.


... and it's not just shiksas they abuse. 

My Story of Bnei Baruch

I've read dozens of such reports, and your article tonight has all the features  of the other complaints.  This cult is especially insidious for the degree of mind control they achieve over the internet and phone - before the target has even met one of the handlers in person.

Cults prey on people who are called "seekers".  Intelligent, well educated people are especially vulnerable, since the mainstream Churchianity is too dumbed down to satisfy their human need to understand the unanswerable questions:  death, God, why is evil in the world, etc. 

They are without a solid spiritual formation or foundation or they wouldn't be seekers. To go looking for a 'teacher' is a vulnerable position.  I believe that 'intermediary of the gods' is the world's real 'oldest profession'.

Kabbalah groups fit all the characteristics of cults.  Bnei Baruch is especially dangerous, for it is as connected with military intelligence as Scientology, and the Temple of Set.  Advice to readers: you do not want to let a Kabbalah teacher get inside your head.

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Can We Put Our Faith in Financial Markets?

Wed, 04/15/2015 - 22:51

Left. Oil inventories are at an all-time high. So naturally the price of oil is skyrocketing.

Are the markets a mechanism 
to steal our souls as wellas our money?

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

When you see just how crazy financial markets are, you will not want to have your savings invested there.

Wednesday, a report was released indicating that US crude oil inventories rose by 1.3 million barrels from the previous week.

(left, Jim Cramer teaches the goyim to be Jews)

However, this was much less than the increase of 10.9 million barrels the prior week.

It brings the total to 483.7 million barrels, the highest level in 80 years.

Now, you'd think this news would make the price of oil go down. Instead, it shot up by 5.3% to $56, a four-month high.

The rationale was that the inventory growth was "lower than expected." Clearly traders will move the markets up or down and seize upon any excuse to justify it.

As a result of Wednesday's move, the Canadian dollar popped 1.5%. The Canadian dollar trades according to the price of oil, as if the whole country was nothing more than an oilfield. Every Canadian stock also listed in the US was down 1.5%.

Airline stocks also were also under pressure. They trade inversely to the price of oil. Although airlines are enjoying record profits because fuel costs are half of last year, their stocks go down whenever oil shows a pulse. Does that make any sense? 

Another example: For years, the price of gold moved higher to $1800 an ounce because "the Fed was printing money like no tomorrow." 
Then about two years ago, the price started a fade to about $1200 today. Did the Fed stop printing money? No, it printed more than ever. It stopped reporting the money supply. The "debt" rose to $18 trillion. In other words, gold went down for the same reason it went up. 
Clearly the markets are irrational if not rigged. Take the ridiculously high P/E's many companies command. Stocks go up in a day more than the company earns in a year. Why do "investors" pay $82 to own shares in Facebook, a company that earns $2 a year? Netflix which is expected to make $5 a share next year jumped $55 yesterday to $533. Clearly their real product is their shares. 


Almost half of all Americans have money in the market. For the last five years, the Fed has flooded the market with liquidity ("Quantitative Easing") and kept interest rates low. As a result, stock markets are at an all-time high. This buys an awful lot of complicity and complacency, while the government pursues unpopular foreign and domestic policies, like wars, NSA surveillance, false flag terror drills, and the homosexual agenda. 
Clearly, the financial markets are a big part of our satanic possession, more important than porn. I have defined satanic possession as seeking happiness from outside ourselves. Millions seek happiness by turning a quick profit. The stock market is a vast ponzi scheme where everyone buys something with the intent of unloading it at a higher price. Millions of people who speculate on a daily basis have forfeited their souls and become "beggars." 

This is how I see "sin" and "the Fall of Man:" identifying with mind (greedy thoughts) instead of soul. The Illuminati programed our minds. God programed our soul.

As I've said, society is being inducted into a satanic cult based on the Jewish Cabala. The rap against Jews has always been they do not create anything but rather trade.

I know many highly productive hardworking Jews who aren't traders. Nevertheless, the point is academic because we're all becoming Jews. We all pursue happiness outside our soul, usually in terms of sex and money. For our own salvation, and for society, we must shift the center of our being from the mind to the spirit.
Related- Makow- There are no Stats for inner Poverty-------------------- How's Your Inner Beggar? -------------------------The Stock Market is Fixed
First Comment by Thomas Beecham-

Americans are obsessed about market price levels, house prices, etc. It is a religion as the fear of price levels and "collapse" has replaced fear of God. My girlfriend talks about her "Zillow" house price estimate as if it were gospel and worries if the price falls by $5,000. I tell her to just pay down her mortgage as fast as she can. After all, her mortgagee owns the house, and Fairfax County, VA ultimately owns it via its taxation power.

The markets are rigged as the powerful hand of liquidity directs where the funds will go. I submit that however, there will be no collapse until global war - one in which the US will be taken out. That comes several years from now. China and Russia are not ready yet.

I recall all those calls for collapse a couple years back. All those trend forecasters and "insiders" were proclaiming that 2011, 2012, 2013, etc was the year. They were all wrong. It amazes me that people look to CIA "insiders" and "whistelblowers" as well as "elite" contacts to reveal secret stuff.

The globalists have a firm control of the markets. All we need to hear for the markets to collapse is for the Fed Chairperson to come out and say that the US can no longer fund its deficit, and the markets will plunge overnight. But this won't happen - for now.

As for where to place funds,

-Put some in rental real estate that provide ample cash flow to weather any storm. I remember all the talk of not being able to take title on houses, because of all the repackaging of mortgage loans. I think that those stories were disinfo originating from US Government servers. They were designed to keep people from scooping up amazing deals. I fell for it for a couple years.

-Physical gold (no silver). I took off my hedge as trendless markets can be costly.

-I do not own stocks long term. Why buy stocks of companies I do not know about, when I can put money into my own business? I manage residential properties - my own as well as for others. The stodgy rental market is truly a growth business. The globalists have opened up the borders here in the US and that continues to add fuel to the rental markets here. These new residents will never be able to own houses. Owning a house is expensive and a downpayment and monthly mortgage are only part of the equation. Most of these immigrants buy with an FHA loan and never put money back into the house. It ends up in foreclosure - where I buy it and rent back to the people who were foreclosed

It's a predatory market - one that is truly satanic, but the participants freely get involved. Jesus said that we all partook in it. He was right. We are all in debt. We back government debt - on all levels. We transact in debt-backed currencies, we borrow to buy, which supports government programs that allow people to buy houses with no money down. We all participate - with no exceptions.

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The Insanity of Opening a Restaurant

Wed, 04/15/2015 - 00:15

My wife is tired of hearing me expatiate
on the horror of the restaurant business.
Will you, kind readers, please indulge me?
I'm just a bystander but I can't ignore this
calamity that befalls my fellow man.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

If I were starting out in life, I would become a psychologist instead of a writer.

I would specialize in the special dementia that infects people who open a restaurant.

Approximately 60% of restaurants fail within three years.  And no wonder. There are tons of restaurants competing for business.

Indeed, restaurants compete with everyone who has a kitchen, which is almost everyone. My cooking is as good as most restaurants. They advertise "home cooking." I just eat at home.

When I consider the cost of food, equipment, furnishings, rent, advertising, labor, taxes, utilities, etc. I can't understand how restaurants survive.

For me, opening a restaurant would be like renting, furnishing and staffing a reading room where people can buy my books and then sit down and read them. I would go broke.

Once I've finished a book, it's done. But a restaurant must manufacture its product anew every time, to exacting standards or face the indignation of the customer. Not just one product, a menu of dozens!

Did I mention the hard work and long hours? The city health inspectors? How one bad customer review online spoil your business?

My sister owns a successful restaurant. The margin is 5%. You must do a lot of business for that to pay. My brother-in-law says it's like preparing to give a concert every night, and not knowing if anyone will show up.

What inspires people to get into this thankless business? Couldn't they just throw a dinner party instead?


I suffer from restaurant-owner compassion.  I can't help but notice if a restaurant is empty. I feel the helplessness and anxiety of the owner as he contemplates the weekly payroll. Certain restaurants are on my deathwatch. I pray for them but am relieved when they finally go to a `better place.

A upscale restaurant opened in my budget conscious neighborhood. It struggled for about two years before closing.

Meanwhile across the street, a new restaurant did a thriving business catering to the grunge crowd. They treat their customers like shit. Their ratings are awful. Yet it is packed. It caters to masochists.

After a brief hiatus, a new restaurant opened in the same location as the upscale restaurant. It was a Deli featuring the best smoked meat sandwiches in town. It was packed from Day One.

I felt so bad for the owner of the upscale place! Imagine how he felt!

Imagine my elation when I discovered that he started the deli!

In conclusion, when you're eating out, don't be a cheapskate.

Buy a drink.

That's where they make their profit!

First Comment from AQ:

it's midnight and I just finished reading your article about the restaurant business.well I have opened a pizza joint with Mediterranean  food five years ago and now i'm closing doors after h have depleted my savings trying to revive it . I am  surrounded by big name corporations,papa jones,pizza hut,dominos and the likes. they have been crushing since I opened it is a war , they have guns and tanks and I have knives and sticks . guess who is winning. I entered the restaurant business because I  Iik e t o c o o k.

and now I have no choice but to close doors . i'm by myself by the way and I don't deliver pizza.

but taxes , licenses,insurance,dumpster fees ,  health inspectors and the rising food cost are killing me . just yesterday I had to pay the sanitation department $950.00 for greese trap fees alone or they were going to shut off my water.  had to borrow half of the money from my son.he did not ask for collateral by the way.any way i'm finshed,saddened,and old with no skill and nobody would hire me.I guess i'll deliver for papa jones .
thanks henry for hastening my decision and helping me cut down my losses.by the way on the same street there are little caesers , papa jones , pizza hut , dominos , and 2 other locally - owned joints.well i'd better get some sleep and figure out a way to store my stuff until I sell it.good night

CR writes:

I wish I had read this article 15 years ago.  I went to cooking school with hopes to one day open my own restaurant, if only I had known what I was getting myself into.  Needless to say, I never opened a restaurant.  Little did I realize that here in Ottawa to open a simple restaurant with 20 seats or so would cost around $250,000 and no bank will give you a loan because of the excessively high risk.  Unless you or your business partners have the money you will need to find private investors, which is not easy at all. 
Most people who open or want to open a restaurant are motivated by the fact that they "like cooking" and think it will be "fun".  Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant can tell you that there is very little about it that is fun or to be liked.  I enjoy cooking at home, but a restaurant environment is something completely different.  When it's busy, you are under constant stress.  When it's not busy, you are either stuck scraping some grease in the corner or you are going home.  It's a business in which employee's rights are rarely recognized - no overtime pay, no holiday pay, no breaks (even though they deduct money for them), no chance to eat even though you are working with food all day long.  Not all restaurants are equally bad, but these are regular things to expect. The next thing is wages - although minimum wage (in Ontario) has gone up by nearly $4 in the last few years, the average restaurant wages have barely increased.  When I look at job ads they are offering the same wages I was making in 2008.  In most restaurants there are maybe one or two people (chef and sous-chef) who get a decent salary, but often they are working 60-80 hours a week for no extra pay over what they would have made for 40 hours.  There are few cooks and waiters over 35 years old, most are single and childless, many have drinking and/or drug problems.  You wonder why.  Those who have their heads on somewhat straight are often motivated by a misguided sense of pride, "look at me, I'm a cook in a fancy restaurant but I live in my mom's basement".  Currently, I cook for a nursing home and also as a personal trainer.  Nursing homes are far from glamorous, but the hourly wage is a lot more than what most restaurant cooks make.
On a side note, I try to avoid eating from restaurants as much as possible.  After seeing what goes on in there I don't want  to take the risk.  "What?  There's no time to wash your hands!",  "Just pick it up off the floor, we can't throw out steaks", "No need to wash the lettuce, there's black pepper in the salad dressing, nobody will know the difference".  These are not imaginary stories.  Speaking of lettuce, most restaurants I have worked in use the same sink to wash lettuce (the ones that actually do) and dump the water from the mop bucket.  Is salad really a healthy option?  If you are hungry and don't have time to cook you are better grabbing a burger at McDonald's or something like that, it's greasy and doesn't taste so great but you won't spend the night on the toilet.  If you are worried about your weight then skip the fries and soft drink, eat some fruit when you get home instead.

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<div style="color: rgb(34, 34, 34);

Tue, 04/14/2015 - 23:44
Boston Marathon Bombing Completely Staged - from Jim Fetzer

No bombs exploded. But they were smokebombs or the equivalent of sawdust bombs.They are of a kind used for special effectsin Hollywood. No one died or was injuredfrom those explosions. There was no bloodafter then went off. It only showed up laterand was fake blood, Hollywood blood thatcame out of tubes. It was not real blood. I have inventoried the signs of fakery below.

Latest! Faking the Boston Marathon Bombing- How it was Done



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Mother: Is Daycare Good for My Son's Development?

Tue, 04/14/2015 - 00:19

A reader raises her two-year-old
at home but her husband
thinks daycare is necessary to teach
the child to interact and be assertive.
What do you think?

by Sandra

I am writing in the hope that you can give me your advice. My husband and I have a two-year-old boy. So far, I refused to go back to work, and have stayed with my child at home, while my husband works full time and supports our family.

This is best for our child, both from my own experience (my parents pushed me into daycare system when I was a kid, and it was sheer torture for me.) I am horrified at the possibility of placing my child in such an environment and scarring him, the way I was scarred.

However, my husband, thinks if we don't give our son to the daycare system soon, he'll run the danger of becoming too 'passive', 'unassertive', and become a 'target for bullies', due to having spent his formative years exclusively at home with his parents.

My parents put me in a daycare at the age of 5, so that I "learn to socialize and be a part of a structured group." (I was an only child, by the way, just as my son is.)

I absolutely hated the following year-and-a-half of my life - I still carry scars. I entered the elementary school and, surprisingly - loved it. It was so different and so much better than the dreaded daycare system.

My husband was sent to JK at the age of 3 and a half and hated it and was bullied through much of his school stay, from the age of three to high school graduation. He partially blames this on the fact  that his parents were late to place him in the educational system. Because he started to socialize late, he never learned to be assertive and avoid/defeat/combat bullying that he was subjected to.

I absolutely dread placing my young son in this early childhood education mincing machine. On the other hand, my husband and a family friend got me paranoid and worried that if we wait for our child to enter the grade 1 at the age of 6 - he will be ill prepared to function optimally in an organized group of kids, too passive, unassertive and quiet. My son, by the way, is very perceptive, quiet and sensitive, yet very active.

In your experience as a parent, as a concerned citizen, and intelligent author, would you be able to please share your opinion on this with me, and / or direct me to some of your or others' articles / texts that discuss this particular issue? 

Do you by any chance know of any studies that deal with correlation of being bullied at school and entering the educational system later (say, at the age of 5) rather than earlier (say, at the age of 2 or 3), or studies that show the exact opposite to hold true? I am starting to do my own internet research on this, but so far not much has come up.

Thank you very much for your reply in advance.

This was my reply; I welcome yours:

I am not really "qualified" in this area but my reaction is to support you, In this society you don't want to be socialized. The only daycare I've seen was a pretty cold place but I expect there are better. The spectre of "bullying" is hypothetical. Being forced into a group is no guarantee your son will become assertive. It could have the opposite effect. Stick to your guns and raise your child according to your best instincts.
First Comment from Dan:

Too many men have been brainwashed this way.  Still, I was surprised to read that the father of this boy says he blames being bullied in school on his parents not handing him over to day care before age three.   He must have been born fairly recently, the 1980's perhaps. That's recently enough to have no reference points to know what natural parenting was like before it was hijacked by social engineers.

In the real world both boys and girls learn how to assert and protect themselves from aggressors of any age. If the man fears the boy won't learn self assertion from his own  father, he should use the daycare money to enroll him in a martial arts academy.   If he complains that martial arts isn't gender neutral enough, give him horsemanship lessons. 

By the way, three really is too young to throw the child into 'interaction' with strangers all day with his mother or father not present.  You expect a toddler to 'assert himself' at 2 or 3 years old?  That's why the social engineers insist the 'the younger the better'.   They want them completely helpless.  A three year old boy really is helpless.  He should be with mother, learning interpersonal exchange with her - there is no surrogate for a child's bond with his mother.  The first 4 years should be without the distractions of the 'world'. He's going to have to enter that battlefield soon enough.  There's plenty of development that best happens in the home.  He could learn to read at home.  (I did).

Believe me, when I taught 4th grade Sunday school a fews years ago, I saw the result of today's daycare and 'drive by' parenting.  The boys are already withdrawn and effeminate because day care wont' LET boys assert themselves.

I recommend reading 'Weapons of Mass Instruction' by veteran public school teacher John Taylor Gatto.   And this essay, for starters. Why Schools Don't Educate  

Sandra writes: Many thanks for posting my letter to you on your web site! I read the comments carefully. I immensely appreciate the commenters' willingness to share their own experiences, their opinions, suggestions and advice. These comments strengthened my belief that I am doing the right thing by not "offering" my child on the "altar" of contemporary, urban daycare system.

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Frightening letter:<br /><br /><b>from

Mon, 04/13/2015 - 18:01
Frightening letter:

from SA MD

I live in Northern California. On or about June 6th, 2008, I recognized the most bizarre of patterns which I had already understood to be chem trails. I was planting my summer vegetable gardens. It was about 11:00 AM and the sky was crystal clear except for the tic-tac-toe they were hewing in the sky. By 1 PM that afternoon, there was no sun... only a milky grey pallor.  The next day the temperature spiked to over 100 degrees. I felt this was abnormal. That evening there was enough heat lightening in the north west sky that I hastened to hitch a water trailer to the back of my truck in case the lightening sparked a fire.  Sure enough, the following day upon waking I smelled smoke in the air. Multiple fires had been set due to the light strikes. I began researching in earnest the composition of these chem-trails and learned they are metallic oxides highly conductive and capable of accelerating any electrical charge in the upper atmosphere. It all made sense. It was then that I determined this errant experiment had "sinister" written all over it.

Now, 7 years later... who knows if the effects have actually changed the biology of certain individuals who never had the capacity to exercise any measure of deductive reasoning in the first place. Then those who were borderline back then, are surely blinded by now. They few remaining free thinking individualists who are sounding the alarm are doing so to deaf ears.

The time has now come to take active measures to protect yourself.  This is no joke.  Three weeks ago I had my blood tested for heavy metals after a barrage of March aerosols. 100X acceptable levels of barium, lead outside the acceptable limit, and traces of unacceptable arsenic. This was enough to convince me I was not doing enough to shield my body. 

Contact info@anti-agingremedies.com, specifying chem-trail mitigation protocol.  The NWO wreaking crew is in the mid-late stage of the quiet war of world genocide.

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Karl Marx Was Rothschilds' Third Cousin

Sun, 04/12/2015 - 23:42
(Rothschild agent Chaim Mordecai makes Masonic sign. Freemasonry is Satanism.)

"In order that the true meaning of things may not
strike the goyim before the proper time,
we shall mask it under an alleged ardent desire
to serve the working classes..." Protocols of Zion VI

by Metapedia
(abridged by henrymakow.com)

Karl Heinrich Marx (5 May 1818 - 14 March 1883), was a 19th century Jewish political ideologue who presented himself to the world as a journalist and economist. He is best known for subverting the nascent Socialist movement, likely as an agent of his cousin Rothschild; and on instructions from his mentor Moses Hess, creating a supposedly "scientific" theory known as Marxism.

Marx came from a long line of Jewish rabbis. He lived in Dean Street, London in squalor. He used to visit the Red Lion Pub at Great Windmill Street, Soho where he and Friedrich Engels were asked to write what became the Communist Manifesto. His best known work is the book Das Kapital, which fails to mention that money is printed out of thin air and by his cousins, the Rothschilds.


Karl Heinrich Marx was born in Trier, Kingdom of Prussia on 5 May 1818, an Ashkenazi Jew, to Hirschel Mordechai and Henriette Pressburg. Marx's Jewish name is Chaim Hirschel Mordechai. Marx descended from Talmudic rabbis; his paternal ancestors had provided rabbis to Trier since 1723, a post last held by his grandfather.

During the Napoleonic War of the Sixth Coalition, [Marx's father] Hirschel Mordechai became a Freemason in 1813, joining their Loge L'Ètoile anséatique (The Hanseatic Star) in Osnabrück.[3] After the war, he feigned conversion to Lutheranism as a means to better infiltrate Prussian society. He pretended to be an "assimilated" bourgeois Enlightenment liberal, interested in "free thought" and was wealthy, owning some Moselle vineyards.

One of Marx's grandparents was Nanette Salomon Barent-Cohen, who belonged to a wealthy Amsterdam family. Her cousin had married Nathan Mayer Rothschild and bore Lionel Nathan Rothschild, "Baron" and Member of Parliament for the City of London.

Karl Marx was brought up by his family to hate Jesus Christ[8]...


                                        of Amsterdam --- ?
                                        (* c. 1710)   |
                                            |                  |
                           Sara       Salomon  David         Levi             Lydia
                          Brandes ---  Barent-Cohen      Barent-Cohen --- Diamantschleifer
                                   |     (†1807)         (1747-1808)   |
                                   |                                   |
         Isaac             Nanette Salomon                          Hannah       Nathan Mayer
    Heijmans Pressburg ---   Barent-Cohen                        Barent-Cohen --- Rothschild
       (1747-1832)      |    (1764-1833)                         (1783-1850)   |  (1777-1836)
                        |                                                      |
      Hirschel      Henriette                      Charlotte                Lionel
      Mordechai --- Pressburg                Baronin von Rotschild --- Baron de Rothschild
     (1777-1838) | (1788-1863)                   (1819-1884)        |     (1808-1879)
                 |                                                  |
             Karl Marx                      Emma Louise      Nathan Mayer
            (1818-1883)                    von Rotschild --- de Rothschild
                                            (1844-1935)   |   (1840-1915)
                                              Lionel Walter Rothschild   →   Balfour Declaration


Critics have suggested that Marx's mission was to co opt the nascent socialist movement. Before Marx ever wrote a word, following the industrial revolution,  the socialist movement already existed in Germany, France, Britain and elsewhere. Marxists have tried to monopolize socialism and insist that unless you follow Marx's theories, you cannot be a socialist. This is a clear fraud and usurpation.

A major question in this regard, is "who was behind Marx?" The book Der preußische Regierungsagent Karl Marx by Wolfgang Waldner, suggests that initially Marx worked as a police spy for the Prussian regime.[9][10][11]

Waldner mentions the fact that Marx married Jenny von Westphalen in 1843. She came from a wealthy Prussian family. Her brother was Ferdinand von Westphalen, who was Prussian Minister of the Interior from 1850-1858. Ferdinand, Marx's brother-in-law, was regarded as  "reactionary", who ran a vast spy network which kept tabs on dissidents...

Marx moved to London in 1849...While Marx was authoring Das Kapital in the British Museum reading room, his famous cousin Lionel de Rothschild, conveniently, was MP for the City of London (1847-1868 & 1869-1874).

The Rothschilds (Marx's third cousin by blood) and other Jewish finance syndicates were very prominent in promoting "Jewish emancipation"  and Masonic, liberal and Protestant ideas which took hold of society at the start of the 19th century....

The idea of Marx as a Rothschild shill...was raised as a concern by his contemporary rival in the First International, Mikhail Bakunin in 1869,[18][19] who was not even aware of the fact that Marx and Rothschild were cousins. Bakunin wrote presciently:
"This world is now, at least for the most part, at the disposal of Marx on the one hand, and of Rothschild on the other. This may seem strange. What can there be in common between socialism and a leading bank? The point is that authoritarian socialism, Marxist communism, demands a strong centralisation of the state. And where there is centralization of the state, there must necessarily be a central bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, speculating with the Labour of the people, will be found.    "
--Mikhail Bakunin, Profession de foi d'un démocrate socialiste russe précédé d'une étude sur les juifs allemands, 1869.[18]http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Karl_Marx


Perhaps the most pronounced and consistent aspect of Marx's ideology was his extreme and radical hatred of Russia [the last bastion of Christian civilization...]... He and Engels regarded Russians and Slavs in general as subhuman (völkerabfall) barbarians. Had he lived to see his ideological heirs Vladimir Lenin,✡ Leon Trotsky,✡ Grigory Zinoviev✡ butcher them by the millions, he would no doubt have cackled in orgasmic joy at the horrors visited upon them; men, women and children.

Marx used the newspaper Neue Rheinische Zeitung to try and incite a war against Russia.[20] This Russophobia was also behind the strange alliance with Tory, David Urquhart, when he moved to London and Marx thus has the blood of the people who died in the Crimean War on his Jewish hands. Henry Hyndman, who spent many hours in Marx's company in his Record of an Adventurous Life attributed this anti-Russian obsession to Marx's Jewish ethnocentrism.[21] The Soviets tried to cover up this fact about Marx...


"The Jew has emancipated himself in a Jewish manner not only by gaining financial power, but because through him and without him money has become a world power and the practical Jewish spirit has become the practical spirit of the Christian nations. The self-emancipation of the Jews has gone so far that the Christians have become Jews. Yes, the practical dominion of Judaism over the Christian world has reached its normal, unambiguous expression in North America. "

" What was the real basis of the Jewish religion? Practical need, egotism. The God of practical need and egotism is money. Money is the jealous God of Israel before whom no other God may endure. Money debases all gods of men and transforms them into commodities. The God of the Jews has become the God of the universe. The real God of the Jews is money. Their God is only an illusory bill of exchange."

"We recognize therefore in Judaism a generally present anti-social element which has been raised to its present peak by historical development, in which the Jews eagerly assisted, and now it has of necessity to dissolve itself. In its final meaning the emancipation of the Jews is the emancipation of humanity from Judaism."

" The classes and the races too weak to master the new conditions of life must give way.... They must perish in the revolutionary holocaust.    "
--Karl Marx✡, Marx People's Paper, April 16, 1856, Journal of the History of Idea, 1981, [22]

" The chief mission of all other races and peoples, large and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust.    "
--Karl Marx Die Neue Rheinische Zeitung NZR January 1849, [23]


Thanks Clifford Shack for this tip!

Related- Marx and Satanism

First Comment from Sandeep:

Nice information on the fraud known as Marx. The Rothschild connection becomes more evident when one knows that the 'Bund der Gerechten' (League of the Just), later known as the 'Bund der Kommunisten' (League of the Communists), which paid Marx to write the Communist Manifesto and was the predecessor to the Communist party, was actually financed by the Rothschilds.

The Bund actually had prominent members in its ranks, many of them Jews, for example a member of the Oppenheimer family, who are said to be one of the thirteen Illuminati bloodline families. Marx was just an agent of the Illuminati, and not a fighter for mankind.

Stephen Coleman:

It must also be remembered that Marx was employed by Lord Palmerston and wrote his manifesto during his employment. Queen Victoria's consort.  Lord Palmerston was probably the most evil man of the 19th century. He was the chief instigator  of the Crimean war, the Taipei Rebellion, the American civil war and the various difficulties in India/Burma  totaling an estimated 35 million dead.

Palmerston employed Marx to come up with a new system of government and economics purposely designed to not work as an answer to Lincoln's National Bank.  Palmerston and his banking ilk regarded Lincoln's national bank as a direct threat to British hegemony and imperialistic predatory banking. 

Palmerston paid Marx so poorly that two of his children starved to death while under his employ.

Russia's secretary of economics Sergie Witt was working to instigate the National Bank of Russia, while Bismark was doing so in Germany.  In China after WWI there was a movement towards a National Bank being pushed by American educated Sun Yat Sen.

Britain's crown and banker cartel's goal was to turn the Russians against Germany and to replace the nationalistic tendencies with a counterfeit system called Communism thus maintaining their hegemony.  Thus WW1 and the Chinese Civil War were all British/Dutch banker's machinations. 

Today the Anglo/Dutch imperialistic banking system is unraveling at breathtaking speed before our eyes. China has just opened an international development bank and has accepted membership from many nations. BRICS is what will save this planet from falling into chaos.

This is the real reason for the push for WWIII by the evil City of London, it means the end for them.

I am pleased with this late and unexpected development. This is a possibility of having a fair and just economic system and eliminating poverty once and for all.

However in the meanwhile, the dollar/euro zones will take a drubbing and many innocent will suffer deprivation.  But something great could happen,  I see the potential and I am hopeful.

Everything Palmerston and the City of London pulled has come full circle, let hope and pray WWIII does not happen.
Stephen Coleman

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