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Nimoy's Vulcan Sign is Invocation of the Devil

Sun, 03/01/2015 - 03:07
(left, Nimoy's hand sign is pure satanism.)

In keeping with their role as willing dupes,
millions of people have been using the 
hand sign
Leonard Nimoy popularized
to honor his passing. This was his final service to the
the NWO, and the subjugation of the human spirit. 

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

On the death of Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy last week, many tributes took the form of the "Vulcan" hand sign which he made famous.

Satanists usually have benign explanations that enable them to contaminate society. I'm not 100% sure Nimoy was a Satanist but I would wager that he was. The benign explanation is that he introduced the sign into a Star Trek episode spontaneously, and it took off. He explained that the gesture takes the shape of the Hebrew letter "shin" and is a blessing ("Live Long and Prosper") that rabbis give their congregations.

"People don't realize they're blessing each other with this. It's great," Nimoy said.

However, in a longer explanation, seen here, Nimoy makes it clear that this "greeting" is far from benign. It is part of a  powerful Cabalist ritual that can actually damage people. He was warned to shield his eyes:

There was a "strange sound, not singing, shouting, all discordant, wailing, all discordant, not in unison...chilling...whoa, something major is happening here so I peaked and they had their hands stuck out making this sign...I had no idea what was going on but the sound of it, the shape of it was magical."

Most Jews and non-Jews are unaware that Judaism is largely based on Cabalism. Cabalism is Satanism because it says God is formless and unknowable, not even part of the universe. The essence of Satanism is to deny God. The essence of religion is that God is knowable. How else can we obey him?

"Kabbalism is a system of Jewish mysticism and magic and is the foundational element in modern witchcraft. Virtually all of the great witches and sorcerers of this century were Kabbalists," Texe Marrs explains: "[It is] the wellspring of virtually every wicked, occult sect, satanic secret society, and witchcraft cult that has arisen in the past one thousand years! The Cabala brings together... all the Mystery teachings of the ancients. Indeed, the Holy Bible [says] the Jewish elders had brought the Mysteries into the Temple and had conducted secret ceremonies in hidden chambers [in] the days of the prophet Ezekiel (see Ezekiel 8). God called these teachings and rituals "abominations."

T. Stokes, a veteran of British intelligence said: "This version of the "V" salute is a greeting by Rabbis in the Hebrew tradition. The hand split down the center represents the 2 fingers on each side of the "V" in deVil, as the initials DE and IL represent the fingers."

This explains why Winston Churchill, a Druid and Illuminati Satanist, used this gesture.

The Vulcan "peace sign" is anything but. Vulcan was a sun deity who was associated with fire, thunderbolts, and light. The festival in honor of him was called the Vulcania in which human sacrifices were offered.

He bears a family relationship to the Christian devil. It is fascinating to know that he married Venus, another name for Lucifer or the devil. What is even more interesting is that Vulcan is adored in Masonry under the name of Tubal Cain. In the Masonic Quiz Book the question is asked: "Who was Tubal Cain?" The answer is: "He is the Vulcan of the pagans."

(Astronaut in space station honors Nimoy)

In Masonry, Tubal Cain is the name of the password for the Master Mason (or third) degree. Former mason Bill Schnoebel said: "This is called the 'Two Ball Cane,' and is a pun on the secret password of a Master Mason, 'Tubalcain (sic).'...It is also an all-too-obvious pun on the 'god' of Masonry, the male reproductive organ. Nice, eh?...especially when many men wear these wretched things to church on Sunday!"

Was our hero Leonard Nimoy aware of the implications of the hand sign he made famous? Considering that Star Trek was predictive programming for the New World Order, and that Nimoy was a success in Illuminati controlled Hollywood, I'd say he was.

Mankind has been inducted into a satanic cult and doesn't even know it.


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---------- The  "Triad Claw" Hand Sign Down Through the Centuries

First Comment from Dan:

Jane D in Santa Fe filled me in on Spock's Jewish subtext in a dinner conversation in 2004. The 'Vulcan hand sign' for instance.  She told me Spock's  'Vulcan mysticism' was Kabbalah.  Vulcan was a metaphor for Israel.   Once you know that  Spock's entire character is based on that, a cascade of references tumble out.

I was exactly the age of the first 'Trekkies' so I'd thought I was saturated in Trek trivia.  We'd always seen the UN metaphor in the United Federation of Planets. 

At that impressionable age I actually bought into the 'One World Government' notion as the 'natural evolution' of the human race.  Much to my grandfather's consternation; I remember saying that to him once and he dropped his face into both hands, exasperated.  That was probably when he showed the term 'one world order' in an old book he had by Woodrow Wilson, and about the Illuminati.   It went into my memory but I went on believing in that one world government was natural evolution till 2001.

In 1967, I ordered a copy of the 'Star Trek Bible' for script writers which laid out the 'universal' facts about the Star Trek world that had to be consistent.   Star Trek history begins with the 'Eugenics Wars' of the 1990's, when Emperor Khan tries to take over the world with his race of genetically enhanced Supermen.  Nuclear war resulted around 2000. 

However, a more advanced version of the the human race has been watching, and only make themselves known in order to save the planet.  They " facilitated humanity's transition to an interstellar species acting as sort of a big brother in those crucial stages."   Of course these were the Vulcans.  Smarter than humans, but not flaunting it too much; pacifist peace makers, governed by reason and pure intellect, their raison d'etre is to guide the evolution of all the species to oneness with the infinite.  

(left, a synagogue's stained glass. We're all Jews now)

The absence of any Al Goldstein's or Meyer Lanski's - or even no Bill Shatner's on Vulcan is actually explained in Roddenberry's Vulcan ancient history.  Originally they were prone to use their powers for lust, greed, and destruction, but their own suicidal wars brought forth the Vuclan savior Surak. He taught the Vulcans his system of self control through logic.

One could on for hours with this stuff.   In one episode someone suggests Spock could be promoted to captain and he responds that it's wiser to be the power behind the throne.  Which is an amusingly 'Rothschildian' touch. 

Leonard Nimoy's been famous most of my life and the Spock character never did me any psychological harm.  In retrospect I consider the character to have been a good influence for boys growing up.  

Now Shatner......that's a different matter altogether...

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The First Child Kathleen Wynne Destroyed

Fri, 02/27/2015 - 17:08
(left, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, right, and longtime partner, Jane Rounthwaite. Wynne is introducing a controversial "sex ed"
curriculum that promotes homosexuality.)

When Wynne's oldest son, Chris, was eleven-years-old, his mother kicked his dad into the basement and moved her lesbian lover into his parent's bedroom.

The Illuminati goal is to destroy the nuclear family. First Kathleen Wynne destroyed her own family. Now she's going to destroy yours.

by Thomas Carter

If you are wondering when Kathleen Wynne started destroying children, it started with her own. This is the Wynne family's own testimony in a 2007 study on failed marriages by Cate Cochran entitled Reconcilable Differences. 1

Of course that isn't how they try to spin it in the book, which is really about failure for failures, written by a failure. However, the author unwittingly provides us with several jewels of information. In the chapter devoted to Wynne's self-sabotaged marriage, the author includes quotes by all of the players in the sad affair. Once the quotes are extracted it provides a pretty clear picture of what transpired and a testimony to the character of our Premier, Kathleen  Wynne.   


According to the book, Kathleen Wynne and Peter Cowperthwaite were "university sweethearts." After graduating they lived together for a few years and got married in 1977.  Peter who was a successful accountant provided a good living while Kathleen stayed home and raised three kids.

"Kathleen loved being a mother. When the kids were young, she awoke each day with a sense of well being knowing that she was following all the rules for the first time in her life. She was reaping lots of approval, baking muffins, taking part in neighborhood garage sales, attending kids school council meetings, and thinking to herself, "I'm doing this quite well, Oh my God, how did this happen. I didn't expect to be living this perfect life." pg15


"They had beautiful kids, and affluence but the sexual energy had become muted, and Kathleen knew "there had been a wild women in me that hadn't been around for a while." (p.17)

So, 13 years into their marriage, Kathleen Wynne decided to have a homosexual affair with her best friend Jane Rounthwaite. This happened when Jane accompanied Kathleen who was looking to purchase a family cottage. 2

"I know this isn't a story about how I came out as a lesbian but it was finding my sexual energy that led me to break with Phil." (17)

Notice, how Wynne uses the words "finding my sexual energy," like she was Luke Skywalker searching for the Force. Most people would use the words "sexual attracted to," but for the sodomite the term "sexual attraction" is way too connected to the rest of the natural order, i.e. having children.

Also if Wynne uses the term "sexually attracted to" as opposed to "finding my sexual energy," she's less likely to receive sympathy since most married couples are attracted to other people but honour their marriage vows rather than destroy their loved ones.


"Three months later, Jane moved in with Kathleen and Peter. Jane and Kathleen slept on the second floor where the children's bedrooms were located while Peter (Wynne's husband) stayed in the basement.[...] Jessie, who was nine, and Chris who was eleven, were livid." 

"Almost in the same breath, their children knew their parents were splitting up and their mom had a new partner, a woman." (18)

The book tells us that while this new arrangement made sense to the adults, "to the three little children whose lives were being turned inside out, it didn't. They were not happy." (18)


Wynne's partner was/is a woman named Jane Rounthwaite. The book says that "Jane had secretly been in love with Kathleen for 18 years and getting together with Kathleen was the realization of a dream.

Rounthwaite told the Toronto Star, "I waited 18 years for her, basically, from the time I met Kath in 1973, I was just waiting -- through her marriage, through my own relationship (with a woman) -- I just waited all those years." 3

She waited like a snake in the grass for an opportunity to destroy a marriage just to satisfy her own vice.

And of course the neighbors who shunned her were merely judgmental. Rounthwaite states.

 "There were people in the neighborhood who disapproved, so they said they were worried about the children, but I think their concerns went way beyond the needs of the children [...] I was the first lesbian many of them had ever met, and in this configuration I was certainly the home-wrecker so I had the experience of people really avoiding me on the street." (22)

No, it would never would occur to Rounthwaite that these people shunned her for seducing a married woman with three children. At least there were some decent folk in the neighborhood.


In Wynne's own words, "I was the bitch of the place, I'm the one who has the temper. I'm the one who is volatile.  I'm the one who cried the most and was the most difficult to deal with." (20)

Peter (left) thought he was sacrificing for the sake of children. But in fact he failed by subjecting his children under his own roof to his wife's deviant relationship. Perhaps, if had acted with more self respect, and kicked his wife out, he might have even rescued his marriage. Wynne may have quickly come to her senses. But he stayed for years in the basement tacitly condoning the perversity of the situation instead of trying to rescue his children, particularly his oldest son Chris, from witnessing the insanity day after day.


"Over the years the children have taken issue with Kathleen for indulging in a kind of myth-making... Maggie (Wynne's youngest daughter) says that Kathleen pretended  it was "perfect, and we have this family myth that it was perfect, but I know it wasn't."

Maggie struggled with her mother's need to look for the positive. To her, that relentless upbeat attitude restricted the range of reactions she could express over what she'd been through. "You can have your confrontations, you can have a fight, but you can't say, "I'm really, really sad that you and dad got divorced."' (29)

Wynne's delusional behavior highlights the psychological destruction of the individual that acts out a perverted attraction. No mind can both grasp the goodness of God's order and partake in sodomy. The whole world has to be turned upside down.


Cowperthwaite's oldest son, Chris, was eleven-years-old when his mother kicked his dad into the basement and moved her lesbian lover into his parent's bedroom.  What's an eleven-year-old boy to do?

(left, Chris Cowperthwaite today)

The book states that Chris "was constantly in head-on confrontations with all of the adults in the house. He felt that he had been dragged into his parents' experiment and expressed his anger and frustration with great drama [...] under his anger, though, there was a very scared little boy. On a ski trip, he plaintively asked if he could have his old family back. He wanted the experiment to be over and things to return to the way things were. It fell to Kathleen to disabuse him of the idea." (24)

Some time later, Chris "began to question his own sexual identity" and eventually comes out as a gay.  The boy's trauma on account of his mother interrupted his normal development to the point where he will never be able to have a normal relationship with a woman or have a normal family.

Funny how Chris' situation reflects many unpopular theories regarding the cause of same sex attraction. Dr. Ruth Barnhouse said the homosexual "has suffered from some deficit in the relationship with the parent of the same sex; and there is a corresponding drive to make good this deficit - through the medium of same-sex or 'homosexual' relationships".

 Dr. Robert Stoller said that sexual  perversion often resulted from trauma at an early age. This could be the death of a parent or physical abuse. In a sense his father and mother died. Some youths find constructive ways to deal with the conflict whereas others succumb to perversion.

And now Premiere Wynne, who failed at the most important job any woman can have (motherhood), who took all the blessing received in her life and subordinated them to her unnatural vice, wants to impose a sexually explicit curriculum on all the children of Ontario from the age of six- years old. She simply has to be stopped.


Take action, sign petition to stop graphic new sex-ed
Register here for regular updates and action items.

Reconcilable Differences
2 "found themselves involved with each other in a way that would change everyone's life forever."
Kathleen Wynne's not-so-ordinary family | Toronto Star

Related- (from Dan)
I find this presentation on The Sisterhood "Illuminati" fits Wynne's situation. 

The Sisterhood "Illuminati" 

First Comment from Lena-

Home education doesn't have to be expensive and ordinary people can do this even if they have to sacrifice some of the luxuries they currently view as necessities. The 'system' is corrupt and where parents are ostensibly given a say, it is only windowdressing and a farce. They don't care about what parents have to say. Even if parents 'win' a round, it will come back, as this curriculum clearly demonstrates, having been tried once before. In a few years, there will be a new crop of already indoctrinated parents, so what do they care what the current crop has to say?

In Ontario there isn't even standard testing for home educated children. If your children have not yet been in the school system, you don't have to notify anyone; if they have, you simply write to the board to notify them of your intent to home educate. You might even get away without that but that is up to the individual to decide so I won't advise that. Best to be as far off the government radar as possible though, in my opinion. But you do not need any special qualifications, you don't need to report after the initial letter of intent, and you can teach what you want to. I suggest searching the Internet for "self-teaching curriculum", but there are others out there of course.

Realize that it is the parents who enable these perverts by supporting the system with their own flesh and blood. Remove that support by removing your children; don't let the vampires feed on them.

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Common Core's Communist Core

Fri, 02/27/2015 - 00:46

(left, courtesy David Dees)

"Common Core" is a standardized US national curriculum

which leaves no doubt that the country has been subverted

by a Cabalist satanic cult, i.e. Communism.

The goal is to brainwash, dumb down and enslave the young generation.

Common core represents an attack on civilization no different
from  ISIS smashing priceless artifacts in the Mosul Museum

Common Core: A Look Behind the Wizard's Curtain

The Hardtruth.com

(abridged by henrymakow.com)

We'll deal with the data mining later. First the curriculum which is a deliberate sabotage and dumbing down of the population:

The New American's assessment of the proposed history standards describes the ideological bias of the proposed history curriculum this way:

Instead of focusing on actual U.S. history, for example, critics say the radical new Advanced Placement (AP) history curriculum represents hard-core Marxist indoctrination...the new scheme hypes and exaggerates real or imagined wrongs while presenting everything in a collectivist mold. Meanwhile, it downplays and ignores virtues and goodness in America's historical development and its experiments with liberty and self-government." 

Language and math lessons propagandize environmental and political agendas that vested interests would like young minds to absorb. Think re-education in the best tradition of Mao.

The primary creators of the curriculum refer to the Common Core competencies as "cognitive and psychological aptitudes". We've finally turned our educational system over to the psychologists lock, stock and barrel.


Parental rights are covertly pre-empted in ways such as eliciting descriptions of family roles and behavior from kindergartners, and teaching fifth graders that they should "Define sexual orientation as the romantic attraction of an individual to someone of the same gender or of a different gender."

The sexual education agenda would more appropriately be classified as pornography 101. One critic noted that there is no longer any "abnormal" sex... Every type of sexual activity is taught to be normal and acceptable, even pornography. By the eighth grade, youth should be taught about all forms of birth control, including the "morning after pill."

Language lessons increasingly replace classic literature with short technical articles as students get older. By the senior year in high school, 70% of their reading material will be composed of political or scientific writings, pieces infused with the political agendas of the party in power or opinion pieces. Great literature is devalued and the student may only get to experience excerpts of the works.

Mathematics takes on a bizarre new structure....even parents will have trouble learning this new, unnecessarily complicated method even of doing simple addition. Many children are experiencing high levels of stress as they go through the lessons and the examinations. Manifestations ... include vomiting, sobbing, involuntary urination, panic attacks and illness.

... If students come up with the wrong answer to a math question but can explain the reasoning they used to get this (wrong) answer, they might not be corrected. In other words, the emphasis has shifted from the answer to the procedure. Students are expected to be able to show five different types of visual reasoning to arrive at the answer to a simple mathematics problem rather than just learning direct subtraction or addition.

Why is there such a cloak of secrecy over the curriculums developed to achieve these standards? Teachers tell parents they are unable to discuss the lessons or show parents the study plans, test or other materials. The only thing parents are permitted to view is what comes home as homework. Still, parents have managed to post samples by the dozen of objectionable materials that came home or that they got their hands on one way or another, along with their outrage on the subject.


These standards and the educational system they drive are nearly inescapable. The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), the standard test for admission to higher education, is being modified to align with this system. This means that students wishing to continue on into colleges or universities will need to score well on these tests - that reflect the Common Core curriculum.

Without good scores on their SAT tests, students may lose their dreams of college admission. Many private and parochial schools are adopting CCSSI. The next step is to bring higher education into line with this system, a recommendation that is already making the rounds.


An additional issue with CC is the collection of private information - from grades to behavior issues to health problems - in a massive national database.

While the overt promise is that this data will be kept anonymous, certain erosions of the law protecting family and student privacy mean that the dozens or hundreds of corporations involved in CC development or administration who may be able to benefit from this information will have access to it.

There is also the potential for the most sensitive and private information about student reactions and emotional responses to be detected and stored, which opens the door to a true Big Brother environment in our nation's schools. It is only a short step to the Guidance Counselor or psychiatrist on staff who can diagnose the child with ADHD (using the test developed by a company that was recently acquired by Pearson, the Common Core curriculum publisher) and prescriptions may be written and dispensed on the spot, without parents ever knowing.


The "longitudinal" database ...collects information to learn about the changes that occur in them over their whole school life. [They collect] data collection from pre-kindergarten all the way through each person's entry into the workforce. So that tempestuous few months around the time that his parents divorced or during which he was being unknowingly bullied every day will follow him all the way into his hiring interviews after he graduates from college. Those records will never be erased.

... In the wrong hands, every teacher comment or evaluation, every outburst, illness, mind-altering drug, objection, failure or other wobble could be used years later to pre-select individuals for rejection or diversion into a less-than-desirable career line.

These warehouses of data are not being built and maintained by the individual states. A huge central database center has already been constructed in Utah. The potential privacy issues are enormous. Having all records in one location also opens the door to catastrophic data breach as well.


Common Core should strike deep terror into the hearts of every parent, grandparent and every American. But if you ask most people what they know about it, they know very little other than the name. While there are many issues to be dealt with in this country, there are two characteristics to this initiative that make it among the most serious and fearsome: 1. its utter pervasiveness and 2. its ability to mold the minds and opinions of our children and destroy any concept of sexual morality as well as their will to learn and succeed.

Some states have rejected the CC due to parent and educator demand, even though it had initially been accepted and implementation was in progress. However, some parents are now finding that modified versions of the same curriculums are being implemented in states that have professed their disagreement with CC. The standards and curriculum were simply put in a new dress and given a new name.

With typical American spirit, parents are refusing to hand their children over to the government to have their thinking rearranged. These days, the Internet is a major tool of resistance used by parents and educators. There is a tremendous amount of information online that reveals the problems associated with Common Core.

Nearly every state has an anti-Common Core coalition that uses social media and YouTube to coordinate activities and distribute knowledge. The more you know, the more you will understand the motives of those who have perpetrated this educational coup on our country. And the more empowered you will be in overturning this draconian system of educational mind control and returning the control of American education to our states, as mandated by our Constitution.

Confront your principals, school superintendents and most of all your legislators. Common Core can be erased. But you'll need to Act.


Related - Common Core Testing Regime Ruled Unconstitutional

-------------    Common Core Literally Birthed in Hell   (scroll down)

--------------    Ralph Epperson explains Common Core!  (YouTube)

First Comment by Katherine, a former teacher (Thanks for sending this article!) :

        The REAL crux of the matter is the data mining of children.

     I am attaching an article on the Common Core Curriculum. The juicy part of Common Core is the creation of mental patients and turning our children into addicts as per the 1971 plan of the MK ULTRA operatives - "Psychotropic Drugs in the Year 2000 - Use by Normal Humans" edited by military Wayne O. Evans and eugenic psychiatrist, Nathan Kline.

      Try running THAT by a parent. I am sending you the form that parents should be filing with the school -" Parents' Exemption Form for Psychological Testing". I have tried to get parents to sign it for years but they are too afraid or too lazy.

     Children and parents do 11 forms at the beginning of the year. There is no informed consent. The data is mined and sent to a psychiatric centre out of town. It is right out of Nazi Germany. Decisions are made to flag children for ADHD. Behaviors are categorized according to 154 behavior categories. "Will not brush his teeth" will win a child a behavior category of conduct disorder.

     Parents are completely oblivious. They must not be. Just doing this ONE simple step would throw a wrench in the Common Core.

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<font style="font-size: 1.5625em;"><br

Thu, 02/26/2015 - 05:37

(left, mugshot of confessed child pornography, Benjamin Levin, former Deputy Minister of Education to Ontario Premier Katherine Wynne, a lesbian who is trying to sexualize Ontario children)

Toronto Man Takes Action - One Man Protest

by "The Shotcaller"

I made for Queen's park. Waiting for the bus, a Police car stopped to inspect my sign or me, I held it up, clear for them to see and gave them a thumbs up.

Also while waiting City Workers tending to overhead phone or power lines saw my sign and one came over to read it. I told him about the creature Levin.

When I got on the bus,, at the first stop an elderly lady got on so I moved back to give her room. She thanked me, saw my sign and commented on how awful the monster Levin looked. When I explained his connection to the freak Wynne she commented how disgusting Wynne and her attempts to abuse children is/are.

Waiting for the train, a young man saw my sign and I gave him the scoop. As we were talking on the train, the conductor/door operator overheard/saw the sign and came out to talk about how terrible the freak Wynne is. We talked about societal corruption until I reached Queens Park many stops later.

When I arrived at Queens Park, there was no one (protesting) there, so I walked the paths away from the building until two Police Officers approached me.

Surprisingly, they were very professional and did not give me a hard time. They explained there is a "designated protest area" which I did not have a problem with as it is right in front of the building. They explained you are supposed to register to protest in advance. They did not make trouble for me for peacefully protesting.

When I explained to them the reason WHY I was there, that we don't want people who like to rape children deciding what they will learn before they even hit puberty, they were very understanding. NO ONE who is not a pervert likes pedophiles.

At one point a cluster of people left the building to their waiting cars out front.  One appeared to recognize the sign and laugh (at what a disgrace Wynne is or just because he's a psychopath I have no idea), the rest of them looked at the floor and scurried into their cars (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil)

On the way home, waiting for a train a young girl approached me asking about the monster Levin.

No one likes a pedophile but people are terrified of being an individual. They need someone to set the example. I informed many people (more than I mentioned) without approaching anyone, simply talking to those who talked to me or stared at my sign for an extended period of time.

Now there are at least 3 Police Officers (If not 5 or more) who know about the pedophile Levin and his connection to Wynne and her curriculum who did not this morning.

Nobody knew about him, everyone despises him when they learn. Aside from those I spoke to, hundreds of people saw the name and face of that subhuman freak Levin on the subway, hopefully he gets a few extra google hits today.

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Politically Incorrect Advice for Young Men (Updated)

Wed, 02/25/2015 - 23:52

What I wish I knew when I was 21.

" Avoid women who exhibit any of the four-C's: (Women who) compete, control, criticize or complain. Avoid women who are overachievers or neurotic. Don't get hung up on unavailable women. They're not as special as they think. Choose a wife who complements you and is a good companion. Choose one who will be a good mother."

Revised From Nov. 20, 2004

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

My life was dysfunctional until the age of 50 partly because I accepted the feminist assumptions purveyed by the mass media.

I never imagined the financial elite is engaged in a war to destabilize society by trashing heterosexual roles. This hateful government attack on the traditional family continues unabated today. The purpose is to create a totalitarian New World Order where people are isolated, and mind control replaces jackboot.

Like millions of men, I was let "off the hook" by sexual liberation and feminism. Instead of becoming a husband and father, I was free to have sex and search for my "identity."

Often sex and identity were confused. I didn't understand that men mature and find direction and purpose by assuming the responsibility of marriage and family. As a result, I suffered from arrested emotional development and missed my opportunity to have a family.

What follows is an antidote to elite feminist propaganda. I don't want young men to make the same mistakes i did.

1. The creation of a strong and loving family is perhaps the highest goal to which a man can aspire. This is the natural process by which men (and women) grow over a lifetime. This is how we find love and intimacy. It isn't for everyone but it is the path to happiness for most.

2. Stop listening to the media, your peer group or parents. "Trust thy self," Emerson says in Self Reliance (1841) "Whoso would be a man, must be a nonconformist." What are your instincts telling you? For example, I always knew I wanted to rule my own roost but feminism prohibited this. Obey your instincts.

3. Make work (not women) your passion. Work is the backbone of a man. Men gain self-confidence from performing a task well, and receiving reward and recognition. Women may try to come between a man and his work but don't let them. Don't let anyone or anything thwart your gift. Women do not respect men who make them their first priority. Your work will keep you on course and help you avoid temptation.

4. Don't mistake sexual attraction for love. Our society makes female beauty and sex into a phony religion in order to distract and manipulate us. Sex and beauty soon become tedious. The magic ends. Do not marry someone based on sexual infatuation. Real love develops over a long period of time and is based on mutual dependence, trust and caring.

5. Do not put beautiful women on a pedestal. They is no relationship between a woman's appearance and her character. Beautiful women are flawed like everyone else. They're more trouble because of their sense of entitlement.

6. Never show weakness. In courtship, don't appear eager. Women interpret this as weakness. Keep your dignity. Nothing earns her respect quicker than rejection. Men think they will be loved for their sterling qualities. This is not so. Women are looking for men who make them feel secure. They want men who exude confidence. If you're insecure, remember there are many woman more insecure than you.

7. The best way to fight sex addiction is to get married. Sex without love is degrading and dehumanizing. Sexual liberation is not wanting sex (because you have it.) Sex is used to distract and sell us. People wouldn't be sexually frustrated if they got married at a young age as they did in the 1950's and started families. Women should marry and have kids before going to university; men after beginning their careers.  

8. Do not marry a woman who doesn't make you and her family her first priority. Do you want to share your wife with her boss? If you have an aim in life, why marry someone who doesn't support it? Or has a competing agenda? In the marketplace of love, men have the power. Our fertility lasts three times as long as theirs. We are the buyers. There are plenty of fine women, especially if we look abroad.

9. Real women are self-effacing. They put their husbands and their children before themselves. This is how women show love: by self-surrender. Avoid the four-C's. Women who compete, control, criticize or complain. Avoid women who are overachievers or neurotic. Don't get hung up on unavailable women. They're aren't as special as they think. Choose a wife who complements you and is a good companion. Don't look for your female counterpart. Choose one who has skills and qualities you lack and will be a good mother.

10. Being possessive is natural. A man wants to possess a woman. Women want to be possessed. In the act of love, we say a man "possesses" a woman. Total love equals total possession. This is not the same as domination. It is a partnership based on mutual trust and respect. My wife does not share my political views or read my website.

11. Your seed (semen) is your unique spirit and essence. Would you entrust it to a vulgar or mediocre woman just because she is attractive? Ideally we would only have sex with a woman we would want to mother our children. This is why sex was reserved for marriage.

12. Children represent your organic growth. They are an extension of yourself. The media is doing a number on us. How often do we see children portrayed in a truly positive light? As the angels they often are? We are rich in proportion to the things we love. The highest love is between husband and wife, and parents and children.

13. Don't waste your time "looking for God." We find God by serving and obeying Him. God speaks through our sense of right and wrong, and ideals of absolute truth, justice and love. We are not men if we refuse to sacrifice our "selves" to God ( i.e. obey) . Truth is liberating even if the truth is about our present bondage.

14. You are not the voice in your head. We cohabit with a monkey. Don't be deceived or upset by how mean and vulgar his thoughts often are. They're not you. You are a spark of Divine consciousness housed in the body of an evolved ape. Your job is to train the ape by training the shared mind.

Some of this was common knowledge when I was a child in the 1950's. Over the years, the Illuminati have gradually undermined the natural order by promoting homosexuality which includes sexual liberation and lesbianism in the guise of feminism.

An establishment that sows fear and confusion between the sexes, and promotes promiscuity and family breakdown does not have the country's best interest at heart.

Many of our feminist political, cultural and economic "leaders" are moral whores, dupes, traitors and often worse. We resist them by building strong healthy families and giving our children wholesome values.


See also my "Managing the Male Sex Drive"


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<img alt="sex-education-007.jpg" src=

Wed, 02/25/2015 - 12:23
Ottawa, Ontario
For immediate release
February 25, 2015

Ontario "Sex-Education" Curriculum

Education Minister Liz Sandals has released the controversial sex education curriculum. It is essentially the same as the unacceptable curriculum released in 2010. The latter caused so much controversy that it was withdrawn.

Anyone who knows and understands children is aware that children in grade 3 (age 8) should not be burdened with information about "gender identity" (e.g. male, female, two-spirited, transgender, transsexual, and intersex) and sexual orientation and same-sex families; in grade 6 (age 11) about masturbation and the rejection of words such as "husband" and "wife"; or in grade 7 (age 12) about anal, oral and vaginal sex. It is significant that this curriculum addresses "gender identity" 35 times through a child's development from grade one to eight. What is its message? To encourage children to question their gender?

The curriculum appears to be a programme to indoctrinate children rather than to educate them.
Premiere Wynne has stated she is not going to make any changes to the new curriculum which is to be implemented this fall. Why is she forcing her views on the public and our children? Ontario supposedly does not have a totalitarian government.

"Parents do not share a common vision about the nature, content and age appropriateness of a sex education program", said Gwen Landolt, Vice President of REAL Women of Canada. "Most parents have their own values and perspective, and are far better placed to carry out the responsibility of teaching their children in sexual matters, than the so-called 'experts' who impose their own values and standards by way of these programs."

It is crucial therefore, that any policy on sex education should have parental approval, which was absent in this curriculum development. Also, it should provide for parents, who object to the program, the alternative of opting their children out of the program.

For further information contact either: C. Gwendolyn Landolt
National Vice-President REAL Women of Canada (905) 787-0348
(905) 731-5425
email: realwcto@realwomenofcanada.ca Web: www.realwomenofcanada.ca
Diane Watts
REAL Women of Canada (613) 236-4001
email: realwcna@rogers.com

Makow Comment- The Illuminati Satanists are obsessed with sex because it dehumanizes and degrades people. It makes them a function of their sexual utility.

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Toothless Lions: Socialists Betray Greece

Wed, 02/25/2015 - 01:18
(left, Prime Minister Alexa Tsipiras will have to manage revolt within his party.)

Syriza came to power on the pledge that it would renounce the country's $327bn debt, kick out the troika bailiffs and put an end to austerity that has plagued the country for the last five years. Instead they caved, another reminder that socialists are part of the Illuminati.

Greece's salvation depends on leaving the Euro, something the craven new government is afraid to do. They even caved on EU sanctions against Russia.

Here, Jane Burgermeister, who questioned the Smolensk "crash" in 2010, takes the new Greek government to task.

by Jane Burgermeister
(Abrdiged by henrymakow.com)

The betrayal by the newly-minted Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tspiras and his side kick, Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, has been complete.

One month after being elected to stop the Troika and banker-imposed austerity, controlled-opposition Tspiras and Varoufakis agreed to continue the very same policies of debt enslavement with only minor adjustments in a deal in Brussels.

(Left, author Jane Burgermeister)

The theatrical negotiations on Friday were all in a days work for this pair of actors and media darlings. Only now the Greek people do not have the inclination to watch crafted displays of pain and suffering on the Brussels stage. They need relief from the crushing debt burden, and they need it immediately.

It is a defining moment in Greek history. This moment of betrayal in Brussels needs to be defined by one word. OXI. NO! No to debt slavery! Oxi!

After pretending to battle in negotiations, the duo of Tspiras and Varoufakis thought up the ruse of renaming the "Troika" as "Institutions" before they signed the new extension on the bailout with a flourish of their gold-capped pens on Friday. It is difficult to see how the Rock Stars -- as they are called by the mainstream media -- could have thought the Greek people would not notice the two words denoted exactly the same thing. A phone call to friends in the media to publish high fake poll ratings may have seemed an easy option to cushion the cataclysmic fall in public support.

But things have turned out differently. Public anger has boiled over at the "treason" . It is difficult to see how it can be controlled when the very existence of the Greek people is at stake.

Contrary to the media hype, there is no support for Tspiras and Varoufakis. They have no Rock Star appeal or charisma. They are not popular.

There is, however, support for an end the debt death spiral of austerity. If Tspiras and Varoufakis do not deliver on their election promises to end the banker debt slavery, Tspiras and Varoufakis must go.

Syriza has reacted swiftly to the betrayal and a revolt has started led by Manolis Glezos.

Glezos is a man of action who fought the Nazis in World War Two. Glezos cannot be fooled for long by mere rhetoric any more than the Greek people can. Today, he apologized to the Greek people for contributing to the anti-bailout illusion.

A 94-year-old MEP, Glezos cannot be expected to be as familiar with terms such as the Illuminati, false flag operations and controlled opposition as internet-savvy, ninth graders in Sweden are or as the US public is. But Glezos can see a huge lie.

And Glezos can say, and did say, the word Greeks most need to hear today. He said: OXI! No! No to an extension of debt slavery, no to more hunger, no to more misery, more hopelessness, despair! No!

After the shameless betrayal by Tspiras and Varoufakis, Syriza should elect Manolis Glezos, left, as Prime Minister and reconstitute the government under a new leadership. Defence Minister Panos Kammenos should also get the axe, and the appointment of the right wing, former Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos  as President by Tspiras needs to be blocked. These figures are not unifiers, but dividers. Their role is to enforce the police state crackdown the bankers will need to crush the Greek people when austerity robs them of their last euro.

An alternative to the Troika bailout and debt slavery in the crumbling eurozone is an exit. The Drachma as a currency issued by the government can be the basis for restoring prosperity if there are inflation controls and forgery proof notes, as this blog has argued. The alternative to the well planned reintroduction of the Drachma is the complete and utter impoverishment and, ultimately, extermination of the Greek people....

Related- "It's treason! Greek Anger at Government U-Turn"

Finance Minister "Marxist" Yanis Varoufakis is a Globalist Wannabe  (by The New Statesman)

Everyone here knows Varoufakis is the scion of an extremely wealthy family (his father was president of Halivourgiki, Greece's second-largest steel producer). Few hold his background against him. After all, as one blogger noted, "history is full of examples of rich people who betrayed their class and sided with the less fortunate, and Varoufakis has described himself as a Marxist...."

For the past three years, Varoufakis has spoken to diverse audiences ranging from anti-austerity demonstrators in Athens' Syntagma Square, staff at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Green parliamentarians in the European parliament, Bloomberg analysts in London and New York, the House of Commons in London, and hedge funds in Manhattan and London's City. The one group he has not spoken to are simple working people. This is odd, to say the least, for a self-proclaimed Marxist, even an erratic one.

He also adopted Merkelist propaganda in a recent interview addressed to the German public, when he said they, "paid so much money to Greeks". Quite the contrary, no money came to the Greek people; instead it went to usurers and the bankocracy. The average Greek, whose monthly income is well below that of most Europeans, was - and still is - compelled to pay interest rates needed to service loans that save no one but German, French, US, Chinese, and - yes - Greek bankers. Personally, my wife and I, who are fortunate enough to have jobs (we are both teachers) have been driven to the wall by all sorts of new taxes we can't afford to pay. Our two young children have long ago become accustomed to the fact that their parents can't buy them new clothes, or toys, or even go out once in a while to a restaurant together.

Many people who are to the left of Syriza - the KKE, or Communist Party of Greece, and Antarsia (this acronym spells "rebellion"), a conglomeration of Trotskyists and other extreme Marxists - are highly critical of Varoufakis' declarations that he does not want to replace capitalism with socialism. By his own admission, he is embarking upon a campaign for stabilizing the European socio-economic system to avoid the ascendency of right-wing Golden Dawn racist fanatics. He says he is adamantly against the disintegration of the Eurozone. His critics to the left accuse him of practising a modern-day form of appeasement. They argue that fascism is born of capitalism in crisis and that you can't save the system from the fascists because fascists aren't anti-capitalists and pose no threat to capitalism.

Greece's Minister of Finance has surprised supporters by saying he wants alliances "even with right-wingers". He describes as "genuinely radical" his pursuit of a "modest agenda for stabilizing a system that I despise", and admits to "running the risk of surreptitiously lessening the sadness from ditching any hope of replacing capitalism in my lifetime by indulging a feeling of having become agreeable to the circles of polite society".

Not surprisingly, many to the left of Syriza, but also increasing voices from within the party, bemoan the fact that an increasing number of mega-capitalists have recently come forward to say they support Tsipras' new government - people like shipping and steel magnate George Angelopoulos and petroleum and banking tycoon Spiros Latsis.

Varoufakis claims he wants to save capitalism for "strategic purposes", from itself. Nowhere does he mention what he, Tsipras and Syriza intend to do once they have "saved" capitalism. How sweet this must all sound to big businessmen and bankers in Athens, London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid and New York.

Will the new government in Athens move dynamically against Berlin and Brussels? Strange as it sounds, if Syriza has the guts to do so, it will have the support of the ultra-nationalist bigots. This in turn will blunt the neo-Nazis and sharpen the left. If Tsipras' government does not, the cannibals will return with a vengeance once it falls.

Related - New Greek Government Wasn't Consulted by EU re. Russia Sanctions (Despite Requirement for Unanimity)
Varouflakis' Ties to International Banking Cartel - Talk by Wayne Madsen
Varoufakis  How I became a Marxist
YouTubes on Greece and Russia





Thanks to Peter Myers for sending these stories

First Comment from Dan:

Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis is actually trying to shift austerity to the Greek oligarchs by collecting back-taxes, and cracking down on high tax dodges such as smuggling.  The previous government was putting austerity entirely on the middle class and labor.   In other words, the Syriza Party's solution is to tax the rich and clean up the rampant corruption. 

Varoufakis knows they have the money - in 2010 former French finance minister Christine Lagarde (now IMF President) produced 'the Lagarde List' which exposed Greek tax dodgers' Swiss bank accounts amounting to FIFTY BILLION EUROS.

According to economist Michael Hudson [1], Greece could pay off the debt that it's borrowed simply by moving against the tax dodgers.  That's exactly what Varoufakis and the Syriza Party are trying to do.

But the Globalist Troika doesn't want these countries to balance their budgets by taxing their billionaires.
The whole debt game in Europe has been an economic war by the predator central bankers to is to drive down wages on labor, and privatize national treasures and resources of the smaller countries.  [2]

That's why the mask is off the troika, and we see it's really run by the German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble, who is livid that this is happening. [3]

Wolfgang Schäuble and the Greek billionaire tax dodgers are in the same club - the same club the late George Carlin called "The Big Club.  And YOU ain't in it.  You and I are not in the Big Club". 

[1]  Greece: Austerity for the Bankers

[2] Varoufakis and the Greek-German standoff 

[3] Varoufakis-Schäuble meeting draws sharp reactions

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<img alt="demo.png" src="http:/

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 11:08
(More pics here)

Citizens Demonstrate Against Ontario Plan to Sexualize Children and Corrupt their Innocence    by KJ

I just returned from a demonstration against Premier Wynne's sex education curriculum at Queen's Park - Tuesday, February 24th at 11 am.

On a freezing cold day, made worse by an icy wind, at least 1,000 people gathered in front of Queen's Park to protest the totalitarian action of Kathleen Wynne forcing her agenda on our young people. Several school bus loads of parents came. There were speeches, placards and chanting. Several media reporters were there as well as a trustee. We had 20 marshals keeping the peace.

It was very emotional. I have never seen people rise up with such certainty against anything. This is a subject that is not going to go away. I, personally, see this as the crack in the ceiling to slice, once and for all, the common core curriculum out of our lives and create a new system. Pornography 101 is just part of it.

I am an Ontario Certified Teacher but quit in 1980 when the child and adolescent psychiatrist, Leon Eisenberg, started building his reputation and wealth on the drugging of creative, active children with amphetamines and
Ritalin. Interesting, isn't it, that 45 years later, he recanted on his deathbed declaring it a mistake.

 I bypassed the system and home schooled our two boys. They have successful, interesting careers now. I highly recommend taking a pass on this education system that is rotten to the core. Or it can be used wisely and sparingly. My son went to Grade 13 trigonometry at Central Technical School and took dance class which we created in the mornings. Homeschooling was the most fantastic experience I have ever had.

Speech by Tatiana Zh   


You are smart and caring, if you took time from your busy schedules and came here.

Schools do not take any responsibility for any consequence regarding how their teachings are likely to impact our children.

You are on the right way, protecting your kids, because there is no one else who cares about them.

Parents in many other countries feel the same.
There are protests against early explicit sex-ed all over Germany.
Parents in France, Switzerland, Jamaica fought vigorously to protect their children and have win - their early sex-ed programs have been cancelled or postponed.

Be enthusiastic and active, even if you feel pessimistic and depressed. You have no other choice.

Thank you for being there!

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Thailand Has Become a Police State

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 00:28
"Semper Castleton," an expat living in Thailand for more
than twenty years, reports on the power struggle between
NWO fronts and the military. Either way, the Thai people
will not gain the democracy they seek.

Three years ago, Castleton reported here "that
Thailand is now on the slippery slope to a police state."

His fears have been realized. 

by Semper Castleton


For the past few years, Thailand has been controlled by a coalition government based on the political machine left behind by Taksin Shinawatra , the deposed Prime Minister ousted by the 2006 military coup . This government has been fronted by his sister (some people say daughter) Yingluck Shinawatra.

(left, Shinawatra supporters, typical Soros color revolution)

It has been a weak coalition. However, it has allowed Taksin Shinawatra to turn Thailand into a client state of the West. His violent red shirt supporters from the country's north had become stronger and stronger. Whilst witnessing that situation, the indigenous institutions have been far from happy . It was their turn to strike back.

Consequently, in May 2014 there was a swift and brutal coup d'etat. The Yingluck coalition government was busted by the Military.

Peoples were caught by surprise! Their emotions were mixed at that time. 

This military takeover had the full blessing of the Monarchy.  Martial law was declared and the military took charge of everything. A few weeks later the TV stations were allowed to open and broadcast but under strict conditions. There was a different feel to air.

The limited resistance by Taksin supporters was quickly crushed. The leader of the coup was prompt to promise an early return to civilian rule and democratic elections by November 2014.

It never happened by that date and it prompted 'do gooders with agendas in Thailand' and businessmen in Europe and America, with allegiance to Shinawatra, to publicly condemn Thailand. Even the American Secretary of State made a strongly worded plea to the Military leaders to restore civilian rule as quickly as possible.   Such  condemnation was ignored by the military rulers.

The leader of the coup was blessed (again) by the Thai King . 

The Shinawatra family was dealt another blow in January 2015 when Yingluck, 47, was impeached for her part in the failed rice farmers program. She had allowed corruption to go unchecked. Many rice farmers had committed suicide because the government had not made the payments that were due to them.
 Yingluck  stated that she was innocent. She even 'sourgraped" to her Facebook account much to the amusement of Thai people.  At the same time, members of her fallen government threatened  there would be violence on the streets, if she was impeached. Two days after her impeachment, a bomb went off in central Bangkok. No one was killed.

With her impeachment, Thai people hoped that finally the Shinawatra legacy and influence was over. But there was still some resistance left.


There was a crackdown and deportation of foreigners who had overstayed their visas. forrupt businessmen, police, administrators and bureaucrats have been removed.

The leader of the military coup, Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, left, declared himself to be interim prime minister. More thanks and blessings were offered by the Royal Family.  

An impeccably dressed man presents himself to the people on state television every Thursday evening, saying that everything in the country is progressing as planned. He also has urged all schoolchildren to participate in the future "12 degrees of Thai-ness " program. Apparently, he gavies the same message but wears a different suit every week.

Who has benefited from the military takeover? The writer would suggest that it's only the coup leaders.

Everything is fine in Thailand but it is still under military rule without any prospect of a return to civilian government. Moreover and unbeknown to many Thai people, there is still the threat of continuing disruption by the Shinawatra supporters based outside Thailand.  

This threat means that any return to civilian government is unlikely. Where has this been seen before?

It's very much business as usual on the surface . The country is enjoying cheap oil prices. Sadly, the tourist industry has suffered due to the demonstrations and political turmoil.  Thai schools are also having trouble getting foreign teachers since now they must meet visa and other requirements.

The cost of living has risen considerably. Like other countries, the gap between the very rich and the working class has widened. There are fewer vendors on the streets of Bangkok due to a cleanup.

In the interests of "security," all locals and foreigners holding unregistered telephone prepaid simcards have been forced to register them with the three major telephone companies or face a fine. There have been many other impositions that have alarmed the people.  

Fear of the military abounds. Post-coup life has not been as 'sabai sabai ' (all smiles) as anticipated.  The militarization of the already powerful media has intensified social control. Social hierarchy has not changed.

Thailand is not so far behind the same agenda marketed by David Cameron's Gulag (UK) and other western nations as it heads towards a 'Hunger Games scenario'. The police state is here in Thailand. There is Anxiety in Paradise.
Related- Thai Students get 30 Months in Jail for Insulting Monarchy

First Comment from George:

The Thailand article convincingly portrays what was wrong with the Shinawatra gang. But it implies that the coup is equally bad. One very important basic fact about Thailand is that it is the only Southeast Asian country never under colonial rule. They obviously want to keep it that way. Visa requirements keep out terrorists and spies. Teachers should not poison the minds of the young. Democracy can be subverted by NGOs and turned into coups. I would give the Thai military and monarchy the benefit of the doubt. They don't need a Color Revolution of the familiar Soros pattern to put them under colonial rule for the first time.

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Central Bank Whistle Blower Faces Criminal Charges

Mon, 02/23/2015 - 02:08

Stephen Goodson. a former Director of the South African Reserve Bank, and
author of A History of Central Banking, reviewed here yesterday,
has been threatened with arrest
for disclosing the bank's criminal activities.

This appears to be a recording of interview with police.

PRESS RELEASE - Political Arrest Imminent            23 Feb 2015
This is a joint press release by the UDF and other interested parties.

On Monday, 16 February 2015 Stephen Goodson, former independent non-executive director of the South African Reserve Bank (2003-2012) and UBUNTU Party Parliamentary candidate in the 2014 general election, was interviewed at Kleinmond police station by Colonel Adriaan Schilz of the Directorate Priority Crime Investigation unit (Hawks) in Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa.  

Mr Goodson, who was assisted by his legal adviser, is being investigated on suspicion of having committed a "crime", by disclosing secret dealings of the SARB, and what Goodson has called "various criminal activities which have taken place at the Reserve Bank over a long period of time."

Mr Goodson was able to express himself in a vigorous manner.  Unfortunately Colonel Schilz was ill-prepared and appeared to be out of his depth on the knowledge about the true nature, origins and ownership of the SARB, which is outlined in great detail in Stephen Goodson's book, " Inside the South African Reserve Bank - Its Origins and Secrets Exposed."

Colonel Schilz clearly struggled to follow Mr Goodson's explanations.  After an extended interview,  Schilz terminated the meeting out of sheer exasperation.  

This action simply highlights the secretive activity of SARB and the secrecy clause that protects this establishment from being exposed, and prevents ordinary people who have been harmed by its actions from attaining justice.

Furthermore, it clearly highlights the fact that the SARB operates above the law and masquerades as both a private corporation and a government institution protected by legislature.

Mr Goodson strenuously denies having committed any "crime" for the following reasons.

In his letter of appointment dated 27 August 2003, there is no mention of him having to comply with a secrecy clause.

The secrecy clause, section 33 of the SA Reserve Bank Act, which the bank is relying on, specifically states that directors and bank officials may not disclose any information relating to the bank's activities without permission.  It does not include ex-independent non-executive directors in it its ambit.

Section 33 was not present in the Banking and Currency Act of 1920 and the SA Reserve Bank Act of 1944, and was introduced in to the 1989 Act by then governor, Chris Stals, in order to prevent any leaks regarding Operation Hammer, which involved the heist of 3,000 tons of South Africa's strategic gold reserve, which was stored at Kloten Airport, Zurich.  This gold was subsequently used to bail out insolvent banks in New York.

The Reserve Bank is not a government department, but a private corporation with private shareholders and is regulated by the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.  The latter bank is also a private corporation with private shareholders and is ultimately controlled by various banking families such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

The Reserve Bank, in flagrant violation of all norms and legal procedures, has abused its powers and deceived the SA Police into investigating this alleged "crime", which is strictly a CIVIL matter.  It should be noted that the SA Police is one of the most disreputable police services in the world.  Its previous Commissioner of Police, Bheki Cele, was fired after being involved in a property swindle valued at over R1.7 billion ($145 million), while his predecessor, Jackie Selebi, a former head of Interpol, was jailed for 15 years for countless acts of corruption.

Mr Goodson points out that internationally no action has been taken against recent whistle blowers who have contravened the strict secrecy clauses of their employers.

Karen Hudes, who was for over 20 years legal counsel at the World Bank, has disclosed improper accounting, corruption and criminal behaviour.

Greg Smith, former vice president of Goldman Sachs, has written a book "Why I left Goldman Sachs", detailing unethical behaviour, ripping off of clients, mortgage backed securities fraud etc.

This matter will now be referred to the public prosecutor.  In the event of Mr Goodson being found guilty and being convicted by an Admiralty court of law for the "crime" of having told the truth, he faces paying a fine of R4,000 ($340) or one year in prison or both.

We will be releasing an open letter to the media, government and the people of South Africa about the alleged criminal activity of the SARB, and the private banks that fall under the SARB's control, which will aim to inform the ignorant politicians and people of our land of how our country has been stolen from us by a secretive group of international bankers who operate from Basel, Switzerland and control every aspect of our government and financial & economic policy.

Mr Goodson can be reached via email at: abolishusury@sonicmail.co.za

Tebogo Malema - UDF
Email: tebogo.malema@gmail.com
Michael Tellinger - UBUNTU Party Leader.
www.ubuntuparty.org.za     Email: michaeljtellinger@gmail.com 

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Central Bank Scam Explains World Malaise

Sat, 02/21/2015 - 23:06

"This book provides insights as to how private bankers
since ancient times have...created money out of nothing
as an interest bearing debt in order to arrogate supreme
powers to themselves. It also provides a record, both
ancient and modern, of civilizations which have flourished
in an environment free from the burden of usury."
---Stephen Goodson  (p.6)

By Henry Makow Ph.D

Here is a frightening thought.
What if mankind were the highest expression of life in the universe? What if God pinned all His hopes on this craven, credulous monkey, man? 

What if a powerful satanic cult hijacked the human race?  Imagine it displaced God and enslaved the human race in spiritual, mental and physical bondage.

The cult did this by virtue of a very simple scam. It interjected itself between the state and its people by creating the medium of exchange (money) as an interest-bearing debt to itself. Money creation is something the State is perfectly capable of doing itself, without incurring any debt nor paying any interest.

This fundamental fraud is the explanation for almost everything that has gone wrong with the world.

In order to distract society from the real enemy gnawing at its heart, the central bankers have always created a series of phony enemies and unnecessary wars.

For example, Intelligence agencies (i.e. CIA, MI-6 and Mossad) are responsible for 90% of "terrorism." They created and financed ISIS and Islamic extremism as a bogeyman. Anti-terror measures (militarization of police, NSA surveillance, etc.) protect the credit monopoly, not the public. The emergent police state ensures that the "debt" is honored and interest paid. The people are collateral on trillions of dollars of "debt" i.e. the money supply. 

In order to maintain the fraud, the bankers share the spoils with a whole class of society. First, they enlisted many of their fellow Jews. Then, millions of Gentiles under the rubric of Freemasonry (Jewish Cabalism, i.e. Satanism.)  They enlisted the corporations, which they control. Education, the media and politicians complete the list of traitors.

Democracy is a charade. The West destroyed Libya and Syria. Has there been a word of criticism from "opposition" politicians or media? Passenger jet MH-17 was shot down. No further mention since our puppet, the Ukraine, did it.

The central bankers promote mass migration, miscegenation, globalism, feminism, homosexuality, diversity and pornography to divide, destabilize and degrade society. "We corrupt in order to control," Giuseppe Mazzini wrote. Thus they undercut the four legs of human identity: race, religion (God), nation and family (gender.) 

Look at who promotes the "terrorist"  scam and you see a society fundamentally subverted, a society in which the "ruling" class is in fact a colonial administration conspiring against the general public. 

In denial, society suffers from a "Stockholm Complex." We hope our financial masters won't wreak too much havoc if we play along with their delusions. Oh yes, 9-11, Sandy Hook, Ottawa, Charlie Hebdo etc. etc. were all real "terrorist" acts. (Wink. Wink.) The media's role in perpetrating these hoaxes is especially repugnant.

Unfortunately, placating the banksters will result in more terrorism and war. If the past is indeed preface, our prospects are not good.


Most wars are fought to protect, consolidate and expand the bankers' fraudulent money monopoly.

The Bolshevik Revolution was a ruse by the Cabalist Jewish bankers to destroy the only remaining country that posed a threat to their worldwide credit monopoly. Created in 1860, the State Bank of the Russian Empire created money almost debt and interest free. Contrary to the image spread by the Masonic Jewish Western media, pre-revolutionary Russia was thriving.

Goodson writes: "In 1861, Tsar Alexander II (1855-81) abolished serfdom which at the time affected 30% of the population. By 1914, very little land remained in the possession of the Russian estate owners... 80% of arable land was in the hands of the peasants, which had been ceded to them for a very small sum." (p.78)

By 1913, Russia produced about 40% of the world's cereal crops and exceeded the combined production of Argentina, Canada and the US by 25%.

From 1890 to 1913, Goodson says industrial production quadrupled and Russian industries were able to satisfy 80% of internal demand for manufactured goods. From 1895-1914, the increase in Gross Domestic product averaged 10%. In 1912, Russia had the lowest rates of taxation in the world because it did not pay interest on fictitious debt.

"Throughout the period of state banking, there was no inflation and no unemployment," writes Goodson.

He continues: "On November 7, 1917, the Rothschilds, fearful that replication of this extraordinary example of freedom and prosperity would destroy their malevolent banking empire, instigated and financed a Judeo-Bolshevik revolution in Russia, which wrecked and ruined a wonderful country and resulted in the deaths by murder and starvation, according to Alexander Solzhenitsyn of 66 million innocent people." (p.83) 

Communist leaders like Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin were nothing but front-men for the Rothschilds. Communism was portrayed as a peoples' revolution. In fact, it was the brutal destruction of a proud Christian civilization by a satanic Jewish cult ultimately dedicated to enslaving mankind.

The fact that their unspeakable crimes get only muted treatment in the West is further testimony that Western society is a mental and physical colony.

Western society has little credibility or moral legitimacy. But what about Putin's Russia? Certainly it has been cast as the defender of humanity against the NWO.  Certainly everything the Russians say makes much more sense than anything emanating from Washington, Ottawa or the capitals of Europe.

But we must ask, would the Rothschilds destroy Russia only to let it slip out of their grasp? Not likely.

While most Russians may be sincere, I fear Putin is controlled opposition. (I hope I am wrong.) You need two sides to have a war and justify arms expenditures. Putin meets regularly with Henry Kissinger; Russia still has a Rothschild bank. As the Protocols of Zion said, "no one has arisen to oppose us without our consent."


At our current rate, mankind will never make its Divine Rendezvous with the Creator, especially since we're headed in the opposite direction. 

Christians must stop being willing dupes and accomplices in their own destruction. The first step is to reject the psy op that is demonizing Islam and Muslims. It's more creation of a false enemy. I regret many "Patriots" have been duped. Most Muslims would prefer to stay in their own countries if they weren't destroyed by the Zionist-controlled West.

Christians, Muslims and honest Jews have to unite and focus on the real enemy, the Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) central banking cartel and its army of dupes, opportunists, liars and lackeys of all backgrounds.

In Goodson's words: "If we wish to obtain our liberation and sovereignty from the enslavement imposed by the private bankers, we must dismantle ...their central banks, or we ourselves shall be destroyed and consigned to oblivion." (p.6)  

We must act like humanity is the highest expression of life in the universe. We have been a notable success in material and technological terms. Now we must replicate that success in the realm of politics, economics and culture.

Frederick Toben's review

Related- Michael Rivero- All Wars are Banker's Wars
----------  Makow - Ten Signs Western Society is a Satanic Cult
----------- Makow - The Satanic Origins of Modern Cult-ure
----------- Makow - We have De Facto Communism

First Comment from Asim:

Thank you for your latest article, beautifully written and so succinct!!! Agreed 100%-Islam is the last obstacle, because we Muslims are a 'boring bunch'-unwilling to be sucked in the myopia of Hollywood bullshit.

However, it seems that the powers that be are winning in a sense. Many Muslims I see today are more desperate to make a quick buck over here in the UK, than show solidarity. Muslim communities are still rife with 'isms-race, age, gender etc. I am a hypocrite myself-what, with an interest paying mortgage and credit loans to pay. But the lesson I have really learned is this one-we are all deeply prejudiced against the 'other' and are not willing to help or at best, are filled with apathy.

Many black youth are stopped by the police and questioned on suspicion of crime. I for one always defended the Police, for as they say, there is no smoke without fire. Now it is the Muslims on the receiving end-they are the new Black-and yet, how people I wonder, are thinking....well, there is no smoke without fire!!!! Until, we eliminate our deeply held grudges, only then do we really stand a chance of uniting. The fact that you consistently, as a Jew, stand up for Muslims in a time of oppression is testament to how wonderful and truly grounded and decent you are Henry. Thank you. Now all we need is just another couple of million Henry's to start the ball rolling!

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Does Cooking Food Neuter Us?

Sat, 02/21/2015 - 01:58
Nutrition, a key to aberrant human behaviour.

Biologist Cornelius Bulik suggests that
sexual aberrations are related to
nutrition deficiencies related to overcooking.
A study of 900 cats revealed that
cooking food causes gender mutations.

by Cornelius G. Bulik, MSc.

Many people are puzzled by the increase of the aberrant human behavior, particularly concerning sexuality.
Some recent publications show that some micronutrients, such as magnesium, zinc, niacin, vitamins B12, B6, folic acid, methionine, etc., are absolutely necessary for the regulation of our genes.

Adequate amounts in these nutrients are necessary for avoiding malformations, cancers, accelerated aging, and degenerative diseases (for references see this: [i], [ii], [iii], [iv], [v], [vi], [vii], [viii], etc.)

Does the daily food we purchase on the market contain in the ideal amounts these vital nutrients? They do not because of overproduction on spoiled soils with the help of chemicals, industrial processing, the long storage delay, the GMO organisms, etc., and also the cooking we do in our kitchens.

Do we increase these deficiencies by cooking our foods?

The answer may be found in a little but very interesting essay "Pottenger's Cats - A Study in Nutrition" by Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., M.D. edited by Elaine Pottenger.

This nutrition study used about 900 cats. One large group of cats was nourished exclusively with cooked food, while another group was nourished with exclusively raw food.

The raw food group thrived with excellent health and lovely behaviour generation after generation, while the cooked food group started from the first generation with some health issues, which increased in amplitude and number each generation till the fourth generation, when the experiment had to be stopped because these cats were sterile and deeply damaged.

Interestingly, we find that by the third generation, the cooked food group changed their physical proportions, males became much like females and some females were male looking.

Also, the homosexuality rate in both sexes was manifested in a significant number of males and females. Not only was their sexual behaviour  aberrant, but the females became very aggressive, while the males were at the opposite, shy, with little activity and interest of what happened around them. The cooked food group had just the same food as the raw food group, in the same amounts, but cooked. The cooking was enough to introduce food deficiencies with dramatic outcome on health and behaviour.

While some damages in some genes are not to be excluded, the main damages seem to occur at the level of epigenetics. This is sustained by the fact that cats in the cooked food group from the second and third generations could recover health at the fourth generation after switching to raw food nutrition.


Eight major human studies of identical twins in Australia, the U.S., and Scandinavia during the last two decades arrive at the same conclusion - there is not a specific gene for homosexuality. Then what is the answer to this puzzle?

We know that sexual behaviour is determined by a fine tuning of the expression of several genes. This expression results in the mindset of a boy and later a man and a father, or a girl and later a woman and a mother.

If important elements necessary for genes are missing, sexual deviation may result, and may be epigenetically transmitted to the next generation.

In some cases, we may have a man that has the sexual mindset of the female, and vice versa.

If the malformation is not major, later in life, spontaneous corrections may happen. However, if the malformation is indeed a major one, then we face the phenomenon of trans-sexuality or gender dysphoria. The damage is so deep, that the mind takes over the real sex, given by the chromosomes and genital organs.

Some may argue that sexual deviant behaviours are not a modern phenomenon. Are not they mentioned in the Bible? Sodomy is mentioned in Genesis in regard to the population of Sodom.

Yes indeed, nutrition deficiencies are not exclusive to modern societies. In the past, people suffered from adverse life conditions, food shortages, and from damaging of foods with overcooking.

Lately, gay activist  promote the notion that deviant sexual behaviour should be accepted as a norm. They label resistance as "hate crimes."

We do not condemn someone with congenital malformation. There is no reason to be proud or ashamed of aberrant behavior resulting from nutritional deficiencies.


[i] Role of magnesium in genomic stability. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0027510701000744[ii] Origin of mutations under selection the adaptive mutation controversy  http://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&frm=1&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CCoQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.researchgate.net%2Fprofile%2FAndrew_Reams%2Fpublication%2F7021241_Origin_of_mutations_under_selection_the_adaptive_mutation_controversy%2Flinks%2F0deec528b9a835a520000000.pdf&ei=HujlVOujLJKPyAS604KYDA&usg=AFQjCNGvp4JkH4vRAHYFTlybuVXv-ZgfMA[iii] Nutriomes and nutrient arrays - the key to personalised nutrition for DNA damage prevention and cancer growth control http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20704708[iv] Nutritional treatment of genome instability: a paradigm shift in disease prevention and in the setting of recommended dietary allowances http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Nutritional+treatment+of+genome+instability-+a+paradigm+shift+in+disease+prevention+and+in+setting+of+recommended+dietary+allowences[v] Nongenomic transmission across generations of maternal behavior and stress responses in the rat https://ca-mg4.mail.yahoo.com/neo/launch?.rand=7cuvilgnk8pbc[vi] The Genome Health Clinic and Genome Health Nutrigenomics concepts: diagnosis and nutritional treatment of genome and epigenome damage on an individual basis http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15956042[vii] Micronutrients and genomic stability: a new paradigm for recommended dietary allowances (RDAs). http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12067572[viii] The Extended Nutrigenomics - Understanding the Interplay between the Genomes of Food, Gut Microbes, and Human Host http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=The+Extended+Nutrigenomics+%E2%80%93+Understanding+the+Interplay+between+the+Genomes+of+Food%2C+Gut+Microbes%2C+and+Human+Host


Mike B writes:

Some videos and info charts that go along with this subject on the impact of the foods we eat. Alot of what is going on is an attack on the hapless public, but we can just focus on what we could be doing correctly.
 http://www.acidalkalinediet.net/correct-food-combining-principles.php http://culinarykarma.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/food_combining_chart.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DYSGPeDCTc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkbUoxXDpv8


First Comment from Dan:

 Cats, like most mammals with the exception of human beings and some higher primates, have 'breeding seasons'. North American cats breed mostly after winter solstice to a few weeks after Autumn Equinox.  Cats don't menstruate, either.   That means they don't get PMS.

If you're still not convinced that cats are a different species, chocolate and aspirin are toxic to cats, because they lack the enzymes to metabolize salicylic acid or caffeine (caffeine is in cocoa).

People have cooked their food for tens of thousands of years.  The hypothesis that food processing has resulted in food that turns you gay only when cooked is preposterous.

Gender is genetic.  One is born either male or female, physiologically.   Food can't change that.
It's 'sexuality' that's mental.  Homosexuality is a mental state - a behavior.

Fran Lebowitz on Gender 

Cornelius Bulik replies to Comments:

Thank you Trevor for your good contribution. The importance of the foetal phase of the development, and other details were given in a first version of this text. Unfortunately, it was too long, so it had to be much truncated, and even altered. I did not intend to put emphasis on overcooking, but on nutrition deficiencies; overcooking was just an example of human intervention for deepening of deficiencies in our modern depleted foods. While nutrition is primordial in the development of body and mind, other factors may influence the outcome on our health; intensive stress is a good example. It is known that homosexuality rates are higher in the population conceived and born during the Second World War in Europe. Gestating rat females immobilized and stressed with intense light conceive rats with higher rates of aberrant sexual behaviour. Vaccination during pregnancy is another example. Women getting flue vaccination during pregnancy conceive babies with high odds of developing schizophrenia later in life. While this knowledge exists in research publications, little of all this is brought to the attention of the population. Is it on purpose?
Dan, you are perfectly right when you say that nutrition or overcooking does not change the sex. Sex is determined by the karyotype: XX gives females in humans, XY males. Nevertheless, nutrients deficiencies may have a deep impact of the development of tissues and organs, including the brain tissues, therefore behaviour, such as sexual behaviour, maternal and paternal behaviour, hyperactivity, etc. may be slightly or deeply altered in deep or slight nutrients deficiencies. 
Sex and gender may conduct to confusion, thus I prefer the terms sex and mind pattern or behaviour. Sex can be altered by the karyotype, while the mind pattern can be altered by Karyotype and environmental elements, such as essential nutrients.

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Ontario's Lesbian Premier Grooms Youngsters for Sex

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 01:00
Left. Bizarre Photo Op. Kathleen Wynne, Canada's first lesbian Premier is
introducing a hateful new sex education curriculum in Ontario. Meanwhile, Ben Levin, her former
Deputy Minister of Education is pleading guilty to child pornography and counseling sex assault.

"That's two 13 year-old-girls addressing the media with a 61-year-old avowed lesbian and talking about sexual consent in a country where the age of consent is 16. You don't need to be a political science professor to see that as a dumb move."

Latest- Wynne to Introduce Sex Ed Curriculum Monday (Feb 23)

by Thomas Carter

Tuesday, I saw Premier Wynne's buddy Ben Levin's picture on the cover of the Toronto Sun. Apparently, someone leaked a message he had sent to colleagues asking them to write letters on his behalf.

The former Deputy Minister of Education in Ontario, in charge of drafting the hateful new sex education curriculum, the Sabbatean Jew Levin is pleading guilty to child pornography and counseling sex assault. He gave his colleagues specific instructions on what to write.

(Benjamin Levin, left, lost his job as a Professor of Education.)

"For the benefit of the court, letters should indicate that you are aware of the guilty pleas to the three charges. In that regard, you may want to use language such as the following, suggested by my lawyer: I am aware that Mr. Levin is pleading guilty to one count of possession of child pornography, one count of making written child pornography, and one count of counseling a sexual assault."

"I am aware that these charges stem from Internet conversations in which he engages with strangers in explicit discussion of sexual acts with children. I am aware that during these chats he counseled an undercover police officer posing as the mother of a child to sexually assault her child for him. I am aware that 15 images and two videos considered to be child pornography were found in his knowing possession on his computer."

Canada's first lesbian Premier is vulnerable. Ben Levin was Wynne's deputy when she was Minister of Education; he was also on her transition team. She is attempting to subject millions of Ontario schoolchildren to a radical new sex-ed program that was probably written up by Ben Levin or someone like him.


To further my point,  there was Wynne's bizarre photo-op with two 13 year old girls recently. The two girls appeared at the podium with Wynne and spoke to the media about the topic of sexual consent. 

Eighth grade student Tessa Hill stated, "Everything in creating a consent culture starts with education, and so it starts with putting that information in the curriculum so kids can learn about asking for permission and about healthy relationships."

She dismissed the teaching of abstinence because "whether or not teens are going to be having sex when they're 13 or 14, learning about abstinence isn't realistic because sex is a part of society, part of our lives. Not learning about consent means not knowing what consent is when you do decide to have sex."

That's two 13 year old girls addressing the media with a 61-year-old avowed lesbian and talking about sexual consent in a country where the age of consent is 16. You don't need to be a political science professor to see that as a dumb move but just for the record U of T political science professor Nelson Wiseman commented on the affair, "Time will tell, he said, if it was effective but at first blush, I am not sure it gains her support" in a "treacherous area" where there are a lot of "pre existing positions."

 From a political point of view, discussing "sexting" may be realistic but to "introduce consent to children in Grade One is another matter."

Although Wynne's opponents have been slow to move but an offensive is starting to form led by Monte McNaughton (PC), MPP for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex. Monte questioned why the Premier won't reveal the content of the sex-ed curriculum. 

In response, Wynne emphasized that we need an "updated, modern sex-ed curriculum." This has been Wynne and Minister of Education, Liz Sandals main argument as if the human anatomy has undergone a major transformations in the last 17 years.

Monte McNaughton also appeared on 100 Huntley Street advising parents on how to oppose the new curriculum.

Another important group of opponents is PAFE, Parents as First Educators, led by Theresa Pierre. Register on the website for e-mailed updates and ways to get active. PAFE has launched a petition to stop Wynne from making revisions to the sex-ed curriculum.

There are a lot of people who will oppose this new curriculum. In fact, more than one person, the type who never talk about politics or serious matters brought it up to me. The problem is many of these people aren't organized and don't know what to do.

The comments on yahoo news have changed dramatically in the last few years. A big majority are tired of sexual perversion being promoted at every turn. Sooner or later, someone is going to harness that discontent.

Kathleen Wynne is vulnerable. She is no Barrack Obama, yes he's just as twisted but he's also slick and charming. Wynne is creepy, overreaching and has a lot of liabilities. If people start to take action she could find herself out on the street long before the next election.
Also by Thomas Carter-

 Coup in the Catholic Church

 Are Hindu and Christian Meditation Incompatible?
Coup in the Catholic Church
------------------------- Are Hindu and Christian Meditation Incompatible? - See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2014/12/catholic-schools-pressure.html#sthash.zqaf4ORw.dpuf
Coup in the Catholic Church
------------------------- Are Hindu and Christian Meditation Incompatible? - See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2014/12/catholic-schools-pressure.html#sthash.zqaf4ORw.dpufRelated-

Ben Levin Casts a Shadow Over New Sex Ed Curriculum 

Winnipeg Jewish Post Reflects on Levin Without a Word of Censure

Ontario's new Sex Ed- Not Everyone's Saying Yes

First Comment from Real Women of Canada:

Mr. Levin assisted, in 2010, while Deputy Minister of Education, with the development of the age-inappropriate sex education curriculum which was subsequently withdrawn because of the concerns of parents.  It was seen as being a way of using school curriculum to promote a social agenda.  Both the children and the parents were victimized by Mr. Levin's unacceptable curriculum.
Please contact the Crown Prosecutor in the case R vs Levin to consider the character of a man who would use his position as Deputy Minister to desensitize and groom children about masturbation, the use of pornography to stimulate erotic feelings and to teach that anal sex and oral sex are healthy alternatives to vaginal intercourse.  It is reasonable to assume that his influence in the development of a sex education curriculum was motivated by his perverted attraction to children.
Please take action today by contacting the Crown Prosecutor at the following address by mail with your signature and contact information.  Three copies of the letter are required in order to provide one for the Judge, the defence lawyer and the Crown Prosecutor. 
North York Crown Attorney's Office
Criminal - Ontario Court of Justice
1000 Finch Ave W
Toronto ON  M3J 2V5
Please distribute this e-mail as widely as possible. Here is a sample letter to court.

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Celebrity Molester Championed by "Social Agency" RAINN

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 00:39

(left, Lena Dunham, the face of evil?)

Whether it's 50 Shades or "Sex Education," a rising tide
of perversion engulfs us. Lena Dunham, who admitted she
sexually abused her younger sister for ten years, has received
support from the Rape, Incest & Abuse National Network (RAINN) .
As usual, these organizations promote the thing they pretend to oppose.

In a previous article, I wrote that HBO's Girls Creator Dunham, a
Sabbatean (Illuminati) Jew, normalizes ugliness and dysfunction.  It seems she is also mainstreaming incest and child molestation. 

Satanism makes what is sick seem healthy, what is unnatural seem natural. Society is the target of a deliberate Satanic campaign.

Alethea Marina-Nova, a victim of incest herself, exposes the latest Illuminati assault on human dignity and decency
and takes Lena Dunham and RAINN to task.

by Alethea Marina-Nova
(Edited & abridged by henrymakow.com)

I am well aware that my on-going articles about Lena Dunham have annoyed some of my readers. It appears that many women, who have been sexually abused by men or teenage boys, do not understand the darkness -the depths of the emotional pain and disturbing, disgusting feelings when a woman is sexually abused by their mother, or an older sister.

There seems to be a number of women who defend women, no matter what they have done, merely because they are women.

(Dunham posted this photo of her sister)

For people like myself, this is a re-wounding. People don't understand that Lena Dunham pried open deep-seated wounds in me,[when she admitted in her book, Not That Kind of Girl, that she sexually abused her sister for ten years.] Every single one of her fans, admirers, and apologists also re-wounded me.

Personally, I feel Lena Dunham might have been sexually abused by her mother, but because she is so far gone into her own ego, and because she has so many supporters, and friends, and the press -who will never be truthful with her -who will never speak up to Lena about how wrong she was to write what she did in her book, and because her parents raised Lena to believe pornography and child molestation stories are "art," Lena will most likely never do any inner reflection.

She is also so deeply embedded into the debauchery/porno scene, that she probably doesn't care about ever looking into the fact that she might have been sexually abused in her childhood and should deal with it.

Lena was recently quoted in an interview as saying she has suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder since she was nine. (She even joked about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder -OCD- which is a very serious, life-altering mental disorder).

OCD has been linked to child sexual abuse, and incest. I used to have OCD. The 26-year-old Dunham said she took antidepressants in high school, and was obsessed with the number eight.

Dunham: "I remember saying to my mom when I was little, 'I just had to imagine having sex with you eight times,'"... "and [Lena's mother] really took it in stride! She was like, 'Well, it's your imagination; it didn't really happen.'"

Lena Dunham's father, Carroll Dunham, is a painter of pornography, whose paintings you can look up online by Googling, "Carroll Dunham, paintings." But beware... they are highly disturbing to anyone who was sexually abused by a woman.

It has also been well-reported that Lena Dunham's mother was a photographer, who filled the family home with nude pictures of herself, "legs spread defiantly."

I do care that Lena Dunham perpetuates sexual abuse, laughs at child molestation, or if she is made out to be a role model, or the "voice of our generation."

I also care deeply that victims and survivors of sexual abuse perpetrated by their mothers, and sisters, be believed and not minimized or brushed off.

It is extremely difficult for me, as a woman, to expose what my mother did to me because it is a double unnatural thing. Mother, and female-female.

I have yet to write about, or tell anyone, except my therapist the level of sexual deviancy my mother perpetrated on me as a child. It is disturbing, vile, and one of the most embarrassing things a person can ever allow to come out of their mouth to another human being....


Linked here is the latest disgusting photo that Lena Dunham posted of herself, the night of the Golden Globe Awards. This photo was taken a short time after Ms. Dunham decided to delete her Twitter account because she was 'feeling afraid' over people voicing their opinions of what she did to her sister, and says she wanted to "create a safer emotional space."

Look at that photo. This woman is not afraid of anything. On the contrary, this photo shows the woman who called what she did to her little sister "basically anything a child sexual predator would do." Lena Dunham is standing topless, holding one of her breasts, as if saying "screw everyone I offended by writing about what I did for ten years to my little sister."...

Lena Dunham makes a joke out of rape and sexual abuse, and RAINN's support of this woman legitimizes that women can freely sexually abuse a child. [Their excuse presumably is that Dunham claims she had been raped in college, however, evidence shows those claims to be false, and even Dunham's account of the "rape" reads as nothing more than a night of degenerate, consensual sex.- Ed] "

RAINN's Facebook Page says, "Give the gift of hope."

RAINN's silence with me, and RAINN's continued approval of Lena Dunham has taken away much of the hope I ever had that the children of this world will be protected by adults, and that survivors of rape and incest will be defended, or helped, by organizations such as RAINN.

Their Facebook Page also states, "Be part of RAINN's legacy in supporting survivors." They want financial donations, but RAINN does not support rape and incest survivors.


1. Lena Dunham and 9 More Stars with OCD

First Comment from Jennifer

I counseled
an 18-year-old Christian virgin female rape victim ( who was saving herself for marriage) I advised her to reach out to RAINN - thinking it was a legitimate organization.

 RAINN refused any help and told her they thought  she made up the rape story !

Furious, I called and demanded to speak to the head supervisor. I explained that I was counseling this young woman and that her story was true!  RAINN told me that they didn't believe her and would not help!  Could the fact the rapist was a known TV producer have been part of the reason to not believe?

Later, I contacted the women's legal defense fund -they believed her, took the case and won!

The rapist admitted he tricked her into meeting him for a college scholarship interview then ripped her clothes off and raped her becoming quote: "animalistic"

Dan writes:

We must ask why she gets to joke and profit from bragging about her pedophilic exploitation of her little sister, while other women go to prison. Her confessions are serious felonies. Even those that get off with probation are listed as sex offenders for LIFE.

Any week you find a handful of news items like this one from Wisconsin:

"A 19-year-old woman is facing charges alleging that she forced a 13 year old female relative to perform a sex act with her inside a Wauwatosa home during 2009. If convicted she faces up to 40 years in prison".*

I just read an article in 'The FEDERALIST', excusing Dunham's pedophilia with, "Let's be clear: Kids sexually experiment, and sometimes with each other." I wonder what the Wauwatosa would think of a opening defense argument like that.

'News', entertainment, and publishings industries deliberately present mixed messages. Media presents celebrities getting away with serious crimes - and their lawyers ruin any victims who dare press charges for it.

Once in a while a minor celebrity goes to prison only for going too far, like Phil Spector for murder, and this disgusting British "rocker" Ian Watkins

But one must wonder if those cases were truly about going too far, or whether those individuals fell into disfavor with the Cult.


Alethea comments:

The argument made by the writer from The Federalist article, was used throughout the online media as a way to excuse Lena Dunham's acts with her sister. Not one of the writers (the vast majority of which supported Dunham) gave all the information about what Lena Dunham wrote, and said about her sister. The -across the board- tactic was to say Lena was 'playing doctor,' or it was 'mutual exploration,' and to leave out the most disturbing aspects of what Lena did to her sister, Grace Dunham.

This was disingenuous and false.

Lena Dunham described in her book, Not That Kind of Girl, on-going Child-on-Child sexual abuse, which is a form of child sexual abuse in which a prepubescent child is sexually abused by one or more other children or adolescent youths, and in which no adult is directly involved. The term has been defined as sexual activity between children that occurs "without consent, without equality, or as a result of coercion." 1.

Lena Dunham described years of psychological and sexual manipulation of her sister, as well as admitting to Rolling Stone Magazine, that she used to "force" her five year-old sister to "make-out" with Lena. There was never any "mutual exploration," as the acts of abuse were always Lena perpetrating her degeneracy on the child, seven years her junior.

Child-on-Child sexual abuse, can have serious, life-altering effects on the victim --including sexual confusion, sexual dysfunction, and the victim growing to think they are gay.

Lena's younger sister, Grace, is a self-defined lesbian.
1. Shaw, J (2000). "Child on child sexual abuse: Psychological perspectives".
Child Abuse & Neglect 24 (12): 1591-1600.

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Is the Polio Vaccine Causing Cancer?

Wed, 02/18/2015 - 02:12

Dr. Russell Blaylock, 69, is a retired American neurosurgeon.

Ken Anton summarizes this informative video
by Blaylock which argues that vaccines cause
disease. Is the medical cartel seeding
the sickness upon which its profits depend?

"For example: the Live Polio Vaccine given to 90 million Americans in the 50's & 60's, accidentally included the SV40 carcinogenic virus from monkey kidneys. After its discovery the government tried to keep it secret. Recent studies show the SV40 is causing malignant tumors in thousands of human lungs, brains and lymph systems."

Latest! MD says Polio Vaccine was never Needed

by Ken Anton
"Be Prepared to Make Your Own Health Decisions"
(abridged by henrymakow.com)

As an experienced Neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock explains how Immuno-Excitotoxicity can cause autism & associated diseases. Excessive vaccines given to babies up to 24-months-old can lead to inflammation of the brain w/symptoms such as rashes, screaming, memory loss, angry outbursts, depression, seizures, ADHD and other neurological disorders.

There has been a radical increase in Autism over the past 30 years:

1980's- 1 in 10,000 cases
2014-  1 in 50 cases 

During the same period, vaccinations increased from 10 (for children up to 6 years) to now 40 vaccinations for babies up to 24 months.  

This excessive rate of vaccination can cause over-stimulation of the brain's immune system, the Microglia which triggers release of excitotoxins that attack the neural pathways in the baby's undeveloped brain. This can lead to autism or related disorders.

Pediatricians today arrogantly push vaccines on parents with newborns without discussion of serious adverse effects. Recent scientific evidence shows 1% of vaccinated children have some form of neurological damage, signifying a tragedy for the whole family.

Warning: The Flu vaccine given in pregnancy can affect the baby's brain and lead to autism or schizophrenia years later. Also soon after birth, babies are given the Hepatitis B shot, totally unnecessary yet extremely toxic which can cause a critical immune response, then possibly autism or even SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

The toxins in vaccines include mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, bacteria, MSG and viral contaminants undetected by vaccine suppliers. Live virus vaccines like the MMR are especially risky. By suppressing the immune system, babies are vulnerable to other diseases. Even though attenuated, such live viruses can persist for years and later cause asthma, diabetes or brain disorders.

Vaccines often cause the disease they are designed to prevent. After the 1970's, every new case of polio was caused by the Live Polio Vaccine itself.

Many studies on thimerosal (ethyl mercury) have shown its toxicity to the brain. Even very small doses can cause chronic inflammation, yet doses given to babies are 80 times greater than limits set for adults. For 70 years, not one scientific safety study of thimerosal has been undertaken, yet they claim by phony epidemiological studies it is safe to use in vaccines.

Dr Blaylock says he caught diseases like mumps, measles, rubella, chicken pox and the flu when he was young, with no serious side effects and yet benefited from lifetime immunity. His community held measles parties where neighbors brought their kids to be exposed to measles and get it over with. Contrast that to the ruckus over a recent measles 'epidemic' at Disneyland where some 87 children caught measles. Since it's a mild disease for children, this is an example of media hype and scare tactics to boost vaccination and industry profits. Yet the irony is that it's the vaccinated kids with limited immunity who commonly infect others.

Each vaccine has its own risk factors and Dr Blaylock goes into some detail explaining these. For example, the HepB and combo vaccines like MMR and DTP cause the most adverse reactions in babies.

The Flu vaccine contains thimerosal, toxic to the brain. Yet for babies under 24 months, the vaccine is totally ineffective. The makers anticipate each year which flu strain (out of over 300) will be the most likely one and even then it is seldom effective. 70% of doctors & nurses refuse to take it. Although the CDC exaggerates the number of flu related deaths each year, a 35 year study shows no reduction in the overall death rate by taking the flu vaccine. So why take the risk especially for babies?

To understand vaccine risks better, Dr Blaylock recommends Neil Millers's "Vaccine Safety Manual". Also see the NVIC Disease & Vaccines database

According to a recent AP press release "A measles outbreak that originated at Disneyland has grown to 87 cases". Apparently it is spreading slowly around the country and the media is blowing it up as if a major epidemic is at hand.  This is sheer nonsense, especially as the older generation is well aware that measles is a mild childhood disease. Yet the media scare campaign helps promote mandatory vaccinations, thus increasing Big Pharma profits.
A related article from VaccineImpact.com reports "Zero US Measles Deaths in 10 Years, but Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths". Clearly, it is the vaccinated who are taking the greater risk.

Measles is now a hot topic across the nation, promoted by the media and Medical Cartel, calling for mandatory vaccinations while pitting pro-vaccers against anti-vaccers. This is typical 'divide and conquer' strategy carried out by the Ruling Elite in all matters from politics to wars to medicine, in which they are deeply involved. 


"It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine." --Marcia Angell, MD ("Drug Companies and Doctors: A story of Corruption." NY Review of Books, Jan. 15, 2009.)

"Vaccines have to be considered the bargain basement technology for the 20th Century." Dr Maurice Hilleman, Leading Vaccine Developer 


Be Prepared to Make Your Own Health Decisions

*Assert your rights: oppose mandatory vaccinations
*Don't submit your baby to multiple vaccinations causing autism
*Study every vaccine and their risks before agreeing to any of them
*The yearly flu shot is rarely effective, yet can cause harm
*Resist contrived social pressure to vaccinate; make it your choice.
*Cancer is not a death sentence: Evaluate natural therapies that actually cure cancer before submitting to the 'cancer vortex'
*Prioritize nutrition, eat natural organic food to maintain health
*Avoid excessive glucose, MSG, aspartame and processed foods
*Exercise regularly: good for heart, immune and lymph systems
*Join the new wave of health conscious Americans


"Cancer Vortex" by Kenneth Anton is currently available as a Kindle eBook and Paperback at Amazon.com. The Paperback is also available through Ingram worldwide distribution.


Please send comments or questions to support@cancervortex.com

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First Comment from Doug:

Henry, I read a book called Dr. Mary's Monkey. Its the true story of how Simian Monkey Virus #40, which causes cancer, contaminated the first batches of polio vaccine, and how our grandparents and parents have passed it to us ever since getting those first polio vaccines. Listen to this interview with the author:

Dr. Mary's Monkey: http://youtu.be/GZ5-liXcXLI

Diane writes:

For the last year, I have been nursing my son's neurological injury from a flu vaccine. He had deep seizures for an entire day. Even leading doctors in our top-rated children's hospital could not stop them.  He was even intubated. He had to learn how to walk again. He is doing extremely well now, All Thanks Be To God, luckily I could stay home with him.

There are 10 children I personally know of, from doing news searches, that either died or were permanently injured from last year's flu shot. I have talked to some of the news reporters in little towns as well as to other moms.  Not to mention the countless others who likely were affected and the medical community does not acknowledge it could be the vaccine.

The physicians refused to do the reporting on the vaccine, saying the CDC would make their lives hell with all the paperwork.  Readers, please, don't ever let this happen to your child. Please consider all sides of the story before you immunize--I have worked in the health care field for 15 years--doctors are only following what they are told to be true about "Best Practices" - they are not getting all of the information.

PS- Thanks, I have been shunned by so many colleagues after this happened. The other mothers were shunned as well. So we all need to get the word out. My aunt has been a pediatric nurse for 30 years, she agrees with me, the CDC covers for the illnesses medications and vaccines cause by creating impossible reporting systems.

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Promiscuity is Hidden Agenda of Sex Education

Tue, 02/17/2015 - 03:44
P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }

Government-funded sex education groups promote promiscuity

and homosexuality while downplaying the health and psychological risks associated with premature sexual activity, says psychiatrist Miriam Grossman.

I would go further and say the normalization of pedophilia

and "inter generational sex" is the ultimate objective.

"What Advocates for Youth is saying is that ... the notion that we are all either male or female is a repressive ideology."

by Miriam Grossman MD

You're Teaching My Children What?

(abridged by henrymakow.com)

Not long ago, I noticed a steady stream of students, most of them female, who were paying a high price for their sexual choices. I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours with these students, and they are the reason I'm writing this today....

There is a man-made epidemic of ignorance: ignorance of biological truths that should be central in any sex ed curriculum or parent education program.

I put the responsibility for the epidemic of ignorance directly on those organizations that are at the helm of teaching sex education:

SIECUS (Sexuality Education Council of US; Planned Parenthood; Advocates for Youth.) Contrary to their claims and promises, their programs are not comprehensive; they are not science-based or medically accurate or up-to-date.

I'll go even further: They are not about preventing disease. Sex ed is a social movement. Its goal is to change society. Their primary goal is to promote sexual freedom and to rid society of its Judeo-Christian taboos and restrictions.

In this worldview, almost anything goes. Each individual makes his or her sexual choices; each person decides how much risk he or she is willing to take, and no judgments are allowed.

The science that is used is selective. If it challenges this model of human sexuality, if what's seen under the microscope threatens this dream for society, it doesn't exist.

These eminent groups deceive the public and endanger the health and well-being of our children. The list of their crimes is long. Duplicity is one: promising one thing and doing another. ...


My third example is that of Advocates for Youth and their approach to gender. This past August, in the House of Representatives, there was an amendment that ...would grant $50 million to organizations that promote the type of sex education that I've described. In response to that, the president of Advocates for Youth stated that this move would bring science back into sex education.

I found that astonishing, because when you go to the Web sites of Advocates for Youth--and there are many; this is a very large organization that has a lot of resources--science is one thing that is missing.

Advocates for Youth is telling kids that gender, the internal feeling of whether one is male or female, is completely separate from biology, from one's anatomy and one's chromosomes. It's an internal feeling, they say.

This goes back to the gender theory of John Money, left, a notorious psychologist from Johns Hopkins who introduced these radical ideas in the '50s and '60s. The idea again is that one's identification of being male or female is a result of one's internal feelings.

Advocates for Youth not only promotes this, but it tells kids that gender, being male or female, exists on a spectrum. Male and female are at the extreme ends of that spectrum, but it is a wide spectrum with many possibilities in between male and female.... What Advocates for Youth is saying is that Robert does not become Roberta and Roberta does not become Robert, but that they become neither Robert nor Roberta; that there are many possibilities in between, and that the notion that we are all either male or female is a repressive ideology.

What they're telling kids is that newborns are designated male or female, they're wrapped in the blue or pink blanket, and then they're socialized to fit cultural expectations. Messages from their environment teach them masculine or feminine behaviors, interests, and ways of relating. But when a boy insists he's a girl or vice versa, that should not be a concern, says Advocates for Youth. It is, they claim, "as normal as being alive."

The premise that there are only two genders, male or female, is inaccurate, they say. It restricts our freedom of gender expression. The idea that an individual must be one or the other, male or female, is an arbitrary, repressive paradigm. It's another noxious "ism," like sexism.

This organization that claims to bring science back into sex education teaches that gender can change. A 10-year-old might be certain she's a girl, but at 20 she might realize she's a man. People can realize their gender at any point in their lives, young people are told. Is this the "science" that they're referring to? Or perhaps instructing children that they could be male, female, both, or neither is an example of the critical sexual health information they need to make responsible decisions about their lives.


This lesson on gender is not only unscientific; it's a departure from reality. Here's what real science in this century says about being male or female. Cell biology indicates that the Y chromosome is teeming with units of DNA that are unique to males. There are distinct male and female blueprints from the moment of conception. Embryology provides evidence of the earliest activity of those genes: Eight weeks after conception, when the embryo is the size of a kidney bean, the Y chromosome directs the testes to produce testosterone. The testosterone travels to the brain, enters the neurons, and propels the development of a distinct boy brain with smaller centers for communication, observation, and emotional processing and larger centers for sex and aggression.

Neurobiology maps out the complex and widespread differences in male and female brains. MRIs create color images that highlight distinct boy and girl patterns of thinking and feeling. Infant development reveals that at one day of age--presumably before children have been socialized to meet society's expectations--girls show a stronger interest in the face, while boys look longer at a mobile. At one year, girls are drawn to a video of a face moving, and boys prefer the video of cars moving.

I love this one: The typical toy preferences of children are also found in juvenile monkeys. Females like dolls, and males prefer vehicles and balls. Sexual stereotypes in the animal kingdom? Male and female are culturally assigned? Gender is a feeling separate from hormones and chromosomes? I don't think so. Advocates for Youth lesson plans are based on last century's social movements and the wish to blur the distinctions between male and female. Anyone following this century's hard science knows that those moth-eaten theories have been discredited.

But in sex ed class, these discoveries don't exist. Students are being force-fed an ideology from 50 years ago: Gender is man-made, sex ed educators insist. Cultures teach what it means to be a man or a woman. Are they stuck in a time warp or just completely blinded by ideology? Either way, it spells disaster for young people.


I was told in a recent interview that I must be exaggerating: that it must be hyperbole when I say sex education is madness, that it teaches untruths and that it exposes our kids to smut. If that's true, I was told, wouldn't there be congressional hearings?

I am not exaggerating: This is madness. The priority for SIECUS, Planned Parenthood, and Advocates for Youth is not the health and well-being of young people. These federally funded organizations are fighting "repression" and "intolerance," not herpes or syphilis. To them, it appears the blisters and the warts, the worry and the depression, can be tolerated, but the "isms" must go.

From the thousands of hours I've spent with students, I can affirm that when sexual freedom reigns, sexual health suffers. Our kids are being taught that you can play with fire, and the waiting rooms of doctors and therapists are filled with people who've been burned, inside and out. Is every young person going to postpone sex? Of course not, but we are obligated to inform them of the risks they face and to teach them biological truths, even when they are politically incorrect.

The only power that I have to fight this calamity is the power of the pen. While the nation struggles over issues related to health and stands on the verge of supporting organizations like SIECUS with millions of tax dollars, it's my hope that my message will reach the ears and the heart of someone with authority who will have the courage to stand up and put an end to this fiasco.


--Miriam Grossman, M.D., is a board-certified child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist who writes and speaks to parents, students, educators, and health professionals internationally on the dangers of political correctness and incorrect science in her profession. She is the author of You're Teaching My Child What?: A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Education and How They Harm Your Child and Unprotected: A Campus Psychiatrist Reveals How Political Correctness in Her Profession Endangers Every Student.


Thanks to Linda K for sending this! 

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<p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0in

Mon, 02/16/2015 - 19:55




1. Hire a crisis actor:




2. Use a plastic knife and stage blood:



3. Photoshop the head off from the neck:



4. Hire a Hollywood horror, special effects pro for the slit throat effect:








How Alice Cooper fakes his beheading with a guillotine:



Are your news sources lying to you?

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Bizarre "Valentine's Day Massacre Plot" Foiled

Mon, 02/16/2015 - 10:53
Over the past weekend, a foiled Columbine-style massacre at a shopping mall in Halifax, Canada was in the headlines.

Peter McKay, the Canadian Justice Minister was at pains to say this was not terrorism. How is that? reporters asked in the video (left.) It was not motivated by "ideology" or "culture," he replied.

How does MacKay know that?  Does he think it wasn't terrorism because the suspects were "murderous misfits" (his words)  and not Muslims???

In fact the "misfits" may have been Satanists or neo Nazis.

The government is at a loss on how to spin this event.


A young man and woman in their twenties were arrested, and another young man aged 19 committed suicide Saturday after their plot to massacre shoppers at a Halifax mall was exposed.

Canadian Justice Minister Peter Mackay  boasted that the "balance of privacy rights and police power was on full display" during this case. This was an odd comment to make since the plot was exposed by a phone tip.

(James Gamble, 19, found dead)

Here are some other oddities of this event.  A tip was made to Crime Stoppers Thursday morning of a "weapons related threat" and within 18-20hrs it leads to the surrounding of James Gamble's house (found dead inside @1:20am) and the arrest of Randy Shepherd and Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath at Halifax Airport by 2am.

This is impossible. Crime Stoppers is NOT a law enforcement agency and is in fact SEPARATE from them. Further, according to the FAQ page of Calgary's Crime Stopper page (I couldn't find anything on NS crime stoppers page but its safe to assume it's the same procedure) the tip has to be vetted before being acted upon.

Here is the exact wording: "The report is sent to the relevant law enforcement agency who will investigate the information. They have the legal responsibility to investigate the information prior to acting on it to ensure the information is correct and not given to us maliciously in order to set someone up. "

According to Sudbury Crime Stoppers, "The police can not get a search warrant or make an arrest based solely on a tip; there must be other intelligence to support the Crime Stoppers information."

Additionally, the police had NO advanced warning of the conspiracy. So how did the RCMP & Halifax police go through the legal process ensuring credibility of the tip and gather "intelligence" to act within a day? Frankly, its VERY unlikely making this event very suspicious.

The suspicions grow when you visit the Facebook pages of the three conspirators. You won't find anything suggesting any imminent danger to the public but more importantly, they have nothing posted that would raise any concern.

Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath, left, is in my estimation, opinionated but not threatening. I couldn`t find James Gambles` Tumblr page which apparently is where the picture of him with a gun was taken. By itself it means absolutely nothing. The police would have to take the next step and investigate to determine his intentions.

And in fact, it has been reported that James himself tipped off Crime Stoppers!! In addition, not having advanced warning of this conspiracy of mass killings the police would have would have taken days, weeks perhaps months to build a case.

In this circumstance, it's very implausible that events unfolded in a very short period of time. Further, there was no purpose for this conspiracy. RCMP stated the individuals had `some beliefs`. What does that mean?  The RCMP and Peter McKay have stated that this plot had no cultural or political motivation.

From Peter McKay, "The attack does not appear to have been culturally motivated, therefore not linked to terrorism," He has redefined terrorism for all time!

 Why would three "misguided" young adults want to senselessly go on a mass shooting rage and then, in one case, commit suicide? It is nonsensical and improbable.

(left, Randy Shepherd, Vincent MacDonald and James Gamble)

To support that these individuals could not have plotted this unthinkable crime a friend (Vincent MacDonald who is the unidentified man in the picture, who the media have misreported his name as Vincent Appleton,) has stated that James and Randy never uttered anything about committing such heinous acts even in jest. As their Facebook page indicates, these two guys seem like two harmless young men who interest range from Stars Wars to hard rock music like AC/DC and Black Sabbath. No mention of guns, murder, Nazi's, columbine, etc.

The other possibility is that a police undercover agent talked these kids into planning a mass shooting, and then informed on them.

All in all, the whole event smacks of a psy-op designed to inculcate fear in the public, and support for more stringent law enforcement. This takes place at a time when a public controversy rages over new powers the government wishes to grant Canada's CIA, CSIS.  

A comment about Peter McKay's Q&A press conference above.

MacKay reminded me a bit of Coroner Wayne Carver from Sandy Hook. He doesn't seem to have a full grasp of the law and yet he is the Justice and Attorney General of Canada. The accused have been arrested and held beyond 24hrs after which they cannot be held unless charges have not been laid. If charges have not been laid, Peter McKay could not explain under what law the police are keeping the accused in custody. Mr. McKay seemed uncomfortable. The rest of the Q&A seemed very contrived and awkward with Mr. McKay blurring the lines between what is and what's not terrorism.

This is another psy op with the purpose to publicize how privacy rights and police powers can coexist.  Hey Peter. Busted!


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First Comment from RZ:

Their tumblr accounts are more disturbing than the facebook stuff:
The tumblr account of Lindsay Souvannarath
The tumblr account of James Gamble
The tumblr account of Randall Shepherd:

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