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False Flags Highlight Our Satanic Possession

Tue, 07/22/2014 - 03:14

(left, MH-17, what a plane crash scene looks like.
 Wreckage, baggage and bodies everywhere.
Compare to Pentagon and Shanksville below.)

Our governments and mass media are flat out lying
to us about 9-11 etc.. It's obvious.
But maybe that's the point.
The more obvious the lies we acquiesce to,
the more we have been satanically possessed.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Satanists throw up a lot of smoke and mirrors but Satanism boils down to an inversion of reality. Good is evil; beautiful is ugly; healthy is sick, natural is unnatural and vice versa.

Truth becomes "subjective","relative,""unknowable"  i.e.  lies are truth and truth are lies.

Humanity has been inducted into the Illuminati satanic cult where acceptance of lies is a social requirement. This gives the Illuminati license to invent a perverted reality. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the case of false flags like 9-11 and the recent shootdown of MH-17.

Compare the MH-17 crash scene with the Pentagon on 9-11.

There is no sign of a Boeing 757 wreckage, bodies or baggage. Indeed, an early report by CNN's Jamie McIntyre contradicted government and media claims that a hijacked plane, carrying 64 people and weighing 175 tons had crashed into the Pentagon and literally disappeared. Yet, in an inversion of reality, there is a memorial garden at the Pentagon listing all "victims." What really happened to these people?

Look at Shanksville, where another Boeing 757 supposedly crashed on 9-11.

Why are the government lies so blatant?
There is another agenda.
The Illuminati are taunting us, boasting that
they can make us believe anything.
They don't discover reality, they invent it. They have
deceived and enslaved us psychologically
and they are gloating.


We are all witnessing the disheartening spectacle where the Illuminati Jewish-backed regime in Kiev probably shot down MH-17 in order to increase pressure on Putin. With one voice, our "leaders" and the media are heaping condemnation on Putin without any evidence of Russian or separatist involvement. The same players tried to frame Al Assad of a chemical attack, and almost launched reprisals, again without any evidence. 

This is a kind of blackmail of Putin. They are saying, "unless you back down, we will commit all kinds of atrocities and blame them on you." Listen to UK Prime Minister David Cameron:

David Cameron has said the Malaysian Airlines crash in east Ukraine is a "defining moment" for Russia.
Some 298 people died, including 10 Britons, when flight MH17 crashed in a pro-Russian rebel-held area last week.
The PM said Moscow was fueling the Ukraine conflict by arming the rebels, who are accused of downing the jet.
He said it was unlikely the plane was shot deliberately - but warned of "hard-hitting" sanctions if Moscow did not change course on Ukraine. Mr Cameron said there was "anger" at what had happened and urged Moscow to stop training separatists and supplying them with weapons. The UK is set to push for increased sanctions against Russia at a meeting of EU foreign ministers on Tuesday.

What will our leaders say when it emerges that MH-17 was brought down by a Ukrainian air to air missile?


The Illuminati are Cabalist Jews and Freemasons. Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cult. This is why, instead of faith, they emphasize observance and conformity, like any cult.

The leaders believe they channel God's Will which means they invert reality to suit their perversion. Their occult reality  increasingly is our reality: money, sexual perversity, gender bending, corruption, mayhem and war.

They induct us into their cult by inverting truth and falsehood, and ensure that humanity is complicit in their evil and deserving of its fate.


Related - The Sandy Hook Script Surfaces
------------  Kiev Air Traffic Controller's Tweets
-------------Mass media Collaborated in 9-11  

First Comment from Dan:

The greater trauma of 911 for me was knowing from other peoples' reactions, that it was dangerous for me to state the obvious, even conversationally.   At that time, I only knew one fellow at work whom I could sense saw what really happened.

The Towers fell from controlled demolition, and the lack of aircraft debris at the Pentagon and the other crash site you've mentioned.  We didn't need an expert to explain what was shown in broad daylight before our eyes.

But you could NOT say it at work or even to friends.  This wasn't the first time people were silenced in America, but it was the first time in my lifetime.
(i was born in the 1950's).

A lot of adults that are currently the primary demographic target of the MSM news and entertainment media were only 11 years old on 911.
They weren't old enough to KNOW what they'd seen, so they believed exactly what the media and President told them.
More importantly - because they didn't recognize the lies - they didn't experience the REAL trauma of 911, which was the loss of 50 years of the hard won right to free thought and free speech. 

I want to explain to them that the key to the 911 psychological operation was that they made it unbelievable ON PURPOSE. 
Here's an analogy.  Say you come home from school and find you're mother has been murdered.   Your father is there talking to the police. 
Now, imagine hearing your father telling the police all sorts of lies about a neighbor to frame him for the murder - and the police believe him.
If that happened to you, would you suspect your father had something to hide?   Imagine how creepy it would be to live your father's house after that.

That's how psychological terrorism works.

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Shocking Depth of Illuminati Depravity

Mon, 07/21/2014 - 01:01

(left, Jeanice Barcelo interviews Kerth Barker) 

Two books by satanic ritual abuse survivor
Kerth Barker reveal Illuminati engage in blood-drinking and
cannibalism. He is credible as a survivor but
his history of the Illuminati contains little insider insight.
However, his references to Illuminati culture and this amusing
 YouTube on how the Illuminati make money are eye opening.

See also:   Kerth Barker  On Satanism

by Jeanice Barcelo

If you are one of the many people who would like to understand the inner workings of the satanic Illuminati, Kerth Barker's books are a must read. 

Kerth is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse.  In his first book, Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers: Memoirs of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor, Kerth describes, as a child, being forced into a pedophilic prostitution ring where he was programmed to sexually service high-level Illuminati members and initiates.  Some of the sexual acts were photographed and/or filmed.  These photos and films were not only sold for extremely high prices, but were also used to blackmail politicians and other public servants in order to force them to acquiesce to the mandates of the Illuminati.
A victim of trauma-based mind-control, Kerth was exposed to some of the most horrendous and harrowing experiences known to humankind.  He was repeatedly tortured and traumatized and made to split into two separate personalities - one a mundane Christian named Kerth and the other a female satanist named Kathy.  Kathy was the cross-dressing "girly-boy" that attended satanic rituals and performed sexual acts for her/his Illuminati "owners."   Kerth was the "normal" Christian boy that attended school regularly and went to church with his family on Sundays.
Kerth describes some of the torture and manipulation that he was subjected to in order to get him to split into two personalities.  He also describes some of the insane activities that he was forced to participate in as a child.  This book leaves no doubt that there are seriously perverted and wicked individuals at the top of the Illuminati pyramid and they have no moral conscious or any feelings whatsoever about the trauma and violence they inflict on other people, especially children.
Thankfully, Kerth finds powerful non-satanic human and angelic allies as he moves through childhood and into adolescence.  These allies help him break away from the satanists and they introduce him to a special form of therapy - called Fabian Therapy - that ultimately helps him reclaim his memories, his mind, and his soul.  Kerth now works furiously to expose the Illuminati and to help free those who are wanting to get out.
In his second book, entitled Cannibalism, Blood Drinking, and High Adept Satanism, Kerth takes us on a journey into the underworld of Satanism.  It is here that we meet two incestuous, inbred sisters who are not only proud of the fact that they are "aristocratic cannibals," but whose home is a virtual prison compound where they keep slaves and brain-dead, inbred servants who are forced to cater to their every whim.  Kerth describes the sisters' penchant for consuming human blood and body parts, as well as the cruelty, violence, and depravity of these extremely insane "people."  He also shares insider information regarding the fact that these two psychopaths serve the Illuminati by working in positions of importance within the United Nations.
We also learn that some Illuminati have an addiction to adrenalized blood drinking.  This addiction forces them to kidnap and torture their victims before they murder them and drink their blood.  Kerth has compassion for these very damaged people and he has been trained in a special form of therapy that can help blood drinking addicts recover from their addiction.
Many of these Satanists DO NOT engage in cannibalism or blood drinking but rather manipulate people through hypnotism and well-developed methods of psychic control.  


Satanism derives much of its power and tenacity from carefully constructed networks of mutual blackmail and self-perpetuating inter-generational patterns of child abuse that often parasitize the families of its practitioners. 

In that respect, Satanists are hardly in control of their own lives - they are more like cogs in a machine than free individuals.  Unfortunately, these machines can, and have been programmed to do some very nasty things.  And this includes attempting to destroy the world and, if necessary, taking themselves out with it.   There is no sanity to their logic or their behavior.  It is completely depraved.
Be forewarned that some of the material in CANNIBALISM is extremely hard to read and I am quite certain that, for Kerth, it was very hard to write.   Yet for all of us, The Truth remains that if we hope to overcome the psychopathy and evil that now grips our planet and threatens all of life, we must understand the enemy and know how they work.  I think we owe Kerth an enormous debt of gratitude for coming forward with this information and I trust that many will find what he shares invaluable.
 For more information, please visit http://angelicdefenders.theshamecampaign.com/
Jeannice's website is http://birthofanewearth.com/
Barker's website is  ThoughtCrime Radio
First Comment by Alex:

I was reading through Geoffrey Ashe's "The Hell-Fire Clubs", and I came across a quote from a well known French nobleman, Donatien Alphonse Francois, that perfectly sums up our ruling elite's attitude on this matter:

"The strong individual, when he despoils the weak- when, that is to say, he actively enters into the enjoyment of those rights which Nature has conferred upon him, and exercises them to the full- reaps pleasure in proportion to the extent to which he realizes his potentialities. The more atrocious the harm he inflicts upon the helpless, the greater will be the quiverings of voluptuous delight which he will feel... Such a man glories in the tears which his hand wrings from the unfortunate whom he persecutes; and the more he persecutes, the happier such a despot will feel- for it is thus that he makes the greatest use of those gifts Nature has bestowed on him."

Donatien was known by his peers as "the Divine Marquis", but is better known by his title of nobility: the Marquis de Sade.
Thanks Alex,

Reminds me of what is happening in Gaza. - Henry

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Airliner Atrocity is Another Illuminati False Flag

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 06:26
(Note: Updates in Bold)
Dispersing the media fog: There is only one power on earth who routinely perpetrates  senseless acts of terror: The Illuminati-Jewish  banking cartel that runs Kiev, NATO and the West.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

False flag:  You commit an atrocity and blame your enemies.  In this case, the Kiev-based junta  shot down the plane and blamed the Donetsk separatists and their Russian backers.

The reaction of the Western mass media is the "tell."  Just as they blamed Osama bin Laden within an half-hour of the 9-11 false flag, the Illuminati Jewish mass media pins the blame on the Russian-backed separatists without any evidence whatever. Echoes of 9-11, they call this shootdown "an act of terror."

You have to ask, "who benefits" from such a crime?  What possible benefit could the Russians or their allies derive from this atrocity?

The Ukrainians on the other hand are backed by the US-based Illuminati Jewish NeoCons who are anxious to increase tensions and provoke war with Russia. Their ultimate goal is to unseat Putin. This heinous crime must be seen in the context of the sinking of the Maine or the Lusitania as an attempted casus belli.  Obama called it a "wakeup call for Europe."   CNN "experts" say the Russians did it; militias don't have the skills. (No proof is necessary, just like Assad's "chemical attack" on his own people. This is what the Illuminati-Jewish-dominated West has descended to: Commit an atrocity and blame the "enemy," i.e. the nation that refuses to surrender.)

Just as we never learned what really happened to MH-370, I predict we will never have closure on MH-17 because the Illuminati and their agents never own up to their heinous crimes. Already, the media coverage is mostly about the crash scene when the only question of relevance is, who shot down the plane? I have not heard one suggestion in the mass media that Kiev might have been culpable.

Here are articles which support the False Flag view:

Was Ukraine's Ministry of Interior behind the Downing of Malaysian Airlines MH17?

The Ukrainians says the separatist militias do not have the BUK system. A report from Carlos, an ex-pat Spanish air traffic controller in Kiev said the plane was diverted over the conflicted area and taken down by order of the Nazi-run Ukrainian Interior ministry which is in charge of pacifying the Eastern region. Here are his tweets.

'Smoking gun' intercepts in the MH17 shootdown   

The Ukrainian Secret Service released a reported phone conversation in which Russian separatists admit shooting down the plane by mistake. The Russians debunk this as a fraud. They say the conversation was concocted before the plane was hit.    See also: "Busted: Tape made before Shootdown" 

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 Downed Over Warzone Ukraine. Who Was Behind It? Cui Bono?
Russia and the fighters operating in eastern Ukraine have nothing to gain by downing a civilian airliner, but absolutely everything to lose - thus pointing the finger in another direction - that of NATO and their proxy regime in Kiev.

Malaysian Plane Crash: Lies and Sinister Political Agenda by the West

The Russian Defense Ministry has said that when a Malaysian Airlines plane was apparently shot down over Ukraine, a Ukrainian Buk anti-aircraft missile battery was operational in the region

Kiev Won't Release Fllght Controller Tapes

A simple search at reveals that MH17 was in fact diverted 200 kilometers north from the usual flight path taken by Malaysia Airlines in the previous days - and plunged right in the middle of a war zone. Why? What sort of communication did MH17 receive from Kiev air control tower?

Kiev has been mute about it. Yet the answer would be simple, had Kiev released the Air Traffic Control recording of the tower talking to flight MH17; Malaysia did it after flight MH370 disappeared forever.

It won't happen; SBU security confiscated it. So much for getting an undoctored explanation on why MH17 was off its path, and what the pilots saw and said before the explosion.

The Russian Defense Ministry, for its part, has confirmed that a Kiev-controlled Buk anti-aircraft missile battery was operational near the MH17's crash. Kiev has deployed several batteries of Buk surface-to-air missile systems with at least 27 launchers; these are all perfectly capable of bringing down jets flying at 33,000 ft.

Russia Slams US for implicating Rebels

On Saturday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said the US administration sought to pin the blame on separatists and Russia without waiting for the results of an investigation.

"The statements of representatives of the US administration are evidence of a deep political aberration of Washington's perception of what is going on in Ukraine," he told Russian news agencies.

Where the World Sees Tragedy, NATO Sees a "Game Changing" Opportunity

The cynicism is breath-taking.

The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in a statement titled, "The Downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17: Russia in the Dock," provides a self-incriminating indictment as to the motives Kiev and its NATO backers had in carrying out the attack on MH17 and subsequently framing Russia for it. RUSI's statement claims (emphasis added):

A Game Change: Within days, however, the real debate will shift from one about producing the right evidence and culprits, to more about what can be saved from the rapidly-deteriorating relations between Russia and the West.

The tragedy will stain Russia's relations with the world for years to come. Nations determined to keep on good terms with Russia - such as China or Vietnam which relies on Russian weapon supplies and wishes these to continue - will keep quiet. And there will always be some plausible deniability, giving other countries enough room for manoeuvre to avoid accusing Russia directly for this disaster. But the culprits for the crime will be pursued by international investigators and tribunals. And many Russian officials will be added to the 'wanted' lists of police forces around the world. The story will linger, and won't be pretty for Russian diplomats.

Given the fact that the majority of the victims are European citizens, it is also getting increasingly difficult to see how France would be able to deliver the Mistral ships which Russia ordered for its navy, or how Britain could continue shielding Russia from financial sanctions. And, given the fact that scores of US citizens were also killed on the MH17 flight means that the US Congress will demand greater sanctions on Russia, making any improvement in relations with Washington highly unlikely.

Russia Asks Kiev to Answer Ten Simple Questions

6. Why did Ukrainian air traffic controllers allow the plane to deviate from the regular route to the north, towards "the anti-terrorist operation zone"?

Latest-    YouTube compilation of the evidence -  (This is for your evaluation. I don't endorse many points.)
US Whistleblower says Satellite Images Point to Ukrainian Missile Battery

Related - Another summary of evidence by Nick Kollerstrom points to Ukrainian Military Jets shooting down MH-17
-----------  Russian Expert says Damage Confirms MH-17 shot down by Ukrainian Military Jets
First Comment from James Perloff:

Just in case they don't get a war against Russia over MH17, perhaps the Western media should trot out the following tried-and-tested headlines this week as "breaking news":


If one false flag doesn't suffice, why not use the shotgun approach?


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Media Prepares the Public For Child Porn

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 01:48

Michael Hoffman describes the subtle way the Illuminati(i.e. satanic ) media prepares us for the further degradation of moral standards. 

By Michael Hoffman

As a former reporter for the Establishment media (Associated Press) I am particularly sensitive to indications that the media are using their power to subtly change minds and overcome traditional objections to forms of moral depravity. This usually begins with subtle changes and cues that emanate from executive editors at high levels of the corporate media.

Examine the clipping above. It was published in this morning's (July 17, 2014) Spokesman-Review newspaper (Spokane, Washington), p. A3. The article concerns the arrest of child pornography supporters ("pedophiles") including "doctors, lawyers" and ex-police officers.

The subtle processing is found in the second paragraph: "...sensational stories of the sexual abuse of minors regularly headline the tabloids, which some critics accuse of whipping up public hysteria over the issue."

Notice the article doesn't say child pornography is harmless; only that it has been "sensationalized" by disreputable "tabloids," which "whip up public hysteria over the issue."

Observe that the viewing of child pornography is described as an "issue," not a crime. The article never refers to it as a crime. Apparently, viewing child pornography is not a sensational transgression in itself. It has been "sensationalized" by disreputable "tabloids." Too much concern about child pornography is indicative of "hysteria."

This article would seem to be the first step in a measured campaign to soften up the American people so that we will approve of the decriminalization of child pornography, just as we were softened up for the decriminalization of sodomy and the legal marriage of sodomites.

This processing is almost always gradual and understated, so as not to frighten the targets of the brainwashing into the realization that they are in fact being conditioned to abandon their traditional morality and "keep up with the times."

How likely is it that our "free and impartial" media would add to an ADL report on a putative "anti-semitic crime wave," a statement about how "sensational tales of anti-semitism are regularly issued by Zionist organizations which some critics accuse of whipping up public hysteria over the issue." Imagine the outcry from the Israeli lobby and the thought cops.

Will there be a preemptive outcry from We the People against what the media are starting to initiate with regard to the international cult of child molestation? You can be sure that within that cult are many extremely powerful people who would be delighted to see enforcement relaxed, as a first step in a  systematic journey toward the social acceptance of child pornography in an increasingly bestial American society.


Michael's column is made possible by donations from readers and the sale of his books and recordings.
Today's column is online here. Please publicize it.
E-MAIL: hoffman[at]revisionisthistory.org (substitute @ for "[at]" in the preceding e-mail address)
FIND IMPORTANT RESOURCES: browse our selection of revisionist history and conspiracy books, CDs, DVDs, newsletters and more: http://www.revisionisthistory.org/page7/page7.html
THE HOFFMAN WIRE IS A PUBLIC SERVICE of Independent History and Research, Box 849, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816 USA. Copyright ©2014. All Rights Reserved.

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Obama Admin Planned Children Invasion

Thu, 07/17/2014 - 01:04

Migrant Invasion is Deliberate Government Policy

Documents show that since 2012, Catholic and Baptist agencies have
received millions of dollars from the Obama Administration
for the "Unaccompanied Alien Children Project."
Since last October, over 60,000 Central American children
have flooded into the US.

From December 2012 to January 2014, Baptist Child & Family Services received $62,111,126 in federal grants from Health & Human Services for "Unaccompanied Alien Children Program."  BCFS is a Scam! 

by Richard Evans

I've been doing volunteer charity work with Hispanics for a few years, so nobody can call me a racist or a Xenophobe. I've been aware of the barely covert 'underground railroad' that makes it possible for illegals to set up in the the United States. 

I'm for helping people in need when they're here, but the State needs to send them back.  The President should be threatening the Mexican government with loss of aid and 'favored nation' status if they don't take better care of their own chattel. 

"Reports are now surfacing in many outlets that the flood of illegal immigrants - especially minor children - was prearranged by the Obama Administration to create an emergency situation".

Catholic bishops and Catholic Charities have been in collusion with the Obama Administration - in violation of "separation of church and state"
Obviously the Government's motive isn't altruism.

Monetary figures from University of Texas at El Paso March 20, 2014 detailed the planning of the "crisis":

Between Dec. 2010 and Nov. 2013, the Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston received $15,549,078 in federal grants from Health & Human Services for "Unaccompanied Alien Children Project" with a program description of "Refugee and Entry Assistance."

Last year, the Catholic Charities Diocese of Fort Worth received $350,000 from Department of Homeland Security for "citizenship and education training" with a program description of "citizenship and immigration services."

Between September 2010 and September 2013, the Catholic Charities of Dallas received $823,658 from the Department of Homeland Security for "Citizenship Education Training" for "refugee and entrant assistance."

From December 2012 to January 2014, Baptist Child & Family Services received $62,111,126 in federal grants from Health & Human Services for "Unaccompanied Alien Children Program."

Documentation regarding the Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) Project, compiled by the University of Texas at El Paso, can be read here. And, yes, Phoenix is mentioned. Along with the Rio Grande Valley. Texas, we are noted on page 15 as having "the most shelter beds based on DHS request."

Catholic and Baptist churches being bankrolled by HHS:

Liberty News reports on the alarming findings that the Obama administration was bankrolling America's churches back in 2010. The tens of millions were flowing in to prepare for the invasion currently underway.

We urge you to make time to read the shocking report titled, EXCLUSIVE: HHS Bankrolled Catholic and Baptist Church from 2010 to 2013 to Prepare for Obama's 2014 Invasion!

Documentation regarding the Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) Project, compiled by the University of Texas at El Paso, can be read here. And, yes, Phoenix is mentioned. Along with the Rio Grande Valley. Texas, Phoenix noted on page 15 as having "the most shelter beds based on DHS request."


Budget Raises Question of Foreknowledge 
----------Many migrants no longer children
---------  Masonic Pope Francis says Welcome Migrants -

First Comment from Rich:

This is true and it was ALL planned as far back as the 80's and likely much earlier than that in a program called REX84. 

REX 84, which stands for (Readiness Exercise 1984),was established on the reasoning that if a mass exodus of illegal aliens crossed the Mexican/US border, they would be quickly rounded up and detained in detention centers by FEMA. Rex 84 allowed many military bases to be closed down and to be turned into prisons.

Operation Cable Splicer and Garden Plot are the two sub programs which will be implemented once the Rex 84 program is initiated for its proper purpose. Garden Plot is the program to control the population. Cable Splicer is the program for an orderly takeover of the state and local governments by the federal government. FEMA is the executive arm of the coming police state and thus will head up all operations. The Presidential Executive Orders already listed on the Federal Register also are part of the legal framework for this operation.

The camps all have railroad facilities as well as roads leading to and from the detention facilities. Many also have an airport nearby. The majority of the camps can house a population of 20,000 prisoners.


For more proof watch "ILLUMINATI Bloodlines of Deception 6 RELOADED - FEMA & American Concentration Camps"

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Pittsburgh Hosts Furry Pervert Convention

Wed, 07/16/2014 - 01:05
Pittsburgh Loves the Furries!

Every year Pittsburgh enjoys the economic benefits of hosting
a convention of 5000 "Furries" - adults who dress up in animal costumes.
(This year they met July 3-6.) Our reader, Florence James, is familiar
with adult sex fetish groups, and says this is one.

"Take my word for it; it is not in any way, shape or form a child's play fantasy game. It is an x-rated adult fetish group with a fur fetish, similar to diaper, rubber, and other strange materials and objects used as sexual stimulation fetish tools."

Makow -
What does it say when a Men's Rights Conference is booted out of a hotel but these furry fetishists are warmly accpted? 

by Florence James

My city Pittsburgh has hosted the Anthrocon conventions for the past nine years due to the big profits for the city itself, and this year the furry fan-dom group has donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Pittsburgh Aviary. 

Wonderful, BUT I ask myself...is Pittsburgh being duped into believing this group is something other than what it is?

Having worked in the adult industry for decades, and having owned adult websites back in the mid-nineties, I'm fairly well-versed on adult fetish categories.

I'm not going to bore you with descriptions or lengthy explanations, you can Google it and find all the information on the subject matter yourself, but I will get straight to the point with this:

An adult X-rated video of a plush furry fetish sexual deviant in action. (Warning! Obscenity. This is a simulation of bestiality.)

My professional opinion is that Anthrocon is a CON, and this is not just simply a group of thousands of grown adults who love furry animals----think about that for a minute!

My concern is for the children, and that's why I am writing this piece.  I stumbled on a chat forum where a parent was inquiring whether it was safe for their 14-year-old son to participate in the furry culture.

When you read some of the answers that are given, it will send chills down your spine----most notably the answer about how only a very SMALL percentage of them are into bestiality.

Even more disturbing to me as a parent is that our local news media personalities have not taken the time to investigate this for what it really is, and thus, when the Anthrocon convention rolls into Pittsburgh, they giggle and promote it as a children's fantasy.

"There is no city that welcomes us in the way Pittsburgh does," said Samuel "Uncle Kage" Conway, chairman and CEO of Anthrocon told the local newspaper. "People here have embraced walking foxes as part of the scene."

This sense of acceptance is important for attendees, who come to Anthrocon to join a community of like-minded anthropomorphics devotees hailing from 25 countries and every state except North Dakota, Mr. Conway said. More than 1,100 attendees dressed in full-body fursuits will walk in a parade Saturday afternoon inside the convention center.

Take my word for it; it is not in any way, shape or form a child's play fantasy game.

It is an x-rated adult fetish group with a fur fetish, similar to diaper, rubber, and other strange materials and objects used as sexual stimulation fetish tools.

Related - Furry Nation Unleashed in Downtown Pittsburgh
---------   "Furries" a Stepping Stone to Bestiality?
---------   Are Furries Really So Bad? (more on convention, pictures)

First Comment from Dan:  Furry Sex Scene in Stanley Kubrick's 1980 Movie "The Shining"

When I first heard there was such a thing as a "furry" fetish - people dressing in animal costumes having orgies - it sounded like something geeky that might go on at Mensa or Trekkie convention.

If these fetishes strike us as funny and harmless due to the association with childishness,  check out this clip from  Stanley Kubrick's movie THE SHINING.

As far as it being a gateway to bestiality, that's probably another geeky fetish called  'Plushophilia' - which seems to 'sex with stuffed toy animals'.

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Do White People Need a Survival Strategy?

Tue, 07/15/2014 - 01:29

(left, Feminism and "Diversity" are examples of how Illuminati Jews dis-empower White males.)

Mark Green comments on the double standard that
allows Jews, Blacks and Hispanics to pursue their
racial interests but forbids people of European origin
from doing the same thing. Do Whites need national
organizations to protect their interests?

Green: "Jews are definitely on the rise. Witness: money, commitment, power, pride, cohesion, and visibility. Whites however are moving in reverse. We are rapidly being displaced and we're losing control of our culture, language and country. But please don't mention this. (Views of this kind are considered 'reactionary' and maybe even racist!)"

Makow Comment:   To put this discussion into context, the political and cultural leadership in the West is a proxy or colonial administrator for the Illuminati Jewish banking cartel which is pursuing a satanic (Cabalist Jewish) agenda of social engineering and world tyranny. For example, 9-11, gun-control and NSA-spying are measures to advance this agenda and protect its agents.

by Mark Green
(from Occidental Observer Site)

Whites are at a disadvantage in this modern competition since white (racial) solidarity--unlike Jewish solidarity--is taboo in America.

Why? The dominant Jewish narrative effectively bars whites from forming ethnic/racial teams the way Jews do. This keeps whites divided and off balance when competing against Jews.

At the same time, this double-standard allows Jewish teams to flourish. Jewish alliances enhance Jewish unity, boost Jewish morale, increase Jewish cooperation, and instill in Jews a sense of collective purpose. But please don't mention this. (Saying so is considered antisemitic).

An entrenched double-standard has taken root. Within it lies a murky and complex set of rules which emanate from a collection of ancient stories, modern myths, and concocted taboos. Together, they form the Big New Jewish Narrative.

The six pillars that sustain this Narrative are: fascism, racism, The Holocaust, democracy, freedom and human equality. I don't want to spoil the ending here, but the good guys in this grand drama are-without a doubt-those poor, brilliant, equality-loving, highly democratic and ever-suffering Jews!

And if you don't believe me, just turn on your TV or pick up a bestselling book.

Jews are definitely on the rise. Witness: money, commitment, power, pride, cohesion, and visibility.

Whites however are moving in reverse. We are rapidly being displaced and we're losing control of our culture, language and country. But please don't mention this. (Views of this kind are considered 'reactionary' and maybe even racist!)

Whites are clearly on the defensive. The other team is clearly on the offensive.

Culturally, organized Jewry uses Hitler/Nazism (and KKK imagery) to smear any and all European-derived American who dares advocate for nurturing alliances based along (white) kinship lines, even though Jewish kinship alliances are exactly what organized Jewry is nurturing now and has always nurtured. So why the double-standard? It's good for the Jews.

And how do they get away with it? That's where the official Holocaust narrative comes in.

According to the Official Story: Jews have no choice. We (lesser souls) keep persecuting them and killing them. And for no good reason! So they absolutely MUST stick together. All the hatred/discrimination directed at Jews is 'Just because they're Jews'. That's it. End of story. Incredibly, the root of the problem is not about Jewish beliefs or even what Jews do. It's all about us bad guys and our 'virulent' antisemitism.

So what's a good, decent American supposed to do? Fight fascism of course! The Big Problem CLEARLY is antisemitism and white racism for sure. Now go!

Thus, Jews remain proud, militant, guilt-free, unified and (justifiably of course) defensive while countless whites feel ashamed, disorganized, demoralized, and even estranged from their own racial brethren. Their team is winning. Ours, not.

The 'white community' (may I use that expression?) may now coalesce along (non-discriminatory) corporate/business interests, regional boundaries, religious faith, or narrow ideological differences such as liberal/conservative, Democrat/Republican. That's pretty much it.

Jews however can be wide-open, Jew-loving Israelis/settlers/Holocaust survivors or just plain wonderful Jews! They can work as teams with strictly Jewish objectives. And isn't that great?! And if you don't like it, don't blame them. Blame Hitler. Antisemitism made them this way.

Just don't get in their way.

Unfortunately, atomized, white Americans are now in a box. Jews-playing on the Jewish team-not only get to play by different rules, but these same cultural programmers play an enormous role in managing/shaping modern political orthodoxies. They also contribute millions of dollars to BOTH political parties at the same time. Even countless Christian churches are now under the Jewish/Zionist thumb.

These downtrodden Holocaust survivors (and their descendents) also write/edit the screenplays for many of the shows our neighbors/friends/children watch. They also happen to censor/edit much of the news that average Americans consume as well. Industrious, aren't they? Nothing wrong with that!

Jews are America's foremost gatekeepers. (And come to think of it, they seem to have a lot of clout in Europe, too.)

Curiously, while Americans cheer for their favorite professional team as well as our troops (God Bless our Troops!) millions of poor, uneducated, Spanish-speaking meso-Americans pour through unguarded US borders, forever changing American civilization. Forever.

Can we talk about it? (Is it racist to do so?) Unfortunately, Jewish intellectuals and their minions now insist that the US is a 'proposition nation'. (see: 'Democracy, equality.')

Race doesn't matter here. Not now. No longer. We're all equal in America!

Maybe this experiment will work. But what if it doesn't? Oh well, at least the Jews have Israel to go to.

Interestingly, in Israel-where Jews are 80% of the population-a grand sporting event takes place in Jerusalem every year. But it's restricted. Only Jewish athletes may compete. It's called (surprise!) The Maccabiah Games. No Jackie Robinson in this arena, thank you. In fact, no gentiles on any of the teams.

Meanwhile, America fights wars for Israel, subsidizes ethnic cleansing in 'greater Israel', but does nothing to stem the invasion of millions of Spanish-speaking Meso-Americans who have been flooding into the US for decades. Curious, no?

Yes, the Jews run Hollywood. In fact, they pretty much run America.

Here's a secret: Incredibly-while no one was watching-'greater Israel' gradually became the world's foremost superpower. It happened. It's real.

For instance, if you want to find out about where the next US war (or NATO invasion) is going to be, find out what the Israel lobby wants. It's a perfect predictor. I call it the 'Israel Index'. Watch it. Learn from it.

(But please don't mention that I told you about it. It's probably antisemitic.)




The Jewish Supremicist Game Plan - Rev Ted Pike
Non-Hispanic White Births Now a Minority in US
White Heterosexual Comic Book hero Archie Killed Defending Gay Friend 
The White Race is a Social Construct  (like Gender)
Swedes have their Heads up Their Asses

First Comment from John:

Hi Henry! This article and especially your comment at the beginning sums it all up. That is exactly how it is; no more, no less.  If the preset social dynamic is not stopped and reversed, it is not just Whites that are doomed but civilization itself. On a moral level people's souls will be lost and humans will be re-engineered into sub-humans, incapable of higher feelings and of loving beauty.

We already see de-humanizing in a large segment of society, the result of satanic social engineering. Survival as a strategy will not stop what is going on, and surviving becomes ever more difficult since even having a career increasingly depends on embracing the satanist agenda or at least acquiescing to it.  I have no idea what the strategy should be but the Latin saying "extremis malis extrema remedia" comes to mind: for extreme evils, extreme solutions. Humanity faces some terrible choices to survive as human beings and not cattle.

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9-11: We Must Demand Justice

Mon, 07/14/2014 - 01:31

As long as the real perpetrators of 9-11 go free, humanity will continue to live in a demoralized political fantasy created by criminals.  Danish Journalist Tommy Hansen has made a video about 9-11 (above), and compiled a bibliography of 9-11 research (below.) Although I think his analysis is a bit naive (i.e. his focus on the Bushes and Saudis instead of Mossad; his assumption that airplanes were involved); I appreciate his desire to revive our indignation and thirst for justice.

By Tommy Hansen

(abridged by henrymakow.com)

I am a Danish independent journalist who has been investigating 9/11 since shortly after it happened. From my research, I have concluded that 9/11 was an inside job, and that the official story is as impossible as it is incredible.

Why hasn't anyone even questioned the fundamental premise - that 19 hijackers in four different airplanes were able to operate in US air space for one-and-a-half hours, with no interference whatsoever from US air defense, the most advanced in the world?

(left, Tommy Hansen)

I challenge any journalist: Use a day or two looking at the basics, and ask yourself: "Did this really happen as we were told?" Within a week, you will know that the real story has been kept from you in a carefully planned and executed operation of high-level media control which has been running ever since 9/11.

But this is it - now is the time to get up and do the people's work. Get up and claim the right to do your job; go to your editors and demand to focus on this unsolved and catalytic event that split the world in two: "Either you´re with us or you are with the terrorists," as George Bush said.
How come the mainstream media, in an almost all-encompassing operation, has chosen to leave the real story alone from day one? No critical questions have been asked whatsoever.

In the meantime, the job of investigation into the actual events has effectively been carried out by institutions and individuals throughout the world. So for a journalist in 2014, cracking 9/11 is merely a question of gathering and processing the relevant facts and evidence which, today, are highly visible on the internet, and in many languages.




Massimo Mazzucco: September 11 -- The New Pearl Harbor (FULL)


9/11Truth : The Elephant In The Room - Full Movie


Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth (Full unreleased version)


Pilots for 911 Truth: 9/11 intercepted (Full version):


9/11:Blueprint for Truth [The Architecture of Destruction] (Full Length)


William Lewis: 9/11 In Plane Site (Directors Cut)


Eric Hufschmid: Painful Deceptions 911 Documentary (Full)


Richard Gage: 9/11 Explosive Evidence - The Experts Speak Out (Fullversion)


Mike Ruppert: The Truth and Lies of 9/11 (Full Length)


Rick Siegel: 911 Eyewitness Documentary


JamesEaston: 9/11 - The Biggest Lie


9/11:THE SENSIBLE DOUBT - [Danish Mini-documentary about 9/11]



Don Paul and Jim Hoffman, 2005: "9/11 Guilt"


Barbara Honegger 2013: "Behind the Smoke Curtain"


David Ray Griffin, 2011: "911 Miracles"


Susan Lindauer, 2010: "Extreme prejudice"


Webster Tarpley, 2009: "9/11 False Flag Terrorism - The Precedents &The Reality"


Niels Harrit, 2012: "9/11 & The Seventh Tower"



Consensus911- Best Evidence Panel


Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth


Pilots for 911 Truth


RememberBuilding 7


Patriots Question 911








Journal of 911 Studies






ActorsAnd Artists for 911 Truth


Firefightersfor 911 Truth (archive)


Journalistsand Other Media Professionals for 9/11 Truth





Journalist Christoffer Bollyn, USA - www.bollyn.com

JournalistJ ohn Pilger, England - http://johnpilger.com/

Journalist Ken Jebsen, Germany - www.kenfm.de

Journalist Lars Schall, Germany - www.larsschall.com

Journalist Massimo Mazzucco, Italy - www.luogocomune.net/

Journalist Tommy Hansen, Denmark - www.stikimod.dk

American Free Press - www.americanfreepress.net

Centerfor Public Integrity, USA - www.publicintegrity.org

ConspiracyQueries,Canada - http://www.conspiracyqueries.com/

Global Research,Canada - www.globalresearch.ca

Infowars,USA - www.infowars.com

TheIntercept: - https://firstlook.org/theintercept/dispatches/

ThePeople's Voice, UK - http://thepeoplesvoice.tv/

UKProgressive - www.ukprogressive.co.uk/


R. Nelson, Princeton University: "Extended Analysis: September 11 2001in Context"


Lars Schall, "Insider Trading on 9/11 - The Facts Laid Bare"


Kevin Ryan, "Evidence for Informed Trading on the Attacks of September11," 18 Nov. 2010


Roger Nelson, "Formal Analysis, September 11, 2001," 2001


R. Nelson, "Coherent Consciousness and Reduced Randomness:Correlations on September 11, 2001," Journal of ScientificExploration, Vol. 16, No. 4, pp. 549-570, 2002.

USNational Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States,"Staff Monograph on the Four Flights and Civil Aviation Security,"26 Aug. 2004, 12 Sep. 2005 release


Michael Ruppert, "Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil," New Society Publishers, 2004. pp.238-253




Reuters,"German Firm Probes Final World Trade Center Deals," 17 Dec. 2001


San Francisco Chronicle, "Canada asked to aid SEC probe: Trading beforeSept. 11 checked


Foreignpolicy:Black 9/11: A Walk on the Dark Side


Haaretz Digital: Odigo says workers were warned of attack


Activist Post: 9/11 Foreknowledge Caught on Computers that Measure Global Mind


Michael J. Ruppert: The Case for Bush Administration Advance Knowledge of9-11 Attacks


Princeton University: Variance Deviations on September 11


SF Gate San Fransisco: Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross, "Willie Browngot low-key early warning about air travel," 12 Sep. 2001


911Research:Pre-9/11 Put Options on Companies Hurt by Attack IndicatesForeknowledge



YouTube:Who diverted the fighter jets:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNM3GQWx83Q

YouTube:Who controlled the planes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WC9KZ2Yy5g4

YouTube:Highjacking the air defence:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8En6Ag8y77M

YouTube:The 9/11 war games: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzRDr6tzEAE

YouTube:9/11 intercepted: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUdJ41J_L8o


Archive.org:Exercise Jump-StartsResponse to Attacks:


Informationclearinghouse: Wargames 9/11:


USAToday on NORAD:


Global Security: Amalgam Warrior:


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911-blogger:Real World or Excersize:


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Associated Press on the CIA-DRILL 9/11 :


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9/11 Research on the CIA-DRILL 9/11: 2001:


Oil Empire on the CIA-DRILL 9/11:



RJ Lee Group: "WTC Dust Signature", May 2004, prepared for DeutscheBank (showing significant content of basic iron spheres in the dust,indicating extreme temperatures)


Bentham Open Chemical physics Journal 2009, 2,7-31:: "Active ThermiticMaterial Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade



KevinRyan, "Demolition Access to the WTC Towers," 2009-2010. Four-partseries collected into a pdf document at


Globalresearch.ca:SEP 11, 2001: Failures of the US Secret Service on the Morning of9/11: A Call for Transparency:


History Commons Groups: Examining the 9/11 Commission Archives


Historycommons:Complete 911 Timeline - Dick Cheney's Actions on 9/11


History Commons:Complete 911 Timeline - Bush's Actions on 9/11


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Globalresearch.ca:The mysterious collapse of wtc seven


911review.com:Building 7 - a review


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9/11reviev.org: Pentagon Attack Damage:


Rense.com:Another 9/11 passport miracle:


allvoices.com:Pentagon Accountants Killed in 9/11 Attacks Day After RumsfeldAdmitted $2.3 Trillion Missing:


Rense.com:Introducing the amazing new Penta-Lawn 2000!:


American Everyman: Mineta's Testimony to the 9/11 Commission confirmed bySecret Service logfile:


Newsweek:Pentagon Generals Cancel Travel Plans One Day Before 9/11



Paul Wesley Rea 2011: Mounting Evidence: Why We Need a New InvestigationInto 9/11


David Ray Griffin 2004: The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions Aboutthe Bush Administration and 9/11


David Ray Griffin 2013: 9/11 Ten Years Later: When State Crimes againstDemocracy Succeed


Wesley Clarke 2004: Winning Modern Wars, Iraq, Terrorism and the AmericanEmpire


Susan Lindauer 2010: Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of The PatriotAct and The Cover Up of 9/11 and Iraq


Christopher Bollyn 2012: Solving 9/11 - The Deception That Changed The World


Michael Fleming 2013: 9/11 - Conspiracy Theory Becomes Reality


David Ray Griffin 2004: The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions AndDistortions


Thierry Meyssan 2003: Pentagate


Peter Dale Scott 2008: The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire and the Future ofAmerica


Andreas von Bülow (former German Secretary of Defence) 2011: 9/11 SyntheticTerror: Made in USA


James R. Gourley 2012: The 9/11 Toronto Report


Don Paul and Jim Hoffman 2004: Waking up from our Nightmare: The 9/11/01Crimes in New York City


David Ray Griffin 2004: The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions andDistortions


Kevin Ryan 2013: Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects


Paul Graig Roberts 2014: How America Was Lost: From 9/11 to thePolice/Warfare State



Trans.Sec.Nelson Mineta testimony before the 9/11 Commission on C-SPAN


CNN Report of Jamie McIntyre at the Pentagon


CNN Chris Plant, helicopter, Pentagon, 9/11, 09:48


ABC News reports about 2 hours after the attack


Journalist John Pilger on Iraq, Terrorism and 911 (2:40)


Dutch TV Sept 9, 2005: Michael Meacher & Andreas van Bülow question9/11


GermanTV, March 2003: Flight 93: Mayor of Shanksville Says 'There Was NoPlane'


Jonathan Cole: 9/11 Experiments: The mysterious Eutectic Steel


National Press Club, 9/11/2006, Commission Chairman Thomas Kean: The 9/11Commission Was Set Up To Fail


Larry Silverstein on PBS "America Rebuilds" September 2002 admittingorder to "pull it" about Building 7


NY firefighters say WTC collapse seemed like a controlled demolition


Eyewitnesses:"A bomb went off in the lobby first, then the plane hit"


Wearechange.org:"New 9/11 Eyewitness Evidence of Bombs in WTC"


Richard Gage: Architects question 911


911Truth: Pentagon Eyewitness Bob Pugh tells his story


April Gallup, Pentagon Eyewitness: "No Plane Hit The Pentagon"


AllTV-clips broadcasted in the US on 9/11 sorted out on channels:


More than 3000 hours of television from 20 channels over 7 days from 9/11and on: "Understanding 9/11"



John Pilger: Breaking The Silence: Truth And Lies In The War On Terror


John Pilger: The War You Don't See


Greg Palast: Bush Family Fortunes


G.Edward Griffin: The Creature From Jekyll Island


AaronRusso: America - From Freedom to Fascism (Full Length Documentary)


Centerfor Public Integrity: "Iraq, The War Card - False Pretenses"updated 2014


CNN:"Study: Bush, aides made 935 false statements in run-up to war"


Petroleum Economist: "The war for Iraqi oil - beyond the cliché"


Articleby Professor Daniele Ganser, University of Basel: "False FlagAttacks"



9/11Commission Report


NISTreports 2005 and 2008:


FEMABuilding Performance Study 2002:


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Were Illuminati Jews Behind French Revolution?

Sun, 07/13/2014 - 01:53
P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }

July 14 (Monday) is Bastille Day.

"Behind the Convention, behind the clubs, behind the Revolutionary Tribunal, there existed, says Lombard de Langres Vincent - (author of Histoire des Jacobins depuis 1789 jusqu'à ce jour (1820) and l'Histoire des sociétés secrètes,) that 'most secret convention [convention sécrétissime] which directed everything after May 31, an occult and terrible power of which the other Convention became the slave and which was composed of the prime initiates of Illuminism."

by  Vladimir Moss

(Excerpted by henrymakow.com)

The early phase of the revolution - that of the constitutional monarchy and the Declaration of the Rights of Man - was led by the more idealistic kind of Freemasons. But its later stages were controlled by the Jacobin-Illuminati with their radically destructive [Cabalist and terrorist] plans.

Thus, "according to Lombard de Langres [writing in 1820]: 'France in 1789 counted more than 2,000 lodges affiliated to the Grand Orient; the number of adepts was more than 100,000. The first events of 1789 were only Masonry in action. All the revolutionaries of the Constituent Assembly were initiated into the third degree. We place in this class the Duc d'Orléans, Valence, Syllery, Laclos, Sièyes, Pétion, Menou, Biron, Montesquiou, Fauchet, Condorcet, Lafayette, Mirabeau, Garat, Rabaud, Dubois-Crancé, Thiébaud, Larochefoucauld, and others.'

"Amongst these others [continues Nasta Webster] were not only the Brissotins, who formed the nucleus of the Girondin party, [including] the men of the Terror - Marat, Robespierre, Danton, and Desmoulins.

"It was these fiercer elements, true disciples of the Illuminati, who were to sweep away the visionary Masons dreaming of equality and brotherhood....

"Yet faithfully as the Terrorists carried out the plan of the Illuminati, it would seem that they themselves were not initiated into the innermost secrets of the conspiracy. Behind the Convention, behind the clubs, behind the Revolutionary Tribunal, there existed, says Lombard de Langres, that 'most secret convention [convention sécrétissime] which directed everything after May 31, an occult and terrible power of which the other Convention became the slave and which was composed of the prime initiates of Illuminism. This power was above Robespierre and the committees of the government,... it was this occult power which appropriated to itself the treasures of the nation and distributed them to the brothers and friends who had helped on the great work.'"[36]

What was this occult power that controlled even the Illuminati? Many writers think that it was the Talmudists, the rabbinic leaders of the Jewish people. However, the final triumph of the Talmudists was delayed temporarily by an excess of the revolutionary zeal they had themselves stimulated.

"In the local communes," writes L.A. Tikhomirov, "individual groups of especially wild Jacobins, who had not been initiated into higher politics, sometimes broke into synagogues, destroying the Torah and books, but it was only by 1794 that the revolutionary-atheist logic finally forced even the bosses to pose the question of the annihilation not only of Catholicism, but also of Jewry. At this point, however, the Jews were delivered by 9 Thermidor, 1794. Robespierre fell and was executed. The moderate elements triumphed. The question of the ban of Jewry disappeared of itself, while the Constitution of Year III of the Republic granted equal rights to the Jews."[37]


By the end of the eighteenth century, the revolution appeared to have lost its way, consumed by poverty, corruption and mutual blood-letting. It was saved by a young soldier, Napoleon Bonaparte, who was as sincerely faithful to the spirit of the French revolution as Cromwell had been to the English.

The Mason Christopher Hodapp writes: "It was rumoured for many years that Napoleon Bonaparte was a Freemason, but there is no historic proof of it. Still, many of his military officers, members of his Grand Council for the Empire, and 22 of the 30 Marshals of France were. So were his four brothers, three of whom were made kings by Napoleon. The Emperor's wife, Empress Josephine, was even admitted into a French female lodge in 1804. Regardless of whether Napoleon was ever made a Mason, he did adopt the title Protector of Freemasonry, along with the lengthy list of other titles he assumed when he became emperor in 1804."[38] ...

Madame de Staël called him Robespierre on horseback. After all, he came from Corsica, which in 1755 had successfully rebelled from Genoa, and for which Rousseau wrote one of his most seminal works, Project de constitution pour la Corse, in 1765. But, like Cromwell (and Caesar), he found that in order to save the republic he had to take control of it and rule it like a king.

(Can there be any doubt he was a Mason?)

His chance came on 19 Brumaire (November 10), 1799, when he overthrew the Directory, describing parliamentarism as "hot air", and frightened the two elective assemblies into submission. On December 13 a new constitution was proclaimed with Bonaparte as the first of three Consuls with full executive powers. And on December 15 the three Consuls declared: "Citizens, the Revolution is established upon its original principles: it is consummated..."[39]

Paul Johnson writes: "The new First Consul was far more powerful than Louis XIV, since he dominated the armed forces directly in a country that was now organized as a military state. All the ancient restraints on divine-right kingship - the Church, the aristocracy and its resources, the courts, the cities and their charters, the universities and their privileges, the guilds and their immunities - all had been swept away by the Revolution, leaving France a legal blank on which Bonaparte could stamp the irresistible force of his personality."[40]

But, again like Caesar and Cromwell, he could never confess to being a king in the traditional sense. Under him, in Norman Davies' phrase, "a pseudo-monarchy headed pseudo-democratic institutions."[41]......

However, writes Adam Zamoyski, "it was not so much a matter of France 'űber alles'. 'European society needs a regeneration,' Napoleon asserted in conversation in 1805. 'There must be a superior power which dominates all the other powers, with enough authority to force them to live in harmony with one another - and France is the best placed for that purpose.'

He was, like many a tyrant, utopian in his ambitions. 'We must have a European legal system, a European appeal court, a common currency, the same weights and measures the same laws,' Napoleon once said to Joseph Fouché: 'I must make of all the peoples of Europe one people, and of Paris, the capital of the world.'"[54]

And yet "at bottom," as Johnson notes, "Bonaparte despised the French, or perhaps it would be more exact to say the Parisians, the heart of the 'political nation'. He thought of them, on the basis of his experience during the various phases of the Revolution, as essentially frivolous."[55]

The truth is, therefore, that it was neither the State nor the Nation that Bonaparte exalted above all, - although he greatly increased the worship of both in later European history, - but himself. So the spirit that truly reigned in the Napoleonic era can most accurately be described as the spirit of the man-god, of the Antichrist, of whom Bonaparte himself, as the Russian Holy Synod quite rightly said, was a forerunner.

This antichristian quality is most clearly captured in Madame De Staël's characterization: "I had the disturbing feeling that no emotion of the heart could ever reach him. He regards a human being like a fact or a thing, never as an equal person like himself. He neither hates nor loves... The force of his will resides in the imperturbable calculations of his egotism. He is a chess-master whose opponents happen to be the rest of humanity... Neither pity nor attraction, nor religion nor attachment would ever divert him from his ends... I felt in his soul cold steel, I felt in his mind a deep irony against which nothing great or good, even his own destiny, was proof; for he despised the nation which he intended to govern, and no spark of enthusiasm was mingled with his desire to astound the human race..."[56]

Related- How the Jews Outwitted Napoleon

First Comment from David;

I believe Napoleon was a tool of freemasonry and that it was a mason, that is obvious, however my understanding is that he tried to install the old monarchy money system against the new rising money lending Rothschild syndicate... There is many quote from him that back his vision of a sound money system independent from the interest bearing currency ; the French Napoleon gold currency and the bimetalic system was stable for over a century (until WWI...)
I like the vision of the Scottish historian Robert McNair Wilson who put it straight:

Napoleon was the last great champion of the common people against the growing

power of finance, as even a superficial study of his Continental System will show. The

hostile forces that ringed him round and finally brought him to ruin were financed by

usury; and, Wellington among them, were fighting usury's battle.

It cannot be too strongly insisted that finance and not territorial aggrandizement is the

key to Napoleon's reign. Had the French Emperor consented to abandon his financial

system in favour of the system of London - that is, in favour of loans by the money

market, he could have had peace at any time.

Another quite significant quote from historian Robert McNair Wilson in his Monarchy or Money Power (1933):

Having made peace with the whole world, Bonaparte set about his task of preparing himself and the French people for the return to the God-system. It was ordained by him that money should not be exported from France on any pretext whatever except with the consent of the Government, and that in no circumstances should loans be employed to meet current expenditure whether civil or military.

The object was to withhold from finance the power to embarrass the Government as it had embarrassed the Government of Louis XVI. When a Government, Bonaparte declared, is dependent for money upon bankers, they and not the leaders of that Government control the situation, since "the hand that gives is above the hand that takes"57. He did not allow anyone to forget the shipments of gold to England organized by Barras at the expense of the army of Italy, and at a moment when France was denuded of metallic currency. "Money," he declared, "has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency: their sole object is gain."

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<br /><img alt="img142.jpg" src="http:/

Sun, 07/13/2014 - 01:32

Left, A  photo of the sweetheart who protected our family as valiantly as any dog. The kids used to sneak her into the house. They placed the crown on her and took the pic. She deserved it.

Annette's Response to  "Men are like Dogs; Women Like Cats"

Oh brother Henry, I can't believe I am writing  you again over all this nonsense , but here goes again. Geeeez this business about women and cats... I won't start or even end my rebuttal on the woman part. I'm here to defend cats !

We have had four cats in our family and every one of them was an amazing loving being. The guy who wrote the article obviously not only hates women - he hates cats too !

All of my kitties were stray, abused or unwanted by neighbors. We loved them and treated them with respect and they returned everything a thousand-fold. Both of my female cats showed incredible loyalty and protectiveness.

One cat, if we were out in front as a family would run to the end of the driveway to attack any dog walking by in a show of protectiveness towards us. She put her life in jeopardy by doing that.

Other times when my husband would lose his temper with the kids, the same kitty would come and show concern and try to get in between my husband and our kids. Again the same kitty would follow me to a neighbor's where I took piano lessons and wait for me on the front porch until I came out and then escort me home.

My other female cat left my neighbors and came to live at our house because she had been abused by them. She was terrified of them and the dogs they had brought into their home, and yet in a display of protectiveness towards me, she would growl when she heard their voices over the fence. I think it was all show, as  she was very frightened and timid. But she was showing me where her loyalties lay.

These cats would follow us around the yard or house as we did work or chores just to be in our company.  Cats give back what you give them- that is my experience. 

Yes dogs have some wonderful qualities but they can be totally gross and obnoxious, and vicious. No animal control ever had to put a cat down for an unprovoked attack on a child or adult. Once again some guy had problems with women and instead of contemplating himself has to demonize not only women , but for god sakes cats too ! What a loser. I'm all for hearing genuine complaints from men, but this is misogyny and not worthy of linking to your site. The coward wouldn't even sign his name to the blog.
Remember this good for nothing cat that saved a little boy's life ?   I rest my case.

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The Price of Putting off Baby

Sat, 07/12/2014 - 01:35

Carie Zampich succumbed to Feminist propaganda
and postponed having a baby until it was too late.
Philip Wyeth describes her Frankenstein-like ordeal of
child creation and explains why he doesn't feel sorry
for her or her husband.

"And thus began a five-year, $82,000 journey into the world of infertility treatment which transformed a most natural part of the human experience into ... the script synopsis for 'Prometheus 2.'"

Eyes Wide Shut on Infertility Street
by Philip Wyeth

While having an afternoon beer at a neighborhood coffee shop I randomly picked up the July 2014 issue of Money magazine and read an article entitled "Waiting for Baby" which dramatically chronicles a 40-something couple's long journey to get pregnant. Not reacting as I'm sure 99.8% of other readers did, I found myself shaking my head and chuckling with the occasional exasperated snort--was I the only person who saw this whole scene as the epitaph for the last 45 years of American society?

You see, Carrie Zampich was 36 years old when she got married to her husband Dan and they began trying to have a baby in 2009. No doubt as a child of the 1970s, she was raised within the feminist paradigm that eschewed young motherhood for a college degree and a career.

But then as always happens the old biological clock chimed in with a little FYI: "Hey, these eggs won't last forever." And thus began a five-year, $82,000 journey into the world of infertility treatment which transformed a most natural part of the human experience into a grotesque series of in-vitro injections for her, a trip to a clinic in the Czech Republic to save a few bucks, jumping through hoops and prostrating before the health insurance altar, a first-trimester miscarriage, and even a small surgery to clear some sperm blockage for him. Wait, is this the script synopsis for "Prometheus 2"?

And at the end of it all, after first trying to unite his sperm with her egg, then donor sperm with her egg, we soon come to the final laughable-if-it-weren't-so-heartbreaking-and-cruel act: merging his sperm with a donor egg to grow in Carrie's body. She rationalizes this grim last stop by saying, "I get to carry the baby. That's enough for me." I'd call this form of self-surrogacy SIM-Pregnancy, a going through of the motions for the ego, for the photo album, for the "memories."


Eighteen-year-old girls don't have trouble getting pregnant. 24-year-old women don't have much of a problem either. But in our society we've simply declared men and women as equal and interchangeable. I really don't blame any cynical medical types who open a fertility clinic to cash in on this delusion. They don't allow lipstick manufacturers to test their products on monkeys or rats anymore, but it's amazing in what name we'll justify the indignities of being used as scientific test subjects ourselves.

Perhaps girls should at least be made aware of the biological facts before they enter college. Maybe men, once they've established themselves in their careers, should take a younger woman in prime fertility as his wife. Our species used to celebrate the magic and mystery of our sex differences, and we once embraced female power with wild fertility rites. I guess hormone injections and a stranger's thawed sperm don't inspire such zesty rituals...

Let's imagine Carrie had graduated from college in 1995 and within a few years married a successful man eight years her senior. At age 26, she gives birth to a healthy baby boy who boasts both parents' DNA, then she stays home to care for the child. They pay less to the IRS because her work as a mother does not produce taxable income; they aren't paying for a nanny...and they aren't being ground through the infertility racket.

But instead, "they've borrowed against Carrie's 401(k) plan, maxed out their credit cards, taken donations from family and friends, and routinely worked side jobs for extra cash." Cut to Carrie babysitting a friend's kids, then pan camera to window as Dan passes by walking other people's dogs around the neighborhood--just to pay off the bills for a laboratory baby that may never arrive. When can someone's failure be seen as a warning and an opportunity to consider another way, as opposed to just this endless lament, this pathetic sob story devoid of context or implications?

Along the way the couple experienced some financial bad luck: "$275 to replace Dan's windshield after a tree limb fell on his car; a $1,300 vet bill when their dog Minnie fell on a tree branch that went through her shoulder; and $450 when their other dog, Mylo, was bitten by a snake." An ornery snake?! Who writes this shit? I know I'm supposed to feel sorry for these saps but I just snorted out my beer!

I honestly don't care whose Pavlovian ire I provoke for uttering these "insensitive" thoughts... Our society is reaping the consequences of flawed ideas that have had several generations to play out--and now it's high time for a reevaluation.

At the very least, I implore men looking for potential spouses to date women whose age would suggest a high chance of natural conception.

"Love conquers all" be damned, everyone has had enough high school heartbreaks and one-night-stands to sink the Titanic. And if women aren't shamed for marrying a man because he's successful, I too will not be called calculating and heartless for choosing my bride based on the criteria of what she can provide for me, namely offspring that don't require the goddamned surgical team from the movie "Sleeper" loading up a turkey baster to create!

First Comment from Carl:

They call them libtards for a reason. The whole feminist, abortion for convenience, I don't like children, there are too many children, arrested development type of mentality are some or the strongest spells cast on society. Of course this includes the same folks who think CO2 is a lethal gas and guess who exhales it, babies. There are people so stupid that in a world of bombing orphans they think its a good idea to murder the people who will likely love them forever if they raise them correctly. Sadly I agree that the forty something "useful idiots" get what they deserve even if I pity them, however the abortion component is really sad because a big portion of the people under 22 are getting them.
 We have sacrificed so many lives to their god, probably mostly the best stock too as its mostly good looking narcissists from middle class backgrounds who eviscerate their young so they can be put into products at your grocery store.

Is it true? Probably, there are people who drop white phosphorus on children.

Men have biological clocks too. Men in their late 30s and after 40 have low and unhealthy sperm. http://www.nytimes.com/ref/health/healthguide/esn-maleinfertility-expert.html

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How the Jews Outwitted Napoleon

Fri, 07/11/2014 - 02:57
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July 14 is Bastille Day

Napoleon (1769-1821) tried to control the Jews and make them assimilate.

However, all his efforts had the opposite effect.

By breaking up the feudal trammels of mid-Europe

and introducing equality, he actually set them loose. 


Napoleon: "The French government cannot look on with indifference as a vile, degraded nation capable of every iniquity takes exclusive possession of two beautiful departments of Alsace; one must consider the Jews as a nation and not as a sect. It is a nation within a nation."

by  Vladimir Moss
(Excerpt by henrymakow.com)

If the French revolution gave the Jews their first political victory, Napoleon gave them their second...

Napoleon now learned what many rulers before and after had learned: that kindness towards the Jews does not make them more tractable.

Nechvolodov writes: "Since the first years of the Empire, Napoleon I had become very worried about the Jewish monopoly in France and the isolation in which they lived in the midst of the other citizens, although they had received citizenship. The reports of the departments showed the activity of the Jews in a very bad light:

'Everywhere there are false declarations to the civil authorities; fathers declare the sons who are born to them to be daughters... Again, there are Jews who have given an example of disobedience to the laws of conscription; out of sixty-nine Jews who, in the course of six years, should have formed part of the Moselle contingent, none has entered the army.'


"By contrast, behind the army, they give themselves up to frenzied speculation.

(left, Jewish peddlers)

"'Unfortunately,' says Thiers, describing the entry of the French into Rome in his History of the Revolution, 'the excesses, not against persons but against property, marred the entry of the French into the ancient capital of the world... They began to pillage the palaces, convents and rich collections. Some Jews in the rear of the army bought for a paltry price the magnificent objects which the looters were offering them.'

"It was in 1805, during Napoleon's passage through Strasbourg, after the victory of Austerlitz, that the complaints against the Jews assumed great proportions. The principal accusations... concerned ...usury. As soon as he returned to Paris, Napoleon[declared]:

"'The French government cannot look on with indifference as a vile, degraded nation capable of every iniquity takes exclusive possession of two beautiful departments of Alsace; one must consider the Jews as a nation and not as a sect. It is a nation within a nation; I would deprive them, at least for a certain time, of the right to take out mortgages, for it is too humiliating for the French nation to find itself at the mercy of the vilest nation. Some entire villages have been expropriated by the Jews; they have replaced feudalism... It would be dangerous to let the keys of France, Strasbourg and Alsace, fall into the hands of a population of spies who are not at all attached to the country.'"[58, see link to original.]

Napoleon eventually ...convened a 111-strong Assembly of Jewish Notables in order to receive clear and unambiguous answers to the following questions: did the Jewish law permit mixed marriages; did the Jews regard Frenchmen as foreigners or as brothers; did they regard France as their native country, the laws of which they were bound to obey; did the Judaic law draw any distinction between Jewish and Christian debtors?

At the same time, writes Johnson, Napoleon "supplemented this secular body by convening a parallel meeting of rabbis and learned laymen, to advise the Assembly on technical points of Torah and Halakhah. The response of the more traditional elements of Judaism was poor. They did not recognize Napoleon's right to invent such a tribunal, let alone summon it..."[59]

However, if some traditionalists did not welcome it, other Jews received the news with unbounded joy.

"According to Abbé Lemann," writes Nechvolodov, "they grovelled in front of him and were ready to recognize him as the Messiah. The sessions of the Sanhedrin...took place in February and March, 1807, and the Decision of the Great Sanhedrin began with the words: 'Blessed forever is the Lord, the God of Israel, Who has placed on the throne of France and of the kingdom of Italy a prince according to His heart.... These ordinances will teach the nations that our dogmas are consistent with the civil laws under which we live, and do not separate us at all from the society of men...'"[60]

"The Jewish delegates," writes Platonov, "declared that state laws had the same obligatory force for Jews, that every honourable study of Jewish teaching was allowed, but usury was forbidden, etc. [However,] to the question concerning mixed marriages of Jews and Christians, they gave an evasive, if not negative reply. 'Although mixed marriages between Jews and Christians cannot be clothed in a religious form, they nevertheless do not draw upon them any anathema."[61]

On the face of it, the convening of the Sanhedrin was a great triumph for Napoleon, who could now treat Jewry as just another religious denomination, and not a separate nation, "appropriating for the state what had traditionally been a subversive institution".[62]


However, the Jews did not restrain their money-lending and speculative activities, as Napoleon had pleaded with them to do. On the contrary, ...when it became evident that their financial excesses were continuing, Napoleon was forced to adopt repressive measures against them.

As Tikhomirov points out, "no laws could avert the international links of the Jews. Sometimes they even appeared openly, as in Kol Ispoel Khaberim (Alliance Israélite Universelle), although many legislatures forbade societies and unions of their own citizens to have links with foreigners. The Jews gained a position of exceptional privilege. For the first time... they acquired greater rights than the local citizens of the countries of the dispersion.... the countries of the new culture and statehood became from that time a lever of support for Jewry."[64]

Indeed, the main result of the Great Sanhedrin, writes Nechvolodov, "was to unite Judaism still more. "

'Let us not forget from where we draw our origin,' said Rabbi Salomon Lippmann Cerfbeer on July 26, 1808, in his speech for ...the Sanhedrin:- 'Let it no longer be a question of "German" or "Portuguese" Jews; although disseminated over the surface of the globe, we everywhere form only one unique people.'"[65]

As we have seen, the emancipation of the Jews in France led to their emancipation in other countries. Even after the fall of Napoleon, on June 8, 1815, the Congress of Vienna decreed that "it was incumbent on the members of the German Confederation to consider an 'amelioration' of the civil status of all those who 'confessed the Jewish faith in Germany.'"[66] Gradually, though not without opposition, Jewish emancipation and Jewish power spread throughout Europe...


First Comment from David Livingstone:  Was Napoleon Jewish?

Here a few snippets from my book Black Terror White Soldiers:
Hegel, the great oracle of the Illuminati, whose philosophy was derived from the Kabbalah of Isaac Luria, regarded Napoleon as embodying the "world-soul," meaning, that in him was fulfilled the process of history. Speaking of Napoleon he said, "It is indeed a wonderful feeling to see such an individual who, here concentrated into a single point, reaches out over the world and dominates it."

According to Adam Mickiewicz, regarded as the greatest poet in all Polish literature, who was also a secret Frankist as well as a Martinist, there existed in France at the beginning of the nineteenth century, "a numerous Israelite sect, half Christian, half Jewish, which also looked forward to Messianism and saw in Napoleon the Messiah, at least his predecessor."[i] These beliefs, notes Mickiewicz, were related to those of Jozef Maria Hoene-Wronski, a Polish philosopher and crackpot scientist. Sarane Alexandrian writes, in Histoire de la philosophie occulte, that "Wronski holds in occult philosophy the place that Kant holds in classical philosophy."[ii] Wronski exercised a profound influence on the famous occultist Eliphas Lévi (1810-1875), whose real name was Alphonse Louis Constant, and who is often held to have incepted the French occult revival in 1855, with his Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic...

A recent genetic study of Napoleon's DNA has proven him to have been of Sephardic Jewish ancestry. Napoleon was a rare example of Haplogroup E1b1b1c1. This group originated approximately in the area of Lebanon and can most frequently be found in Israel, the Palestinian territories and Lebanon. Similar profiles can be found among Sephardic Jews in Greece and Italy. It is not sure when Napoleon's ancestors moved to Italy from the Near East. One hint to Napoleon's ancestry is already given by the genealogy of his family. One of his ancestors, Francesco Bonaparte has been called "il Mauro," the Moor. His ancestors can be traced back to the city of Sarzana in northern Italy. During the Middle ages, Sarzana had frequently been under attack by the Muslims who controlled the Mediterranean Sea at this time. Therefore, Napoleon's Arab and/or Jewish ancestors probably came to Italy during the Islamic expansion as conquerors or merchants.[v]

The Sabbateans' veneration of Napoleon, which survived beyond his death, was related to Jacob Frank's messianic prophecies. Frank had been prophesying a "great war" to be followed by the overthrow of governments and foretold that the "true Jacob will gather the children of his nation in the land promised to Abraham."[vi] Gershom Scholem revealed that George Alexander Matuszewics, a Dutch artillery commander under Napoleon was the son of a leading Frankist.[vii] Wenzel Zacek cited an anonymous complaint against Jacob Frank's cousin, Moses Dobrushka, and his followers, which stated:
The overthrow of the papal throne has given their [the Frankists] day-dreams plenty of nourishment. They say openly, this is the sign of the coming of the Messiah, since their chief belief consists of this. [Sabbatai Zevi] was savior, will always remain the saviour, but always under a different shape. General Bonaparte's conquests gave nourishment to their superstitious teachings. His conquests in the Orient, especially the conquest of Palestine, of Jerusalem, his appeal to the Israelites is oil on their fire, and here, it is believed, lies the connection between them and between the French society.[viii]

[i] Duker, "Polish Frankism's Duration," p. 292.
[ii] Sarane Alexandrian, Histoire de la philosophie occulte (Paris: Seghers, 1983) p. 133.
[iii] Mark Booth, The Secret History of the World (Woodstock & New York: The Overlook Press, 2008) p. 373.
[iv] Christopher McIntosh, Eliphas Lévi and the French Occult Revival (London: Rider, 1972), p. 97-8.
[v] Gerard Lucotte, Thierry Thomasset, Peter Hrechdakian. "Haplogroup of the Y Chromosome of Napoléon the First." Journal of Molecular Biology Research Vol 1, No 1 (2011).
[vi] Duker. "Polish Frankism's Duration," p. 308
[vii] Ibid., p. 310
[viii] Ibid., p. 308

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Hollywood Routinely Casts Satan as Hero

Thu, 07/10/2014 - 01:06

(left, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon)

Omar came across this information in an April 1 review of Noah
by "Taudarian" on the imdb forum: "Hollyweird has a major, major boner for
the Book Of Enoch and Paradise Lost and have been casting Satan
as the hero in lots of our favourite movies and shows for decades
utilizing a literary technique called "the inverted hermeneutic".'

Makow comment-
This suggests that Hollywood movies are one long satanic induction. This makes sense since
Hollywood  is run by the Illuminati, and the Illuminati are a satanic cult.

by Omar

1. Murtaugh (Satan, Samyaza) and Riggs (Satan's sidekick, Azazel) in Lethal Weapon. Samyaza, or Shemyaza, is the leader of the fallen angels, aka Watchers, in the Book of Enoch; a non-canonical text which is nonetheless quoted from once in the Old Testament. Samyaza is, then, the being everyone knows as Satan. These two ex-military guys go up against a Colonel and his henchman Joshua (Joshua = Yeheshua = Jesus). All these characters were on the same side once and served in Vietnam.

Joshua "hates Christmas" funnily enough, so he tells us, and is tortured to demonstrate his faith to his lord and master. A guy watching him says "Jesus Christ" three times to identify him as this is happening, in a reversal of the three times Jesus was denied by a disciple. Riggs, the chaotic master combatant, lives by the sea because he's the Beast from the Sea. He has a furry companion (read your Quran people). He's suspended. He falls from a great height. And he "dies" and comes back from the dead with a false miracle by using a kevlar vest. Murtaugh is the one who imposes law on the chaotic situations Riggs creates.
The writer, Shane Black, has said in interviews he loves "fallen heroes". He went on to pen The Last Boy Scout, with a similar duo fallen from grace. Check out the movie poster for the tagline, "The Goal is to Survive."
2. Will Turner (Samyaza) and Cpt Jack Sparrow (Azazel) in Pirates of the Caribbean. Jack Sparrow arrives in the film from the sea, because he's the chaotic Beast From The Sea. He has several fake deaths - adrift in a coffin, mortally wounded but protected by a curse etc.. He's a talented fighter. He falls from a great height. He is suspended at several points. He is, at one point, mistaken for a god, another hallmark of the Beast. Along with Will Turner they're pursued by an Empire or company they once worked for.  Not only do they keep the characterization consistent, they run it through several movies.
3. Spock (Samyaza) and Cpt Kirk (Azazel) in the Star Trek reboots. Most notably the latest Star Trek Into Darkness which has, as a ten minute prologue, the story of the Watcher Angels transposed to the Star Trek universe. In these first ten minutes, you have Kirk showing his reckless impulsiveness, taking a great fall, rising from the sea (the only reason the Enterprise was underwater), starting a new religion and falling from grace being stripped of his rank (and accused of "playing God"). Samyaza meanwhile, also falls from grace and his stripped of his rank. He's suspended over a fiery pit and he is the one who is later to impose his will on the situation.
Their opponent, Khan, is an evil Jesus. He introduces himself in his first line as a saviour. You are saved by him if you partake of his blood. His blood can even overcome death itself. He has 72 disciples you find out later on. (In the earlier film and TV show he has 84. 72+12 = 84, the 12 more famous disciples and the 72 lesser known ones only mentioned once in Luke 10, though some Bibles have 70 as the number). The original introduction of Khan, by the way, quoted heavily from Paradise Lost. Also, Spock was originally intended to look Satanic. Clearly Rodenberry knew what he was writing way back in the 60's.
4. Luke Skywalker, left, (Samyaza) and Han Solo (Azazel) in Star Wars. Again you see the Azazel character introduced in a port, albeit a waterless one, though he still is a ship's captain. He's reckless, chaotic, impulsive and incredibly skilled in combat. Luke is the spiritual leader who will impose law when the Empire they fight against is toppled. Both fall from great heights. Both are threatened with a thousand years of torment in a pit.
The Empire itself is run by a godlike Emperor with a right-hand man who was (a) conceived miraculously (b) foretold to be born (c) is obsessed with overcoming death (d) talked to temple elders as a youngster (e) rampaged through the same temple as an adult (f) is disturbed by everyone's lack of faith and (g) quotes the Gospel of Matthew in the third movie.
Yes folks, Darth Vader is evil Jesus.

There are a lot of representations of this duo in cinema, stretching back at least to 1973's "The Man Who Would Be King" where a pair of vagabond Freemasons journey to Kafiristan (where Satan is supposed to come from in the Quran) and are worshiped as gods due to a false miracle when their body armour stops a bullet. One of the most recent ones is the Sherlock Holmes reboot, the latter of which features Moriarty's (God) henchman, a Jesus-figure, pierced in the side with a lance.
They've also done it on television, with shows like Burn Notice. Our heroes are from by the sea because that's where the Beast is from. One of them has been "burned" Michael (Semyaza) and cannot serve with his former masters. And the other Samuel (Azazel) has "fallen" (the TV movie is called "The Fall of Sam Axe"). Both of them have Biblical names ending in -el, notice, denoting servants of God. They fight against, ultimately, Michael's former boss and mentor who has another antagonist agent working for him whose name actually means "son of the divine".
Sometimes they can't get away with the duo so they amalgamate them into one.  So you get Richard Riddick, left, who, in Chronicles, is fighting the Necromongers (space Catholics who "crusade" across the galaxy, saying "convert or die", in cross-shaped ships, worshiping a trinitarian deity, with a leader who is neither dead nor alive having ventured to the "Underverse" - all in the prologue to the movie and ridiculously blatant). Anyway, Riddick gets sent to Crematoria (hell), a prison pit where he is suspended. He escapes. He has a false miracle "death" using a human shield and he battles the Lord Marshal in a "day of days" battle for the throne of heaven, or whatever the hell he's supposed to have won, but that's what it's a metaphor for.
Or you get Snake Plissken, a one-eyed hero (read your Quran people), who in Escape From LA actually undergoes the trip outlined in Dante's Inferno. He figuratively frees mankind with some device, the code for which is 666. Plus he's called "Snake" for Pete's sake. This one could scarcely be more obvious.

1. Introduction of a character by the sea/at a port. The Beast From the Sea motif. Bonus points if he's imprisoned on an island and escapes, as this is the Dajjal of the Quran.
2. A furry companion for Azazel. Again this is from the Quran. The companion has a name, Al-Jassassah. In Star Wars the name Chewbacca sort of alludes to it, and he's the companion of Han the Azazel figure.
3. Azazel falls, Samyaza is burned. Film-makers have them literally falling. Usually they allude to burning or merely threaten it.
4. Suspension. Samyaza is suspended over an abyss in some traditions, eternally falling. Interestingly, the Lord Marshal says to Riddick when fighting "your fall shall be eternal". So if you see the hero suspended or hanging, that could be a clue as to who you're watching.
5. Azazel is skilled with weapons. In the Book of Enoch Azazel teaches man the arts of warfare. In movies this translates to him being a great fighter. If reckless and chaotic. Martin Riggs is one of the best snipers in the world. Jack Sparrow is a skilled swordsman. Han Solo is a great pilot, a fast-draw specialist (in expanded universe novels he's pretty much the fastest with a blaster there is, also a former military pilot, though none of this gets into the movies) and a crack shot.
6. Azazel taught women cosmetics. This is a weirder one. But it explains why Jack Sparrow wears kohl. There's also the cartoon Transformers where Optimus Prime resembles a cross-dressing robot because he's apparently wearing makeup.
7. Loss of, or threat to, their women-folk. The Book of Enoch says the angels had human wives. These will all have died in the Noachian flood. Naturally they want revenge. In the movies, the God characters go after their women-folk. In Lethal Weapon Riggs' wife has died and Murtaugh's daughter is kidnapped. And so on.
8. Coming back from the "dead" via a fake miracle. Be it use of a human shield, use of body armour or straight-up not bothering to explain how (I'm looking at you Skyfall), the devil mimics Jesus through trickery.
9. Mistaken for gods. A hard one for the film-maker to squeeze in, but a false messiah has to have a false religion. The Star Wars series had the rebels worshipped by Ewoks thanks to C3PO. Jack Sparrow was worshiped by a primitive tribe. If they can get away with it, they'll have a go.
(left, Darth Vader is Evil Jesus)

10. Opposed by an evil Jesus. Usually there's an evil Jesus as the more proactive bad guy, serving a smarter older dude in the background. But there will be clues as to who these people are. If you're even passing familiar with the gospels they should be easy to spot.
11. Settings. Directors love them some churches. It's not because they look cool, it's because they're integral to the characters. In Dogma, for example, this is pretty obvious. It's two fallen angels trying to get back into heaven through a loophole. They are Shemyaza and Azazel by the way, Azazel being Damon's war angel character. In other films it's less blatant but still recognizable if you're looking out for this stuff.


Omar is a born again Christian who lives in Canada who felt that he had to add to Marcos' (a frequent writer on your site) assertions that Satanism is present in today's movies. 

First Comment by Dan:

Henry,   Omar's article is totally based on the anonymous IMDb blog post you linked, by: 


IMDb member since June 2002IMDb Member12 years

It was this blogger that wrote, "Yes folks, Darth Vader is evil Jesus."  One quote Omar left out was this:
" I really have no intention or desire to see this movie. Largely because I'm an atheist and would be unable to sit there without pulling the movie to pieces from five minutes in."
Here's the list of taurdarian's other IMDb posts for April 2014.  Read a few, you'll see where he's virulently anti-Christian:
Hey Christians
Would you kill your Family for God?
I would bet money that 'Taurdarian' lives in Los Angeles, either as a scriptwriter, or other film industry job.  The contempt and open hatred of Christians we've seen growing in society, is the direct result of the constant flow of Gnostic/Satanic subtext in movies, comic books, and video games.
People raised as Christians won't see how movie villains like Darth Vader and the rest are supposed to be "evil Jesus".   But neither would Michael Aquino].  Aquino wrote his own version of Star Wars in 1977 in which Darth Vader is the hero, based on the Egyptian god SET.   Aquino wrote that the allure of Darth Vader is that he bent 'the Force' to his purposes rather than surrender himself to it as the Jedi did.

The Dark Side by Michael Aquino 1977

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<img alt="Carolyn Hamlett (2).jpg" src=

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 23:48

Carolyn Hamlett replies to a reader who asked
 how she had the nostalgia for America
described in this July 4 article, if she were
undergoing MK-Ultra programming.
(See, Underground Pedophilia: A Victim's Memoir)

Reader's Comment:

(Henry, off the record - I thought Carolyn Hamlett said that in 1958 she was being programmed with 'kitten' training by Illuminati handlers in secret underground MKULTRA facilities    -  did I miss something? I guess one of her 'alters' wrote the current article! )

Carolyn's Response:

Yes, you did "miss something", actually quite a few some things, but that is understandable. Many people are familiar with a few terms, such as "kitten", "programming", "alters", "handlers", MKULTRA, and yet not understand some of the very basics.  

First of all, I have never used the term, "kitten" to describe any of my programming.

I have mentioned an underground facility where one type of "education" took place. That "education" was a type of programming, but nothing compared to the complexity of other types of programming that I was subjected to.

Secondly, it appears that you are either under the assumption that programmed children do not have a life outside of the programming facilities, or that programmed children are not capable of blending in with other children and appearing normal in all ways.

It is true that some children lived at the facilities where training or programming took place. Those children had no life outside of the facility such as family and school.  I saw many such children.

There were other children who were taken from their homes at night, usually by adult family members, to various places for programming, experimentation and rituals. I was one of these children. I had a good life outside of the facilities.

Last year, Daniel Duval helped me lay down some highlights of my life story by way of 7 interviews (available on YouTube) and yet we only scratched the surface on some topics and other areas we didn't cover at all. Some of the areas not covered have to do with my early childhood programming and the areas I was used in. I was not used in just one capacity, I was used in numerous areas and experienced some very complex programming. I was fully capable of carrying out more than a double life. The only surface side effect I had was fatigue, which I ignored. Children like myself were trained to ignore pain and fatigue.

In answer to your comment that you "guess one of her [my] alters wrote the article!":

This last statement of yours most especially sounds like it is coming from a person who is totally ignorant of high level programming, ignorant of the selection process of those chosen to undergo high level programming and ignorant of the dynamics of alter systems.  

The best way I know to describe myself is that I have what some would say is a strong core personality. I do have alter systems and at times another alter or two will be in the front with my core. My core personality has always had the memories of the everyday life I led. The articles I wrote about my childhood memories are my memories, just as I experienced them back in the early years of my life.

Though I am now in the autumn years of my life, that little girl who lived in the late 1950's and early 1960's is still me. Maybe many people my age have forgotten our true golden years, but for me, those memories are forever etched in my very soul. I can not read my article about the 4th of July without crying. It's because I truly morn the loss of what America used to be! America was a country where common sense was common and the majority of the citizens were people of integrity having strong moral character. The fact that I was used in government projects did not affect my ability to love my life, my country and the people around me.  

When I wrote the articles, I was hoping to refresh the dying memories of the readers of my generation and at the same time, paint an accurate picture to the younger generations, of the days when life for most Americans was good.  

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Illuminati Were Conceived in Cynicism & Deceit

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 01:32
P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }

If you wonder why the world

is such a mess, look at the goals

and methods of the people who run it.

This excerpt provides some lesser-known details about the formation of the Illuminati and their methods. It focuses on Adam Weishaupt,

but he was only the front man for the Rothschild banking syndicate.


by  Vladimir Moss

(Excerpt by henrymakow.com)

The Illuminati was founded on May 1, 1776[24] by a Bavarian professor called Adam Weishaupt, "a Jew by race who had been baptized a Roman Catholic and had become professor of canon law at the Roman Cathlic university of Ingoldstadt in Bavaria." (Jasper Ridley, The Freemasons, London: Constable, 1999, p. 114).

Another founder member, Count Mirabeau, noted in the same year of 1776: "The Lodge Theodore de Bon Conseil at Munich, where there were a few men with brains and hearts, was tired of being tossed about by the vain promises and quarrels of Masonry.

The heads resolved to graft on to their branch another secret association to which they gave the name of the Order of the Illuminés. They modeled it on the Society of Jesus, whilst proposing to themselves something diametrically opposed." [25-footnotes are at source]

"Our strength," wrote Weishaupt, "lies in secrecy. Therefore we must without hesitation use as a cover some innocent societies. The lodges of blue masonry are a fitting veil to hide our real aims, since the world is accustomed to expecting nothing important or constructive from them. Their ceremonies are considered pretty trifles for the amusement of big children. The name of a learned society is also a magnificent mask behind which we can hide our lower degrees."[26]

"Weishaupt constructed his organization on several levels, revealing his most radical plans only to his chosen co-workers. Weishaupt chose the members of his organization mainly amidst young people, carefully studying each candidature.

"Having sifted out the unreliable and dubious, the leaders of the order performed on the rest a rite of consecration, which took place after a three-day fast in a dark basement. Every candidate was consecrated separately, having first had his arms and legs bound. [Then] from various corners of the dark basement the most unexpected questions were showered upon the initiate.

"Having replied to the questions, he swore absolute obedience to the leaders of the order. Every new member signed that he would preserve the secrets of the organization under fear of the death penalty...

"The newcomer received a special pseudonym (order's name), usually borrowed from ancient history..., and got to know an ancient Persian method of timekeeping, the geography of the order, and also a secret code.

"Weishaupt imposed into the order a system of global spying and mutual tailing.

"Most of the members were at the lowest level of the hierarchy...

Weishaupt proceeded to create an inner secret circle within Masonry.


His first idea was to make Fire Worship the religion of Illuminism; the profession of Christianity therefore appears to have been an after-thought. Evidently Weishaupt discovered, as others have done, that Christianity lends itself more readily to subversive ideas than any other religion. And in the passages which follow we find adopting the old ruse of representing Christ as a Communist and as a secret-society adept.

But the whole religious side of Weishaupt's system is in fact simply a ruse to attract religious men. Weishaupt himself despised religion: "You cannot imagine," he wrote, "what consideration and sensation our Priest's degree is arousing. The most wonderful thing is that great Protestant and reformed theologians who belong to Q [Illuminism] still believe that the religious teaching imparted in it contains the true and genuine spirit of the Christian religion. Oh! men, of what cannot you be persuaded? I never thought that I should become the founder of a new religion."[32]

Only gradually, and only to a very few of his closest associates, did Weishaupt reveal the real purpose of his order - the revolutionary overthrow of the whole of society, civil and religious. Weishaupt has been credited with founding the idea of world revolution.[33]

Elements of all religions and philosophical systems, including Christianity and Masonry, were used by Weishaupt to enrol a body of influential men (about 2500 at one time[34]) who would obey him in all things while knowing neither him personally nor the real aims of the secret society they had been initiated into. The use of codes and pseudonyms, and the pyramidal structure of his organization, whereby nobody on a lower level knew what was happening on the one above his, while those on the higher levels knew everything about what was happening below them, was copied by all succeeding revolutionary organizations.

In 1782 Weishaupt convened a Universal Congress of Illuminati in Wilhelmsbad, and was well on the way to taking over Freemasonry when, in July, 1785, an Illuminatus was struck by lightning and papers found on him led to the Bavarian government banning the organization. However, both Illuminism and Weishaupt continued in existence - only France rather than Germany became the centre of their operations.

Thus the Parisian lodge of the Amis Réunis, renamed the Ennemis Réunis, gathered together all the really radical Masons from various other lodges, many of which were still royalist, and turned them, often unconsciously, into agents of Weishaupt. These adepts included no less than thirty princes. For it was characteristic of the revolution that among those who were most swept up by the madness of its intoxication were those who stood to lose most from it.

Some far-sighted men, such as the Apostolic Nuncio in Vienna and the Marquis de Luchet, warned against Illuminism, and de Luchet predicted almost exactly the course of events that the revolution would take on the basis of his knowledge of the order. But no one paid any attention.


But then, in October, 1789 a pamphlet was seized in the house of the wife of Mirabeau's publisher among Mirabeau's papers and published two years later.

"'We must overthrow all order, suppress all laws, annul all power, and leave the people in anarchy...'We must caress their vanity, flatter their hopes, promise them happiness after our work has been in operation; we must elude their caprices and their systems at will, for the people as legislators are very dangerous, they only establish laws which coincide with their passions, their want of knowledge would besides only give birth to abuses.

"But as the people are a lever which legislators can move at their will, we must necessarily use them as a support, and render hateful to them everything we wish to destroy and sow illusions in their path; we must also buy all the mercenary pens which propagate our methods and which will instruct the people concerning their enemies which we attack. The clergy, being the most powerful through public opinion, can only be destroyed by ridiculing religion, rendering its ministers odious, and only representing them as hypocritical monsters...

'Libels must at every moment show fresh traces of hatred against the clergy. To exaggerate their riches, to makes the sins of an individual appear to be common to all, to attribute to them all vices; calumny, murder, irreligion, sacrilege, all is permitted in times of revolution.'

"'We must degrade the nobles and attribute it to an odious origin, establish a germ of equality which can never exist but which will flatter the people; [we must] immolate the most obstinate, burn and destroy their property in order to intimidate the rest, so that if we cannot entirely destroy this prejudice we can weaken it and the people will avenge their vanity and their jealousy by all the excesses which will bring them to submission.'

"After describing how the soldiers are to be seduced from their allegiance, and the magistrates represented to the people as despots, 'since the people, brutal and ignorant, only see the evil and never the good of things,' the writer explains they must be given only limited power in the municipalities.

"'Let us beware above all of giving them too much force; their despotism is too dangerous, we must flatter the people by gratuitous justice, promise them a great diminution in taxes and a more equal division, more extension in fortunes, and less humiliation. These phantasies [vertiges] will fanaticize the people, who will flatten out all resistance. What matter the victims and their numbers? Spoliations, destructions, burnings, and all the necessary effects of a revolution? Nothing must be sacred and we can say with Machiavelli: "What matter the means as long as one arrives at the end?"'"[35]


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