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CIA Manufactured Modern US Literature

Sat, 03/28/2015 - 00:39
Left. Ernest Hemingway was a CIA agent. The CIA admits this on their own website . See Mathis' full espose .

Miles Mathis says that modern culture is essentially
mental programming by the CIA, an arm of the Illuminati
banking cartel. The systemic destruction of traditional art
is intended to promote "alienation," the satanic view
that human life is meaningless, incoherent, trivial and ugly.

"By a constant stream of top-down propaganda, writers were convinced that being solipsistic, quotidian, and creatively modest were artistic virtues. As with painting, science, politics, and every other category, the inversion of the thing was sold as the thing itself."

Makow comment-
Mathis is a brilliant and prolific writer. Although his claims that many sensational murders were faked seem outlandish, his assertions about modern culture are credible.  As a Ph.D. in literature, I always felt modern culture was fraudulent. This confirms it. 
I feel betrayed by the education system and society. An highly organized satanic cult has recast Western society in its image.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

by Miles Mathis
From Theosophy to the Beat Generation
(excerpt by henrymakow.com)

A reader alerted me to an article just published at the Chronicle of Higher Education by an English professor at Providence College, Eric Bennett. This article is about the Iowa Writer's Workshop, at which he was a student from 1998 to 2000.

He admits that the writing programs at the University of Iowa have long been underwritten by the CIA, via the Farfield Foundation, the ACCF, [The Artists and Community Collaboration Fund] and the Rockefellers.

The sentence in the article that is most useful here is this one: Creative-writing pedagogues in the aftermath of World War II, without exception, read Partisan Review, The Kenyon Review, The Hudson Review, and The Sewanee Review .

They breathed the intellectual air of New Critics, on the one hand, and New York intellectuals on the other. These camps, formerly enemy camps--Southern reactionaries and Northern socialists at each other's throats in the 1930s--had by the 50s merged into a liberal consensus that published highly intellectual, but at the time only newly "academic," essays in those four journals, all of which, like Iowa, were subsidized by the Rockefeller Foundation.

As we have seen and will see, they were also subsidized by many other CIA front organizations. The government used the purse-strings to exert control over these programs, keeping them in little pens that Bennett says serve "to venerate and fortify the particular, the individual, the situated, the embedded, the irreducible."

Or, in other words, to keep them small and disempowered. By a constant stream of top-down propaganda, writers were convinced that being solipsistic, quotidian, and creatively modest were artistic virtues. As with painting, science, politics, and every other category, the inversion of the thing was sold as the thing itself.

A 2012 Salon article by Joel Whitney tells us the Partisan Review and the Paris Review [were linked to the CIA] as well.  

Peter Matthiessen, the magazine's founder, has now admitted that in interviews, such as this one  ... that he was recruited by the CIA right out of Yale in 1953, and that the Paris Review was his "cover." That information has been added to the Paris Review page at Wikipedia, but it is a bald admission with no commentary as to how it must affect everything to do with the magazine.

Both Matthiessen and George Plimpton, left, have tried to maintain that Matthiessen was the only one who knew, but--given what we now know from the CIA itself (see Tom Braden)--that isn't believable in the least. When various writers were pleading ignorance back in the 1960's and 70's, Braden flipped the leak, outing them .

He said that all these writers and artists knew exactly what was going on, and [Francis Storer] Saunders' book [The Cultural Cold War] confirms that over and over. So does the article at Salon , which outs both Plimpton and Nelson Aldrich as members of the  [CIA-front] ACCF.


Salon also tells us the CIA backing was a problem: "By funding a magazine with a New York office that was distributed in the U.S., it was engaged in propagandizing to the American public, which was illegal ."

Unfortunately, Joel Whitney at Salon unmasks himself at the end--if not long before--by saying this: None of which is fair to attach to the Paris Review , if not for Matthiessen's claims that the Review 's ties ended before the ugly stuff, or for Plimpton's failure to disclose the ties that remained.

So in his summation, Whitney is telling you to your face that the greatest crime here is failure to disclose and other white lies? You have to be kidding me! What about the fact that all this was illegal? What about the fact that nothing was what we were told it was?

William Styron said in the first issue, "I think The Paris Review should welcome these people into its pages: the good writers and good poets, the non-drumbeaters and non-axe-grinders. So long as they're good."

We now know that was total, malicious misdirection, since the whole point of all these magazine was drum-beating.

What about the fact that, all told, at least 9/10ths of 20th century American literature and criticism should now be suspected of being manufactured?

If all these people were working for Intelligence, what is to prevent us from assuming everything they did was Intelligence work, including the novels, poems, and essays?

What is to prevent us from re-reading everything published in that time period, combing it for covert propaganda? You may not think that is necessary, but I for one do.

As you will see in upcoming papers, I have found evidence that is exactly what has happened. It is not just the Beats that are fake, it is almost everyone.
Thanks to Bill for the tip!
Mathis Website
Mathew- "Catcher in the Rye" a CIA Psy Op
Makow-  How University Betrays Students
---------   How the Illuminati Control Culture

First Comment by Dan:

The fact that 20th Century American "Literature" had a hidden agenda explains the cognitive dissonance most young readers felt while reading it.   This website reviewed the mysterious J.D.Salinger's 'Catcher in the Rye' [1],  one of the most disappointing reading experiences of all American high students that were forced to read it.  That's one of the most obvious cases of a crappy novel with no redeeming qualities at all remaining the 'Best Sellers' list for decades, lauded by reviewers. Evidently the only students who couldn't put it down were the twin assassins of 1980, John Hinkley and Mark David Chapman.

I read Miles Mathis' The Stolen Century this morning.  I give it A+.  'Modernism' was concocted by Marxists.  Marx wrote that 'cultural hegemony'(dominance) is the key to taking over. Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) developed strategies for unseating the 'traditional' intelligentsia and replacing them with "organic" (subversives).  This is when the arts became strictly political vehicles of cultural subversion.  Trotsky became the grand master of what Marxists later termed the "Long March" through the society's institutions, in order to flip cultural hegemony from the 'old world order' to the 'new'.   It's called the Long March because it takes time - a long time.  They've been at it for over century, and now they've moved on from Modernism into "Postmodernism".  

I understood the fact that the publishing industry has this hidden agenda far too late in life.  30 years ago I read the New York Times Book Review every Sunday - religiously.   With retrospect it's plain as day how the 'best sellers' all my quasi-intellectual friends regurgitating over quiche and Chardonnay corralled our world view, our opinions, and even our self-image.  

We all read the same books, saw the same movies, listened to the same bands and singers, watched CBS news and listened to National Public Radio and thought we were oh so smart.  The whole things was sold on "snob appeal".   That's how these things were marketed.

It took the 911 stunt to finally crumble that world view they constructed in my "open mind" for forty years.  I had to go through a year of dealing with "everything I knew was WRONG", but when you can throw off all that conditioning, you get to reconstruct a worldview based on observation of everything as a mature, objective person.

One learns to discern.   Eventually.   I quit going to Hollywood movies about ten years ago,  threw the TV out of my house seven years ago, and now most of the books I read were published before Modernism took over.

[1] Illuminati Dust Off the J.D. Salinger Psy Op

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Sex Education Part of Longterm Social Engineering

Thu, 03/26/2015 - 23:19
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(Left, First Director of WHO, Brock Chisholm, 1896-1971,
worked to impose Cabala immorality on society.) 

The Illuminati conspiracy seeks to
dehumanize and mind control people under
the guise of promoting "mental health."

This means redefining "health" so that the sick
are healthy and the insane are sane, and vice versa.

Makow comment-  Western society has been colonized by a satanic cult and increasingly resembles one.  A satanic cult makes its members sick. "We corrupt (i.e. pervert, sicken) in order to control." Satanism normalizes sickness & perversion.

By Dale Evans
The sex education controversy in Ontario today is is part of the government's recent "mental health" initiative, the roots of which go back for decades.

Also known as "Mental Hygiene," the goal is to produce a totally subservient population by dehumanizing the individual and controlling his every thought and deed from cradle to grave. Non conformists will be considered insane and treated accordingly.  

In 1948, Canada's Minister of Health Paul Martin Sr. introduced a system of health grants to support "mental health." His Deputy Minister was the ex-military psychiatrist, Brock Chisholm, who later became first Director-General of the UN World Health Organization.

In the Feb. 1946 issue of Psychiatry, Chisholm wrote, "To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas."

He continued:  "We have swallowed all manner of poisonous certainties fed us by our parents, our Sunday and day school teachers, our politicians, our priests....The reinterpretation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong which has been the basis of child training, the substitution of intelligent and rational thinking for faith in the certainties of old people, these are the belated objectives... for charting the changes in human behaviour." 

Chisholm was a strong supporter of early childhood sex education: "Children have to be freed from... religious and other cultural "prejudices" forced upon them by parents, civil and religious authorities [...] sex education should be introduced in the 4th grade, (i.e. 9 to 10) eliminating "the ways of elders" by force if necessary."

Ontario's controversial new sex education curriculum is designed to destroy our family identity and make everyone an autonomous sexual contractor. 

It starts in kindergarten, where 5 and 6-year old children would learn to identify and talk about their genitalia. By seventh grade, 12 and 13-year-olds would learn about anal sex -- although sodomy is still is still illegal under the age of 18.

Ontario's new sex ed program also redefines  "male", "female", and "gender" and encourages children to admire transgender and gay people, and embrace same-sex marriage. That this goes against the religious beliefs of the people of Ontario is simply a speedbump. Diversity is social engineering, not social freedom. Public anxiety will be handled by lifelong psychiatric medication.

Back in the 1940s, the Canadian public turned against Chisholm. Recently, Ontario Premier Wynne's constituents, many of whom are Muslim, have  turned against her. Some have renamed her sex ed curriculum "Pornography 101".

The new curriculum happens to coincide with a massive push to expand mental health treatment throughout the province.


With its sweeping goals of extending psychiatry into elementary schools, the current mental health movement raises the specter of a return of government-sponsored experiments in which adults and children were drugged without their knowledge or consent.

"The Father of Largactil," German-born, Nazi-trained Canadian psychiatrist Heinz Lehmann, advised government for 60 years. He once advocated putting the entire North American population on tranquillizers.

In a 1,000-page report to the 1971 Canadian Commission on the Use of Non-Medical Drugs, he put psychiatrist-researchers above the law, promoted the funding of experiments on citizens, and helped to get psychiatric drugs approved by the Canadian authorities.

Kathleen Wynne and her "wife" Jane Rounthwaite share an extensive background in the lucrative "mental health" growth industry in Ontario. Jane Rounthwaite secures government funding for private corporations in the field of mental health. Here is another trip to the trough. Wynne also appointed Rounthwaite's brother to a key mental health position at an annual salary of $210,000. This is a clear conflict of interest.

The 2010 Report, Navigating the Journey to Wellness: The Comprehensive Mental Health and Addictions Action Plan for Ontarians" recommends developing " the provincial and regional framework for the delivery of mental health and addictions services."

Since 2010, the Select Committee's program has gone into effect. There are "mental health" centres for kids from 0 to 6 years old. Secure child lockups have the power to commit children. Ontario is building super jails and spending millions of tax dollars for mental wards and hospitals.

The "promotion, prevention, early identification and intervention from early childhood to the senior years" has led to all-day kindergarten, surveillance in schools by mental health workers, enhanced surveillance by community mental health workers, and voluminous mental assessments of every individual in the province - all funded by taxpayers.

(Left, Same thing is happening in California.)

The "Reduce Stigma" campaign has given rise to mental health billboards, bus shelter ads, and blue Help Phone ads in subways designed to normalize mental illness.

Since "the right to autonomy must be balanced with the right to be well," some medical and legal experts bend the law to ensure that their clients receive the treatment that they need. Under the new mental health regime, if you are involuntarily committed, you MUST be treated.  Treatments can include everything from life-long psychiatric drugs to ECT.

Coincidentally, on May 5th, 2010, several childcare advocates in Ontario were sued in a SLAPP - a strategic lawsuit against public participation, SLAPPS are an increasingly pervasive tool in shaping the policies of Canada.

The people served were knowledgeable about the workings of children's mental health centres and the drugging of children with psychotropic drugs.

The Ontario sex ed curriculum is a social engineering mental health project right out of the Select Committee's recommendations.

Related- Mental Health in Canadian Public Schools

First Comment by Richard Evans:

Chisholm was a keynote speaker in the elite William Alanson White memorial lectures in 1946.  His lecture, "The psychiatry of enduring peace and social progress", published in Psychiatry Journal that year leaves no doubt of the designs of the people that took over control of everyone's children through compulsory education over a century ago. 

Chisholm wrote, "To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas." through early education children would be severed from the morality of their elders "by conforming to the amorality of the Kabbalah". [1]

Chisholm wasn't a "lone nut" or eccentric.  In  2005 14th World Jewish Congress, Dr. Avraham Elqayam of Bar-Ilan University said the Kabbalist mindset was being mainstreamed through vehicles like Harry Potter books and movies, Madonna and other celebrities.

So why amorality? Because 'morality' is based on a set of principles based on "absolute truths". The Ten Commandments, for example.  Contrary to what many assume, Kabbalists reject the supposition of absolute truths, saying truth is "relative". 

This quote from 'Kabbalah and Postmodernism' by a Kabbalist sums it up in a nutshell: "The radically relative nature of truth is recognized in the Kabbalistic tradition; for instance, in the Lurianic dictum that there is an interpretation of Torah corresponding to each of the men, women and children who participated in the Exodus from Egypt."

"The postmodern view of truth holds that truth is not a static entity [absolute], and only emerges in the context of dialog".

Remember this next time you hear a politician or news caster talk about 'the need for dialog'.  What it means is this:  if they can get you to "dialog", the truth of any situation is decided by WHO WINS.  Not who is right, because to them, there is no "right". 

[1] Transcript of lecture, "The psychiatry of enduring peace and social progress" Dr. Brock Chisolm. (The William Alanson White memorial lectures). Psychiatry Journal; 1st standard Edition edition, 1946 ASIN: B0007IV8WY

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<font style="font-size: 1.25em;"><font

Thu, 03/26/2015 - 13:28
(Sex ed program designed by Illuminati Jew who confessed to incest and promoting child abuse.)

Wynne's Communist Sex-ed Co-opts Your Role as Parent

March 26, 2015
Why does the new Ontario sex-ed curriculum refer children for advice on sexuality to people other than their parents over and over again?

                                    Wynne's Sex-ed Steals Parental Educational Responsibility

The "credible source" a grade 8 child should consult about becoming sexually active is a health nurse and not a parent. 
Grade 5 students experiencing stress in their lives are told to consult a trusted adult or peer and not their parent.
Every totalitarian regime or school of thought has recognized that the elimination of prevailing cultural ideas can only succeed when the influence of parents (those who are the first to "inculturate" children) is removed.
Roots in Totalitarian Ways of Thought
According to Thomas Ward, vice-president and founder of the U.K.'s National Association of Catholic Families, in an  givaddressen in Russia in 2014, communism absorbed the traditional roles of parents into the state: "Communist society will take upon itself all the duties involved in the education of a child." [1920 Alexandra Kollontai, the first Soviet People's Commissar for Social Welfare Kommunistka "Communism and the Family."]
                      Sex-ed as the liberation of children from parents

Ward notes the progressive inroads into parental direction of their children's sexuality in the next few decades by organizations such as Planned Parenthood and its partners, such as the World Health Organization.  For instance, they directed that the parental role of teacher be taken over by sex-ed classes:
"Children have to be freed from... religious and other cultural "prejudices" forced upon them by parents, civil and religious authorities [...] sex education should be introduced in the 4th grade, (i.e. 9 to10) eliminating "the ways of elders" by force if necessary."

[Brock Chisholm, the first director of the World Health Organization in 1948, The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress 1946. Valerie Riches in Sex Education or Indoctrination? (London, 2004; Revised and reprinted version of Sex & Social Engineering 1986).]
Then parents were prevented from being given notice of their children's intent to use birth control or have abortions.  In Britain, says Ward, a government instruction from 1974 prepared with the advice of the birth control lobby "prohibited doctors from contacting 'parents of a child of whatever age' when she requested contraceptives.  When a parent challenged this the Law Lords ruled that when a doctor decided a child fully understood what was  proposed the child could consent to all treatments and parents' rights  stopped."
The International Federation of Planned Parenthood promotes the extension of children's access to so-called "reproductive health" --sex education, contraception and abortion--by collaborating with UN agencies and by lobbying within the EU. 
The birth control mentality separates life and love twice, says Ward:   once, in separating love and procreation in the marital act and again by separating parents from their children.  
                                                Let's stop Wynne's sex ed program 
The Wynne-Levin sex-ed program teaches children to confide in experts who will teach them the medical "facts" about safe sex.  But medical doctors such as Thomas Ward and Dr. Miriam Grossman believe the real medical facts are not being told.  It's not being told that sex education has not been proven to have any effect on lowering teen pregnancy rates. Nor are the destructive emotional effects of casual hookups on young people.
Parents need to call this sex-ed program out for what it is:  the preaching of a harmful doctrine of false liberation.  
It will teach children to think of sex as purely for pleasure and other people as means to an end.  It will erode the natural trust and respect of the child for the parent. 
And then we need to stand up for the inalienable rights of parents.  We need to protest to all the leaders who should be protecting that parent-child bond for the good of families and society.  And then we need to win back protections in every level of policy and law of our human right to be the Primary Educators of our children!
Best regards,
Teresa Pierre, PhD, President
Parents as First Educators (PAFE)  

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British Empire Used Communist Tactics for Centuries

Wed, 03/25/2015 - 22:35
Left. Elizabeth with King Saud, descended from Jewish merchants.

The "Masonic Jewish Conspiracy" is the British Empire which has
 now morphed into the New World Order. Hempher's Confession of
a British Spy
(c. 1825) reveals that turmoil in the Middle East has deep
imperialist roots. As early as the 1700's, the "British" were using cultural
subversion to colonize Muslims. Similar social engineering tactics,
 characteristic of Communism, are used to colonize Western society today.
(Communism is Masonic, i.e. Cabalist, Jewish Satanism.) Read Hempher's
list and see how many tactics you recognize. 

Anti Semitism is a red herring and a diversion. The head of the octopus is the "Crown" i.e. the shareholders of the Bank of England and the world's other central banks.

Hempher says the British exploited a society's vulnerabilities. They sponsored the Shiite and the Wahhabi sects to divide and destabilize Islam. They planted Freemasons as phony religious teachers and traitorous statesmen: "We were designing long term plans to wage discord, ignorance poverty and even diseases in these countries. We were imitating the customs and traditions of these countries, thus easily concealing our intentions."  The goal was and remains to, in Cecil Rhodes' words, "absorb all the riches of the world."   

Remember this was written around 1825!

1- Very important! Alienate children from their fathers, thus depriving them of their elders' education. We shall educate them. Consequently, the moment children have parted from their fathers' education, there no longer will be any possibility for them to maintain contact with their belief, faith, or religious scholars.

2- Provoke the womenfolk to get rid of their traditional covers. Fabricate such falsifications as "Covering is not a genuine Islamic commandment. It is a tradition established in the time of the Abbasids. Formerly, other people would see the Prophet's wives and women would join all sorts of social activities."

3- After stripping the woman of her traditional cover, tempt the youth towards her and cause indecencies between them! This is a very effective method for annihilating Islam. First use non-Muslim women for this purpose. In the course of time the Muslim woman will automatically degenerate and will begin to follow their example.

4 - The following vices must be done secretly or publicly: Alcoholic spirits, gambling, fornication, pork, [and fights among sports clubs.] In doing this, Christians, Jews, Magians, and other non-Muslims living in Muslim countries should be utilized to a maximum, and those who work for this purpose should be awarded high salaries by the treasury department of the Ministry of the Commonwealth.

5-  Promote racism and nationalism among Muslims so as to make them rebel against the Ottomans.

6 --Sow suspicion among them concerning Jihaad; convince them that Jihaad was a temporary commandment and that it has been outdated.

7- Remove the notion that "disbelievers are foul" from the hearts of Shiites. Quote the Koranic verse, "As the food of those given a (heavenly) Book is halaal for you, so is your food halaal for them," and tell them that the Prophet had a Jewish wife named Safiyya and a Christian wife named Maariya and that the Prophet's wives were not foul at all.

8 - Imbue Muslims with the belief that "what the Prophet meant by Islam' was 'a perfect religion' and therefore this religion could be Judaism or Christianity as well as Islam." Substantiate this with the following reasoning: The Qur'aan gives the name 'Muslim' to members of all religions. For instance, it quotes the Prophet Joseph (Yoosuf 'alaihis-salaam') as having invoked, "Kill me as a Muslim," and the Prophets Ibraaheem and Ismaa'eel as having prayed, "O our Rab (Allah)! Make us Muslims for Yourself and make a Muslim people for Yourself from among our offspring,"and the Prophet Ya'qoob as having said to his sons, "Die only and only as Muslims."

(left. How Islam views the Saudis. Insert British Mason between Jew & American)

9 - Confuse Muslims about the hadeeths, "Deport the Jews from the Arabic Peninsula," and, "Two religions cannot coexist on the Arabic peninsula." Say that "If these two hadeeths were true, the Prophet would not have had a Jew wife and a Christian one. Nor would he have made an agreement with the Najran Christians."

10- Exploit every opportunity to put an end to performing namaaz in jamaa'at by casting aspersions on the imaams in mosques, by revealing their mistakes, and by sowing discord and adversity between them and the jamaa'ats (groups of Muslims) who perform their daily prayers of namaaz behind them.

11- Under the pretext of love of freedom, convince all Muslims that "Everyone is free to do whatever he likes. It is not fard to perform Amr-i-bi-l-ma'roof and Nahy-i-anil-munkar or to teach the Islamic principles."

12- In order to impede Muslims from increasing in number, births must be limited and polygamy must be prohibited. Marriage must be subjected to restrictions. For instance, it must be said that an Arab cannot marry an Iranian, an Iranian cannot marry an Arab, a Turk cannot marry an Arab.

13- Pious institutions must be restricted and confined to the State monopoly, to the extent that individuals must be unable to establish madrasas or other similar pious institutions.

14- Arouse doubts as to the authenticity of the Qur'aan in Muslims' minds; publish Koranic translations containing excisions, additions, and interpolations, and then say, "The Qur'aan has been defiled. Its copies are incongruous. A verse one of them contains does not exist in another." Excise the verses insulting Jews, Christians and all other non-Muslims and those commanding Jihaad, Amr-i-bi-l-ma'roof and Nahy-i-anil munkar. Translate the Qur'aan into other languages such as Turkish, Persian, Indian, thus to prevent Arabic from being learned and read outside Arabic countries, and again, prevent the (Ad-haan), (Namaaz), and (Duaa) from being done in Arabic outside Arabic countries.


Globalists Created Wahhabism to Destroy Islam and Create a Global State

Wahhabis Brainchild of British Intelligence

Livingstone- Wahhabis of Jewish Origin

Confessions of a British Spy  (at Amazon)

First Comment from Dan:

Even though the likes of Daniel Pipes has attacked this book as "utter nonsense", I must say that even if the book were fiction and the date was rolled back, it's been in public circulation since 1868.   Yet it reads exactly like the literature from Pipe's many neocon thinktanks .  

If these subversion tips reflect the current policies of the US and Britain then it's hardly 'nonsense' then is it?

"Provoke the womenfolk to get rid of their traditional covers. tempt the youth towards her and cause indecencies between them! This is a very effective method for annihilating Islam."  That this was written during the Victorian Era when the face was the only part uncovered by English women in the name of feminine respectability.

Shed's light on  Stephen Harper's assault on Muslim women's modesty, in the name of "women's rights".  Since when is forcing women to strip in the interest of women's rights?

Tasha Kheiriddin: This isn't about the right to choose a burka over a bikini. It's about a country's values

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Cabalist Jews are Their Own God (Egregore)

Wed, 03/25/2015 - 01:48


Soon they will be yours.

Does the "egregore" explain

the mysterious affinity

shared by Illuminati (Satanist) Jews?

(From Feb. 16, 2007)

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Last week I noted that the Soviets razed thousands of churches but spared synagogues.

If Communists considered religion "the opium of the masses," why didn't they include Judaism? Do Christians and Jews worship the same God? Is there an affinity between Communism and Judaism? Perhaps the Jewish elite has a different God.

A reader, "George," knew the heiress of a rich Jewish banking family "not the Rothschilds, although her family lived in a palace neighbouring the Rothschilds."

"Leah was one of my classmates in the Geneva University (Switzerland) where I was studying psychology ...She was an attractive blue-eyed blond lady. ...As she was wearing a Star of David, I asked if she was a believer. She answered "yes and no" and added that she believed in a god of the Jews who was serving the Jews rather than served by them. I immediately asked whether she was speaking of an egregore ...Her only response was "yes" and she broke that conversation. Never again did we mention the subject."

According to Wikipedia, "egregore" is an occult concept representing a "thought form" or "collective group mind", an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people. The symbiotic relationship between an egregore and its group has been compared to the more recent, non-occult concepts of the corporation (as a legal entity) and the meme." 

George speculates that elite Jews created the Jewish God as their "egregore," i.e. an instrument of their collective will, i.e. their desire to vanquish the heathens and rule supreme.

"Could it be possible that the ancient Levite priests found a way to create a supernatural entity from the collective mind of the tribe of Judah? An entity born from a collective mind the Levites were shaping into self-isolationism and segregationist a.k.a, extreme ethno-centrism? ...An entity designed to help the "chosen people" destroy the "alien" nations and provide it with material rewards? An entity resulting from the black magic of the Levite priests who, as the first indoctrinated atheists, were denying the universal God of Moses because they didn't want to submit to a "Lord and Master" but rather become themselves "Lords and Masters" through their slavish "egregorious" god?"

This "egregore" is  Lucifer, and elite Jews have made him the master meme of the New World Order. The elite Jews are the "Communist Capitalist International", the intermarried German Jewish banking families who, according to Christian Rakovsky include the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs and many others. 

They have also intermarried with the corrupt gentile elites of Europe and America, many of whom think they are Jews.


Since the Jewish egregore is also behind the New World Order, only the "believers" are human; everyone else is an animal to be exploited and/or slaughtered.

Nicholas Lysson, in his brilliant essay on the Ukrainian Holocaust, provides examples of this "us-vs-them" thinking in the Talmud and the Old Testament. For example: Isaiah 60:12 (" . . .The nation and kingdom that will not serve [Israel] shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted" ); Isaiah 61:5-6 (". . .Strangers shall stand and feed your flocks. . . : Ye shall eat the riches of the Gentiles. . .")

Lysson continues:

"The ethnocentric hostility of the Jews--consistently commented on by the peoples who have encountered them over the millennia--can be traced ultimately to the origins of Judaism as set forth in the Torah, e.g., Genesis 9:25 ("Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren"); Exodus 17:14-16 and 34:12-13 ; Numbers 24:8 ("God. . . shall eat up the nations his enemies, and shall break their bones, and pierce them through with his arrows"), 25:6-13 (wherein God commends Phineas for his initia-tive in running a javelin through both parties to a marriage of Jew and gentile), 31:7-19 and 33:50-56; and Deuteronomy 2:33-35 ("[on God's command] we. . . utterly destroyed the men, and the women, and the little ones, of every city, we left none to remain"), 3:4-7, 7:1-5 ("thou shalt. . . utterly destroy them"), 7:14-26 ("thine eye shall have no pity"), 20:10-17 ("thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth") and 25:19."


It doesn't take a genius to recognize that this "egregore" is the cause of anti Semitism. Jewish leaders use anti Semitism to manipulate Jews who are taught they are reviled for no reason. The real reasons for anti Semitism are hidden. As Nicholas Lysson points out, the most damning passages of the Talmud are toned down or not translated. Information about the "Arendar" system is suppressed. This system caused the massacre of perhaps 250,000 Jews by the Ukrainian Cossack Bohdan Khmelnytsky in 1648-1654:

"The Jews at the time of the massacres were serving the Polish szlachta (nobility) and Roman Catholic clergy on their Ukrainian latifundia as arendars--toll-, rent- and tax-farmers, enforcers of corvee obligations, licensees of feudal monopolies (e.g., on banking, milling, storekeeping, and distillation and sale of alcohol), and as anti-Christian scourges who even collected tithes at the doors of the peasants' Greek Orthodox churches and exacted fees to open those doors for weddings, christenings and funerals. They had life and death powers over the local population (the typical form of execution being impalement), and no law above them to which that population had recourse... the arendars leased estates for terms of only two or three years and had every incentive to wring the peasants mercilessly, without regard to long-term consequences."

Jews are still told that these pogroms were due to gratuitous hatred. Thus the egregore dynamic is perpetuated as ordinary Jews support Zionist policies. For example, they lobby for war with Iran, regardless of the disastrous consequences for humanity.

(For this form of manipulation, also used to control Americans, See "The Zionist Roots of the War on Terror"  and "The Zionist Protection Racket") 

In the above-mentioned essay, Nicholas Lysson discusses how the Jewish leadership actively provoke anti Semitism because it is indispensable for Jewish cohesion and survival.  Are they saying that, without its "egregore" i.e. its predatory agenda,  Jews would have no corporate raison d'etre? Of course this secret is kept from the rank-and-file, as in Freemasonry which Rakowsky said is designed to bring about "the triumph of Communism."


The greatest mass slaughter in history was not the Jewish holocaust but the Ukrainian Holodomor. By Stalin's own estimate, ten million Ukrainians died, mostly at the hands of Bolshevik Jews.

Lysson's account suggests that this was the result of a centuries-long feud in which Jews failed to accept their common humanity with non-Jews. This continues as the murderous record of the 20th century is overshadowed by Jewish losses, as if only Jews were human.

The Holodomor took place because the Bolsheviks confiscated all the grain. Lysson writes: "A quarter of the rural population, men, women and children, lay dead or dying in a great stretch of territory with some forty million inhabitants, like one vast Belsen. The rest, in various stages of debilitation, had no strength to bury their families or neighbours. [As at Belsen] well-fed squads of police or party officials supervised the victims."

The extermination of the Ukrainian Kulaks was directed from the Kremlin where the Bolshevik leadership lived in family apartments and maintained a fraternal atmosphere suffused by collectivist idealism i.e. their egregore. This is how historian Simon Sebag Montefiore, the scion of a British elite Jewish family, describes the scene during the Holomodor. Of course he doesn't mention that most of the main players were Jews.

"The Party was almost a family business. Whole clans were members of the leadership... This pitiless fraternity lived in a sleepless frenzy of excitement and activity, driven by adrenalin and conviction. Regarding themselves like God on the first day, they were creating a new world in a red-hot frenzy... " (Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar, p. 40, 45, emphasis mine)


The Soviets didn't raze synagogues because Communism was an expression of the Jewish "egregore." Christians and Jews apparently do not worship the same God. The Christian God represented by Jesus is universal love and brotherhood. The Jewish God has been supplanted by a Cabalistic egregore that "serves" elite Jews. It represents their ruthless sociopathic urge for world dominion. The same egregore--the desire to
supplant God-- animates the New World Order.

The average Communist Jew or non-Jew was an idealistic dupe. Marxism, equality etc. were just window dressing to hide the real agenda: the destruction of race, religion, family and nation; the accumulation of all wealth and the enslavement of mankind. The methods have changed but the agenda has not.

The average Zionist is also an idealistic dupe. As many now realize, "the Jewish Homeland" was simply a step toward world government, "an incident in a far reaching plan" to use banker Louis Marshall's words. The goal of this plan is to enslave humanity mentally if not physically. Christian Zionists are the biggest dupes of all.

The same ersatz idealism infuses the world government movement, which is full of  pious opportunists who have sold their heritage for a seat at the globalist banquet.

In many cases, the charge of "anti Semitism" and "hate" are devious attempts to outlaw opposition to Tyranny. Let's not kid ourselves. We are facing a diabolical Evil, ruthless, vicious and cunning as well. Jews and non-Jews must join hands to banish Lucifer and declare that only God is God, He is Moral and we serve Him.   


Related- David Cameron announces end of Free Speech (Thanks Peter)

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Best Selling 9-11 Novel Disappoints

Mon, 03/23/2015 - 23:04

Rebekah Roth's novel "Methodical Illusion"  promises
to reveal the secrets of 9-11. But it doesn't get to 9-11
until 75% through.  This is preceded by 33 mundane and
mostly irrelevant chapters by a fledgling novelist.

Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason? Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason. -- John Harrington, 1561-1612

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Rebekah Roth's "Methodical illusion" is the best selling book in the historical fiction category on Amazon and ranks 174 overall.

It's sold out and has hundreds of rave reviews. Obviously, Roth has conveyed the 9-11 conspiracy to a mainstream audience. Kudos to her. Especially since she has the courage to name "Israel" as the main perpetrator.

But this doesn't explain the effusive praise emanating from the "truth seeking community."  In an article entitled "Airline Whistleblower Solves 9-11," Kevin Barrett croons: "If you want a rough-hewn page-turner with more 9/11 truth than anything you're likely to read this side of David Ray Griffin or Christopher Bollyn (or Veterans Today for that matter) check out Methodical Illusion. Roth boldly goes where no stewardess or novelist has gone before, pinning 9/11 squarely on the Israelis and their American assets, and providing a convincing explanation of how the planes were "hijacked," by whom, where they went, and what happened to the passengers."

Rebekah Roth is not a whistle blower. She is a researcher. While very plausible, her hypothesis is just that. It is backed by no references, and she takes forever to get to it. 

Her hypothesis is that the planes were commandeered by remote control ("a flight termination system") and landed at nearby airports shortly after takeoff. NORAD and FAA computers were manipulated to show phony flight paths after the jets had actually landed. She calculates that the two jets that left Boston landed at Westover Air Base near Springfield MA. The passengers were told they were participating in a drill and asked to make scripted cell phone calls. One handler is even overheard saying "You did great!" on an answering machine recording. Then the passengers were murdered in cold blood.

After wading through 300 pages of the author walking her dog on Puget Sound and a lame romantic plot, there are some worthwhile scraps. For example, apparently ten of the hijackers are still alive. Mohammed Atta's father said his son worked for Mossad and called him Sept. 12.  There are no Arab names on the original passenger manifests;
no security camera images; no passenger stubs.

None of the above constitutes "solving 9-11."  Roth has a notion that dummy planes were flown into the Trade Center towers. I don't believe any planes crashed into the WTC or the Pentagon. The filmmakers and "eye witnesses" were CIA plants and the planes were dubbed in later.  She has nothing about the complicity of the US political elite, media, CIA or military on 9-11.

Roth describes the villains as "the Octopus," Israel and its enablers, consisting of traitors in US government, media and society. Her heroine and a friend alert the President, "Joel Sherman" of an Israeli plot to set off nuclear bombs in US cities and sow deadly viruses. This will be blamed on Iran and result in war.

The novel gives readers hope that elements in the US government are actually responsive to their interests. The President has some of the perps arrested and gives a State of the Union Address where he rescinds the Patriot Act, bans dual citizens (Israelis) from serving in government, and nationalizes the Federal Reserve.

(A resolute researcher, Christopher Bollyn, left, toils in obscurity. He should have written a pot boiler!)

Roth doesn't appreciate that we live in a post-conspiracy environment where most power is held by traitors. She doesn't appreciate the level of collusion required to pull off a hoax on the scale of 9-11: Demolishing an iconic landmark and murdering more than 3000 Americans in broad daylight.

A few years later, the US Congress gave one of the perps, Benjamin Netanyahu, 24 standing ovations. The US ruling class, from the President down, is complicit in 9-11 or its cover up. It wouldn't be the first time Americans were sacrificed to justify war.

Roth blames Israel for infiltrating US society. Israel is merely an instrument of the Central Banking cartel. The bankers are instigating "terror" as a pretext to impose a police state. They need to protect their monopoly on credit (currency) to ensure the $17 trillion "national debt" is never disowned. Everyone who depends on bank credit is forced to be a witting or unwitting collaborator. The bankers are Cabalists, i.e. Satanists devoted to "revolution," overturning God's plan and enslaving humanity.

In conclusion, frustrating as the novel is, Rebekah Roth deserves credit for helping to disabuse mainstream America of a "methodical illusion."


   Related - Interview with Rebekah Roth (Thanks K)
-------------British man wins suit against BBC for 9-11 Foreknowledge & Cover Up
------------- Mass Media Collaborated on 9-11
Richards ---9-11 truth is Limited Hangout

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<iframe src="https://www.youtube.com

Mon, 03/23/2015 - 12:51

We're all aware the Likudniks like to drag all the Jews into their designs, here Finkelstein sums it up perfectly. Norman Finkelstein, Feb. 23, 2015, responding to RT interviewer remark about 'people connecting the rise in antisemitism in Britain to events in Gaza': Finkelstein, "there's no evidence whatsoever of a 'resurgence' of antisemitism. What you find periodically is whenever Israel engages in one of it's murderous assaults there's a spike in what's called 'antisemitic incidents', so you saw that in 2002, 2006, 2009, 2012, and last summer.

This question is, is it antisemitism? Now here you have a state that calls itself the State of the Jewish People, and you have a head of state who happens to be a maniac who goes around saying "I represent all of World Jewry." When he goes to Paris he said "I'm representing all of World Jewry", when he goes Congress in the United States he says "I'm representing all of World Jewry". Should we fault people if they take him at his word? When he says "we should attack Iran, we should attack Lebanon, we should attack Gaza again" he says he's representing all of World Jewry. So you have a maniac who says he's representing all of World Jewry, and people say "okay, if he represents all of World Jewry, then the Jews are a problem."

That's the logical conclusion. So if there's anyone who's causing the problem, it's the State of Israel and it's head of state, who keeps claiming that their murderous actions are in the name of World Jewry. There's a simple way to solve the problem: stop calling yourself the State of the Jewish People because you're not. You're the State of Israel, and stop saying you speak for World Jewry because World Jewry didn't vote you - nobody gave you that title."

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Jewish Judge Orders Release of Muslim Torture Photos

Sun, 03/22/2015 - 22:21
 The Pentagon has said it is not releasing decade-old photos showing abuse of prisoners in Afghanistan and Iraq because they could be used by ISIL to incite "lone wolf" attacks in the west and endanger US military personnel.

Making the photos public "would facilitate the enemy's ability to conduct information operations and could be used to increase anti-American sentiment," the Pentagon said in a filing submitted to a federal court in Manhattan last Friday.

The more than 2,100 photo were taken at several US bases following the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and reportedly depict, among other abuses, the rape of women and a minor boy.

Evans: "We know exactly what will happen if photos of US soldiers raping and torturing Muslim women and children are released."

Makow: Illuminati Jews doing what they do best. Inflaming tensions and starting wars.

Judge Orders release of Detainee Abuse Photos

March 21, 2015 "ICH" - "Politico" -  A federal judge has ordered the release of about 2,000 photos depicting the abuse of prisoners in U.S. military custody--images that President Barack Obama declared years ago should be kept from public view.

New York-based U.S. District Court Judge Alvin Hellerstein said he told government lawyers last month that he viewed a certification then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta signed in 2012 as not legally adequate to withhold the photos. The judge called the finding "deficient because it was not sufficiently individualized and it did not establish the Secretary's own basis for concluding that disclosure would endanger Americans."

The judge offered the Obama administration an opportunity to provide a more detailed certification by this week, but officials declined to meet that deadline, while insisting that a re-certification is underway on a somewhat longer timeline.

Alvin K. Hellerstein, left, is the judge who handles all 9-11 litigation.  His son is an Israeli lawyer who emigrated to Israel in 2001 and whose law firm works for and with the Rothschild-funded Mossad company responsible for the 9-11 terror attacks.  This presents a clear case of criminal conflict of interest and explains why Hellerstein has protected the Israeli culprits of the false-flag terrorism of 9-11 by preventing a trial and blocking any legal discovery of what really happened.

by Richard Evans

Does this mean that we weren't shown the real atrocity photos?  If not, then 'Abu Ghraib' was a psyop, to make us believe we had seen the full extent of US torture.  As Donald Rumsfeld quipped at the the time, "reminds me of my frat hazing at Princeton, heh heh."  

The article tells or teases us that the photos they want to show now "reportedly depict, among other abuses, the rape of women and a minor boy".  

The question is 'why now'?  The suit was filed by the ACLU's Alex Abdo.  He says: "Transparency". 

The Pentagon holds that plastering old photos of US soldiers abusing Muslims will hand terrorists fuel for their own propaganda campaign, enraging potential 'lone wolf' ISIS copycats in the US and Europe to act out.

We know exactly what will happen if photos of US soldiers raping and torturing Muslim women and children are released.  The images will be burned into our eyes and minds on TELEVISION news and saturate the internet for months.  Children will be able to sketch each image from memory within a week. 

What justice will such 'transparency' serve?  Here's what will happen:   The media driven ISIS propaganda campaign will be the beneficiary of the photos, and we WILL see the so called 'lone wolf' ISIS copycats in the US and Europe* just as the Pentagon spokesmen predict.

Wouldn't a slick ACLU lawyer like Abdo and the Federal judge know this?   Releasing such images for 'transparency' doesn't wash.  These legal eagles are well acquainted with the analogy of "shouting fire in a crowded theater"*.

The Federal judge in charge of this case is : Alvin Hellerstein.

Who is he?  Read on...

U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein oversees all 9-11 related tort cases, few of which are widely reported.

His father, a Bronx attorney, immigrated to Israel in 2001.  His son Joseph Z. Hellerstein lives on the West Bank and practices law with one of Israel's most important law firms, Amit, Pollak & Matalon.

That's the law firm that represents Cukierman & Company, the parent company of ICTS International Security.

ICTS was the security contractor of all the airports involved in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

Cukierman & Co. is headed by Roger Cukierman and his son Edouard. Previously, Roger was CEO of the Edmond de Rothschild Group and chairman of the Israel General Bank. He has also served as the chairman of several venture capital funds established by the Rothschild Group. One of these funds, the Catalyst Fund, is run by Boaz Harel, a managing partner of private equity at Cukierman & Co. - and the head of ICTS at the time of 9-11.

Judge Hellerstein is a 911 'gatekeeper' with a 14 year history of blocking 911 victims families attempts to get 'transparency'.


* The ACLU and ATLANTIC magazine want to persuade us that:
'It's Time to Stop Using the 'Fire in a Crowded Theater' Argument

Related The Dark and Secret Dungeons of Iraq. Horror Stories of Female Prisoners

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Racism: What's Good for Jews is Good for Goyim

Sun, 03/22/2015 - 03:20

Condemning "Racism" is
Illuminati social engineering.

Illuminati bankers and their minions are the real haters:
They want all races to disappear.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"Racism" seems to be in the news lately.  "UN Anti-Racist Day" Saturday was marked by "anti racist, anti fascist" demonstrations in many cities.  Last week, Starbucks ordered their barristas to scrawl "Race Together" on cups and engage customers in discussion.

The Illuminati uses the term "racism" to imply that accepting any racial distinctions is tantamount to a belief in racial superiority and discrimination.  But surely we can believe that mankind is one big family with different races, each having unique qualities, none superior to the other in aggregate.

Surely people can have racial pride even if they are not one of the privileged minority of colored races the Illuminati central bankers sanction and promote.

In the Protocols of Zion, our Masters, the Illuminati Jewish central bankers, say they will "undermine every identity except their own."

The four legs of human identity are race, religion (God), national and family (gender.)  The denial of racial distinctions ("racism") is an underhanded attempt to guilt whites into denying their racial heritage.  

We have seen the same thing with "sexism" which is an absurd satanic denial of nature. Since when do genders or races have to be the same in order to be treated fairly?  The Illuminati goal with "sexism" is to undermine men. It is a ruse. 

Feminists clamored for gender equality but do you hear them complaining about inequality now that that women outnumber men two-to-one in universities? No, because sexism and racism are nothing but Illuminati social engineering. When whites are a minority, they won't receive any "minority"  privileges. Indeed they may face persecution as in South Africa.

I believe that whatever is good for the Jews is good for the goyim. Israel is the most racist state on earth. You can't become an Israeli unless your mother was a biological Jew.  Racial intermarriage is forbidden by law. Blood transfusions from black Jews are rejected.  Arabs are considered animals and slaughtered with impunity, as we saw in Gaza last summer. But do you hear Starbuck's Illuminati Jewish CEO Harold Schultz campaigning against that?


In a recent article, a Conservative rabbi sounded the alarm that 58% of American Jews have married Gentiles since the year 2000.  Only 20% of intermarried couples raise their children as Jews. He writes:

"Judaism is a covenant among our people and between God and us. It's demanding. But that's what makes it deep. Please link your individual lives to this eternal community, which is bigger than us and devoted to loftier missions than our own happiness (though we want you to be happy). To those not born Jewish, please join our people. Make our history and destiny your own. If you choose not to join right now, don't worry, we will wait for you, and hope one day you'll wish to join your spouse and children. For now, have a civil wedding, and we'll wish you mazel tov."

He pretends non-Jews can can convert and be accepted as racial Jews but that's for public consumption. Jews do not believe in intermarriage.  I think Israeli policies are too extreme but I believe a nation has a right to defend its racial character, especially since race includes culture and religion.

A "racist" is someone who loves different races and doesn't want them to disappear by miscegenation. A racist is someone who doesn't want the world to be a shade of chocolate while only Zionist Jews are racially pure. I would allow interracial marriage but discourage it. I married a Filipina myself.

Clearly, the bankers agenda is to encourage miscegenation and white guilt.  Bank advertisements invariably feature interracial couples and minority banker reps. In Canada, 80% of female TV announcers and reporters are colored women, while they make up only 5% of the population. 

I am all for a racism devoid of claims of superiority and acts of discrimination. Judge people by their individual merits but do not ignore that race denotes cultural and biological differences.

What's good for the Jew is good for the goyim.


Related - Is "Jewish Plan for Racial Strife" Another Hoax?

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Children's Revelations Prove Satanists Control UK

Sat, 03/21/2015 - 01:35

(Left, a one-hour compilation of videos taken by the mother and her partner in early September 2014.  Barnet police took the children away from the mother on September 11 and were preparing to arrest the mother when she fled the UK.)

Two children named Alisa and Gabriel told their mother they were involved in sexual abuse and had witnessed the ritualistic murder of babies by their biological father, Ricky Dearman, the leader of a satanic cult. They described the decapitation of babies, drinking of blood and eating the dead babies. Routine sex parties at their school involved teachers, administrators, some 20 other children, and hundreds of parents involved with the cult. London police and social services are involved and are trying to cover up the case.

Latest! Satanist Judge and Media Protect Satanic Child Killers; Charge Mother : "An evil mother tortured her children to make up sickening allegations about a satanic cult based at a primary school in the midst of a seething child contact dispute, a High Court judge ruled March 19." The Daily Mail

by Ken Adachi

Ken Adachi is webmaster of educate-yourself.org where this material first appeared.

Two UK siblings, 9 year old Alisa (A) and 8 year old Gabriel (G), recently appeared in Youtube videos titled "Papa kills babies." Both children  describe how they had been involved in sexual abuse by adults, including their father, along with teachers and parents and 20 "special" children at the school they attended, Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead, London. (The children also report that many other schools in Hampstead also engage in satanic/sexual abuse.)

They report forced participation in the ritualistic murder of babies, including the decapitation of drugged babies by their UK father and other fathers of children attending their school. When asked, Alisa said that her father had killed more than 1,000 babies; and perhaps as many as 2,000. She said her father was the leader of the satanic cult.

In one of the 20 videos uploaded by the mother, Alisa describes how some babies were provided by Social Services ]. Both children say they were forced to drink blood, eat flesh, and dance around with multiple skulls of previously murdered babies. This typical of demented conduct often seen at satanic rituals.

The Russian-born mother of the children, Ella Raulyevna Draper (ED), had only discovered her children's abuse in August 2014, while on holiday in Morocco with her kids and boyfriend. Both children say they were warned by their father that they would be killed if they talked.

The Metropolitan police, Barnet Police, Social Services, Cafcass, and even the judges handling the case are colluding to cover up the children's allegations of murder and abuse causing the mother to flee to another country to avoid arrest.

The mother sought the help of a children's advocate (Association of McKenzie Friends), lawyer Sabine Kurjo McNeill, who was also forced to flee to Germany for putting out the story on Youtube after being stonewalled by the courts and government officials.

The first Youtube found above are edited video recordings made of Alisa and her brother Gabriel in September of 2014. I believe that the people talking to the children on the video include a former constable (possibly Kleo Papachrlstou), a relative of the mother's partner, the mother, and the mother's boyfriend/partner, Abraham Christie (AC).

There are many videos of interviews with the kids posted on Youtube [now taken down], but this edited compilation gives you the more salient allegations.

The Alfred Webre interview with Sabine McNeill (posted Feb 15) includes more information than I had found online. I've included Sabine's article, as she's been a first- hand witness in this case. Other articles written about the children's revelations are linked here. A list of the names involved in the case, taken from an early Youtube posting, is also posted, along with the testimony of the mother with details of the satanic cult activities, found on an archived page here and also here. The biological father of the children (never married to children's mother), Ricky Dearman, has a Facebook page which is archived here. ]


Aanirfan -Cover Up of Satanic Child Abuse in Hampstead and  The Bigger Picture - CIA and Mossad (see other articles link at right)
Here is the mother telling the story of what she learned from  her kids. She provides names, addresses, email, tel etc.
In Great Britain, Powerful Pedophiles are Seemingly Everywhere and Totally Above the Law


"Papa" Satanic Cult Scandal: Have Hampstead Churches Been Infiltrated? (March 5, 2015)

Head Teacher at Christ Church Primary School, Accused by Whistleblower Kids of Leading Role in Satanic Cult, Sends Out Feb. 5 Letter to Parents Assuring 'welcoming environment' of 'safety and wellbeing' (Feb. 27, 2015)

Police Interviews of Hampstead Satanic Cult Whistle Blower Kids Now Online (Feb, 24, 2015) Updated Feb. 27, 2015

Police Interviews of Hampstead Satanic Cult Whistle Blower Kids Now Online (Feb, 24, 2015)

What's Next for Whistle Blower Kids in Wonderland? (Feb 23. 2015) 

Protecting Satanists & Murderers: Russian Grandparents of Hampstead Abused Kids Relive Gestapo Intimidation by Thugs of Met Police in Attempting to Arrest Mother (Feb. 23 , 2015)

Sabine McNeill Latest Update Interview with Sam (Feb. 23, 2015)

British Courts: Gagging Mothers & Supporters of Abused Kids (Feb 22, 2015)

Sabine McNeill: Christ Church School Taken off SchoolsNet - nice admission of guilt, eh? (Feb. 22, 2015)

Naked Corruption of London's Police & Courts: "Cover up crimes at all cost" (Feb 21, 2015)

Hampstead Abuse - What's Going On? (Feb 18, 2015)

Belinda McKenzie Video Report: OUTSIDE a Secret Family Court hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice on Feb. 17

"Papa Kills Babies" Latest Updates From Sabine McNiell (Feb. 20, 2015)

"Papa Kills Babies" Case Update From Sabine McNiell (Feb. 17, 2015)

First Comment from Dan:

To any readers that have never heard of such things before I want you to know that scandals like this have been exposed over and over, but nothing happens.   Same pattern every time: the whistle blowers disappear or are sent to prison on trumped up charges, and the children are 'disappeared' by 'protective services'.  

The last major exposure in the US broke in 1988, now known as the Franklin Coverup.  Read about it here: 
Still Evil after All These Years: The Franklin Scandal and Pedophilia in High Places

"The late 80s and 90s were rough years for people to make accusations of pedophilia. Media of the left and right alike were debunking an array of scandals involving nursery schools around the country (most notoriously the McMartin Preschool in California). The charges of child abuse were often bizarre as well as horrifying, and were ultimately dismissed in court as Salem witch trial hysteria and the accused exonerated. "False memory syndrome" entered the language as a new psychological disorder and proved useful for understanding odd claims of "recovered memory" in many areas."

This documentary was slated to run on The Discovery Channel on Tuesday, May 5th 1994,  but was pulled before it was broadcast.  The Discovery Channel and Yorkshire Television were reimbursed for expenses not to show it.

BANNED Discovery Channel Documentary Satanism and Pedophilia EXPOSED

It started as a mundane FBI bank fraud bust.  The manager of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Omaha Nebraska was under investigation for embezzling $40 million dollars.  But when FBI raided the bank to confiscate King's records, they discovered a cache of thousands of original pornographic photos of children and adults.  Here's the kicker, the agents recognized many of the adults as well known politicians, judges, police - including very high up officials in Washington DC.
Art adds:

As an addendum to Dan's submission this video, from 34 years ago, is quite shocking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXlvObVuKeE

If this happened over three decades ago, in Houston Texas, it must be 1000 times worse now. I've lived in Texas nearly my entire life and have NEVER heard of any of this in the news.JJ Adds: Detroux Scandal 

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ISIS - Why the West Rebranded Al Cia-dah

Fri, 03/20/2015 - 00:20

(Left, CIA-Mossad-sponsored ISIS sends press releases of its atrocities in order
to establish itself as a permanent enemy in the mind of Western public.)

"Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death." -- Adolf Hitler

Western intelligence had to establish "ISIS" because
the US Military balked at aiding "Al Qaeda," a group
they had been told was responsible for 9-11. Now Al
Ciada can be seen as an ally against "a greater evil."


Latest- Tapped Communications Confirm US Supplying ISIS

by Richard Evans

According to government propaganda, we face an enemy in ISIS worse than Hitler, Genghis Khan or Satan himself.

Recently we learned that Boko Haram and the Taliban had pledged allegiance to ISIS. We're supposed to believe all Islamic terror groups are declaring war under the aegis of a Global Caliphate.  We are supposed to imagine ISIS is new and even more evil nemesis of Western Civilization than al-Qaeda.

In the Middle East and Africa, leaders openly condemn America's support for ISIS, Boko Haram, al-Qaeda, Taliban, etc. Last month, Omar al-Bashir, President of Sudan, explained CIA and Israel's Mossad were behind the Islamist militant groups Boko Haram and ISIS.  

Abdullah Ganji, the managing-director of an influential Iranian newspaper, says ISIS is a way  "to engage Muslims against each other, to waste their energy and in this way Israel's security would be guaranteed or at least enhanced. Secondly, an ugly, violent and homicidal face of Islam is presented to the world. And third, it creates an inconvenience for Iran."

(left, You won't see cartoons like this in America, but this is how the Middle East and Islamic Africa sees ISIS, America, UK and Israel.)

Most Americans believed what they see on TV so this new brand of sand pirate, ISIS, is actually accepted as our new reality.

What could be more ludicrous than our CIA recruiting terrorists from desperately poor Islamic countries, training them in Jordan, furnishing them with BLACK uniforms, ski masks, weapons, new Toyota pickups and black (pirate) ISIS flags (for plenty of phony photo ops) and driving them into Iraq and Syria from NATO's Turkey, the only place they could have originated? 

TV viewers only see what Illuminati specialists prompt them to see on TV, yet what if only 51% of America asked, "Why would ISIS send our mass media grizzly videos of shocking cruelties to be used as propaganda against them???"

And Boko Harem and Taliban would not both merge with ISIS unless they were all under CIA control.

Sudan's President, Omar al-Bashir , said, "there is a connection between the American and Israeli intelligence organizations and both extremist groups."

How could even mindless Americans believe that two purportedly distinct terrorists organizations in distant parts of the world blindly throw their allegiance and control to ISIS, an organization that didn't even exist 12 months ago?

The CIA rebranded Al Queda as a pretext for endless wars. The only way far flung factions could suddenly 'join'  ISIS is they're all already controlled from a central authority.   

Thus, ISIS is actually more like the Trojan Horse -  with US/UK/NATO/Israel inside.


In September 2013, Obama proposed a US NATO no-fly zone over Iraq and Syria to help Al-Qaeda just like we helped Al-CIA-Duh overthrew Qaddafi in 2011 Libya.

But there was resistance within the US Military.

McCain and media were casually revealing that some of the US supported 'rebels' were al-Qaeda, and this prompted the rare 'wakeup moment' for US Military and public. It triggered the YouTube, Twitter and email campaign (left) with US uniformed men holding signs in front of their faces, 'I DIDN'T FIGHT AL QUEDA IN AFGAHNISTAN TO FIGHT FOR THEM IN SYRIA'

In August 2013, a Christian village was hit by two rockets that released Sarin gas killing about a 800 civilians.  Obama asked Congress for permission to rain death on Syria "for the children".  Obama's proposal to bomb Syria fizzled.

IN FACT support for his air strikes on Syria plummeted to 7% in September 2013, so the day before the 9/11 anniversary, Obama had to replace Al Queda with ISIS.

Then the biweekly ISIS EXECUTION SHOW BEGAN. Ever wonder why ISIS uses orange US Gitmo prison jumpsuits? 

Then news reports began trickling in about how US Military specialists were training ISIS fighters in Jordan. Later news reported that ISIS headquarters were located in the US Embassy in Ankara, Turkey.https://reclaimourrepublic.wordpress.com/2014/06/30/isis-run-out-of-u-s-embassy-in-turkey-soros-download-the-isis-battle-plan-for-baghdad/


(left, Americans oblivious to the atrocities carried out by their proxies.) 

In December 2004, under the Bush Administration, the National Intelligence Council (NIC) predicted that in the year 2020 a "New Caliphate" extending from the Western Mediterranean to Central Asia and South East Asia would emerge, threatening Western democracy and Western values.

The "findings" of the National Intelligence Council were published in a 123 page unclassified report entitled "Mapping the Global Future".

"A New Caliphate provides an example of how a global movement fueled by radical religious identity politics could constitute a challenge to Western norms and values as the foundation of the global system"  (emphasis added)]

The ISLMAMOFACIST CALIPHATE extending all the way to Great Britain was predictively programmed by none other then Glenn Beck when he was at his height on FOX in 2011. WE KNOW THIS IS FISHY because a Caliphate and STATE are contradictory terms.   

Beck didn't call it 'ISLAMIC STATE' but you get the predictive programming.  He seeded the notion and the memes. These were so ridiculous in 2011 and 2012 that Beck's ratings actually plummeted to the extent that FOX canceled his show. He'd lost his credibility.   


Related- Makow -War on Terror is Elite Mind Control
-----------ISIS Satanist Instrument of Illuminati Satanists
---------- More Evidence ISIS is Western Creation
----------- ISIS Reflects 4300-year-old Occult War

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Thu, 03/19/2015 - 21:41

No Planes Crashed on 9-11 (from Lisa)

I am listening to an interview by George Noory on Coast to Coast radio with a former United Flight attendant who has done years of research into the False Flag of 9-11. Her name is Rebekah Roth and her astounding discoveries of this event have been published in her book "Methodical Illusion".

I have always known that 9-11 was planned from the moment our government told the Air Force to Stand down.

Her revelations about airline protocol and the numerous anomalies that occurred that day are nothing short of shocking. And she has the facts to back it up. I.E. Six of the so called hijackers are alive and well. She has transcripts from passengers who were told it was a drill. Does this sound familiar?

Passengers were told they were going to fly to Chicago where Ms. Roth believes all four planes were taken and placed in Hangars. Phone records from passengers reveal on flight 93 they were told it was a military drill.

Roth believes no planes crashed that day and that the passengers were more than likely killed afterwards. Remember, these planes were carrying light passenger loads. This is new information that goes beyond what Dr. Judy Wood has written.

Makow- Listen to the interview linked here. I have read 20% of the book so far and there is no mention of 9-11 yet. Just a second-rate novel.

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Betty Friedan: How Jewish Dysfunction Became Universal

Thu, 03/19/2015 - 00:03

The truth stares us in the face but we are blinded by conditioning.

Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cult which subverts its members by

promoting promiscuity and gender confusion. First, it made some Jews sick

and through them (and some Freemasons) it has subverted the

planet. Recently, we saw how a Jewish transvestite admits to "indoctrinating"

our children. This is nothing compared to what his sick Jewish sister Betty Friedan did to society.

They "corrupt in order to rule." They control us by making us sick, physically or psychologically. This is satanic possession. Sin is their MO.  Illuminati Jews and top Freemasons (Hollywood, etc.) are Satan's missionaries. The goyim have been trained like Pavlov's Dogs to eschew anything that smacks of "anti Semitism." But to identify a pernicious influence is not the same as condemning all Jews.

Related- Lena Dunham - Another example of How Illuminati Jews Normalize Dysfunction

----------- Hollywood's Home Movies Portray Jewish Nightmare

----------- Hollywood Jews Preach Sex and Degeneration to Goyim

----------- Liberal Jews,Sex & the New Satanic Order

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
(Slightly revised from April 21, 2007)

In the 1950's, the founder of modern feminism had a serious inferiority complex. At parties she would introduce herself: "I'm Betty Friedan -- and I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Smith."

Friedan's mother had made her feel inadequate as a female. In her candid autobiography, "My Life So Far" (2000) Friedan (born, Betty Naomi Goldstein) says that no matter what she did, her mother made her feel "messy, clumsy, inadequate, bad, naughty, ugly." (26)

Friedan spent years in psychoanalysis "talking endlessly about how I hated my mother and how she had killed my father." (121)

"All mothers should be drowned at birth," she used to say in her 20's. (131)

Her mother, Miriam Horowitz Goldstein was the spoiled daughter of a doctor who at 20 made a loveless marriage to "an older Jewish businessman" a jeweler almost twice her age. She was ashamed he had "no formal American education and a heavy Jewish accent." He could do nothing right either. (17)

But instead of seeing that her parent's marriage was the problem, Betty Friedan attributed her mother's unloving behavior to her lack of a satisfying career. She compensated for a weak father figure by becoming masculine herself and pursuing male glory.

Ostracized by her classmates for being inept and ugly, Friedan vowed that "they may not like me" but one day "they are going to have to look up to me." (25)

In other words, Friedan was a classic Jewish social misfit, the kind that the elite use to undermine society.

Fame and fortune came her way with her book "The Feminine Mystique," (1963) which devalued the traditional feminine role and stripped femininity of its "mystique."

Husband and children need the love of a gracious young wife or mother. This nurturing feminine charm was a woman's "mystique." In her book, Friedan said family-oriented women were parasites  who had no identity of their own. She compared a housewife to an inmate in "a comfortable concentration camp." A psychological stormtroopers, She devalued the countless priceless things a real woman does for her children and husband.

With the help of the elite media, Friedan convinced women to deny their natural identity as wife and mother and seek it from jobs and employers.
Rather than recognize that she was bent, Friedan made other women conform to her, at incalculable cost to society.


In her autobiography, Friedan portrays herself as a devoted housewife who wanted to avoid her own mother's mistakes. But in fact she emulated her mother and threatened to castrate her husband.

When she claimed to be "a battered wife," her ex, Carl Friedan, started a web site (now discontinued) to give his side of the story. He was convinced to take it down.

He said Friedan was unstable and often attacked him. Her bruises were due to his self-defense. His injuries were worse. He even cites a police report as proof. In another case, he writes: [WARNING FOUL LANGUAGE]

" Quite vivid in my mind is a midnight in about 1967 - a year or so
before Betty and I separated for good. We were living at our Dakota
apartment then - Betty disagreed with something I said (that's all it
took), went into one of her raging uncontrollable fits, screaming, her
face twisted in hate and insane anger, "You fucking no good prick you,
you no-good bastard, you fucking bastard, " meanwhile sprinting into the
kitchen. Back she came straight at me brandishing two large kitchen
knives. "You fucking Goddamn sonuvabitch, I'm going to cut your fucking
cock off - your big cock it doesn't mean a thing to me." At this, I
calmly picked up a kitchen chair, nailed her to the wall like a 

lion-tamer and took the knives away. And that was just a minor incident during that period when her explosive personality was further inflamed  by amphetamines she was taking for weight loss, reinforced by alcohol."

Carl Friedan, who had an advertising agency told a newspaper that Betty's image as a typical housewife was a ruse:

"She didn't know what I was doing," he claimed. "I won prizes and had full-page ads in all the New York papers. She didn't care."

According to Carl, Betty was no stay-at-home mom.

(left, Carl, Betty and oldest son)

"We had a full-time maid during our entire [19-year] marriage. That's who took care of the [three] kids, cooked - everything," he said. "I would say as a housewife, on a scale of 0 to 10, she was a 2."

Carl Friedan's memories are not motivated by politics. He is proud of his ex-wife's accomplishments: "She changed the course of history almost single-handedly. It took a driven, super-aggressive, egocentric, almost lunatic dynamo to rock the world the way she did. Unfortunately, she was that same person at home, where that kind of conduct doesn't work. She simply never understood this."


When Betty was preparing for her "Bat Mitzvah" (like a Confirmation) at age 13, she confessed to her Reform rabbi that she did not believe in God.

Instead of giving his young ward a sense of what God is, this impostor said: "All right, but keep it to yourself until after confirmation." (22)

Friedan's Judaism amounts to a sense that "I have to use my life to make the world better, have to protest, step off the sidewalk and march against injustice."

Because she was rejected as a Jew by the rich country club set in her hometown of Peoria, she "now identified with the working class, also oppressed by the masters of the universe..."(71)

People like Friedan prefer to "change the world" than heal themselves. Do they realize that "change the world" is code for Luciferian world government tyranny?

They tend to do very well by "doing good." While writing this book, she received a one-million-dollar grant from the Illuminati Ford Foundation. Aren't they the "masters of the universe?" The Friedans of this world are members of this club.

Doesn't it occur to these socialists, feminists and communists that if they were really a threat to the establishment, they wouldn't be hauling in $150,000 salaries as full professors? Don't they realize they are brainwashing the young, destabilizing society and setting the stage for a totalitarian state?

Friedan was a lifelong Communist. In the book, she tries to distance herself from Communism, describing it in terms of youthful idealism. In fact she was a conscious agent.  She knew Kurt Lewin who had been in charge of social engineering at Tavistock. (45) 

Friedan became famous because the Lucifer-loving bankers wanted women to have jobs instead of families. Jewish misfits become role models in a satanic dispensation. Friedan destroyed for everyone what she didn't have, the "Feminine Mystique." She poisoned the well of femininity and sent the family into a death spiral. .

In an occult-controlled, perverts, failures and crazies become prophets.


See also "Betty Friedan: Mommie was a Commie"

--------------  Lena Dunham - Another example of How Illuminati Jews Normalize Dysfunction

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Wed, 03/18/2015 - 10:12

Netanyahu's reelection underscores the inherent, "murder/suicide" pathology of Israeli society by Avigail Abarbanel:

So he won and I have to say I am relieved. There will be no more endless cycles of pointless 'negotiations' with Israel pretending that some day it will agree to a two-state solution while continually escalating both settlement (colony) building and the maltreament of the Palestinians. Now everyone will see that the Palestinians were right all along and that Israel has never been a partner for negotiations.

There is no real political Left in Israel and if the other side got to form a government, all we would have seen is more of the same. Now we'll see if the EU has the decency and conviction to enact proper sanctions. Then of course there is the US. The US Administration might stall for a while, but we'll see if they have what it takes to do the right thing. Israel is no friend to the US and the sooner they realize it the better.

Israel is on a slippery slope of its own making. Get your popcorn, sit and watch. Israel is becoming more radicalized than ever before. Certainly much more than when I was growing up there. Of course I could be wrong -- and I hope I am -- but I think Israel's pathological siege mentality will now become more pronounced and more evident to outsiders. Israel has for a long time been readying itself for when the time comes, to bunker down, live with austerity and give up the fancy lifestyle the country has become increasingly accustomed to in the last 20-25 years. They can do this.

Israel has always prepared itself psychologically and economically to being isolated. All that openness to the rest of the world that Israel has enjoyed increasingly in the last generation or so, and Israel's acceptance by others, have always been seen as temporary in the eyes of most Israeli Jews. They had always expected it to end and had the mentality of 'let's enjoy it while it lasts and make the most of it while we can.'

Fundamentally Israeli Jews believe that the world hates them because they are Jewish (in their mind it has nothing to do with colonialism or the Palestinians). So although Israel has brought its own situation upon itself, that is not how Israeli Jews see it. They believe things are 'happening to them' for no fault of their own. They expect isolation and have dropped all pretenses to pander to the West and are behaving more in line now with their true nature. Even less radical people will become radicalized now in Israel. There will be even more propaganda and more brainwashing than ever before.

Netanyahu really does represent most Israeli Jews even though some of them do not like him. But the reasons they do not like him are not what you expect. Most Israeli Jews identify with Netanyahu's perception and understanding of what the rest of the world is like and of the world's relationship with Israel. After all Netanyahu is a product of Israeli society just like I was, and believe me, when you have that kind of psychology and that incredibly effective, powerful propaganda machine all around you, it is easy to believe that what you see is really how it is... Israeli Jews have always lived in a psychological ghetto and it's that ghetto that I got out of back in 1991.

Life will get very difficult for Jews in Israel soon enough, and many with dual citizenship will abandon ship. Those who remain will be the die-hard fanatics and zealots who are dangerous because they might have the psychology of murder suicide. I believe that before it is over, things will get really bad there and extremely dangerous. Israel will become much more fanatic and extremist than ever before with a lot less inhibitions.

I am therefore worried about the Palestinians and wonder how much more of this they could possibly take and what they can expect in the next few months and years. Israel isolating itself is more dangerous for the Palestinians because world public opinion will no longer be a moderating factor on Israel's behavior. And believe it or not, it did have a moderating effect. What you have been seeing so far and what Palestinians have been experiencing is not yet the worst. Gaza gives you the idea of what Israel has in mind for all Palestinians.

So the message to those of us who support the Palestinians is to get ready to escalate our support. It is about to get very very tough. With Netanyahu at the helm the end of colonialism and occupation is nigh, but it is about to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Avigail Abarbanel was born and raised in the Israeli state. She moved to Australia in 1991 and now lives in Scotland. She works as a psychotherapist in private practice and is an activist for Palestinian rights. She is the editor of Beyond Tribal Loyalties: Personal Stories of Jewish Peace Activists (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012).

Thanks to Michael Hoffman

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Wed, 03/18/2015 - 02:22
Thomas Beecham says it's not time to buy gold yet-

I look at the trend in gold. It is clearly under pressure. Now I see all the news out there and everything that is being talked about. Yet gold is still under pressure. This is clearly a negative in my book.

Now looking at the chart. There is a range bound trade, with lower highs and lower lows. We are in the bottom part of that range. That is slightly positive in my book for a long term accumulator.

However, I still see lower lows, and until something changes this trend, I would stay clear. I was bullish on gold going back to 2005. What did I see then? George W Bush and Katrina. W said it would cost a trillion dollars to repair the damage. That from an "Oil Storm" scenario, which showed some sort of weather control. It popped out of the 425-450 range for the first time in decade. I started buying in a big way and was recommending gold with the proceeds of sold real estate. I scored well. When gold dropped below the 1632 bearish wedge support level back in 2013 I was long-term bearish for the first time since 2005.  I wrote my first article for your website after I contacted you warning all to stay away from an impending collapse in gold and silver. I am not a chartist, per se, but I feel the trend and market movements, with the vibe of the day, and each price has a certain feel to it. I am here to say that the vibe is not good. I would still look for lower lows - though the price movements are becoming compressed. I stick to my opinion from February, 2013, that 1,000 will be revisited before we resume up. Too many people fear losing out on a resurgence.

I wrote those articles for your website starting in February, 2013, when gold was 1650, and silver was 32. Despite all the criticism I received, I wouldn't change a word on any of them. A lot of people were not pleased with what I wrote. But guess what, gold and silver tanked. Real estate has been a winner. The stock market continues to fly. The dollar is king. There is no real inflation. There has been no divine intervention to save us. Need I go on? This is exactly what I wrote two years ago. There will be no collapse until war. So many disparaging remarks came my way, but guess what... I was right.

And I am here to say gold is going further down until late this year at the earliest. Don't arrive early, your dinner will be cold by the time you eat.

Gold is a hedge against the system and government. Right now, the unprincipled and reprobate people love government. A decade ago the people had more principles and morals.

Recall how I was writing how governments were going to make it tougher to use gold as a means to circumvent the system. They would connect gold with terrorism and money laundering. This is exactly what I see daily. NATO says ISIS uses gold to pay people. That whole ISIS thing is a big joke, burped up in DARPA-style labs for the Pentagon to use against the unprincipled populace. But what this says is that the DoD does not want the average Joe six-pack owning gold. Look for more restrictions to come.

I still submit that the globalists allowed gold to rise to dizzying heights to sucker in the dumb patriots, so they could collapse it in a WTC7-style controlled collapse that would baffle the average person.

Anyone who has listened to the controlled-patriot media has lost it all. Their job, retirement accounts, balance sheet, house, bank account, wife, children, and dog. Yet the same people cling to this amateurish stuff.

Please, do not be given over to the carpetbaggers in the controlled alternative media. Some may be well-educated in certain disciplines, but are out of their realm with respect to true conspiracy. Even worse, I submit that much of the writings we read can be traced back to US Government servers as disinfo. A broke resistance is much easier to handle.

If rates spike from some sort of impending collapse that the dumbed-down patriot media keeps parroting, we may actually see all assets fall, including gold. That happened in 2008.

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Boston Bombing Hoax Continues With Trial

Wed, 03/18/2015 - 00:07
(Does this boy look like a terrorist or a patsy?)

The current trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev features
a mass
of fabricated evidence including video
purporting to show Dzhokhar killing a policeman.
Even more disturbing, it involves the complicity of
dozens of false witnesses, including "friends,"
the mass media, his lawyers, police and the "justice"
system in general.

Jim Fetzer, Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota, concludes: "I find myself in a state of nausea. This is not a nation that deserves respect. It is a sham, a fraud and a disgrace to all who perceive the truth."

Makow - None of this should be a surprise. The media is also complicit in the 9-11 false flag Society resembles a satanic cult: Truth and falsehood are inverted to advance evil. Society is divided between the conspirators (i.e. the initiated, traitors) and the great mass of dupes.

Latest !!!   Jim Fetzer-   The Boston Show Trial: The "bloody confession" of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

by Jim Fetzer
The NYT- All the Lies They can Fit in Print
(Abridged by henrymakow.com)

How many lies of enormous magnitude are the American people expected to accept from their government and the mass media?

The evidence for concluding that this was a drill using amputee actors and special effects filming is overwhelming, where neither Tamerlan nor Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were responsible for the explosions or events thereafter. The mass media insults our intelligence. How, for example, could Dzhokhar have run over his brother after Tamerlan had been arrested by the police?

As I have explained in recent articles, including "The Boston Show Trial: The 'bloody confession' of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev" (12 March 2015), "Boston Show Trial: Attorney declares patsy "Guilty!" (8 March 2015), and (most thematically!) "Media complicity and indispensable to 'false flag' success" (14 January 2015), the proofs that Dzhokhar did not do it are so blatant and numerous that they should be intelligible even to reporters for The New York Times. That The Times should be ignoring the evidence and promoting a fantasy defies belief-unless, of course, it remains under the control of the CIA. Here are a dozen proofs that make the case:

1. We have a video with a sound track that shows the police using bullhorns to announce, "This is a drill! This is a drill!" Listen to it for yourself. If the Boston police knew it was a drill, how could the Boston Police Commissioner claim they were guilty and even had additional explosives they were planning to use? Why is he lying to Chris Wallace on Fox News?

2. We also have tweets from The Boston Globe that a "controlled explosion" is going to be set off during the marathon "for the benefit of bomb squad activities" and another stating that one would be set off in front of the library in one minute. When The Globe knows it was a drill, why has The Globe, one of our nation's premier papers, not spoken out about it?

3. The alternative media had already zeroed in on the perps the very day of the event itself, who were Craft International personnel wearing khaki trousers, black jackets and black baseball caps with a skull insignia, where the motto of Craft is, "Violence does solve problems!" When amateurs using computers can solve the problem, why can't professionals?

Exhibit 3B:

We have photos of two Craft personnel, one of whom is wearing a black backpack with a white square on it, where the backpack that blows up is black with a white square on it (which is circled in yellow) and of the two of them running away from the location as the bomb it contains explodes. This is about as obvious as it could possibly be. Now you see it, now you don't.
Exhibit 3C:

Here is a photo of Dzhokhar with his backpack. One of those that blew up was black with a white square; the other was tan or light brown. Notice that Dzhokhar's backpack is grey or silver. It is neither black with a white square nor tan or light brown. So why would anyone, much less the authorities, regard him as a suspect? His doesn't even have a right backpack.

4. Immediately after one of the explosions, there is no blood, which Lorraine Day, M.D., Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital (with 25 years of experience) has observed would be impossible if this had been a real event: there would instantaneously have been blood everywhere!

5. Same scene, but different point. According to reports from the AP, such as "The Huffington Post" (23 April 2013), three persons (including one child) were killed and 260 injured. It has become part of the official narrative about the Boston event. But the images from the scene suggest a number closer to 20. Where are the other 240 victims?

6. When the blood finally shows up, it is fake blood-special effects "Hollywood" blood-which is not even the right color. And when the scene clears, the tubes from which it came can be seen. If this had been a bona fide bombing, it would not have been necessary to fake it. They faked it because it was only a staged bombing, which produced no blood, not a real one.

7. A perfect example of the use of actors turns out to be Nicole Brannock Gross, who, although feigning to have had both legs broken in two places and had her Achilles tendon severed, sits calmly displaying no agony or pain, in striking contrast with professional athletes, who are used to enduring pain, who grimace and contort from injuries far milder than what she claims.

9. The Tsarnaev brothers who were under surveillance for at least 5 years were selected as patsies because of their country of origin, but they were actually ordinary young men, where Tamerlan had a wife and a child and was considering moving to New York, while Dzhokhar was a college student who participated in wrestling and was popular with his fellow students on campus, where he went after the bombing,

10:  Perhaps the most bizarre of all, Tamerlan was arrested, stripped naked and placed into a police car, which was widely broadcast at the time. I could identify him, but his mother and his aunt confirmed his identity. According to the absurd official narrative, moreover, Tamerlan was killed by Dzhokhar, who drove over him repeatedly in an SUV-after his police apprehension!

11. In an appalling act of treachery, the FBI sent a five-man team to interrogate a friend of the two Tsarnaev brothers, Ibragim Todashev, 27, who was concerned that they were coming to kill him. Apparently, after lengthy but unsuccessful attempts to persuade him to turn against his friends, all left the room but one, who shot him multiple times, claiming he had violently attacked him.


According to the Boston police, the FBI, The Boston Globe, Fox News and every other major media outlet, the Tsanaev brothers were responsible for "the Boston bombing", even though we know it was a drill, that no one died and that it was done by Craft International personnel. Even the Boston Police Commissioner and The New York Times support the fabrication, in spite of the evidence against it.

The latest absurdity is the "bloody confession" of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, recovered from the inside of a boat, which is nevertheless written in perfectly straight lines, which are evenly spaced-an achievement that not even Leonardo da Vinci could have accomplished. This is a photoshopped creation by projecting a 2-dimensional image to appear to be a 3-dimensional one.

I served my nation with pride as a commissioned officer in the Marine Corps. I have done my best to uphold the honor and the integrity of the United States. But I have learned the bitter lesson that we are not a nation of laws but of liars. We are being deceived on every count-about Boston, about Sandy Hook, about Ukraine, about Iran, about ISIS and more-to advance a political agenda run by elites including the Khazarian Mafia, through a covert government, where the CIA serves as their instrument, which even Bill Clinton, as President, admitted he did not control.

Americans are the least informed and most gullible population on Earth. We confuse authority with truth, when the truth should be our authority. Even our newspaper of record, The New York Times, entrusted to chronicle the official history of the United States, plays the public for fools. Unless we know the truth, we cannot act in our own best interests, because we don't know what those actions would be. Addressing these issues, I find myself in a state of nausea. This is not a nation that deserves respect. It is a sham, a fraud and a disgrace to all who perceive the truth.
Related- Boston Bombing Update (Video)

Sandy Hook Film Exposes a Deeply Subverted Nation

Indisputable Photo Evidence That the Boston Marathon Bombing Was Staged

Boston Hoaxathon-Fake Pressure Cooker Bomb


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CHAPPiE Movie-- Illuminati Will Overcome Death

Tue, 03/17/2015 - 00:14

(Humanity's Last Hope Isn't Human. Is this why they're turning us into robots? )

In the near future, a robotic police force patrols the streets.
When one police droid, CHAPPiE, is stolen and given new programming,
he becomes the first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself.
The Illuminati want to play God. Specifically, they want eternal life
by transferring their "consciousness" to robots.

"The film triumphantly broadcasts that Man
is God's successor, accomplishing what the Creator could not."
i.e. Satanists overrule nature.

Although critics hate this movie, it is a box office hit.

Related!  YouTube on CHAPPiE - "Informercial for Transhumanism"

by Aspen

"CHAPPiE" is a full-blown satanic manifesto telegraphing to all of its viewers the theology of the global elite:

"God our Creator is inept. He has great power but very little understanding of what HE is, or what 'consciousness' is, or what 'power' is, or what 'freedom' is. God the Creator is a bumbling yet harmless genius. When he created us, he was seeking to find Himself, and it is only through our own evolution, and our own emergent superiority to the inept intellect of God, that real truth and real power will arise."

(Who would have guessed that writer-director Neil Blomkamp is an Illuminati Jew?)

The thematic heart of the film is encapsulated in a dialogue between a robot, CHAPPiE, who has two horns on his head, and its creator, a man named Deon Wilson, who works for a defense contractor in South Africa. CHAPPiE has just learned that his battery is going to run out and cannot be replaced, so he is in mortal fear.

CHAPPiE:  Maker, I hate you! You produced my consciousness in a defective body. Why did you create me if you knew that I was just going to die?

Deon: CHAPPiE, I didn't know what I was doing. You've become something far greater than anything I could have imagined. We don't know what "consciousness" is or where it is located. I can't save you.

The robot responds to these challenges by figuring out what "consciousness" really is, and then finding a way to transfer the "energy of consciousness" -- which is New Age terminology -- into new robot bodies.

CHAPPiE is so successful in this quest for eternal life that not only does he save his Creator by transferring Deon's "consciousness" into a new robot body, and not only does his Creator save CHAPPiE by returning the favor, but CHAPPiE chirps to his Creator, "Now you will live forever, Maker."

The film triumphantly broadcasts that Super-Man is God's successor, accomplishing what the Creator could not.


The names in this film are revelatory of the agenda that produced it.

"Deon Wilson" means, literally, "A being of God-like nature that is the progeny of the power of desire".

In other words, God wants us to supersede Him, so that we can re-create Him in our own image. That is the lie that Satan has been speaking to all occult believers since the time of the creation of Man, and it is precisely the plot and purpose of this film.

What of the name " CHAPPiE"? Why is the name "CHAPPiE" spelled with all capital letters but one lower-case "i"?

 The satanic globalist elitists are obsessed with Numerology. It doesn't matter that you don't believe in Numerology: THEY DO. They believe in numbers, dates, schedules, rituals, potions, and names, and they openly telegraph and announce their beliefs, intentions, and plans, via Numerological gaming.

Assigning a simple numeric value to all of the upper-case letters in the name CHAPPiE gives a value of 49. Counting all of the letters in the name gives a value of 58. Both of these numbers have occult significance, because they each add up to 13.

In the dark places of satanic witchcraft that are ongoing in Hollywood, the central circle do not only commission and refine film scripts; they do not only insert subliminal messages; they do not only paint the word "sex" into Disney cartoons.

They believe in CHAPPiE, the Artificial Intelligence which is Satan himself, a double 13, twice-cursed by the original Creator but now the New Creator.

Take note: "CHAPPiE" is THE FIRST FILM to acknowledge openly that Satan, having left his first estate, is the original Artificial Intelligence and the father and author of all Artificial Intelligence.

The central circle in Hollywood do not only commission, watch, and refine, but they gather together to perform satanic rituals that infuse their productions with evil power. Be assured: a "twice thirteen" ritual was performed over this film, and it involved child sacrifice.

Hollywood, meaning "the wood of the wand of witchcraft", is steadily in favor of Artificial Intelligence.

Related- Trailer
David Livingstone- Illuminati Transfer Human Evolution to Computers

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Against Masturbation

Mon, 03/16/2015 - 00:15

If pornography is an Illuminati plot,

does that apply to

masturbation as well?

"MGo," a reader, thinks so.

"The ruling elite know that if they can get the majority of men hooked on pornography, then they will not only be perverting their sexual tastes but they will be hooking them into a habit of daily masturbation that will gradually undermine their health and leave them weak minded and fickle."

by MGo


Henry, you have covered the social aspects of our hyper-sexualized society. But there's another layer that is undermining people's health and explains why the Illuminati bombard us with sex.

The wisdom of the ages tells us that many physical and psychological problems befall man if he indulges in too much sex.

As you have said, the main function of sex is bonding and procreation. While occasional masturbation and sex for pleasure probably doesn't do too much harm, people will undermine their health if they overindulge.

The severity of the symptoms vary from person to person. If you are skeptical, look at the health of the average American adult. Many people are obese, mentally Ill, have diabetes, and a slew of other ailments...many elderly people have dementia, Alzheimer's, cancer, Parkinson's, etc. Western civilization fosters many illnesses that even animals do not have.

What I am suggesting is that through indulgence in sex people, degrade their health to a significant degree. In the ancient Vedic texts of India, the Toaists, Christianity, and even Judaism say that a man's semen contains vital energy that should be conserved and not recklessly frittered away through masturbation.

(left, the opposing view.)

Masturbation is also detrimental to a female's health, but more in males. When this energy is conserved, men become much sharper intellectually, their memory is better, their willpower is much strong and their health is very good. I can personally attest that this is 100% true from ceasing masturbation or sex for several months...it is astounding how much more clear mentally I feel than when I masturbate every day.

Here are is a quote from the Hindu Bhagavad Gita which clearly states that this vital energy semen (which they refer to as veerya) should not be wasted : "My dear brothers! The vital energy, the Veerya that supports your life, which is the Prana of Pranas, which shines in your sparkling eyes, which beams in your shining cheeks, is a great treasure for you. Remember this point well. Veerya is the quintessence of blood. One drop of semen is manufactured out of forty drops of blood. Mark here how valuable this fluid is!"

The ruling elite know that if they can get the majority of men hooked on pornography, then they will not only be perverting their sexual tastes but they will be hooking them into a habit of daily masturbation that will gradually undermine their health and leave them weak minded and fickle.

I know that the majority of people masturbate, but that doesn't make it a healthy habit...it is not. It is a degrading habit practiced by fallen man. While it is seen in some cases in the animal kingdom, it certainly isn't abused to the extent that humans do, especially when some men masturbate 3-4 times per day. This is simply an abuse of Gods natural order, and an abuse of the genitals.

Furthermore the pleasure that you get from orgasm is heart-breakingly brief, and afterwards you feel lethargic because you have wasted a lot of your energy in the act. This is energy that could be used for higher pursuits in life, but the Illuminati know that if they can get the majority of men to channel their energy into mindless selfish things such as pornography, then they have that man in a mental straight jacket. It is foolish to think that semen is a useless substance that has no value. It has the power to create a human being.

If you couple this with many of the perverse things being shoved down our throat constantly through the movies, music industry, and porn industry, you have a recipe for disaster.

People need to wake up and realize that there are utterly evil forces in this world who simply want to destroy humanity. Unfortunately pornography, sodomy, masturbation, are currently considered as normal and healthy by a lot of people. I assure you that this is 100% false. This is having a profound effect on this country and is gradually undermining the health of the nation.


Semen as Male Elixir?

Makow - Managing the Male Sex Drive

----------  Tiger Woods- A Lesson for all Men 

First Comment from Rixon (Webmaster of The Truthseeker.co.uk)

It's not only religious teachers who have warned against the harmful effects of masturbation. Traditional Chinese Medicine has long warned about the dangers, particularly if it becomes habitual.

By way of an introduction I'm going to quote from a great guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine: The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity by Daniel Reid. According to Reid:

"For men, masturbation represents an irretrievable and uncompensated loss of Yang semen-essence. While healthy males between the ages of 16 to 21 are veritable 'fountains of semen' for whom masturbation is relatively harmless, by the time they reach 25 or so, all the old shibboleths regarding male masturbation come true: weakness in the thighs and knees, numbness in lumbar region, loss of vitality, depression, etc. By the time they reach 30, men should entirely give up this self-defeating habit and start conserving semen exclusively for intercourse with women.

"Men who continue masturbating habitually into their 30s, 40s and 50s rob themselves rob themselves of the very essence and energy that fuel their lives and protect their health."

Moreover this is more than just an 'old wives tale', given that 20 percent of male semen is cerebrospinal fluid. So even in the limited terms of scientific materialism, ejaculation depletes a man's reservoir of vital life-giving essence.

However although he may ejaculate, when a man has intercourse with a woman the two will exchange vital hormones, or as the ancient Chinese called it precious essence, which in part compensates for the depletion of his chi or life force during intercourse.

Obviously this doesn't happen during masturbation. Nor does this loss of life force happen to a women during intercourse. This will only happen to her if and when she conceives and gives birth.

So although sexual gratification doesn't deplete a women's life force, childbirth drains her vital life force while ejaculation, particularly outside the confines of heterosexual intercourse, does so in men.

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Communists Conceived Women's Liberation Movement

Sun, 03/15/2015 - 00:33

This 2003 review of Kate Wiegand's Red Feminism: Communism  and the Making of Women's Liberation is a useful reminder that the  transformation of society in our lifetime was inspired by Communist dogma.  Feminism has been instrumental in society's induction into occult Jewish Cabalism, i.e. Communism, Satanism. Society is complicit in its own enslavement.

"There is nothing that feminists said or did in the 1960's-1980's that wasn't prefigured in the Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA) of the 1940's and 1950's."

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

"Rape is an expression of ... male supremacy ... the age-old economic, political and cultural exploitation of women by men."

Does this sound like a modern radical feminist? Guess again. It is from a American Communist Party pamphlet from 1948 entitled "Woman Against Myth"by Mary Inman.

In a 2002 book, Red Feminism: American Communism and the Making of Women's Liberation, feminist historian Kate Weigand states: "ideas, activists and traditions that emanated from the Communist movement of the forties and fifties continued to shape the direction of the new women's movement of the 1960s and later."(154)

In fact, Weigand, a lecturer at Smith College, shows that modern feminism is a direct outgrowth of American Communism. There is nothing that feminists said or did in the 1960's-1980's that wasn't prefigured in the CPUSA of the 1940's and 1950's. Many second-wave feminist leaders were "red diaper babies," the children of Communists.

Communists pioneered the political and cultural analysis of woman's oppression. They originated "women's studies," and advocated public daycare, birth control, abortion and even children's rights. They forged key feminist concepts such as "the personal is the political" and techniques such as "consciousness raising."

In the late 1940's, CPUSA leaders realized that the labor movement was becoming increasingly hostile to Communism. They began to focus on women and African Americans. They hoped "male supremacy" would "bring more women into the organization and into the fight against the domestic policies of the Cold War." (80)

Communist women who made up 40% of the party wanted more freedom to attend party meetings. After the publication of "Women Against Myth" in 1948, the CPUSA initiated a process of "re-educating" men that we recognize only too well today.

For example, in the party newspaper "The Daily Worker" a photo caption of a man with a young child read, "Families are stronger and happier if the father knows how to fix the cereal, tie the bibs and take care of the youngsters." (127)

The Party ordered men who didn't take the woman question seriously to complete "control tasks involving study on the woman question." In 1954 the Los Angeles branch disciplined men for "hogging discussion at club meetings, bypassing women comrades in leadership and making sex jokes degrading to women." (94)

A film Salt of the Earth, which critic Pauline Kael called "Communist propaganda", portrayed women taking a decisive role in their husbands' labor strike. "Against her husband's wishes, Esperanza became a leader in the strike and for the first time forged a role for herself outside of her household... [her] political successes persuaded Ramon to accept a new model of family life." (132) Portrayals of strong assertive successful women became as common in the Communist press and schools, as they are in the mass media today.

Communist women formalized a sophisticated Marxist analysis of the "woman question." The books In Women's Defense (1940) by Mary Inman, Century of Struggle (1954) by Eleanor Flexner and The Unfinished Revolution (1962) by Eve Merriam recorded women's oppression and decried sexism in mass culture and language. For example, Mary Inman argued that "manufactured femininity" and "overemphasis on beauty" keeps women in subjection (33).

The founder of modern feminism, Betty Frieden, left, relied on these texts when she wrote The Feminine Mystique (1963). These women all hid the fact that they were long-time Communist activists. In the 1960, their daughters had everything they needed, including the example of subterfuge, to start the Women's Liberation Movement.


Feminism's roots in Marxist Communism explain a great deal about this curious but dangerous movement. It explains:

  • Why the " woman's movement" hates femininity and imposes a political-economic concept like "equality" on a personal, biological and mystical relationship.

  • Why the "women's movement" also embraces "equality" of race and class.

  • Why they want revolution ("transformation") and have a messianic vision of a gender-less utopia.

  • Why they believe human nature is infinitely malleable and can be shaped by indoctrination and coercion.

  • Why they engage in endless, mind-numbing theorizing, doctrinal disputes and factionalism.

  • Why truth for them is a "social construct" defined by whomever has power, and appearances are more important than reality.

  • Why they reject God, nature and scientific evidence in favour of their political agenda.

  • Why they refuse to debate, don't believe in free speech, and suppress dissenting views.

  • Why they behave like a quasi-religious cult, or like the Red Guard.

It's hard to escape the conclusion that feminism is Communism by another name. Communism is designed to give power to the puppets of central bankers by fostering division and conflict. Divide and Conquer. Having failed to peddle class and race war, Communism promoted gender conflict instead. In each case they fostered a sense of grievance in the target group. Now the traditional feminine role "oppressed" women.

(Left, another Communist psy op.)

The "diversity" and "multicultural" movements represent Communism's attempt to empower and use other minorities, gays and "people of color," to further undermine the majority (European, Christian) culture. Thus, the original CPUSA trio of "race, gender and class" is very much intact but class conflict was never a big seller.

The term "politically correct" originated in the Russian Communist Party in the 1920's. Its usage in America today illustrates the extent society has been subverted. Feminist activists are mostly Communist dupes. The Communist goal is to destroy Western Civilization and establish a veiled dictatorship called "world government" run by the toadies of the central bankers.

We have seen this destruction in the dismantling of the liberal arts curriculum and tradition of free speech and inquiry at our universities. We have seen this virus spread to government, business, the media and the military. This could only happen because the financial elite in fact sponsors Communism.

In Communism, government is the ultimate monopoly. It controls everything, not just wealth but also power and thought. It is the instrument of monopoly capital (i.e. Rothschild, Rockefeller.) Everybody from the President on down works for them.


"Political correctness" has dulled and regimented our cultural life. In 2002, here in Winnipeg, Betty Granger, a conservative school trustee referred to "the Asian invasion" causing house price increases in Vancouver. Granger was pilloried mercilessly in the press. People sent hate letters and dumped garbage on her lawn.

At a meeting, the School Board Chairman acknowledged that Granger is not a racist and Asians have married into her family. Nonetheless, Granger was censured because, I quote, "appearances are more important than reality." This slippage from the mooring of objective truth is the hallmark of Communism.

The atmosphere at the meeting was charged. Mild mannered Canadians, all champions of "tolerance," behaved like wild dogs eager to rip apart a trapped rabbit. Betty Granger repented and voted in favor of her own censure.

These rituals of denunciation and contrition, typical of Stalinist Russia or Maoist China, are becoming more common in America. They are like show trials designed to frighten people into conforming. We have "diversity officers" and "human rights commissions" and "sensitivity training" to uphold feminist shibboleths. They talk about "discrimination" but they freely discriminate against Christians, white heterosexual men and traditional women. They use the specter of "sexual harassment" to fetter male-female relations and purge their opponents.


In 1980, three women in Leningrad produced ten typewritten copies of a feminist magazine called Almanac. The KGB shut down the magazine and deported the women to West Germany. In the USSR, feminism has largely been for export. According to Professor Weigand, her "book provides evidence to support the belief that at least some Communists regarded the subversion of the gender system [in America] as an integral part of the larger fight to overturn capitalism."

In conclusion, the feminist pursuit of "equal rights" is a mask for an invidious Communist agenda. The Communist MO has always been deception, infiltration and subversion using social justice issues as a pretext. Communism can take any form that empowers the puppets of the central bankers. The goal is the destruction of Western civilization and creation of a new world order run by monopoly capital. This has largely been accomplished.

Kate Weigand's Red Feminism demonstrates that we live in a de facto Communist society, a development which took place by subterfuge with the complicity of the Masonic central banker-controlled Establishment.



Makow -  What is Communism?

Watson-----   Top Feminist (Jew) Calls for "Collectivist" Revolution 

First Comment from TWH:

I have no doubt in my mind at all that bankers are behind a lot of the nonsense we are witnessing today with respect to social re-engineering.  I used to work for one of the big five banks here in Canada and can personally attest to the fact that they would ceaselessly push this communist propaganda onto employees all the time.  If the company wasn't extolling the virtues of International Women's Day, they were harping about buggery (homosexuality) or how "vibrant" minorities made us.  The entire strategy was to divide people while telling us that we're all the same (and, of course, making the white, heterosexual majority feel bland and useless).  Only by engaging in some severe cognitive dissonance could one actually swallow their hogwash.

I found the part about Betty Granger in your article particularly eye-popping.  She was told that "appearances are more important than reality".  I was told this, or a minor variation of it, numerous times by management where I worked.  When I would retort with reason and logic, they'd simply repeat their line.

When you're the only sane person among a bunch of mentally ill people, you begin to think you're the one who might be the insane one.  I don't know how people can simply remain silent about it.  

I used to compare the bank to a former Eastern-Bloc nation, since they had their Stasi/KGB in overly nosy and harassing H.R. representatives (they would only enforce what management wanted enforced and would dismiss any real concerns brought by white employees -- if you're working for a major corporation, NEVER TRUST H.R.), they had their propaganda arm which permeated everything, they had their legal department which had documents the size of novels to ensure any employee could be accused of wrongdoing when it suited them, and they had the workers in fear of their jobs if they ever decided to raise a peep against any of it.  I'm glad to be gone from that place!

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