The deceptions of Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani

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As is the case with most ideologies and societies in our time, the Islamic world is being played by a game of Divide a Conquer, or what some call a Hegelian Dialectic, forcing them to chose between what are presented as the only two alternatives. Like Americans are expected to choose between Democrat and Republican, or Left and Right, Muslims are being forced into a choose between Sufi or Salafi. Both are the most vocal opponents of the other, and expose each others real corruption, thus enticing their followers to accept them as legitimate interpretations of Islam, when neither is.

As I detailed in my article, The Sufi Conspiracy, Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani is part of a 20th century network of Sufis with close links to the Western intelligence agencies and the New Age movement. He was a teacher in London of George Gurdjieff, who was a British agent and friend of leading Nazi Carl Haushofer. Haqqani and Gurdjieff also had a mutual friend of John G. Bennett, former head of British Intel in Istanbul. Gurdjieff went on to become one of the primary inspirations behind MK-Ultra, inspiring, in particular, Aldous Huxley and Timothy Leary.

Despite these connections, Haqqani's influence has been wide-ranging. Among his current students and devotees are Hisham Kabbani, Gibril Haddad and Stephen Suleyman Schwartz, author of The Two Faces of Islam.

According to his Wikipedia article, Haqqani has made a number of Doomsday predictions that didn’t come true. He predicted that the regimes in the Middle East would be replaced by one ruling sultanate before the end of 2011 and that Prince Charles would forcibly dissolve the Parliament of the United Kingdom. And in the 2000s, he declared that former President of the United States George W. Bush and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair had achieved sainthood in Islam due to their efforts in "fighting tyrants and evil and devils."

Most common among Sufi orders and mystics throughout the centuries has been the claim of achieving a degree of "sainthood" which allows them to ignore the laws of Islam. Here in this video, Haqqani makes such an admission. He is saying that someone appeared to him, from Mars, Saturn or Jupiter, and told him that it is permitted for him to swear as many as 40 times in day, since he is from "Utaqa" (high sainthood), and therefore, no longer accountable for sins. The "pen" has stopped writing anything about him, meaning that the angels are no longer recording his actions, so he's completely free to do what he likes.

Given the very negative image of Islam that pervades the world today, it's important that non-Muslims recognize the number of imposters promoted to prominence in the Islamic world today for just that purpose, and for Muslims to recognize the extent of the sorry state they are living in, so they can finally do something about it.


sorry guys, but, the writter

sorry guys, but, the writter writes about substanciated clear evidence.

listen to the clip and check other points. you will find it's true.

there is nothing sufi about the man in the clip. i know him.

sufi's do not do what he does, not even close.

The article above showes that

The article above showes that the writer is very very poorly informed,taking things out of context, mixing with disinformation etc.and 'baking' his own theory.
Theory is what is is!
Most people will know that theory is not reality. Its more like suspition.
The writer of the article above shows us that he has absolute no knowledge about anything what he is writing about,paired with no good manners. He is not informed very well and so he lies about nearly everything he is trying to tell us. Like in his case it is sure that all the informations here on this website are poison for people,because there may be 10% truth but it's mixed with 90% misleading speculation and falsifications. Stay away from it!
He knows nothing about the issues he's writing about. There are much better sites which do not need to falsify important information just because someone else pays alot money for it.
If you whant to warn us about something important so please make your homework first.
The above article shows that you havn't done it properly.
What you say is not trustworthy!

Best wishes and may your illneses be cured,soon.

A defender of truth and a fighter against falshood!

Nazim Haqqani

For more info, read the following link

I think those two points he

I think those two points he mentioned for 2011, are probably still on the books.

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