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  • Transhumanism: From MK-Ultra to Google   10 weeks 2 days ago

    In the June 1995 issue of Wired, Jennifer Cobb Kreisberg said, "Teilhard saw the Net coming more than half a century before it arrived":

    Teilhard imagined a stage of evolution characterized by a complex membrane of information enveloping the globe and fueled by human consciousness. It sounds a little off-the-wall, until you think about the Net, that vast electronic web encircling the Earth, running point to point through a nerve-like constellation of wires.

  • Computers, Artificial Intelligence and the All-Seeing Eye   11 weeks 5 days ago

    Henry Makow posted an abridged version of my article here, and then his own follow-up, where he quotes some important bits from Leary, which shows how the MK-Ultra evangelists came to view the role of computers:

    Unfortunately, Leary was fixated on the benefits of what was then called the "information superhighway."  Pioneer of LSD, his pantry table was crammed with bottles of alcohol.

    "He told me his 'vision of God' was depicted in the last scene in William Gibson's book "Neuromancer."

    "At the end of the world, all the information stored in all the computers will rise up into Cyberspace and mingle together." he said. "That's God."

    Wonderful, I thought. All those airline reservations, all that trivia and human detritus mingling together. At the time I had no inkling that Cabalists believed that perception is reality, and that man creates God, i.e. man is God."

  • Computers, Artificial Intelligence and the All-Seeing Eye   11 weeks 5 days ago

    Here's an important section from Dan Brown's The Lost Symbols, where the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS) is central. It's important to note that the book is also based on revealing the secret of Freemasonry. That would explain the occult orientation of IONS members. Here the character Katherine Solomon explains the significance of Noetics, where we can see how it relates to the grand ambition of creation de Chardin's Noosphere:

    "... two heads are better than one . . . and yet two heads are not twice better, they are many, many times better. Multiple minds working in unison magnify a thought’s effect . . . exponentially. This is the inherent power of prayer groups, healing circles, singing in unison, and worshipping en masse. The idea of universal consciousness is no ethereal New Age concept. It’s a hard-core scientific reality . . . and harnessing it has the potential to transform our world. This is the underlying discovery of Noetic Science. What’s more, it’s happening right now. You can feel it all around you. Technology is linking us in ways we never imagined possible: Twitter, Google, Wikipedia, and others—all blend to create a web of interconnected minds..."

    God is found in the collection of Many... rather than in the One."

  • 2002 Iraqi Intel Reported Wahhabis Are of Jewish Origin   14 weeks 1 day ago

    You are wrong.
    Only Santa Claus's Chosen People are the ones who are going to Heaven!
    Not the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny.
    But Santa.

  • Myth of the Khazar Ancestry of the Jews   14 weeks 3 days ago

    For more on Koestler, I recommend Frances Stonor Sauders' Who Paid the Piper: The CIA and the Cultural Cold War.

    All from my latest book, Black Terror White Soldiers:

    Koestler was associated with the Frankfurt School as well as the CIA's Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF).

    The CCF was simultaneously the major overseas partner of the International Research Department (IRD), a section of Britain’s Foreign Office, designed to provide “a rival ideology to communism” by appealing to Christian ideals. The focus of the IRD was, now that the war was over, to discredit Stalin. The IRD would provide “facts” to be regurgitated by the British intelligentsia. This meant, according to Watson, that although the IRD was allowed to attack both “the principles and practice of communism, and also the inefficiency, social injustice and moral weakness of unrestrained capitalism,” it was in no way to “attack or appear to be attacking any member of the Commonwealth or the United States."

    Working for the IRD was Lord Bertrand Russell, one of five honorary chairmen of the CCF, who admitted being happy to “receive little tidbits from time to time.”

    Koestler was one of the IRD's most important early advisors and his Darkness At Noon, which criticized the Soviets and established his reputation as an anti-Communist, was circulated under its auspices. The CIA arranged for the printing 50,000 copies of the book through Time magazine, headed by Skull and Bones member Henry Luce.

    In 1948, aboard ship crossing to America on his way to a lecture tour, Koestler met with John Foster and Allen Dulles and discussed how best to counter the Soviet propaganda. Once in America, Koestler then met with Bill Donovan, one of the chief architects of the CIA, to discuss the same. Koestler established a working relationship with the CIA, and together they targeted what the State Department called the "Non-Communist Left.” In Europe they would target the Democratic Socialist movement, while in the US their focus of attack included many of the supporters of President Roosevelt's New Deal.


  • Myth of the Khazar Ancestry of the Jews   14 weeks 3 days ago


    It is known that Koestler gave anti-communist speeches at events sponsored by the CIA. But to call someone an 'agent' is something else. What kind of sources did you come across in establishing him as such? An agent in the sense that he would fabricate and postulate things in his research or what?

    Also, what it seems you are proposing here is that the CIA indirectly communicated to him that it would behoove him to make a distinction between converted Jews and the Jewish race so that anti-Jewish rhetoric would also make that distinction, thus vindicating the Semitic. Could you expand a little more on how this would serve any interests in particular?

  • Sufism and the Kabbalah   14 weeks 3 days ago

    Its absolute BS about Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani and if it does fit US plans then why do Taliban and Al-Qaeda (proteges of USA and Israel) destroy Sufi shrines in Pakistan,Afghanistan and Syria?.Sufism is about brotherhood between Muslims and other Faiths and isfilled not with ulterior motives like Illuminatism,Rosicrucianism and Kabbalah.If you are still in doubt read account of Sufi Barkat Ali Ludhianvi of Faisalabad in Wikipedia.

  • The Nation Of Islam And The Freemasons   15 weeks 2 days ago

    It's really telling. Farrakhan just did 52+ presentations of the teaching and direction of the Nation. He has offered to debate his leading detractors in public. They will say he is not worth debating but they track him constantly. People want to focus on scientology but it is simply a divide and conquer tactic. With all that has been done to heal So called negros in America does anyone think that what will be successful will be the same as what has been done before? It's very clear black people in America need God's hand in their resurrection. And none of us will understand the mechanics of that resurrection without His permission. Everyone who attacks Farrakhan seem to bolster his position even more! If you love truth then support truth however u understand it, then pray for more understanding. Name any man living who scare s the powers of this world more. Why would blind deaf and dumb people expect to understand the movements of the creator?

  • Theosophical Sources of David Icke's Reptilian Theory   15 weeks 4 days ago

    David Icke is running a cult, paste this link into a Google browser to see more....

  • Occult Secrets of the Dalai Lama   16 weeks 2 days ago

    Wow! Haven't finished reading yet but incredible historical research, thanks!

    I have been listening to all of the archived Red Ice Radio interviews you did and plan to buy your books, your research is awesome.

    It is so interesting that a cascading avalanche of bizarre illuminati/freemason news stories are appearing everywhere you look these days. It's as if the elite are in a frenzy to meet some looming deadline. I’m passing along this info to you just in case your sleuth instincts kick in and you want to check into any aspect of it. I’m not a researcher so I thought you could do something more with this than I can, it is just stuff I’ve been stumbling on to lately.

    (1) Crazy stuff going on at the Vatican, even more crazy than usual:

    (2) Info that may be linked to item no. 1 above (Vatican also plays into this) Note how dates correspond.
    See also related:
    (a) “3/11/2014: The Freeing of Humanity” [co
    (b) “’The Freeing of Humanity’ Questions and Answers”:
    (c) “TURNING POINT FOR HUMANITY!!! IS DONE” posted March 12, 2014 (copied/linked from this website:

    (3) More recent events involving Vatican and Pope. See International Court of Justice in Brussels case, The People v. The Government of Canada and the Crown of England, The Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church, The Church of England – Anglican, and the United Church of Canada, and the Officers of these Corporations and Other Parties, ICLCJ case no. 022513-001, trial to commence April 7, 2014
    (1) "Trial Against Pope Proceeds amidst Shocking Evidence" posted March 22, 2014”
    (2) “Urgent Public Communique and Update from The International Common Law Court of Justice — Trial of Pope Francis, the Jesuits and the Anglicans to commence April 7”:
    (3) Find “Common Law Court Documents” here:
    (4) International Court of Justice Official Site: [I searched for court docs here but could only find official documents relating to court cases already being heard. Hopefully starting April 7 there will be public record on the website regarding this case.]

    This story relates to the recent FBI arrest of prominent California state senator Leland Yee. One of Yee's gun running buddies, purportedly connected to Chinese mafia, Raymond Chow aka "Shrimp Boy" according to the L.A. Times " . . . identifies himself as the "dragon head" of a Freemason organization."
    According to this story, Raymond Chow “Shrimp Boy” has allegedly tweeted under this name, among others: "sunoftheunderworld,":

    For more background info on the Leland Yee arrest and links to court docs, see:

  • The Nation Of Islam And The Freemasons   16 weeks 5 days ago

    This is not true?

  • Sufism and the Kabbalah   16 weeks 6 days ago

    Ihsan (or sufism) and Iman (belief) are both part of Islam (read islamic work, just pick up a copy of 'Shariah and Tariqa' from any islamic bookstore, that should be enough). A hanafi is a muslim, a shafi is a muslim, for that matter any one following either of the four madhabs is a muslim. Why this dependence on western writers to define or decipher sufism, why can't we refer to hundreds and thousands of books written by Islamic scholars on the subject. Our scholars have all been critical of the wrong elements that have crept into islam, whether that stems from being 'la madhabi' or innovations in islam.

    I just don't trust western historians when it comes to describing Shariah and sufism. Its preposterous to say that a scholar of the repute of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani was a Jew! His whole family can be traced back to the Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam), in fact both of his parents directly to the family of Ali radiallahu anhu! There are numerous non-muslims who came to Islam just by reading his works. Now he or any other scholar have and will continue to commit mistakes in their works (just like you have done in some of you works depending on non-islamic sources to trace islamic theology).

    really need to learn and discover islamic history from our books with no alien translation. Also if we want khlilafah to return we need to listen and take guidance from the scholars today. Its surprising to read that brothers want to follow a khilafah but can't even follow the madhab and their imams properly!

  • The Nation Of Islam And The Freemasons   16 weeks 6 days ago

    This overview of the NOI is totally Farse and greatly misinterpreted. I believe you all watch too much television. I have done extensive research and you are so far off, that you should change the name of this website into the enquirer. Solely because response is not only incorrect, a REAL english major with research experience can tell there are no sources to you work and it's totally bias with malcontent. This in LAW is quoted to be nonetheless known as HEARSAY.

    Hearsay meaning: evidence is inadmissible.

  • Project Stargate: Ancient Aliens and the CIA   17 weeks 2 days ago

    This webpage insults my intelligence, both as a man and a Freemason.

  • The deceptions of Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani   18 weeks 2 days ago

    sorry guys, but, the writter writes about substanciated clear evidence.

    listen to the clip and check other points. you will find it's true.

    there is nothing sufi about the man in the clip. i know him.

    sufi's do not do what he does, not even close.

  • Sufism and the Kabbalah   18 weeks 2 days ago

    Be calm and be what you be.

    love and peace are the only last and powerfully lasting pieces of life and thereafter.

    war mongers never had any real love, car and due spiritual atention.

    love and peace.

  • The CIA and the Myth of a Communist Conspiracy   18 weeks 2 days ago

    So a bunch of people knew a bunch of other people. Provde a bubble chart. Some claims like Heritage as front are dropped without facts or sources. Not every club is a front though many do exist, both left and right.

    The fact that bisexual Chicago-politics bathhouse Obama is a pure CIA construct (per Wayne Madsen), born overseas into a family of CIA operatives, and later trained by published and/or convicted genocidal depopulation communist terrorists, and now working as President under fake ID (CT SSN), might be more important than some defunct right-wing groups. The right wing is losing, it appears.

    Alex Jones was an original 9/11 truther before truth got popular. Former Austin resident Freeman Fly differs on both show style and spirit (Freeman being a self-admitted non-Christian and Rainbow Gathering attendee), but after years of face-to-face dealings with AJ, just calls him the alarm clock loud enough to wake you up, saying explicitly that AJ is not an agent. This article's breezy drive-by shooting at AJ smacks of smear job. You can do better, David. Rush and Beck were bought, not AJ, though he got the same offer; AJ recently did an expose on Beck. Find it on YouTube.

    What I will say here is that

    the PTB (CIA, USAID, etc.) create as many fronts on the "left" as the "right" if not more; WFB was CIA, but so is Noam Chomsky (source: John Coleman), and these two "intellectuals" are both 9/11 Truth denialists, Chomsky famously saying 9/11 truth doesn't matter one way or another;

    the left/right dialectic is the primary con manufactured by the PTB; using both intellectuals and loud mouths;

    to hide the correct polysci spectrum, slavery to anarchy; they want you looking through a straw at two flavors of socialism on the far end of the correct spectrum (national v international, fascism v communism);

    the PTB then attach thought-memes of violence to the other end (anarchy) which in fact can be peaceful; self-defence was the early American way;

    many righties have long since denounced right-wing front orgs and quacks like CNP, JBS, and Mullins; these statements get little press in the alt media because they defeat demonization of the Christian Right, but cf. Dr. Stan Monteith on JBS and CNP, or Constance Cumbey's testimony on Mullins (who admitted himself an "Aquarian Warrior" to her); Joel Skousen and Texe Marrs both have called Rush a phony

  • Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Pawn of American Neoconservatives   18 weeks 6 days ago

    I had an extreme and very uncomfortable revelation that is awkward to say, but given the way Harper and his ilk are treating First Nations people and Canadians at large, I can't not say it. Please don't shoot the messenger on this.

    Someone in a radio talk show said we can't compare Harper to Hitler, because Harper hasn't committed genocide. That got me thinking, so I looked up 'genocide' on Wiki and it's not about killing per se; it is about the oppression and disintegration of a people in part or in whole.

    When I looked at Lemkin's definition, it sounded to me like this is precisely what is happening to many First Nations tribes with Harper breaking centuries-old treaties in the face of the oil sands, et al. Suffice it to say, it wasn't a pretty thought, but it opened my mind up a lot.

    Lemkin defines genocide as:

    "...a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves.

    The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity... "

    Then I got thinking beyond this and Harper has been destroying Canadian culture, too, with his bullying tactics towards the oil sands, pipelines, free trade, peace-keeping and the environment.

    I know genocide is a harsh word that brings up a lot of pictures of the Holocaust in people, but it truly does put things in a clearer perspective and we need that if we are going to stop this type of predatory politics.

  • Theosophical Sources of David Icke's Reptilian Theory   19 weeks 1 day ago

    Madame Blavatsky was an Adoptive Rite Freemason, there is a great deal of information regarding connections between Freemasonry, Theosophy & the New Age Movement. Would also point out the connections between Freemasonry & the CIA. Plus many splinter religions/cults formed by Masons such as, the Morman, Jehovahs Witnesses, 7th day adventists, Christian Science, Church of Satan & so on. There are a great deal of lesser known religions & cults that have popped up worldwide over the last few centuries, that show sections of their doctrines & symbols, adapted to local preferences. Also noticed a great deal of Theosophical & Freemasonic doctrines in the 'work' of Jose Arguelles coupled the hoax like interpretations of mayan culture, again, part of the NAM, with clear ties also to Esalon & the usual suspects. Additionally there are many links between other movements such as 'psychiatry' that involve a number of Freemasonic & such figureheads (Freud for example, was B'nai Brith, Talmudic Illuminists). Key figures in this field alone, in the 20th century often had secret society or secret service backgrounds. Look at the history of who formed the 'sports' we have today, who established the universities (such as Yale), the key figures in the establishment of what some deem 'scientism'...

    It is clear there are many set up in many fields as controlled opposition & some quite innocently disseminating disinformation (fell into that trap myself). The networks & methods of manipulation are extensive & decidedly machiavellian. It is for consideration that the control systems of belief structures are intertwined with elitist hierarchical patriarchal dominion.
    The ancient 'mystery schools' & cultures (often lauded by naive dupes), have far more bloody brutal oppressive realities.
    There are some that figure negative entities or influences drive such from ancient times. Considering the vested interests of much metaphysical theory, can lead to a place of considering all of these structures to be purposefully flawed, & not to be accepted at surface value or trusted.
    Having had first hand temporal & occult targeting experience, leads me to mention that such DOES exist & that there is an elaborate project of misleading efforts, in how such works (bringing to mind the quagmire of the same way some metaphysical new age ideas are cover ups for military technology &/or occult activity, of which it can be difficult to tell the difference between). Though precisely how the picture really is in this arena, is one of the great enduring mysteries.
    Telepathy exists. That some would suggest paranormal or psi activity is simply a result of latent reactionary psychic activity emanating from the individual, is dubious. Such dogmatism can be used to shut down debate on the details (hidden) on this & related topics & other less familiar influences & factors that may be at play.

    Those who step into the ring of digging through all this, face very real attention from all sorts of quarters. There are many traps & at this point, anyone with support in the public eye, is likely there, because someone paid for them to be there. Such are likely manipulated, or forced to toe a line, or face the consequences.
    It only takes some dedicated examination to see this pattern, in the world of appearances. Conspiracies are without a doubt rife & a natural consequence of the centralisation & consolidation of authoritarian power groups. Dominant global systems are based on theft, exploitation & slavery. Add to that, big money in Black Projects around the world... & all the details that we are not able to get a hold of, that are not purposefully 'leaked'.....

  • The War on the Poor   19 weeks 1 day ago

    "Rather, the notion of charity is as old as humanity, and commanded as the first obligation of every major religion in history."

    Yes, and obligatory participation (taxing at the point of a gun) has nothing to do with it. You are misinterpreting the whole thing. What's being done is actually more sinister. The poor are created by the state by means of inflation, barriers to entry (licensing, patenting, permits and etc) and government spending. This is what's destroying the poor. And the very thing that causes them to be poor is represented to them as their salvation. If only the government could spend and print more... Then there would be no poverty.

    We can help the poor by the fraction of what modern governments are now spending. It is just an excuse . Helping the poor and taxation are two opposite things in reality. More government actually corrodes the economic organistation structure of a country which has an impact mostly on the lowest classes.

    "Approximately 50% of the US government budget is for military expenditures"

    Wrong. 50% of the discretionary spending goes to military. It is actually close to 20% of the total budget.

    "The suggestion that spending on social programs is wasteful is disingenuous[...] Conversely, in 1992, welfare and food stamps amounted to only 1 percent of the combined state and federal budgets.[3] If the definition of "welfare" is expanded to include all one-way transfers of benefits for which no services or repayment are required in exchange—such as student grants, school lunches and pensions for needy veterans—then welfare comprises only 12 percent of the combined budgets.[4]"

    This whole paragraph makes no sense. The percentage of spending and it being actually wasteful are two unrelated things. 1 millionth of the budget can also be spent wastefully. And why use statistics from 1992? And aren't entitlements one way transfers after the recipient has recieved the amount he already paid in?

    "And yet, a study by the right-wing Cato Institute claimed to prove that welfare paid better than work, and therefore encouraged recipients to stay on welfare. However, the study was later shown to be flawed.[5] A study in Massachusetts showed that it was not recipients but vendors who committed 93% of welfare fraud."

    Again, two unrelated things: fraud and comparison of work and walfare.

    "Surveys conducted found that welfare payout is less than a full-time minimum wage job "

    Well if you dont count the toil of working. It is unbelievable that a man smart as you cannot figure this out. When you work, you have to wear a suit and pay for the dry cleaning. You maybe have to eat out at lunch. You have to commute to work. No one's net wage gain (and the employers wage cost) equal to what they get in wages.

    And more importantly, you actually have to work when you work. There is value in liesure. Nobody actually wants to work. We want what work provides for us so that we can do things that are not our work but our joy.

    If you count all these in, welfare is better in most cases. Especially for young people without a family.

    "[...]and, contrary to growing prejudices, that the majority of those receiving welfare assistance would rather work than receive benefits."

    self report is of no use either.

    " There is no city in the United States where a person earning minimum wage can afford a market rate apartment"

    And raising the minimum wage would solve this? You know what would happen, they would lose their jobs and cannot even afford to eat. Wages are not determined by decree but by the demand for the particular work position by the empolyers in the market and the supply of people who are willing and able to supply this service. Putting price floors and ceilings cannot change this fact. It can only hider the price mechanism (which is a sunnah by the way) to work.

    No employer designs their company by considering if the wage earner will be able to afford his family with his offer. This is so stupid to think of. We (I am an employer too) design our organisation by considering prices, including the price of labour. The position I am going to offer has to create more value than I pay for. Otherwise I would be subsidizing the employee. And this choice would not be economic but rather social. I could just give him charity and tell him not to come to work. Don't forget, there are many ways an employee can ruin your whole business (law suits, sabotage, termination pay or mere failure) that, I would rather pay him in the beginning not to come to work at all if I am not going to derive any value from that position. So, when you raise the minimum wage, I eliminate the job position, not overpay for it.

    Furthermore, not all jobs have to be paying enough to support a family of four. How can anyone expect this? There are levels to the job market, like entry level jobs. How can anyone expect a fry cook at a chep restoraunt to earn 3000$ per month? What would happen to the price of the food? Would anyone eat there? Would that job exist?

    Minimum wage is a huge cause of unemployement. No wonder no one is pumping gas in western welfare countries but every thing is self served and mechanised. And so many teens are unemployed. In the old days, people worked for free to get some experience. Rather than learning to be a mechanic, western youngsters are getting payed to do pot and lie on the beach all day.

    "There is also a prejudice that women on welfare are encouraged to have more children in order to increase their benefits. But, the average family receiving assistance has 2.8 kids. Most families receiving benefits have only two children, while only one in ten have more than three children."

    But it incentivizes them to make two children, get a divorse at 28, earn a child support from her ex husband and a paycheck from the government. Even free kindergarten so that she can sleep around easier. Then people wonder about the increased divorse rates.

    "When it comes to a choice between Left and Right, the answer is, as is most often the case in these matters: somewhere in the middle. In other words, the Golden Mean."


    "Some things can be catered to through private interests, but when it comes to essential human needs, the profit motive not only doesn’t apply, but introduces the very dangerous threat of conflict of interest. Like a pusher and his clientele of addicts, a private health care system would profit from people being ill; a penal system from people being incarcerated; an educational system from ignorance, and welfare from poverty."

    Agriculture from being hungry, textile industry from being naked, housing industry from the need of shelter and so on.

    Profit motive and charity are not conflicting ideas. Profit motive and welfare are.

    I think you ve fallen for the leftist propaganda and I really request you to reconsider your position on this.

    You might want to start from here

  • Project Stargate: Ancient Aliens and the CIA   19 weeks 5 days ago

    Yea, so the people with logical explanations are crackpots, yet the concept of a magical all-powerful being that created everything with a snap of his fingers...that makes much more sense. Get a brain sheep.

  • Freemasonry, Traditionalism and the Neo-Caliphate   19 weeks 5 days ago

    Reading all this, it seems to me the events of history have been shaped by a bunch of superstitious charlatans, because that's how I generally look at most of this 'occultism'. Just read about the fraudulent bogus manifestations Helena Blavatsky produced during her lifetime and she is supposed to be one of the most influental occultists of the modern times. These people are nothing more than power-hungry liars living a life of deception and polluting the minds of other people with this nonsense. Unfortunately the ruling class and the occult mumbo jumbo always seem to go hand in hand. What we need is more people with a healthy skeptical mindset in positions of power.

  • Sufism and the Kabbalah   19 weeks 6 days ago

    Towards Greater Democracy Forcing Imperialism in the Muslim World

    • Understanding Sufism and its Potential Role in US Policy

    • Civil Democratic Islam Partners, Resources, and Strategies

    • Building moderate Muslim networks

    Understanding Sufism and its Potential Role in US Policy

    This report builds upon a conference held in October 2003 on how Sufism relates to US foreign policy goals.
    Sufism can play a dual role in the contemporary Muslim world. It can become a constructive part in the political process because, on the one hand, IT IS CAPABLE OF “ISLAMIZING” DEMOCRACY; ON THE OTHER HAND, IT IS CAPABLE OF DEMOCRATIZING ISLAM.

    Civil Democratic Islam Partners, Resources, and Strategies

    The report suggests forging close ties with forces in the Islamic world that are more amicable to the West, identifying (4) four essential ideological positions in Muslim societies vying for control over Muslim hearts and minds: It suggest US should pursue a policy of “encouraging disagreements” between these groups.
    1. Fundamentalists who “reject democratic values and contemporary Western culture”
    2. Traditionalists who “are suspicious of modernity, innovation and change”
    3. Modernists who “want the Islamic world to become part of global modernity”
    4. Secularists who “want the Islamic world to accept a separation of religion and state.”

    Suggested strategy

    traditionalists should be supported against fundamentalists, and that the US should pursue a policy of “encouraging disagreements” between the two. Another suggested strategy would be to confront and oppose fundamentalists by challenging their interpretation of Islam and exposing their links with illegal groups and activities. Furthermore, Benard urges the strengthening of Sufism, since it represents a more passive and tolerant interpretation of Islam.

    What is striking to note is that in almost all areas of the report, Muslims are not dealt with as reasonable individuals with legitimate fears, but are conveniently compartmentalized into subgroups for analysis depending on their degree of affinity for Western values and concepts. Those subgroups are to be used as pawns to further the interests of US hegemony – a policy of “divide and rule.”

    Building moderate Muslim networks

    The report defines a moderate as a Muslim who supports democracy, gender
    equality, freedom of worship and opposition to terrorism. This looks an
    amplification on its two previous reports
    - ³Civil Democratic Islam:
    Partners, Resources, and Strategies² (March 2004) and
    ³US strategy in the Muslim World after 9/11² (December 2004)
    - which also suggested supporting moderate Muslims and exploitation of inter-Muslim religious differences.

    The report recommends targeting five groups as potential building blocks for
    1. liberal and secular Muslim academics and intellectuals;
    2. young moderate religious scholars;
    3. community activists;
    4. women¹s groups engaged in gender equality campaigns;
    5. and moderate journalists and scholars.

    *Basically,when you said it seems like Muslims are being set up so they see the only alternative as either Salafism or Sufism. I agree with you 100% on that part Sir....

  • Ibn Taymiyya, and the Occult Origins of the Salafi Movement   20 weeks 4 days ago

    Since your comment, I have found some very incriminating informtion on al Jilani, which i have written about here:

    Sufism and the Kabbalah

  • Sufism and the Kabbalah   20 weeks 4 days ago

    Following the Madhhab's is just another form of following the traditions of men that run contrary to the laws of Allah.

    Your argument that "Sufis are a trojan horse and a lie, Wahhabis are a trojan horse and a lie" is correct, and very obvious, but then you take the same path that these liars do- saying, "only following the men that I choose to follow is the TRUE ISLAM." As you acknowledge, most of what is pretending to be "Islam" is merely a cult controlled by the Western establishment. I won't deny that there is a true worship of the creator of course, but to draw a holy line in the sand and elevate the traditions of men- effectively deifying them- is of course a repeat of the Western Establishment cult nonsense. It's the same as the christians who blindly defer to "church fathers" despite the fact that nearly 100% of the so-called "church fathers" were Mithraic enemies of Isa. So too were many of those who are considered Madhhabs puppets and servants of the tyrannical gatekeepers who oppose truth.

    Waraka was a Vatican pawn. Surely, you consider him to be among your holy Madhhabs? This worship of man is antithetical to the worship of the creator, and its the tell-tale sign of Western Establishment cult nonsense.

    And the "islam is secretly corrupted by jews" angle that you keep trying is .....very consistent with the typical "agent provacatuer" nonsense that Western University Professors are often spewing for the establishment: so as to demonize islam as anti-semetic. The Western Establishment is not jewish, and you know that- as you are very familiar with the Guelphs, Bilderberg, Ernst August, etc., - so this angle is just pure nonsense. It is the Vatican that controls these fake forms of islam, including any form of islam that worships the Madhhabs. You very well know that Wahhabism is controlled by the United Kingdom, so this whole "jews are secretly ruining islam" thing is just idiot-bait and agent provacatuer type nonsense.

    I've been on you to learn greek for some time, as it would take away many opportunities to get confused or to remain in confusion. Do it already!

    Just like Christians who refuse to learn greek and refuse to understand Wellhausen, et al, so too do you seem to bury your head in the sand regarding the manipulations of Madhhab' Islam.