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  • ISIS are not Sunnis. They are a British and Salafi Plot to Create Neo-Caliphate   3 days 17 hours ago
  • Project Stargate: Ancient Aliens and the CIA   1 week 2 days ago

    I appreciate your work David.

    Here is something I found concerning the fallen angels and occult societies...

  • Myth of the Khazar Ancestry of the Jews   1 week 5 days ago

    The topic of what or who is a Jew is the largest snake pit of misinformation I have ever run into. A good source is by Shlomo Sand "The Invention of the Jewish People" which required great courage on his part being a "Jew" himself. Koestler also had great courage to write "The 13th Tribe", he and his wife likely murdered by the "Jewish mafia" for it. Perhaps Koestler had misgivings for his dark politics? Much of the research sited here tying the Ashkenazi with Middle East DNA is political "science" and is covered by Mr Sand. The Israeli press has spent much money on so called scientific research on this subject to prove a connection between the Ashkenazi and the Middle East. They have had to retract many of their findings. I like David Livingston's work but he might have missed on this one. //// There are three main seed lines in humans. 1. All of those lines before the Adam/Eve project 2. the line of Cain (Cohen, Khan, Kenite, coon, etc) They run the show, and were described two thousand years ago as "the seed of the serpent" because of who Cain's father was. 3. The line of Seth which was described as "the seed of woman" his parents being both Adam and Eve. The best info on this is on Chaldean/Sumerian tablets in a museum in Berlin. Zacharia Sitchin has made a good effort to untangle these tablets in his "the 12th planet" and all the books of "the Earth Chronicles". You will have to loosen your cerebral screws to get into this info. John Stewart ps It is interesting to note that most of the Earths royal families seem to have a fair bit of this Cohen DNA, like the Stuarts (my line) going back to Southern Italy "original" Cohen.

  • 2002 Iraqi Intel Reported Wahhabis Are of Jewish Origin   3 weeks 4 days ago

    To answer the poster's question of who was evil during the Inquisition it was the jews and Muslims.

    Jews in Europe had conspired to help Muslims of North Africa to invade Europe and aided and abbetted the entire process.

    The jewish traitor 5th column actually opened the city gates to Spanish cities leading directly to the death and enslavement of thousands of European Christians, and to nearly 8 centures of warfare to kick the invaders out. THEN we kicked out the jewish trouble maker traitors which has caused the whole debacle - hence the Inquisition to root them out. Get it?

    One Muslum invader (aided by jewish slave traders) famously ordered up 1,000 blonde European girl slaves for his haram after the jewish/Muslim conquest of the Iberian peninsula.

    Once the conquest of Spain was complete, millions of Visigothic and Celtic European whites were shipped off by jewish slave traders from to North Africa and the Middle East, and from the Baltic region (the Slavs) to the Middle East.

    Many of the males were castrated by the jews pre-sale. The males would offten be forced to serve in the military while the women would be raped on a regular basis in harams. This memory of what the jews did to us Europeans will never die.

    This is why the Muslums and Jews were kicked out of Europe and why the Inquisition was set up to make sure no traitor slave-trading crypto-jews remained in Spain to betray the country again.

    We Europeans are going to have to kick all the Muslums and jews out again or we will once again be enslaved by our wicked enemies that want to enslave our males to serve in their armies, and to rape our much better looking women.

  • The deceptions of Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani   4 weeks 5 days ago

    I know the one but me don't like to publish

  • The deceptions of Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani   4 weeks 6 days ago

    Sufis are real.but all r not real. If u got a sufi u should check is he real or fake.fake should show drama.and most people likes these dramas more than find allhu. Allhu said in Kuraan al vakiha .the number of people nearest lover of god should b less from after kuraan reached us.its already written who was selected.others can't under stand .moosa a.s can't accept from gilir. But remember when u do worship with a soul of sufi you should get a feelings of fowing beautiful tasty light inside ur heart while u obeying him or loving him or during dhkr that he given to him.real sufi never force a murid. He should have the power to know is he is my murid or not while worship.and he should have the power from allhu through holly spirit that he can controlled his murid s soul my belief their should b only one man lives on earth same like al mahdi the waaris of Muhammad s.a. mahdi should b published to all by allhu but others not. They won't publisit sufism public. The murid only will found or sheik will found only his murid. The one who lives is called the lailathul gadir or gaibathul gadir. He have got support from rooh al kuddos holly spirit.and he should have proof from allhu that he was the al hee .here 'hee' is the one salamun 'hee' ya hattha mathlahul fajar . Ya is ya'zeeen'. Zeen is the zirr of noor ahmadu and ya is o ly calling hai if u got real sufi u feel piece a lot I side's getting from the light which comes through allhu to holly spirit through the one real sufi s soul tthrough ur heart to ur soul.and the real sufi will never refer any books except what he got o ly from allhu.he have evidence like Muhammad s.a having kuraan same like he have the power to explain kuraan as per sharee ath or haqqeqath.they praise ahammad s.a a lot because they are the galifa of rasool .they have same character like Muhammad s.a or mahdi.

  • ISIS are not Sunnis. They are a British and Salafi Plot to Create Neo-Caliphate   5 weeks 14 hours ago
  • The Sufi Conspiracy   5 weeks 16 hours ago

    having the beliefs of the original belief of islam which states in the Quran which is the path of the ahlul sunnah awl jammah
    BUT- all philosophy
    All schools of spirituality
    all fiqh based institution s
    all cultural socio-poitical movements
    all pre-religion before islam that has influenced or mixed.... with the belief of One ILAH(GOD) should be respectected
    God has Created US as Humans so be Humans? the original term of sufi is cotton, hasan al basri may god grant him hannah who was one of the muslims with sound belief and that tought spirituality to his ppl and he used to wear cotton so ppl refered him a sufi and not like those who says that he may believe in one god but does not follow him like as he was a humanist or whatever which is not the original teachings of Sufi through Islam in beliefs, if the beliefs is not clear. then be know u r apostate. As for mixing islam as u ppl regarding it as terrorist with illuminati, is a concept which should be outspoken as our original is quran and sunnah if u give me any chains of narration about islam been mixed with freemasons from the times of the prophet muhammed peace be upon him his family and sahaba and the salaf. and be known the original salaf us saliheen is not noted down as the salafi-wahabi-mutazile-najdi, as they r like house withouts its roof, doors and windows so they don't have any keys to the answer they have just been rejected the truth and the rest of the community of such leader or common folk followed them or diluted into it as they again r not from the ahlul sunnah wa jammah may Allah give victory!!!

  • The Sufi Conspiracy   5 weeks 18 hours ago

    I was surprised to see you mention Shaykh Abdalqadir alSufi in your article as supporting freemasonry because he has written against them extensively as he has also written against Hitler and Nazism.

    My surprise was lessened when I saw that you take your information from the mad Italian, Uthman, who is a well known murderous psychopath. Please check your sources more carefully. You can't believe everything you read on the Internet.

  • ISIS are not Sunnis. They are a British and Salafi Plot to Create Neo-Caliphate   5 weeks 21 hours ago

    God's Caliphate is already on Earth. It is the Messianic Revivalist Islam, the 73rd sect, led by the true peaceful persecuted Messiah akin to Jesus (as) who served the scattered Hebrews.

    Here's the 4th Khalifatul Masih (ra) giving an impromptu discourse on the Protocols.


  • Transhumanism: From MK-Ultra to Google   5 weeks 1 day ago

    Poor human beings, enraged by the sentient materiality of their being; forced to live out an unpredictable life within an unpredictable habitat on an uncontrollable, unpredictable planet. For a tiny specie for whom size does matter, this is hell on earth

  • 2002 Iraqi Intel Reported Wahhabis Are of Jewish Origin   5 weeks 4 days ago

    Could the Iraqi document from 2002 have been the catalyst for George W Bush to remove Saddam Hussein from power regardless of whether he had WMD or not? After all, the Bush family had close business ties with the Saudis which Saddam Hussein could have blown out of the water. There was a report that Osama bin Laden had approached the Saudis offering to raise an army to remove Saddam Hussein from Kuwait. This was turned down, but OBL was apoplectic when he learned the Saudis had agreed to allow the US military to open bases in Saudi Atabia.

  • Movie Review: Lucy in the Sky   5 weeks 5 days ago
  • The Untold Story of Jews who built Bollywood   5 weeks 5 days ago

    wow this is amazing,never had an idea that there were so many jews working in bollywood i was searching about saif ali khan(indian actor) and his production house named illumanati,and i ended up here,interesting read.

  • 2002 Iraqi Intel Reported Wahhabis Are of Jewish Origin   5 weeks 6 days ago

    a name is not a sure way to determine how a human being is thinking. And there are Jews who converted sincerely, and
    at great risk to the Christian religion, with exceptional contributions. In France there is a Joseph Lémann and his brother who were, at the beginning, crypto-Christians and than open catholics (an Jewish uncle tried to strangle one of them). They have written books as "Les juifs et Napoléon", where you can read that the usury rate charged in Alsace at the beginning of the 19t century was 70%; or another book with an analyse of the members of the Sanhedrin which condemned Jesus, their origin, family, etc..
    It is true that the German chancellor is governing as if she were a Jew. But she is simply not knowledgeable in politics and economy, as are almost all those produced by the universal suffrage. And could I add, Christian naivety.

  • Israel Created Hamas to Stall Peace   5 weeks 6 days ago

    hi,i see how this could have been the case initially,because Israel needed a scapegoat,but in light of recent activities i fail to see the plot because Israel lost at least 80 of its soldiers and that is one thing they are not prepared to do,is to give their lives and the lives of their young men to achieve their goal,although 2 things keep bothering me,firstly as was mentioned-the sending of rockets from Hamas to Israel knowing that the damage will be absolutely minimal if nothing(perhaps Iran is supplying them with duds) and secondly-of the many IDF soldiers purpoted to be killed by Hamas,i have yet to see a single body,yes what we see are coffins being paraded by the Israelis but who knows?any suggestions people.thank you

  • 2002 Iraqi Intel Reported Wahhabis Are of Jewish Origin   6 weeks 6 hours ago

    The claim by David Livingstone is based on half truth. The founder of Saud Dynasty, Emir Muhammad ibn Saud had Jewish family root like John Kerry and Hitler. He married the daughter of Imam Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, a religious reformer during the 18th century. The union provided Emir Saud the religious cover it needed to wage jihad against Ottoman empire.

    Under Saudi 'royals' the region has become a 'black-gold cow' and Israeli ally against the rest of Muslim Ummah.

    Bruce Riedel, is a former 30-year CIA official and currently a senior fellow at Israel advocacy group, Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institute. On January 17, 2013, in a memorendum to president Barack Hussein Obama, Riedel warned him that a possible overthrow of Saudi ‘royals’ would represent a severe setback to America’s domination of the region and provide a dramatic strategic windfall for the Islamic Republic.

  • 2002 Iraqi Intel Reported Wahhabis Are of Jewish Origin   6 weeks 1 day ago

    I seriously suggest u "Google" ... Wayne Madsen: Donmeh Crypto Jews
    U'll be pleasantly surprised who appears in these articles ... Lol !
    None other than Mustafa Kamal Pasha Atturturk & guess who else ??
    The entire Saudi Family !!!

    There is, therefore, great truth in the above article ... Thumbs up for tge research carried out !!
    As Salaamu Alai'kum ...

  • Movie Review: Lucy in the Sky   6 weeks 4 days ago

    Funny coincidence is a message was just sent to Mr. Livingston on this very subject.

    "Lucy" and her diamonds had a starring role in the Boston Bombing Kabbalah ritual and it had strange numerological similarities to the Gaza attacks.

  • America's Covert Re-Invasion of Iraq   7 weeks 4 days ago

    I do not understand we love to fight in the name of religion and people and media seem to promote and ignite the fight.

  • Israel Created Hamas to Stall Peace   7 weeks 6 days ago

    nworesister claims that the US has saved China from collapse innumerable times.
    The least you might expect would be to examplify some such cases out of the 'innumerable'
    During the Chinese civil war and the Corean war the anglophile branch of the USG and the so called Cambridge ring undoubtedly acted to weaken Chiang Kai Chek/enable the Chinese advances but that was most likely to prevent the emergence of a US backed capitalist China from becoming a too powerful competitor. It was the usual british balance of power politics. In the 1970s when De Gaulle had called the US bluff economy Nixon badly needed cheap labour to keep the dollar as reserve currency and China began its rise. It was purely selfish motives from the US and they hate that they needed China so much. The nwo concept is overrated.
    Its all about weakening the competition. Russia was to be held in a colonial status, delivering raw materials, purchasing technology thus handicapping the Russians and the eastern block as much as possible. When Germany in 1953, Hungary in 1956 and Chechoslovakia in 1968 tried to break free it was the americans who wanted them back under red power. This guaranteed continued lower competitiveness. Anthony Sutton confirms in a quote from 1919 that the aim of backing the bolsheviks was to make sure Russia would have an inefficient economy. Before WWI Russia was the nr 1 oil producer and the most rapidly industrialized nation in the world.

  • Movie Review: Lucy in the Sky   7 weeks 6 days ago


    Check this out, maybe this could help.

    THE MASONIC THEORY OF THE ORIGINS OF LIFE – The hidden link between Darwin, Marx, Neitzche & Hitler

  • Myth of the Khazar Ancestry of the Jews   8 weeks 21 hours ago

    I don't think DNA tests are required. You only need to watch the news and examine, say, Netanyahu's physionomy and compare it with, say, Mahmood Abbas. Supposedly, these two individuals should be racial cousin. But the physical differences between them is astounding. Netanyahu appears to be white whereas Abbas appears to be well, arab. You can also examine the other high ranking jews such as peres, livni etc... The physical difference between the white israeli jews and palestinians is, to say the least, intriguing.

  • Movie Review: Lucy in the Sky   8 weeks 1 day ago

    There is a programming storyline that is carried through and progressed by most Hollywood movies. Interestingly where Captian America The Winter Soldier ends another movie Divergent starts and takes it further. The plot being hunting down of those people from society they deem a threat and ofcourse creating a world after the war. In relation to the spiritual angle to Transhumanism the different Blue Projects already claim they've mapped the exact space required by human Soul /Consciousness whatever you term it. Also called Mind Uploading and many other terms. The movie Transcendence is about it, just have watched the trailer. This is achieved by plugging the Silver Cord to their system (the connection between the human body and soul). As to how they propose to do it I need to research. However the interesting thing is what would happen to the Soul or consciousness once the body has been plugged to the system ? The more religiously orthodox community proposes the theory of possession here. Such spiritual agenda is carried by movies like Avengers, Transformers, RIPD etc...

  • Movie Review: Lucy in the Sky   8 weeks 1 day ago


    Could you please elabourate on this a little bit? " .. the completely absurd Darwinian theory that we “evolved” from apes is exemplary of that same rationalism. Darwin’s theory of evolution is not science, but magic. "

    For many of us who have been surrounded by this idea our entire lives it comes as a surprise to call it completely absurd. And you put evolved in quotes: what traditionally was the process or relationship between men and animals in the great chain of being? I know you're not a biologist, but your thoughts on this would be appreciated.